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How to Find the Best Printing Companies in San Mateo County

Whether you belong to a large corporation or a one-person business, there is a need for promotion. Commercial printers in San Mateo County offer businesses the means produce high-quality business cards, catalogs, brochures, flyers and many other varieties of printed material.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best printing companies in San Mateo County and issues related to hiring them.

Updated September 27, 2013

 The TOP 10 Printing Companies / Printers in San Mateo County CA

America Printing Co
(650) 348-2333
1321 N Carolan Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010

Areas Served: Burlingame CA, Millbrae CA, San Mateo CA, Hillsborough CA, San Bruno CA

California Reprographics
(650) 592-4660
240 Harbor Blvd
Belmont, CA 94002

Areas Served: Belmont CA, San Carlos CA, San Mateo CA, Redwood City CA, Foster City CA

Central Printing Group
(415) 467-1114
826 Burlway Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010

Areas Served: Burlingame CA, San Mateo CA, Foster City CA, Millbrae CA, San Bruno CA, Hillsborough CA

American Printing & Copy Inc
(650) 325-2322
1100 Obrien Dr
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Areas Served: Menlo Park CA, Redwood City CA, Atherton CA, Woodside CA, West Menlo Park CA

SF Offset Printing Co Inc
(650) 363-0899
3508 Haven Ave
Redwood City, CA 94063

Areas Served: Redwood City CA, Menlo Park CA, San Carlos CA, Belmont CA, Woodside CA

Giant Horse Printing
(650) 875-7137
1336 San Mateo Ave
South SF, CA 94080

Areas Served: South SF, Daly City CA, San Bruno CA, Brisbane CA, Millbrae CA

Union Offset
(650) 347-6666
1229 Rollins Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010

Areas Served: Burlingame CA, Hillsborough CA, San Mateo CA, Millbrae CA, Foster City CA

Lasting Impressions
(650) 347-4372
1455 Rollins Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010

Areas Served: Burlingame CA, Hillsborough CA, San Mateo CA, Millbrae CA, Foster City CA

How to Find the Best Printing Companies in San Mateo County 


There is no state license required for printing in San Mateo County and so no state standard for competency or reliability. Likewise, there is no legal requirement that they have professional liability insurance from which you can be reimbursed if a mistake causes you monetary loss.

This makes it all the more significant that all printers bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have been evaluated by our research staff, and have had to pass all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous clients to verify high satisfaction, clean complaint record, verified professional liability insurance, only employees legal to work in the U.S., and more. 

The Nature of Commercial Printing Services in San Mateo County CA
When moving an idea from the conceptual to the print form, there are many variables to consider whether you need business cards or lengthy catalogs. The best offset printers in San Mateo County are mindful of each customer's concerns, using the finest in two-color and four-color offset lithography technology and offering fast turnaround times. The following will help you understand the fine points of commercial printing and the various measures taken by local printers to accommodate individual customers' printing needs.

For the most part, it is the customer with high-volume printing needs that stands to benefit most from commercial printers as opposed to making copies on Xerox or other copying machines. These printers complete most jobs through an offset printing process—a highly mechanized procedure that can efficiently generate a large output of printed material quickly. Magazines, newspapers and other mass-marketed documents are produced this way.

Many of the local printers in San Mateo County offer an entire suite of services with the private business owner in mind. These companies can create customized business forms, business cards, stationary or letterhead, signs, banners and labels. Aside from print production, ancillary services may also be available, including laminating, copying, Velo, perfect or stitch and trim binding or UV coating. If you're in need of professional services prior to the production phase, many San Mateo County printers also offer graphics and design services and digital and/or print proofing.

The best professional printers will work to accommodate your schedule. For your convenience, most of the printers in San Mateo County can estimate time and materials, accept drafts and send proofs all via email. They may be able to arrange free pick-up and delivery.

Some Printers in San Mateo County Are Much Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these printing companies in San Mateo County: SF Offset Printing Co Inc, Giant Horse Printing, America Printing Co, Central Printing Group, Lasting Impressions, Union Offset, California Reprographics, American Printing & Copy Inc, Pacific Printing & Publication, Art Rainbow Printing & Copy Co. Other local printers in Redwood City, South SF and Burlingame CA that might still be in business include: Pea Press, Degnan Printers Inc, Prima Printing. Didn't find what you wanted with the TOP 10 Printing Companies / Printers in San Mateo County? Then click here to see additional companies in this category.



How to Choose Among Printing Companies in Redwood City, South SF and Burlingame 

Investigate Multiple San Mateo County Printers
Before you commit to a particular printer, some simple phone research will clarify their ability to accommodate you. Call several of the printers you are considering and ask questions about their services. The following examples will help guide the question and answer process.

