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RKI Interior Design
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2198 Avy Ave
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Areas Served: San Mateo County incl. Redwood City CA, Burlingame CA,San Mateo CA, Menlo Park, ...
Services: residential interior design, light commercial design, remodeling designs, lighting ...

RKI Interior Design Company Profile

If you are looking for superior interior design services in San Mateo County, RKI Interior Design is one of the best in the business. With over 30 years of professional experience throughout the Bay Area, RKI Interior Design, led by designer  Risë Krag, provides residential and commercial design services. Risë Krag is also a notable columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and Palo Alto Weekly, and her expertise has lead her to teach interior design practices at leading California design programs. (The firm will provide an initial consultation to readers of this Report at no cost.)

RKI Interior Design: Highly Qualified Interior Designer in San Mateo County

RKI Interior Design in Menlo Park CA is headed by award-winning principal designer, Risë Krag. Over the years, Risë has built a reputation for creating unique design solutions tailored to the individual needs of her clients. As a proud recipient of multiple Awards of Excellence from ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), Risë's designs have been featured in major publications, including San Francisco Magazine, Traditional Home, and Silicon Valley Magazine. She contributed a regular column called "Design Dilemmas" for the San Francisco Chronicle. In her articles, Rise addressed various design issues submitted by readers. Projects have ranged from Edwardian Flats in San Francisco, a log cabin in Montana, to a penthouse in Brazil. Her column, "Real Solutions", for the Palo Alto Weekly deals with a range of topics that she encounters in her practice.

It's no wonder that Risë Krag has taught classes in interior design at leading design schools including the Western Design Institute (now California College of the Arts) and the Fashion Institute in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her courses include space planning and color theory, and she has provided students with an internship through the ASID mentorship program. She has also been selected for projects by commercial and corporate clients including, Embarcadero Publishing, Radisson Hotels, Venture Law, and St. Francis Hospital.

Meet Interior Designer Risë Krag

Although it was assumed that Risë would follow her family's career in medicine, she was artistic since her earliest memory. By her teens, she found her life's calling in design. Risë shares, "It was in high school during Career Day when a speaker described an interior designer as a conductor in a symphony. I played in the orchestra, so I understood his comparison of design to blending different instruments into a unified sound." 

She was so determined to pursue design that although she was accepted by UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara, she chose instead to attend San Jose State University. At that time, SJSU was the only school with a degree program for interior design, boasting the largest art department of all schools on the West Coast. Additional studies at the University of Hawaii's East West Center gave her a solid background in the cultures and designs of Asia. Risë is also a painter who has exhibited locally and in New York City.

As an interior designer, one of her strongest traits is being able to design for the client's taste, not herself. Risë believes this is key to making her clients happy. "While teaching one of my interior design courses, I challenged the students to reveal their least favorite color and then gave them an assignment to design with it. The exercise taught the class to put aside their personal discretion and create and environment that would make the client happy."

RKI Interior Design for Project Management

Whether you're building new or remodeling, it is extremely important to spend your budget wisely. There are literally hundreds of decisions to be made about the details of a home, and time is required to make such decisions. The critical issue is to get value for the money spent. This requires experience and artistic judgment by the designer, and a close working relationship with the client. 

Designer Risë Krag tells us, "With our in-depth knowledge of products, materials and finishes, we have the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage your interior project from start to finish. We work closely with many vendors, contractors and other service providers, coordinating and orchestrating the entire design team. We can provide specification and purchasing services to procure materials, furniture, accessories and art; all of which you might not be able to find on your own. With our experience we can solve problems, help you avoid costly mistakes and, most importantly, create an attractive, affordable space designed specifically to meet your lifestyle needs." How does that benefit clients? Risë answers, "Cohesiveness. All of the parts fit, and it saves time and money for the client."

As an example of the savings you receive by hiring RKI Interior Design for project management, the firm was hired to redesign a historic bank in San Francisco. An earlier remodel firm had partially covered up the windows with file cabinets because the contractor didn't plan for the furniture. Had RKI Interior Design been on the project from inception, their space planning would have eliminated a costly error.

Another design client was frustrated at the repair costs from curtain rods and towel bars getting torn out of the walls. "That's the kind of detail that we account for ahead of time when we're brought in to do project management on remodels or new construction. By adding a block behind the drywall in the right location we prevent those headaches and repair costs," says Risë. 

RKI Interior Design is also qualified in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design. They're a LEED AP, which means Rise Krag and her staff are trained to help clients save with solar, recycled materials and efficient site planning. "Many communities give homeowners and businesses certain benefits and financial incentives for saving on energy and water, so the designer that leads your project has to understand all of those components," Risë Krag explains. "And clients have been thrilled to find that because RKI Interior Design is an experienced, qualified design firm, they're able to get priority treatment for local permits, saving time and money.

A Visit to RKI Interior Design in Menlo Park CA

Many interior designers are single-person companies operating from small home offices. RKI Interior Design is a full-service design firm with a dedicated office, staff and resource library larger than many architectural firms. Here you'll find samples of lighting options, marble and stone, textiles, window coverings and more. Risë explains, "The Internet is great, but you don't get true representations of fabrics, woods, or finishes unless you can see and feel them. That's what clients get to do here." 

Interior designer Risë Krag is a Bay Area native living in Menlo Park, CA. She is described by friends as loyal, upbeat and creative. For recreation she enjoys skiing at Squaw Valley and hiking in Yosemite. Rise finds the many interesting clients living in the Bay Area to be a tremendous benefit. "I've enjoyed designing homes and offices for so many incredibly intelligent people, such as Elon Musk who invented the Internet payment system PayPal, and later founded Tesla Motors, as well as Ken Oshman of the ROLM Corporation," she shares. 

Of the many designers in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, know that you have available to you one of the most qualified and skilled interior designers in Risë Krag and her firm RKI Interior Designs. With 30 years in the profession, dedicated office and staff, a background that includes working as a newspaper columnist, design school teacher, and ASID mentor, it's no wonder Risë Krag is the designer of choice for so many residential and corporate clients. RKI Interior Design can be reached 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday. Schedule an appointment to discover the services they can provide, and readers of this Report can get a no cost consultation by mentioning The Prime Buyer's Report.





RKI Interior Design

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RKI Interior Design

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RKI Interior Design

RKI Interior Design

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