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How to Find the Best Senior Living or Retirement Facility in Alameda County CA

The choice of senior living communities for independent living, or nursing home for assisted living for your loved one can be difficult and fraught with uncertainty. How can you be certain they'll give your loved one the care they need? Today, independent living communities for seniors, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement homes in Alameda County offer services to provide all the medical, social and nutritional needs of the elderly.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best senior living facilities in Alameda County and issues related to choosing them.

Updated December 20, 2013

 The TOP 10 Senior Living & Retirement Communities in Alameda County CA

Marymount Villa
(510) 895-5007
345 Davis St
San Leandro, CA 94577

Heritage Estates Retirement
(925) 373-3636
900 E Stanley Blvd
Livermore, CA 94550

Water Edge Lodge
(510) 748-4300
2401 Blanding Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

Baywood Court Retirement Community
(510) 733-2483
21966 Dolores St
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Berkeley Springs Manor
(510) 849-1241
2628 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704

Vintage Estate of Hayward
(510) 782-8424
25919 Gading Rd
Hayward, CA 94544

Piedmont Gardens
(510) 654-7172
110 41st St
Oakland, CA 94611

Lake Park Retirement Residence
(510) 835-5511
1850 Alice St
Oakland, CA 94612

Crestwood Manor
(510) 651-1244
4303 Stevenson Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538

How to Find the Best Senior Living or Retirement Facility in Alameda County CA 


Facilities for senior living in Alameda County California must obtain a certificate of authority from the state of California as protection for consumers. Additionally, any senior living facilities that provide skilled nursing services must also have a Skilled Nursing Facility License from the state DHS (Department of Health Services).  Further, the individuals who serve as administrators at RCFE (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly), ARF (Adult Residential Facilities), or GH (Group Homes) are required to be a state Certified Administrator, requiring coursework and passing an exam.

But that is no guarantee that any particular senior living facility is doing business ethically, providing real value, and satisfying clients. And independent senior living communities and retirement communities in Alameda County CA are not regulated by the state.

This makes it all the more significant that all senior living facilities, including senior independent living and retirement homes in Alameda County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have liability insurance coverage for the protection or residents in the event of injury, in addition to passing all other requirements for certification as Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 such as our survey phone calls to their residents or residents' family members to verify high satisfaction, verified license, only employees legal to work in the U.S., good complaint record, and more.


Options for Senior Living in Alameda County CA

Depending on an individual's level of independence, there are choices available among aretirement homes and assisted living facilities. Typically, retirement communities are for those who are entirely independent. Assisted living facilities are for those who may be able to perform all or most of life's necessities, but prefer not to every day, or prefer to have the option. For instance, one may be able to cook, but prefer to leave the shopping and preparing to the on-site cafeteria or kitchen, at least some of the time. At these types of mid-range care, residents can get assistance with daily activities such as transportation to shopping or doctor's appointments, eating, bathing and dressing, if necessary but otherwise lead independent, self-directed lives. These elder care facilities are often utilized by couples where one spouse is more medically fragile than the other, thus allowing spouses to stay together in a supported environment.

Terminology varies throughout the nursing home and assisted living industry. Assisted living facilities may be referred to as board and care facilities, residential care facilities, nursing homes or any of a number of other names. The most important thing is to ensure that the facility matches the level of care required. The options run from simply renting an apartment in a facility that has nurses and other assistants available if needed, to full-scale 24/7 nursing care.

Some assisted living facilities in Alameda County offer special Alzheimer's care wings, designed specifically to provide the best care for victims of that debilitating disease, occasionally with their spouses. Some assisted living facilities offer apartments for independent living, laundry and maid service, full dining rooms with varied and nutritious meals in a restaurant-like setting, transportation service and often provide various activities such as movies, parties and music, recreation rooms with games and books, snacks, in-house hair and nail salons and much more.

Residents may often bring their own furniture and other household items to make their apartment feel just like home. Some assisted living facilities even allow pets. The most important things are the level of comfort and care provided to residents. Your loved one needs to fee safe, cared for and have a sense of home. Regardless of the arrangements you make, don't forget to visit often.

Some Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Communities in Alameda County Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these retirement communities in Alameda County: Water Edge Lodge, Berkeley Springs Manor, Baywood Court Retirement Community, Crestwood Manor, Vintage Estate of Hayward, Heritage Estates Retirement, Lake Park Retirement Residence, Piedmont Gardens, Marymount Villa, Rose Residential Care Facility. Other retirement homes and facilities for assisted living in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA include: .



