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Alhambra Garage Doors
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(925) 228-9008
1155 C Arnold Drive
Martinez, CA 94553
Contractor's License # 649128
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Areas Served: Oakland CA, Hayward, Dublin CA, Fremont, San Leandro, Berkeley, Livermore
Services: Automatic garage doors and garage door openers, garage door sales, garage door ...
Key Brands: Amarr Garage Doors, Carriage House Garage Doors, LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Alhambra Garage Doors Company Profile

Most new garage doors come with only a one-year guarantee. But we found a Contra Costa company called Alhambra Garage Doors that not only guarantees their garage doors for TEN years, they make sure the garage doors last even longer by swapping standard springs and rollers for upgraded parts at no charge to their customers.

Free Upgrades for Every Customer

Most garage door springs only hold out for 8 to 10 years, according to Greg Gillette, owner of Alhambra Garage Doors, located in Martinez CA. "We decided that wasn't good enough for our customers," he said. "So we made it our policy to upgrade the springs, hardware and rollers on every garage door we sell at no extra cost to our customers."

In fact, not only does Alhambra Garage Doors replace the standard springs that come with the door with higher grade springs that last for 20 years, they also upgrade the regular rollers to quieter heavy-duty nylon rollers. Alhambra Garage Doors certified installers also include free opener brackets that prevent damage to garage door panels and install vinyl seals around the new garage doors as a finishing touch to keep out drafts.

Customers are thrilled with the extra value from Alhambra Garage Doors. During a research phone call, a customer named Janeace said, "The quality of what they were presenting was excellent, much better than what the competition had to offer. Their workers were cordial, friendly, gracious with their service, and the installation went easily. It was definitely an excellent buy."

Another customer named Lupe was impressed with the choices Alhambra Garage Doors offered. "I liked the different styles," she said. "They actually had the one we saw in the brochure to show us. The door pushes the cold air out, and it doesn't let a lot of noise in. I love the garage door; it makes a definite impact on my house."

Investing In Good Products

"Cheap garage doors don't hold up as long, they dent easier, are noisier and customers will spend more in the long run because they'll have to repair or replace cheap garage doors," says Greg Gillette. "That's why we only stock high-quality products."

But don't be fooled by garage door installers that say it's all about the brand they use. "Even the best manufacturers carry a variety of versions of the same brand, ranging from low-end models up to the better versions of all their garage doors," he says. 

"When customers initially think quality doesn't matter, I can show them that it will," Greg says. "You don't want to pay more later to fix or replace the garage door, so you save a lot of money and frustration by getting a good product to begin with."

As with any contractors, some garage door installers claim cut-rate prices in the hopes of getting a job. "In this industry, it's really important for customers to get a feel for the person they are dealing with, to see if they are genuine and honest," says Greg Gillette. "Some consumers have been taken in with low prices, but when a question or problem comes up, that company won't help them out."

Greg says the best way to check out a company is by calling references. "You can get a general idea of how a company is going to treat you when dealing face-to-face with their representative," he says. "That's where references come in. If you talk with third parties, customers who have used that company in the past, you can know for sure how you will be taken care of."

Keeping it Personal

Alhambra Garage Doors offers better customer service by maintaining a small, highly-qualified staff. "I want to keep our company small so I can give one-on-one attention to each customer," says Greg Gillette. "Having two technicians on staff means I am available for my customers when they need me. I am also able to work on every job, so each customer benefits from my 15 years of experience."

Alhambra Garage Doors technicians are certified by the IDA (International Door Association). They are also the first company in Contra Costa County to be accredited by IDEA (Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation).

"Many smaller companies don't educate themselves on good business practices and the newest products, so they can't inform their customers," says Greg Gillette. "I wanted to set Alhambra Garage Doors apart from the other small companies, so I've put a lot of emphasis on education and customer service."

Along with their 10 year warranty, Greg does what it takes to make sure his customers are happy. "If they need me, I go right out to help them," he says. "I answer their questions and I am always honest. Customers expect good products and good service, and customer service is my emphasis."

What do customers say about the service from Alhambra Garage Doors? During independent research phone calls, customers made comments such as, "I liked their attention to detail." "I liked the personal attention." "They got the job done quickly." "On time, on budget, and personable." "They're courteous, knowledgeable, and they have good prices."

A customer named Mike said, "I've never seen such a quiet garage door. I am really satisfied." And customer Karen was impressed with owner Greg Gillette's service. "Greg was very knowledgeable," she said. "He didn't try to sell me things that I didn't need. They were just a real pleasure to do business with."

So don't settle for a one-year guarantee on low-grade products when you could have a complete 10-year guarantee that's backed up by certified technicians and customer-proven service from Alhambra Garage Doors.



Lauren Bongard Schwarz
Associate Editor
The Prime Buyer's Report