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Best Chimney Sweep
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(707) 541-0775
493 Hearn Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10  Diamond Certified  Better Business Bureau NFI (National Fireplace Institute) NCSG (National Chimney Sweep Guild)

Areas Served: Sonoma County incl. Santa Rosa CA, Petaluma CA, Rohnert Park CA, Sebastopol CA, ...
Services: chimney cleaners for all chimney cleaning services, dryer vent cleaning, duct cleaning

Best Chimney Sweep Customer Reviews

"I found Best Chimney Sweep after a thorough internet search and many phone calls. I had used a Marin based company for years until they rased their rates beyond anything reasonable. Best Chimney Sweep was wonderful. The people managing the office as well as those working in the field were attentive, accessible and on time. We had to wait a month to book an appointment but it was well worth it. They were professional, personable and thorough. I highly recommend Best Chimney Sweep! You will not be disappointed."


"Professional, prompt, honest I had them clean my business (pet veterinary) ventilation ducts and drier vent. They were prompt, friendly and thorough. They inspected the entire business - including the attic - and explained their quote. It was not the lowest quote but if the other services cleaned the way they performed the inspection, I would not trust them to do a good job with my vents. BCS even fixed a detached drier vent line and cleaned up the mess left while the line was detached. I liked them so much I had them clean my home chimneys. I had them come out to clean both but when they got here they showed me that one didn't need cleaning and they didn't charge me. How's that for integrity? I highly recommend these guys."


"Highly recommend! I've had them clean my chimney for the past 4 years. I'm not one to write reviews but felt with the service I've received it was warranted. Andy & Tom are good people who provide great services."


The following are verbatim comments given during research phone calls to randomly selected customers:

"They showed up, did the work as expected and were very informative and polite." -C.H.S.

"He was very prompt, thorough, and did good work."-Audre

"He was very personable and gave me information about what he did and what to look for in the future. He was also very prompt." -Andy

"He was straight and honest with us, told us exactly what was going on. Thr house was immaculate when he left."-Dian & Bob

"They were neat, and they did a fair job." -Barbara K.

"They were really friendly and nice. I would definitely recommend them." -Blaire E.

"They're responsive, they do what they say they will do, and they do a good job." -Dave H.

"They came on time." -David P.

"They're very thorough and friendly." -Elsie T.

"They were very professional, and they taught me a few things that I didn't know. They also scheduled my appointment pretty quickly." -Emily H.

"They do a really good job. They're quick and thorough." -Gary F.

"They did good work." -Jerry C.

"They were honest, and they solved the problem we had in a very creative way. They saved us a lot of money. They really had our interests in mind." -Joe P.

"They were prompt, informative, and they did a good job. They offered helpful advice." -Kathy M.

"The guy was prompt and on time. He did the job quickly." -Kristy C.

"They did everything right. Just the way I asked them to." -Larry P.

"They came out, did the job, cleaned up, and then they left." -Lucille Y.

"They are very knowledgeable, thorough, and nice. I like them." -Marilyn M.

"They were reliable and friendly. They lived up to everything." -Patrick M.

"Everything was great." -Yasmine L.

"I thought they were excellent. They were in and out. They were also very knowledgeable." -Irmgard B.

"Their knowledge" -Joe M.

"They were here when they said they would be, and they were flexible. They seemed to do a good job." -Patti R.

"They were very prompt. They let us know exactly what they were doing." -Sharon T.

"They were clean." -Gary E.

"They were quiet, courteous, and clean. They did a great job." -Jeremiah T.

"He seemed effective and efficient." -Ron R.

"He's punctual and neat. He also shows up on time; calls when he is delayed, and knows his job." -Annie B.

"They showed up and did the work as expected. He's also very informative and polite." -Clay

"He was on time, polite, and a very nice gentleman." -Corren C.

"They were on time, very orderly dealing with a messy job, and very clean. He showed me the inside of my flue. He took pictures of the flue on top of the chimney where I could not see. They were very courteous." -Jill W.

"They were on time, and neat about their work." -Joanne G.

"The guy was very straight forward, very thorough, and he did the job I hired him to do without doing things I did not need done." -Jill

"He is the best! He explained what he was doing, knows what he is doing, and he was very thorough and explained things to the tenants and landlord. He was a no-nonsense type of guy and the job was reasonably priced. He always answers phone calls and he's clear and precise." -Greg

"The man was very knowlegeable about chimneys, and he helped us with the chimney cap." -Lisa

"They were on-time, in and out quickly. They also cleaned up after themselves, and get the job done." -Len

"They cleaned up very well and did the work in a reasonable amount of time." -Mrs. S.

"He was very prompt, thorough, and he did good work." -Audre

"They were efficient, personable and theydid the job they set out to do." -Mike

"He knew what he was doing and did his job quickly. He also knew what parts he needed right away and got them fast." -Katherine P.

"He explained everything, and he was quick." -Mrs. B.