Choosing the Best Assisted Living Facility or Retirement Home for Your Loved One in Alameda County 

When choosing an assisted living or retirement facility, there are many considerations to take into account. Keep in mind that some medical conditions must be evaluated by a doctor, and his or her recommendation or classification can determine which facilities will accommodate you. Everyone's needs are different so it's best to write down as much as possible about what you are looking for—leaving no detail out—before you meet with representatives of potential Alameda County retirement homes or nursing homes. This gives each a chance to comment on and address the same things, so it will be easier to compare responses.

Be ready also to ask lots of questions of your own. Listen not only to the answers to your questions, but to the level of interest and compassion the representative of the assisted living facility responds with. If they don't seem to be completely invested in ensuring your loved one is completely cared for in every way, choose another retirement facility or nursing home. You want the assisted living or retirement community you choose to be fully involved and to really care that everything goes perfectly for your loved one. If you've gotten a good initial impression, ask some questions about the retirement community's facilities, amenities, experience and credentialing. Use the list of questions below as a guide to develop your own.

• How long have the assisted living centers or retirement homes been in business?

• Are the assisted living facilities part of a chain?

• What training and certification do the retirement centers' staff have?

• What do retirement homes' staff schedules and staffing patterns look like on a daily basis? On the weekends? Holidays?

• Do the assisted living centers allow residents to bring their pets?

• Do the retirement homes allow residents to decorate their apartment as they like?

• What shopping or recreation facilities are near the nursing homes in Alameda County?

• Will the retirement communities provide a copy of their annual state and federal facility survey? (Assisted living communities and retirement centers are required to provide this on request).

• What is the monthly charge at the retirement homes for different services? (Note: Adding living area square feet, extra rooms or in-room kitchen facilities can greatly affect the cost).

• Is housekeeping / laundry service including in the monthly charge at the retirement facilities?

• What system / staff do the nursing homes have in place in case of a medical emergency?

• Does each resident of the retirement facilities have their privacy respected?

• Will the residential care centers allow you to speak to some current residents and/or their families?

• What is the staff-to-resident ratio at the senior care centers or nursing homes?

• Can SSI offset some or all of the costs of living in the retirement community?

• What is the availability at the nursing homes or senior living centers? Is there a waiting list?

• Will the assisted living centers provide written contract sthat cover every expense, including ancillary services?

• What recreational facilities and services do the senior care centers or nursing homes provide residents?

Through this question-and-answer period, consider first impressions, technical abilities, experience levels, and compatible styles. Somewhere in this combination of facets you will find the right assisted living facility for you or your loved one. When you've selected the most suitable Alameda County retirement community for you, make sure they are properly certified.



Tips for Choosing Good Senior Living or Retirement Community in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont 

Take Time Choosing Your Retirement Community.
Take your time choosing an assisted living facility. It's a huge decision and choosing right can mean the difference between regret and a happy retirement.  Each retirement community will come to the table with different skill sets, experiences, services and philosophy. If can plan early enough to interview several-even if you like the first one you meet, your odds of a successful outcome will improve.

Write it Down.
We mentioned this in another article, but it's important. Think about what services or amenities you need from an assisted living facility or nursing home. Jot down all your notes about any details that seem important. Sit down and write this out as detailed as possible; write down everything that comes to mind, no matter how trivial. By writing it down you'll be able to hand each potential retirement community a clear, consistent summary of what you're looking for and expecting. It will also be easier for them to give you clear, complete answers to your questions and concerns.

Get Several Separate Estimates.
When selecting a Alameda County assisted living facility, it's not about just finding the lowest bidder. Getting several estimates helps because it will not only help you get an idea of the market value of the service, it will give you a chance to sound out the personalities and policies and customer service of each retirement community before getting involved with them.

Get Everything in Writing.
Nothing is official until it is written and signed. So insist that your retirement community provides you with a detailed document that describes the services, fees, policies, pricing, and any guarantee information. Get it in writing.  Everyone will feel better.

Do Your Homework Before You Sign An Agreement With a Alameda County Retirement Community.
To narrow down your choices, do some detective work. Research the retirement community's licensing, insurance and reputation. To help with this, see our article: Key Consumer Resources for Assisted Living and Retirement Communities in Alameda County. Verify all of this information before signing the contract.

Choose Certified Retirement Communities.
In Alameda County, there is an upper echelon of highly regarded retirement communities and assisted living facilities that insist on delivering the best customer service possible. Seek out local retirement communities that have earned awards or certifications for customer service and you are much more likely to have a better outcome.

