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How to Find the Best Accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA

From CPAs to ABAs, accountants in Solano County and bookkeeping services are an indispensable part of finance management. Performing your own bookkeeping services can be difficult and time-consuming. Hiring professional accounting services in Solano County will ease the burden.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best accountants in Solano County and issues related to hiring them.

Updated June 7, 2016

 The TOP 10 Accountants & Bookkeeping in Solano County CA

Suihkonen & Consultants
(707) 455-8010
190 S Orchard Ave # B123
Vacaville, CA 95688

McVeigh & Associates
(707) 746-5604
2044 Columbus Pkwy
Benicia, CA 94510

Areas Served: Fairfield CA, Vallejo CA, Suisun City CA, Vacaville CA, Dixon CA, Benicia CA

Anderson & Associates
(707) 642-7553
1300 Tennessee St
Vallejo, CA 94590

Areas Served: Vallejo CA, Fairfield CA, Vacaville CA, Suisun City CA, Benicia CA, Dixon CA

Cavanagh Connor & Co CPAs
(707) 642-4427
1350 Tennessee St
Vallejo, CA 94590

Areas Served: Vallejo, Benicia, Mare Island & Solano County

How to Find the Best Accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 

Accountants in Solano County are required to be licensed by the California Board of Accountacy by meeting the requirements for education, experience, and passing an exam. Bookkeepers are not required to be licensed though they cannot advertise themselves as public accountants. Neither accountants nor bookkeepers are legally required to have professional liability insurance to protect you the client from financial loss due to an accounting error, however all accountants or bookkeepers bearing The Prime Buyer's ReportTOP 10 symbol do have that liability insurance for your protection, in addition to passing all of the other requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as our research phone calls to their previous clients to verify high satisfaction, hiring only documented workers, sufficient length of time in business, clean complaint record, and more.


Accountants & Bookkeepers in Solano County Specialize in Different Areas of Finance
To find the best accountants in Solano County to suit your specific needs, be aware of the various certifications that accountants may have. Good accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA may hold certificates for CPA (Certified Public Accountancy) or GCA (Certified General Accountancy). These accountants can perform general and public accounting tasks. For management accounting, accountants may hold a CMA title (Certified Management Accountant), or an ACMA title (Associate Certified Management Accountant). ABA or ABAA (Accredited Business Accountants) and PA (Public Accountants) practice personal accountancy. Different credentialing means different areas of expertise.


Forensic Accountants in Solano County
What is forensic accounting? The word forensic refers to something acceptable for use in a court of law, deemed to have been arrived at scientifically and objectively based on thorough review of physical evidence. Forensic accountants in Solano County are also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors. Many large accounting firms in Solano County have forensic accounting departments, and many smaller firms or sole practioners specialize in forensic accounting in Solano County and operate solely as forensic accountants. Legal disputes that call for forensic accountants to calculate losses and economic damages include law suits for breach of contract and negligence claims, or simply company acquisitions. Many forensic accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo are hired for cases involving assessment for spousal and child support claims.


Numerous Services Are Performed by Bookkeeping Services & Accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA
The various accountants in Solano County are qualified and experienced in a number of different accounting areas, including public accounting, management accounting, project accounting, cash-basis accounting, chartered accounting, cost accounting, accrual basis accounting, small business accounting and fund accounting. CPAs can usually advise on estate and trust planning and administration. Accountants have access to much more finely tuned software than the average financial layman. Counsel on auditing, audit quality or compensation are some of the services offered by accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA.

Some Bookkeeping Services & Accountants in Solano County CA Are Much Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these accountants in Solano County: Cavanagh Connor & Co CPAs, Anderson & Associates, Suihkonen & Consultants, McVeigh & Associates, Chris Raycraft & Associates. Other accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA that might still be in business include .



Questions To Ask Accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 

When it comes to accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA, ask these questions about their abilities, experience, and credentials:

• How long have they been a practicing accountant in Solano County and how many clients do they now have? (All accounts bearing the Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have been in business for at least a year or in the industry for over 5 years.)

• Are the accountants CPAs, PAs or small business accountants?

• Do they generally deal with accounting for businesses or for individuals?

• What additional services aside from accounting or bookkeeping, if any, do they offer to their clients?

• How are their fees structured?

• Do the accountants work at a certified accounting firm?

• If you're talking to a multi-person accounting firm, who will handle your work, senior accountants or junior assistants?

• Are they willing to give you the name and numbers of some clients you can call as references? (All accountants bearing the Prime Buyer's Report— TOP 10 symbol have already had their client references called by research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report so you don't have to.)

• What kind of educational do the accountants have?

• Which certifications do the accounting professionals hold?

• Will they show you proof of liability insurance (such as Errors & Omissions) which protects you from financial loss due to a mistake? (All accountants bearing the Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have already shown proof of liability insurance to research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report)

• Does the accountant visit his or her clients or will you always need to travel to the accoutants office?

• Can you see their credentials? (All accountants bearing the Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have already had their certification verified by research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report so you don't have to.)

 • What feedback does the accountant have on your specific accounting issues?




Tips on Accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 

Take Time Choosing Between Accountants in Solano County.
Don't hire the first accountants you contact. If you take a little time to properly outline the job and hire the right professional accountants in Solano County, you're less likely to be disappointed.

