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Bio-Pest Inc
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(415) 258-9239
San Rafael, CA 94901
State Pest Control License #PR5337
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Areas Served: Bay Area & Marin County incl. San Rafael CA, Sausalito CA, Mill Valley CA, Novato CA,...
Services: IPM (Integrated Pest Management), environmentally sensitive pest control, earth ...

Bio-Pest Inc Company Profile

bio-pest serves Marin County, Sonoma County and western Contra Costa from the bio-pest offices in San Rafael CA and Cotati CA.  This pest control company practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices, including the use of information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment.

Integrated Pest Management from bio-pest

bio-pest owner Dan Pippert explains, "We take a proactive approach to keeping pests out in the first place and treat, when we have to, with alternatives to sprays and rodenticides. We use only chemicals that meet organic certification requirements, with an emphasis on chemicals that break down quickly in the environment, leaving little to no residual.

Dan explains why bio-pest is so effective with integrated pest management techniques. "IPM, simply put, is preventative pest control," he says. "It incorporates strategies such as prevention, sanitation and education. It's simple and effective."

Unlike other companies that advertise Integrated Pest Management but don't use it unless the customer speaks up and demands it, bio-pest uses IPM techniques exclusively. Dan Pippert shares, "We are 100% Integrated Pest Management, and that's what makes us stand out. Our main goal isn't putting customers on long-term contracts that waste money and bring chemicals into their homes. Instead, we believe in common-sense pest control that is solution-based. That's why we focus on our customers' needs and find the appropriate solution for those needs."

Along with educating customers about how to keep pests away, including easy methods for keeping wasps from nesting in their eaves and making homes less attractive to mice and other rodents, bio-pest also helps customers differentiate between true pests and helpful insects. "A lot of people call because they have insects outside their homes that they want eradicated," Dan says. "But it's good for people to understand that's where they belong. For example, you don't want to kill ants in your yard because they are beneficial to the ecosystem. In fact, many outdoor insects, like ants and spiders, are natural predators that actually keep down the numbers of unwanted pests."

And it turns out that the cheapest pest control methods are actually more expensive for consumers.  Dan explains, "For example, the cheapest approach for rodent control seems like a quick fix. But then, a year or so later, the pests come back and the customer has to pay all over again." And bio-pest? Dan Pippert says, "Rather than using rodenticides under your house, bio-pest uses a more humane approach with a trapping and removal process which is less costly than a method that has to be done over."

Pest Control Service with a Conscience from bio-pest inc.

Dan Pippert's father-in-law, a biologist, founded bio-pest in 1994. After working in the traditional pest control industry for years, he wanted to make a positive change and created bio-pest.

Under the leadership of Dan and his wife Leslie, bio-pest continues to provide quality pest control in the way most beneficial to the customer. Dan says, "Our dedication to the environment is obvious in everything we do. I like being able to run our company in a way that we can have pride on our impact on the environment. The company doesn't use large gas-guzzling trucks or spray rigs like most exterminators do. Instead, they have small hatchbacks with the lowest emissions and highest fuel economy available. They also print all company letterhead and consumer literature on 100% post-consumer recycled paper printed with soy ink.

So for effective, science-based pest control methods of Integrated Pest Management, bio-pest in Marin County has a proven track record since 1994 and services clients throughout Marin, Sonoma, and western Contra Costa.

—Lauren Bongard Schwarz
Associate Editor
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