Visit the prospective Assisted Living Facility During Different Times.
Before making a decision, it's a good idea to do some drop-in visits during different times to observe overall conditions, cleanliness, the demeanor and appearance of residents, presence of qualified staff, etc. You might also want to drop by unannounced at lunch and dinner to sample the food being served. Do you see family members visiting? Look around; talk to residents, and any visiting family members. This will give you a better sense of the realities of daily life than just taking the scheduled tour.
Know Your Rights.
If you have the misfortune of arriving at a disagreement or legal impasse with your assisted living facility, you are protected by certain rights. Start with the California Department of Consumer Affairs Web site (

If An Assisted Living Facility or Retirement Community Doesn't Measure Up, Fire Them.
If your chosen assisted living or retirement community turns out to be inadequate in any way, look to the terms of your contract: what obligation do they have to make good? Do you have rights spelled out in the event of legal impasse?  What are they? Essentially, a retirement community's failure to perform under a contract constitutes grounds for dismissal.  But before you decide to terminate residency, weigh your options carefully.  Moving a fragile or elderly person can be much more disrupting than weathering the occasional disagreement with staff at your chosen facility.  Also keep in mind that really good facilities often have wait lists; if you suspect that you might have to move, examine your options thoroughly and get on waitlists as soon as possible.



Resources About Senior Living and Retirement Communities in Alameda County 

Associations & Licensing

BBB Better Business Bureau (
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (
Diamond Certified
American Association of Retired People (
California Department of Aging (
California Commission on Aging (
National Center for Assisted Living (
Consumer Information about long-term care (
Medline Plus (
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (
National Association of Senior Move Managers (
California Assisted Living (
California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (
Assisted Living Federation of America (
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (http://www.aahsa)
American Senior Housing Association (
Center for Aging Services Technologies (
Senior Outlook (


The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Senior Living & Retirement Communities in Alameda County within the following zip codes.

94536, 94609, 94550, 94621, 94555, 94709, 94601, 94608, 94661, 94607, 94577, 94610, 94712, 94544, 94604, 94579, 94539, 94613, 94566, 94568, 94708, 94605, 94706, 94545, 94546, 94552, 94703, 94502, 94624, 94602, 94588, 94586, 94541, 94540, 94606, 94662, 94557, 94551, 94618, 94603, 94611, 94710, 94542, 94705, 94560, 94702, 94578, 94537, 94623, 94619, 94707, 94612, 94615, 94580, 94704, 94587, 94614, 94501, 94543, 94538, 94620, 94617 and 94701













































Retirement Communities & Senior Living Alameda CA

Autumn Resident Care Home Alameda CA 94501
Bay Harbor Care Home Alameda CA 94501
Bay View Nursing & Rehab Center Alameda CA 94501
Cardinal Point at Mariner Square Alameda CA 94501
Elders Inn On Webster Alameda CA 94501
Emmanuel Convalescent Hospital Alameda CA 94501
Golden Age Bayside Assisted Living Alameda CA 94502
Marina Garden Nursing Center Alameda CA 94501
Sandcreek Lodge Alameda CA 94501
South Shore Convalescent Hospital Alameda CA 94501
Sunset Home for the Elderly Alameda CA 94501
Water Edge Lodge Alameda CA 94501
Waters Edge Lodge Alameda CA 94502


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Albany CA

Raksha Lovingcare Homes Albany CA 94706


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Berkeley CA

A Windsor House Residence Berkeley CA 94705
Agemark Corp Berkeley CA 94704
Amistad House Berkeley CA 94709
Angeleon Care Home Berkeley CA 94705
Ashby Care Center Berkeley CA 94705
Berkeley Pines Care Center Berkeley CA 94705
Berkeley Springs Manor Berkeley CA 94704
Berkshire Berkeley CA 94702
Chaparral House Berkeley CA 94702
Eden Elderly Care Home Berkeley CA 94705
Elmwood Nursing & Rehab Center Berkeley CA 94705
Fulton Rest Home Berkeley CA 94704
Harriet Tubman Terrace Berkeley CA 94703
Kyakameena Berkeley CA 94704
Loving Care Berkeley CA 94703
Oregon Park Apartments Berkeley CA 94702
Pacific Trac Caregivers Berkeley CA 94710
Rest Home Bella Casa Berkeley CA 94703
Royal Colony Berkeley CA 94703
Sacramento Senior Home Management Office Berkeley CA 94702
Strawberry Creek Lodge Berkeley CA 94702


