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San Francisco Bay Area Edition

Environmental Remedies, Inc.
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(925) 461-3285, (888) 710-2414
3910 Valley Ave
Pleasanton, CA 94566
State Contractors License #840442
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Areas Served: San Francisco Bay Area
Services: mold removal & mold remediation, lead removal, asbsestos removal, removal of ...

Environmental Remedies, Inc. Customer Reviews

"The guys at ERI made a bad situation a lot more bearable. I had a serious water leak that affected my ceilings and floors in my two story home in Pleasanton. I was told by the company that took care of the leak that I needed to have the ceilings and floors tested for asbestos before they could completely repair my home. I was referred to them by my insurance company. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and they gave me a lot of useful information to ease my mind. They took care of EVERYTHING. Besides the asbestos removal, they ended up coordinating the entire repair effort for me because I was not happy with the service from the water damage company and was leaving town for business. They went above and beyond what I would have otherwise expected. I hope I never need their services again, but if I do, now I know who to call first."

—W. Eisen

The following are verbatim responses given during research phone calls to randomly selected customers asked what they liked best:

"They were prompt and reliable. The follow-up reports were on time. They were on budget and there were no surprises." -A.R.

"They communicated well with me." -H.L.I.

"They are very efficient and quick." -D.R.

"Their tidiness, availability, and cleanliness" -A.K.B.

"I like working with Shawn. I like his punctuality. I subcontract them." -A.S.H.A.C.

"Their quickness, not only to answer the phone, but also to do the work" -A.C.O.H.A.

"They were prompt and reliable. The follow-up reports were on time. They were on budget and there were no surprises." -A.R.

"Their professionalism, attention to detail, and they came out quickly." -B.B.R.

"They were clean. They did an outstanding job for me. I will continue to use them." -B.D.H.A.

"They did what they said when they said they would, for the price they said they would do it. They were really good people." -B.D.C.

"They were prompt, they came through with what they proposed, and there were no surprises." -B.O.B.

"They came in, got the job done, and got out. They left everything nice and clean." -B.I.

"They did the work correctly and they were professional. That is exactly what we wanted." -Christine G.

"They were fast, on time, and they came in on budget." -D.C.

"I liked their customer service and their responsiveness. It was quick and they were good." -E.C.

"They showed up, did what they had to do, and left." -F.B.C.I.

"Their customer service, they were responsive to phone calls and with the paperwork." -F.B.

"They were fast and clean." -G.B.I.

"They communicated well with me." -H.L.I.

"Their availability, they come out the same day or the next day. Also, they contact my insurance policy holder within an hour. I have used them three or four times. They have exceeded my expectations." -L.M.G.

"Their promptness and customer service are great. What I mean by customer service is that they meet all the deadlines and they are very thorough." -M.A.

"They are very thorough. I have used them a number of times. In fact, they are the only ones I use. I am very satisfied." -M.C.

"They are on top of things. They let us know when things are done. Their billing is quick and they are pretty fast about getting out here. Whether it is scheduling or doing the work, they put us in their schedule as soon as they can." -N.C.

"Their attention to detail" -R.S.

"They followed the instructions pretty well and they got the job done. They were really good." -S.P.

"It is easy to work with the guys and the management." -S.E.

"The job was done quickly." -Amir S.

"They were fast and good. They did what they said they would do." -Anna B.

"They were professional and reasonably priced." -Barbara B.

"They came on time and finished quickly." -Bronek K.

"They were fast. They did what they were supposed to do." -Chantal S.

"They were very nice, friendly, thorough, and neat. They have my seal of approval." -Elinor K.

"They left a very clean surface. I only needed them to address the parts of the ceilings where I wanted to put ceiling fans. They drew a precise line so that nothing else was disturbed." -Gloria B.

"They were very responsive." -Judith S.

"They were efficient. They came when they said they would. They stuck to their price quote and they were clean. They were fine." -Kathleen M.