"They were prompt about returning phone calls and keeping their appointment." -Nancy

"I liked that the information was so thorough." -Carol

"He was very personable and able to talk to me and give me info on what he did and what to look for in the future. He was also very prompt." -Andy

"We have a friendly relationship with them." -Shawn

"They showed up on time and did what they said they would do." -Margaret K.

"They were right on time, very efficient and Andy is very personable." -Gay C.

"I like his speed." -Jeannie D.

"He showed up on time, and left the house spotless." -Linda

"I liked his honesty, and he gave me educated information regarding my Franklin Stove." -Ann

"The gentleman was really good and he knew exactly what to do." -Verbine

"He was very upfront and honest, and I felt like I could trust him." -Mellany B.

"I think he is efficient, and it was a good experience working with him." -Jeff F.

"He was nice, personable, quick, thorough and clean. I also felt like I wasn't being taken advantage of." -Lisa

"He was effecient, neat, and extremenly polite." -Penny

"He's a nice guy and he does a good job. I have used him for 5 or 7 years." -Mrs. G.

"I liked the honesty of the servicemen." -Debbie

"He was straight and honest with us. He told us exactly what was going on, and my house was immaculate when he left." -Dian

"He is prompt, and he does a good job." -Greg

"I love his quality of work and his attentiveness to making sure everything is left clean. He also makes sure he and his workmen leave no footprints. He was very careful with my new roof. He's always on time, and he calls if he can't make it." -Joe

"He was nice and he did his job." -Chris O.

"The quality of their work" -Bud

"Mark was very good and nice. I liked that he cleaned up. He even called to say he was running late." -Marry

"The workmanship" -Bob I.

"Andy was forhtright and honest with his prices." -Jason M.

"The man doing the work was very capable." -Barbara

"The gentleman knew everything about chimneys." -Ray

"They were able to do all our apartment units in a timely manner." -Lori

"They are very thorough." -Cris

"They showed me pictures on a hand-held computer of the inside of my chimney." -Pat

"They were friendly and very conscientious about not getting anything dirty." -Patty

"He explained everything to me because I don't know a lot about chmimenys. He answered all of my questions, and left me reassured in his workmanship." -Cris L.

"I have gas logs now. But, they were very nice, punctual, and efficient." -Rick S.

"They are quick" -Justin L.

"The man was very friendly, and knowledgable, and he and his workers came quickly when I called for service." -Carry

"He was efficient, on time, and very personable." -Richard

"They were helpful, thourough, and they explained everything." -Annette

"He totally went above and beyond in every way. He was great." -jasmin

"They cleaned up their mess after their work was done. The service was really good this past summer. We have used this service for about 10 years. He recently modernized his service and we like him very much." -Virginia M.

"They arrive when they promise, and do what they are supposed to do, and leave on time." -Lara

"He was very courteous, efficient, and the price was right." -Mrs. S.

"The landlord payed for it." -Carmel

"I liked their promptness and cleanliness." -Bill

"He was friendly, hospitable, and he couldn't have been better." -Gail

"He knew what he was doing, did a thorough job, answered all my questions, and cleaned up the roof and all his mess afterwards. He had a terrific disposition and he was efficient. Before he left, he passed his business cards out to some of our neighbors." -Mrs. A.

"They were honest, neat, clean, accurate, and they gave us all the information we needed. We loved them." -Mary H.

"I like the personalized service." -Dave

"They came prepared and knew what they were doing. They brought with them plastic to put over the whole floor, so they wouldn't leave tracks on the carpet. One of the gentlemen had a little hand-held camera, which he used to take pictures in real-time of the cracks on the chimney-cap area. Great customer service!" -Larry W.

"He was very thorough." -Bary E.

"He was very prompt and thorough in explaining everything." -Dan

"He was prompt and he did a thorough job." -Sylvia

"They were efficient and prompt." -Mrs. B.

"They provided good service." -Kim B.

"He didn't make a mess in our house." -Bobby

"I liked the fact that they showed up on time, and did not leave a mess after the work was done." -Vern C.

"They did what I expected out of them." -Norma

"The customer service was very good. The man that cleaned the dryer was great." -Lee

"He was very clean and thorough." -Dianne

"They did an awesome job and cleaned up their mess. He also alerted us to hazards, which he fixed for us. When we contacted them, they came out on short, and they were totally professional." -Stacy

"They came out right away and did a great job."

"He showed up on time, and he was very clean and quick." -Johann H.

"He listened to what we wanted, and didn't try to sell us what we did not need. He was prompt, honest, friendly, and knowledgable." -Terrie

"They were fast, efficient, and they did not break any tile on my roof." -Gordon

"They are very courteous." -Hibard

"He is a very friendly and personable guy." -Jan C.

"He is on time, thorough, and he provides a good inspection." -Jeff

"They were very professional, courteous and they got to the job right away." -Rod

"The gentleman who came was very thorough. He also had very good customer relations skills. He explained the reasons why stuff would not work." -Vincent

"He was very clean." -Jim

"They got the job done." -Will D.

"They did a good job and picked up after theirselves." -Izetta F.

Updated January 31, 2014