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Castro Valley CA

Baywood Court Retirement Community Castro Valley CA 94546
Baywood Court Skilled Nursing Castro Valley CA 94546
Castro Valley Care Center Castro Valley CA 94546
Castro Village Care Home Castro Valley CA 94546
Eden Villa Castro Valley CA 94546
Fairbanks Home Care Castro Valley CA 94546
Lake Chabot Care Home Castro Valley CA 94546
Oakcreek Alzheimers & Dementia Castro Valley CA 94552
Redwood Convalescent Hospital Castro Valley CA 94546
St Gregory Manor Castro Valley CA 94546
Valley Manor Residential Care Castro Valley CA 94546
Valley Pointe Convalescent Castro Valley CA 94546
Valley Pointe Rehab Center Castro Valley CA 94546
Woodside Nightgale Senior Castro Valley CA 94546


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Dublin CA

Amazing & Gracious Living Dublin CA 94568
C&M Guest Home Dublin CA 94568
Camp Inc Dublin CA 94568
God Sent Care Center Dublin CA 94568


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Emeryville CA

Morning Star Villa Emeryville CA 94608
Sister Thea Bowman Manor Emeryville CA 94608


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Fremont CA

Aegis Gardens Fremont CA 94536
Aegis of Fremont Fremont CA 94538
Ambassadors Residence Guest Fremont CA 94538
Bethel Home Fremont CA 94539
Caring Hearts Residential Fremont CA 94555
Carlton Plaza of Fremont Fremont CA 94538
Cathy's Elder Care Fremont CA 94555
Country Drive Care Center Fremont CA 94536
Creative Home Care Fremont CA 94536
Crestwood Geriatric Treatment Center Fremont CA 94538
Crestwood Manor Fremont CA 94538
Darwin Residential Care Facility Fremont CA 94555
Divinity House Fremont CA 94555
Elena's Care Home Fremont CA 94538
Florence Residential Care Home Fremont CA 94539
Fremont Retirement Villa Fremont CA 94538
Fremont Village Fremont CA 94536
GM Residential Care Home Fremont CA 94538
Good Samaritan Care Home Fremont CA 94539
Hillside Care Center Fremont CA 94536
Lahana Way Home Fremont CA 94538
Mission Villa Residential Care Fremont CA 94539
Park Central Fremont CA 94536
Perpetual Care Home Fremont CA 94538
St Francis Care Home Fremont CA 94538
United Residential Care Home Fremont CA 94555
Windsor Park Care Center Fremont CA 94536


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Hayward CA

A Safe Haven Manor Hayward CA 94544
Abby's Care Homes Hayward CA 94544
ABC-LODGE Residential Care Hayward CA 94541
Accent Garden Elderly Care Home Hayward CA 94544
Aloha Garden Guest Homes Hayward CA 94544
Arcadian Residential Community Hayward CA 94545
Bassard Convalescent Hospital Hayward CA 94541
Bassard Convalescent Hospital Hayward CA 94543
Bassard Independent Living Hayward CA 94541
Bay Point Health Care Center Hayward CA 94541
Bethesda Christian Retirement Hayward CA 94541
Canovas Home Hayward CA 94541
Casa Care Hayward CA 94542
Casa Sandoval Hayward CA 94541
Celestial Care Home Hayward CA 94544
Colonial Acres Resident Care Hayward CA 94541
Comfort Care Home Hayward CA 94544
Diana's Care Home Hayward CA 94544
Driftwood Healthcare Center Hayward CA 94541
Elena's Care Home Hayward CA 94541
Evergreen Residential Care Home Hayward CA 94541
Galicia's Tulip Care Home Hayward CA 94544
Galicia's Tulip Care Home Hayward CA 94545
Gateway Care & Rehab Center Hayward CA 94544
Gerrylaide Manor Hayward CA 94541
God's Grace Hayward CA 94541
Golden Years Private Care Home II Hayward CA 94545
Hayward Hills Health Care Center Hayward CA 94541
Ladies of Paradise Board Hayward CA 94541
Linda Vista Manor Hayward CA 94541
Luyon's Family Care Hayward CA 94544
Mariana Family Home Hayward CA 94541
Meekland ICF-DDH Hayward CA 94541
Montgomery Mannor 1 Hayward CA 94541
Montgomery Plaza Hayward CA 94541
New Bellevue Manor Hayward CA 94541
Nichols Care Home Hayward CA 94544
Palm Tree Courtyard Hayward CA 94541
Paradise Care Home Hayward CA 94545
Parkview Health Care Center Hayward CA 94544
Phoenix Programs Hayward CA 94545
Regal Homes Hayward CA 94541
Scott Villa Hayward CA 94545
Southland Garden Hayward CA 94545
St Anthony Care Center Inc Hayward CA 94541
St Christopher Convalescent Hayward CA 94541
St Francis Extended Care Hayward CA 94541
St Regis Retirement Center Hayward CA 94544
St Therese Convalescent Hospital Hayward CA 94541
Summerville at Landmark Villa Hayward CA 94541
Sunshine ICF-DDH Hayward CA 94541
Villa Mercedes Residence Hayward CA 94541
Villa Montgomery Care Home Hayward CA 94541
Vintage Estate of Hayward Hayward CA 94544
Whispering Pines Rest Haven Hayward CA 94544
Windsor Chalet Hayward CA 94545
Windsor Garden of Hayward Hayward CA 94541
Wittenberg Manor II Hayward CA 94541