"I would recommend them highly. They were very thorough. They did a great job. The whole experience, from the estimate until they were finished, was great." -Linda T.

"They showed up on time. They did what they said they were going to do." -Madeline C.

"His two sons were very responsible. I was able to discuss the intricacy of what I wanted. The team worked very hard. I also asked them to do some painting. They said they would do that too. They were very professional." -Ralph S.

"They were clean, on time, and they did what they said they were going to do." -Rene R.

"Their efficiency and good service, my husband used to do asbestos removal. He was a good critic and he was very pleased with their work." -Helen C.

"It was fast." -Vicky B.

"I liked their promptness." -A.G.I.

"They did what I needed them to do." -A.S.D.

"They came in, did everything we asked, and finished it quickly. They did it right the first time." -C.R.

"Their availability and willingness to work within our timeline, we had some other work being done. They were flexible about working with us for the least amount of disruption. I had someone else recommend them to me. I was very happy with their work." -C.C.C.S.D.

"They came when I wanted them to come. I would refer them to anyone." -D.A.M.E.I.

"They were priced right and very professional. I will definitely use them again." -D.C.

"The thoroughness of their work" -F.L.G.

"They kept to the schedule. They were very professional. It was a really great experience because they were so professional." -H.G.

"The workmanship" -N.D.G.C.

"Responsiveness and consistency" -T.I.

"Jamie is good to deal with. They have a quick turnaround time." -U.P.C.

"The speed of completion" -Andrew M.

"They were prompt, they returned phone calls, and they were professional." -Angela B.

"They were efficient. They did what they said they would do and there were no surprises." -Belinda P.

"They were punctual, on time, and they did the job." -Clark A.

"I liked Shawn. I was really impressed. He bid the job and oversaw things. I thought he was remarkably adept. He knew what he was doing. He was very responsive. He seemed like a go-getter. I appreciated that. He dealt with some difficult issues. He did a good job." -Claudia T.

"They did a thorough job." -Linda B.

"They knew what to do and they took care of it." -James W.

"They were responsive and accessible. They answered my calls quickly." -Kamal A.

"They did what they said they were going to do on schedule." -Mario W.

"I liked how fast they did it and the price quoted. It was all very good. I also liked the person who came to examine the work. I thought he was one of the owner's sons. He gave me the estimate and sent it to me quickly, which was good because there was some urgency to get it done." -Polina L.

"They did what they said they would do. They were on time." -Tania V.

"They are professional and very timely. Their price is always correct and within the limits of what I am expecting. When they show up to the jobsite, they are knowledgeable. They are very good with their communications with the insurance company and the homeowner." -C.C.I.

"They were pretty punctual." -C.M.C.

"The owner is approachable and easy to work with. They have solutions for any job." -E.R.H.

"Their prompt responses and accurate estimates" -F.S.

"They were fast and inexpensive." -J.W.T.

"The job went well. They were professional and they did the work without any overages." -M.P.M.

"They are reliable." -R.C.

"They were quick and responsive." -S.A.

"They answered their phone and did good work." -V.B.

"They were very flexible with my work schedule." -Anne S.

"They were here on time. The salesperson was easy to work with. It was an easy process." -Beverly H.

"They got the work done. The person was very courteous, nice, patient, and professional." -Ed L.

"They were pretty straightforward about everything." -Eric E.

"They were very efficient and on time." -John D.

"They were very clean, they picked up everything, and they got the job done on time." -Kevin M.

"They got in and out quickly. They were clean." -Mary G.

"They were very responsive and timely. They did everything they said they would in a short amount of time." -Paul C.

"They were very thorough." -Robert C.

"They were clean, on time, and very professional." -Yvette T.

"They are responsive to my concerns." -Yvonne K.

"I would say that they seemed efficient." -P.C.L.

"They solved my problem." -P.F.

"They got the job done quickly." -Amanda G.

"They were very prompt." -Mary B.

Updated February 21, 2014