• What printing methods do the printers use?

• What is the minimum print quantity of the offset printers?

• How long should the printing companies take to complete the process from proof submission to shipment?

• Do the San Mateo County printing companies offer mailing services?

• What are the printers' overage policies?

• How do the printing companies calculate fees, including set-up fees, plate fees and proofing charges)?

• Can the printers provide digital proofs?

• Can the printing companies provide samples of work they've completed?

• What do the printers need from you (photos, digital files, copy, etc.) to produce the job?

Get estimates for your job from several print companies before choosing one. This can be helpful because in addition to getting an idea of what the job will cost, some printers may, when they hear the details of your printing job, offer you a less expensive alternative. Compare the estimates you've gathered and use them as a final determining factor when choosing a good printer in San Mateo County. After deciding on a printer that looks like they could do the job and charges within your budget, carefully prepare your document and send it off to begin the prepress process. Once the printing company returns your proof to you, make sure you review it very closely. After you've approved the proof and the job is printed, you need to pay the bill even if you missed a big typo.



Tips About Printing Companies in San Mateo County 

Prepare a Printing Submission with Care
Do your best to avoid any prepress problems by meticulously reviewing files before you submit them. Some internet research can introduce you to the resolutions, publishing software, compatible font styles and layouts that are appropriate for the particular document you wish to print.

Carefully Review Your Proof Before Approving It with the Print Company
Once you approve your proof and give your printing company the go-ahead, you're essentially guaranteeing payment for the mass production of the document. If you don't scrutinize the document you approve, and you miss a large mistake, you have a risk of spending your money for something you can't use. In addition to the obvious spelling and typographical errors, check that the printers have met your requests regarding typefaces, perforations, page sizes, color choices, bleeds and resolution.

The More the Merrier
In printing, pricing usually become much more affordable per-piece the larger the job gets. If you have multiple projects to print you can reduce the labor of the press, and, of course, the cost. Talk with your printing company ahead of time and price different sized printing jobs. You may save money by printing a few more copies than you originally planned for.

Know the Specifics of Your Printing Job
Before contacting a printer in San Mateo County, you should already have the details in order. This means carefully considering all of your options, such as fonts, colors, document size and amounts to be printed, weather coatings, glossy finishes and binding (among other things). All of these factors affect cost and timing of your print job, and not all printers can complete them. Overall, the job, from the initial printer decision to the shipment of the product, will go much smoother if all details are attended to and planned for before you jump in.

Maintain Communication with Your Commercial Printing Company
There is always the chance that complications will develop with your printing project. So be sure to remain available, should your printer need to consult you about your printing project.

Know Your Rights as a Commercial Printing Customer
As a paying customer, you are always protected by rules and regulations that have been passed in the name of consumer advocacy. There may be subtle variations in these laws by locality, so take a look at the specifics that apply to you at the Web site for the California Department of Consumer Affairs.



Resources About Printers in Redwood City, South SF and Burlingame 

Regulatory Bodies & Trade Organizations Related to Printers in San Mateo County

BBB Better Business Bureau (
BFMA Business Forms Management Association (
CABP California Association of Business Printers (
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (
DPC Digital Printing Council (
Diamond Certified
FTA Flexographic Technical Association (
GAA Gravure Association of America (
IAPHC International Association of Printing House Craftsmen (
ICC International Color Consortium (
NAPL National Association of Printers and Lithographers (
PINC Printing Industries of Northern California (
PPI Pacific Printing and Imaging Association (
SGIA Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association (

Media Regarding Printing in San Mateo County

In-Plant Graphics Magazine
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QuickPrinting Magazine

The Prime Buyer's Report provides comprehensive information of the TOP 10 Printers in San Mateo County by zip code:

94021, 94026, 94028, 94063, 94066, 94096, 94062, 94128, 94005, 94061, 94027, 94020, 94014, 94019, 94065, 94011, 94015, 94060, 94080, 94404, 94401, 94083, 94070, 94018, 94010, 94030, 94025, 94044, 94074, 94038, 94017, 94037, 94098, 94402, 94002, 94016, 94403 and 94064



Printers Belmont CA

Armadillo Press Belmont CA 94002
California Reprographics Belmont CA 94002
County Print Belmont CA 94002
Folder Factory Belmont CA 94002
Moquin Digital Inc Belmont CA 94002


Printers Brisbane CA

Alta Printing Co Brisbane CA 94005
Discovery Resources Brisbane CA 94005
Falcon Associates Inc Brisbane CA 94005
Fong Brothers Printing Inc Brisbane CA 94005