Retirement Communities & Senior Living Livermore CA

A Anne's Guest Homes Livermore CA 94550
A Anne's Guest Homes Livermore CA 94551
A Gabriela's Villa Livermore CA 94550
Bethany Home Care Livermore CA 94550
Collen Street Carehome Livermore CA 94550
Golden Manor Livermore CA 94550
Hacienda Care Center Livermore CA 94550
Heritage Estates Retirement Livermore CA 94550
Home of Our Own Livermore CA 94550
J&C Care Home Livermore CA 94551
Kate's Courtyard Livermore CA 94550
Kennedy Guest Home Livermore CA 94551
New Haven Care Home Springtown Livermore CA 94551
New Haven Care Homes Livermore CA 94550
Quail Garden Livermore CA 94550
Rosewood Garden Livermore CA 94550
Silver Oak Manor Livermore CA 94550
Sunrise Private Care Livermore CA 94550
Tiffany Gardens Livermore CA 94550

Retirement Communities & Senior Living Newark CA

Florence Residential Care Home Newark CA 94560
Greenpoint Care Homes Newark CA 94560
Mag's Rest Home Newark CA 94560
Paradise Gardens Care Home Newark CA 94560


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Oakland CA

Acob Home Oakland CA 94601
Allen Temple Arms II Oakland CA 94621
Allen Temple Gardens Oakland CA 94603
Anthony Home for the Aged Oakland CA 94603
Bancroft Senior Homes Oakland CA 94605
Barbary Lane Senior Community Oakland CA 94612
Bellaken Garden & Skilled Oakland CA 94601
Bethany Home Care Oakland CA 94605
Campbell's Senior Resident Home Oakland CA 94621
Christopher Care Home Oakland CA 94603
Claremont House Retirement Oakland CA 94611
Dimond Care LLC Oakland CA 94602
Eden Manor Oakland CA 94602
Elder Care Alliance Oakland CA 94606
Elegant Living Oakland CA 94605
Evergreen Manor Oakland CA 94601
Excell Healthcare Center Oakland CA 94619
Gatewood Manor Oakland CA 94609
Good Shepherd Care Home Oakland CA 94601
Good Shepherd Care Home Oakland CA 94602
Grand Lake Gardens Oakland CA 94610
Grand Lake Rest Home Oakland CA 94610
Henderson Residential Care Oakland CA 94608
High Street Nursing Center Oakland CA 94619
Hodges Residential Facility Oakland CA 94619
Holy Family Home Oakland CA 94601
House Of Psalms RCSE Oakland CA 94619
Irene Cooper Terrace Oakland CA 94606
JL Richard Terrace Oakland CA 94606
Jan's Care Home Oakland CA 94605
Kairo's Cottage Oakland CA 94605
Kindred Keep Oakland CA 94608
Lake Merrit Care Home Oakland CA 94610
Lake Park Retirement Residence Oakland CA 94612
Lakeside Park Oakland CA 94610
Las Bougainvilleas Oakland CA 94601
Long Life Care Home Oakland CA 94619
Mark Twain Senior Community Co Oakland CA 94601
McClure Convalescent Oakland CA 94609
Medical Hill Rehab Center Oakland CA 94609
Mercy Care Center Oakland CA 94601
Molintas Residential Care Home Oakland CA 94603
Mont KASA Oakland CA 94611
Never Too Busy to Listen Inc Oakland CA 94603
Never Too Busy to Listen Inc Oakland CA 94619
New Horizons Oakland CA 94601
New Way of Life Care Home Oakland CA 94603
Northgate Terrace Oakland CA 94612
Oakland Care Center Oakland CA 94609
Oakridge Care Center Oakland CA 94602
Opal Home Care Oakland CA 94609
Otterbein Manor Oakland CA 94618
Park Merritt Intermediate Care Oakland CA 94606
Percy Abram Jr Sr Housing Oakland CA 94608
Piedmont Gardens Oakland CA 94611
Robinson's Room & Board Oakland CA 94603
Rose Garden Residential Care Oakland CA 94601
Rose of Sharon Senior Homes Oakland CA 94606
Rounseville Rehabilitation Center Oakland CA 94611
Salem Lutheran Home Oakland CA 94606
San Francis Care Home Oakland CA 94610
Santiago Home in Oakland Oakland CA 94621
Satellite Senior Homes Inc Oakland CA 94607
Satellite Senior Homes Oakland CA 94612
SSHI Maintenance Oakland CA 94612
Sunny Care Home Oakland CA 94605
Sunrise of Oakland Hills Oakland CA 94619
Thomas-Adams Residential Care Oakland CA 94601
Victoria Plaza Oakland CA 94607
Westline Oakland CA 94609
Willow Tree Nursing Center Oakland CA 94621