Write a Description of the Financial Accounting Job for the Accountants.
You'll be better equipped to judge accountants if you write down the details of your job before you interview any accounting firms or senior accountants. You must be clear on your requirements and consistent in presenting information to your candidates. If each of the accountants see the same description, you can be sure that any variety in responses will be telling of the accountants' ability and expertise. Then you can better judge which accountant gives the best responses to your consistent description.

Compile a List of Several Good Accountants in Solano County.
You should contact at least two or three good accountants. Remember that cheap accounts in Solano County are rarely the best accountants. Getting quotes from several good CPAs in Solano County will help you arrive at a reasonable price range, and ultimately determine which accountant is best suited to your needs.

Know the Areas of Expertise of the Accountants or CPAs in Solano County.
There are several levels of certification that accountants may have fulfilled. From CPAs to ACCAs, your potential accountants' credentials will have a direct bearing on the type (and ultimately, the quality) of service you require. Ask about each accountant's area of expertise. For example, if you need an accountant to do an audit for some legal purpose, make sure your accountant specializes in forensic accounting in Solano County. Also, ask questions about each accountant's educational background to see if he or she is right for you.

Know the Qualifications of the Accountants.
Believe it or not, anyone can call themselves an accountant, and if they are not certified by an accounting body it means that a so-called "accountant" doesn't have to abide by any standardized regulations. Make sure the potential accountants hold certain certifications, such as a CPA or certified public accountant license. Ask to see the accountants' certification. This will ensure that the accountants' practices are regulated by a professional accounting body.

Maintain Constant Contact with the Account
Working with an accountant is a partnership, so communication is essential. This is an overlooked skill with specialized services, especially accountants. After all, you're hiring them to maintain your finances so that you don't have to. Still, you must stay informed about every detail of your accounting situation. If something seems wrong, don't jump to conclusions; call and ask your CPA or accountant when you have even the simplest question about your financial accounting affairs. It's your money and you have a right to know.

Establish Trust with The Accountant.
Your accountant has access to your private records and your entire financial portfolio. You can easily find yourself in a very vulnerable position, so make sure you hire someone you trust. Don't just ask around—perform background checks on the accountants and accounting analysts as well.



Resources About Accountants in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 

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CBA California Board of Accountancy (
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Diamond Certified
IAAER International Association for Accounting Education and Research (
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Media Related to Accounting in Solano County
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If you are looking for certified public accountants, The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Accountants in Solano County within the following zip codes:

94512, 95696, 94533, 94534, 94585, 94591, 94589, 94510, 95688, 94571, 94592, 95687, 94590, 95620, 95625 and 94535




Bookkeepers / Accountants Dixon CA

CR Books Bookkeeping Services Dixon CA 95620
Campbell Benn & Taylor Accountants Dixon CA 95620
Joe Hall CPA Dixon CA 95620

Bookkeepers / Accountants Fairfield CA

Anderson & Associates Accountants Fairfield CA 94533
Cavanagh Connor & Co Accountants Fairfield CA 94533
D&D Accounting Services Fairfield CA 94533
Donald L Elrod CPA Fairfield CA 94533
Gregory Shaver CPA Fairfield CA 94534
Laurel Larson CPA Fairfield CA 94533
Manuel P Pinto CPA Fairfield CA 94533
Michael J McMurry CPA Fairfield CA 94533
Simons-Strange Accounting Services Fairfield CA 94533
Terry B Meader CPA Fairfield CA 94533
Thomas K Porta CPA Fairfield CA 94533
Welch & Wood Fairfield CA 94533
Werner Group Fairfield CA 94534

Bookkeepers / Accountants Suisun City CA

Jeff Lee CPA Suisun City CA 94585

Bookkeepers / Accountants Vacaville CA

Anderson & Associates Accountants Vacaville CA 95688
Beatriz Berumen CPA Vacaville CA 95688
Brian Agid CPA Vacaville CA 95688
Chandler & Associates Accountants Vacaville CA 95687
Edward S Pryor CPA Vacaville CA 95696
Eric Monson & Associates Accountants Vacaville CA 95688
Gene N Windham CPA Vacaville CA 95688
Gilpin & Associates Accountants Vacaville CA 95688
Ken McHarb Accounting Services Vacaville CA 95688
Rapisarda & Associates Accountants Vacaville CA 95688
Robert Christensen CPA Vacaville CA 95696
Robert S Meng & Associates Accountants Vacaville CA 95688
Ronald P Konkle CPA Vacaville CA 95688
Shaw & Associates Accountants Vacaville CA 95688
Suihkonen & Consultants Accounting Services Vacaville CA 95688



Bookkeepers / Accountants Benicia CA

AAA Accounting Service Benicia CA 94510
Curry Knutson & Associates Accountants Benicia CA 94510
Donald P Musante CPA Benicia CA 94510
Larned S Whitney CPA Benicia CA 94510
McVeigh & Associates Accountants Benicia CA 94510

Bookkeepers / Accountants Vallejo CA

Adonis Rentoria Accounting Services Vallejo CA 94591
Anderson & Associates Accountants Vallejo CA 94590
Cavanagh Connor & Co Accountants Vallejo CA 94590
Fred Warnshuis CPA Vallejo CA 94590
JD Miller CPA Vallejo CA 94590
James H Royalty Accountants Vallejo CA 94590
Ledger Management Bookkeepers Vallejo CA 94590
Leo B Mangoba CPA Vallejo CA 94591
Rodger Schuester CPA Vallejo CA 94591
Sal Macasieb CPA Vallejo CA 94591
TL Jeans Accounting Services Vallejo CA 94590
Villanueva Bookkeepers Vallejo CA 94590