Printers Burlingame CA

Airport Printing Burlingame CA 94010
America Printing Co Burlingame CA 94010
Burlingame Press Burlingame CA 94010
Central Printing Group Burlingame CA 94010
Color Print Burlingame CA 94010
Diebold Printing Service Inc Burlingame CA 94010
Dnp Corp USA Burlingame CA 94010
Forte Press Corp Burlingame CA 94010
Lahlouh Burlingame CA 94010
Lasting Impressions Burlingame CA 94010
PIP Printing Burlingame CA 94010
Point Click N Go Burlingame CA 94010
Union Offset Burlingame CA 94010


Printers Colma CA

Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print Colma CA 94014

Printers Daly City CA

PBC Printing Daly City CA 94014
Straus Printing Daly City CA 94017


Printers Foster City CA

Allegra Print & Imaging Foster City CA 94404
AMS Systems Inc Foster City CA 94404
Copyland Printing Foster City CA 94404
Digital Ink Foster City CA 94404
Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print Foster City CA 94404
Minuteman Press Foster City CA 94404
Neophilia Marketing Foster City CA 94404
Pinnacle Print Solutions Foster City CA 94404
PIP Printing Foster City CA 94404
Randal-Alan Print & Media Service Foster City CA 94404


Printers Menlo Park CA

American Printing & Copy Inc Menlo Park CA 94025
American Speedy Printing Center Menlo Park CA 94025
Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print Menlo Park CA 94025
Infoimage Inc Menlo Park CA 94025


Printers Millbrae CA

Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print Millbrae CA 94030


Printers Montara CA

Gregory Watson Print Brokerage Montara CA 94037


Printers Pacifica CA

Custom Binding & Die Cutting Pacifica CA 94044


Printers Redwood City CA

Ams Systems Inc Redwood City CA 94063
Armadillo Press Redwood City CA 94063
ATA Reprographics Redwood City CA 94063
Copy Copies Redwood City CA 94063
Degnan Printers Inc Redwood City CA 94061
Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print Redwood City CA 94062
Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print Redwood City CA 94063
I Print Redwood City CA 94063
Mata's Social Cards Redwood City CA 94063
Pacific Printing & Publication Redwood City CA 94063
Palomino Printing Redwood City CA 94063
Paper & Ink Redwood City CA 94063
Print Production Redwood City CA 94062
SF Offset Printing Co Inc Redwood City CA 94063
Vanguard Printing Northern Redwood City CA 94063


Printers South SF CA

Alpha Press Inc South SF CA 94080
AMERICAN Business Communications South SF CA 94080
Conlan Corp South SF CA 94080
Essence Printing South SF CA 94080
Giant Horse Printing South SF CA 94080
Godar & Hossenlopp Printing Co South SF CA 94080
Great Impressions South SF CA 94080
JYC Printing South SF CA 94080
KSM Printing South SF CA 94080
Printing Brisbane South SF CA 94080
Productive Printing South SF CA 94080
Professional Instant Printing South SF CA 94080
Shepherd Lithograph South SF CA 94080
UTAP Printing Co South SF CA 94080


Printers San Bruno CA

CPS-SAN Francisco Printers San Bruno CA 94066
Printing Innovations San Bruno CA 94066
Sea Sprite Printing & Promo San Bruno CA 94066

Printers San Carlos CA

Accent Printing San Carlos CA 94070
Art Rainbow Printing & Copy Co San Carlos CA 94070
Bobkat Printing San Carlos CA 94070
Brookside Impressions San Carlos CA 94070
Business Cards Tomorrow Inc San Carlos CA 94070
Digital Ink San Carlos CA 94070
Hatcher Press Inc San Carlos CA 94070
Infinity Press San Carlos CA 94070
Pea Press San Carlos CA 94070
Prima Printing San Carlos CA 94070
Printime Printing San Carlos CA 94070
Printime San Carlos CA 94070
Printing By Design San Carlos CA 94070
Printmasters San Carlos CA 94070
Serg Printing San Carlos CA 94070
Specialty Letterpress San Carlos CA 94070
SRS Inc-Pad Printers San Carlos CA 94070
Trademark Printing San Carlos CA 94070
White Oak Press San Carlos CA 94070

Printers San Mateo CA

All About Printing San Mateo CA 94401
Banta Direct Marketing San Mateo CA 94404
Calibre Printing Co San Mateo CA 94403
CLS Printing Co San Mateo CA 94402
Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print San Mateo CA 94401
Fed Ex Kinko's Office & Print San Mateo CA 94403
Golden Street Printing San Mateo CA 94402
Imprints San Mateo CA 94402
Minuteman Press San Mateo CA 94401
Quebecor World Sales San Mateo CA 94404
Trade Printing San Mateo CA 94403
Visual Impressions Printing San Mateo CA 94403