Retirement Communities & Senior Living Piedmont CA

Linda Glen Piedmont CA 94611


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Pleasanton CA

A Anne's Guest Homes Pleasanton CA 94566
A Anne's Guest Homes Pleasanton CA 94588
Abigail's Guest Home Pleasanton CA 94566
American Baptist Homes-West Pleasanton CA 94588
Angel & Michael's Home Care Pleasanton CA 94588
Carol's Guest Home Pleasanton CA 94566
Choice Senior Living Pleasanton CA 94588
Crow Canyon Residential Care Pleasanton CA 94566
Eden Villa Pleasanton CA 94566
Greenbriar Pleasanton CA 94566
Kottinger Place Pleasanton CA 94566
Pleasanton Gardens Senior Housing Pleasanton CA 94566
Pleasanton Guest Home Pleasanton CA 94566
Pleasanton Nursing & Rehab Center Pleasanton CA 94566
Serene Care Pleasanton CA 94588
Twilight Home Pleasanton CA 94588


Retirement Communities & Senior Living San Leandro CA

Bayfair Lodge Residential Cre San Leandro CA 94578
Carlton Plaza San Leandro CA 94577
Jones Rest Home San Leandro CA 94577
LJ Better Homes Inc San Leandro CA 94577
Marymount Villa San Leandro CA 94577
Mori Manor San Leandro CA 94578
Myrna's Residential Care Home San Leandro CA 94577
Oakdale Heights of San Leandro San Leandro CA 94577
Rose Gate San Leandro CA 94577
Sunflower Manor San Leandro CA 94577
Victorian Manor San Leandro CA 94577
Washington Square Home Care San Leandro CA 94578


Retirement Communities & Senior Living San Lorenzo CA

Delano Residential Care Home San Lorenzo CA 94580
Grace Home Care San Lorenzo CA 94580
Lewelling Manor San Lorenzo CA 94580
Sunrise Care Home San Lorenzo CA 94580


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Union City CA

A&A's Residential Care Home Union City CA 94587
ABC Care Home Union City CA 94587
Alice Gardens Residential Union City CA 94587
Alice Manor Home Union City CA 94587
All Time Care Home Union City CA 94587
Almavia of Union City Union City CA 94587
Arleen's Residential Care Union City CA 94587
Arville Loving Care Home Union City CA 94587
Blessed Be Care Home Union City CA 94587
B-N Residential Care Home Union City CA 94587
Cedar Residential Care Facility Union City CA 94587
Christina's Care Home Union City CA 94587
Cinnamon Residential Care Union City CA 94587
Darwin Residential Care Facility Union City CA 94587
Eden Gardens Care Home Union City CA 94587
Good Faith Residence Union City CA 94587
Hartnell Home Care Union City CA 94587
Homecare By Nightingale Union City CA 94587
Malama Hale Inc Union City CA 94587
Masonic Home for Adults Union City CA 94587
NC Group Home Union City CA 94587
P&R Residential Care Union City CA 94587
Regency Carehome Union City CA 94587
Rose Residential Care Facility Union City CA 94587
Santa Cruz Residential Care Union City CA 94587
St Mary's Home Union City CA 94587
Tropics Residential Care Home Union City CA 94587