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A-1 Top Quality Painting
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121 Mera Ct
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
C33 License #811784
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Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA area incl. Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Healdsburg CA, Sonoma
Services: Santa Rosa painting contractors for interior painting, exterior painting, faux ...
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A-1 Top Quality Painting Company Profile

All painting contractors are required by the State to give a 1 year warranty on their work. But when we heard that A-1 Top Quality Painting in Santa Rosa CA gives a TEN year warranty, we spoke to owner Tom Warren to find out how they can offer a guarantee that's 10 times as long as the industry standard for everything from painting to wallpapering.

Industry-Leading 10-Year Warranties

Tom Warren, owner of A-1 Top Quality Painting in Sonoma County explained, "We're able to give customers our 10-year warranty because we do every painting job with the best preparation and three coats of top-quality paint applied by skilled painters with time between for each coat to completely dry."

In fact, according to Tom, their combination of quality and skill means that some painting services by A-1 Top Quality Painting come with a lifetime warranty. He explains, "Certain top-grade paints have lifetime warranties backed by paint manufacturers. So you get our 10-year warranty on workmanship and a lifetime warranty on the paint."

The Best Value in the Industry

Tom Warren has more than 30 years of experience in the painting industry, and he says it's important for homeowners to understand what separates a cheap paint job that doesn't fades or flakes off in a year or two, from high quality painting that lasts for decades. A-1 Top Quality Painting in Santa Rosa takes time to go over with homeowners every detail of their professional paint jobs so they understand the value they're getting.

"We lay everything out in our proposals, including the warranties, the brand of paint we're going to use, how many coats we apply and how much paint we'll use in the process," says Tom Warren. "That way, our customers know they're getting the best value possible and that they're actually saving money by choosing us over other painters."

A less experienced painter may spray on two coats of paint with no drying time in between, turning those two coats into one thick coat of paint. But A-1 Top Quality Painting lets each layer of paint thoroughly dry before applying the next coat the way painters should, so homeowners who hire A-1 Top Quality Painting get paint jobs look better and last longer, preventing the cost of having to repaint sooner than should be necessary.

Careful Preparation

While cut-rate painting companies often just paint over rotting wood and damaged drywall, the professional A-1 Top Quality Painting crew does a careful inspection and makes necessary repairs before they paint.

"Part of the service we offer is to look over homes and check for any needed repairs, including dry rot, drywall repair, fascia repair and siding repair," explains Tom Warren. "It's important to repair damaged areas before painting and this is why our paint jobs last for so many years."

Georgia, a Sonoma County homeowner, told a researcher from the Prime Buyer's Report that she was impressed by value she got from the careful preparation by the A-1 Top Quality Painting crew. "We moved into an old house that had mahogany woodwork that had been painted over. Before the painters from A-1 started painting, they had to strip all of the wood in the living room. They did so much preparation work, and the finished product looks great."

Experienced Journeymen Painters

Some Sonoma County painters use inexperienced and untrained day laborers so they can cut costs and offer cheap paint jobs. But the unfortunate homeowners who make the mistake of using these painting companies notice a difference in quality right away.

Unlike those other painters, Tom Warren is committed to giving value and quality to his customers, so he only chooses seasoned professionals to join his A-1 Top Quality Painting crew. Tom explains, "We are a team of craftsmen who really care about the quality of our work. My guys love to paint, and that's obvious when you see the beautiful work we do."

Along with professional interior painting and exterior painting for residential and commercial customers, A-1 Top Quality Painting also offers decorative painting and faux finishing including marbleizing techniques, sponge painting, cabinet refinishing and texturizing.

During a research phone call for this article, a customer named Chris in Sonoma County told us he was impressed with the A-1 Top Quality Painting crew and the variety of surfaces they painted for him. "The guys are thorough and are all good painters," he said. "They painted several different surfaces for us-wood, cement, metal and stucco-and we are impressed with how good everything looks."

Other A-1 Top Quality Painting customers agreed they're thrilled with the high quality work by Tom Warren and his professional painters. During a research call for this article, a Sonoma County customer named Rhonda raved, "They surpassed my expectation! They were able to start two days earlier than expected and they got the job done a whole day earlier than planned. The workers were respectful, and we were comfortable with them. They even cleaned up every night before they left. We were very pleased with them."

Tom Warren says that type of top-notch service is exactly what customers in Santa Rosa CA and throughout Sonoma County can expect from A-1 Top Quality Painting every time. "We deliver everything we promise. We have a clean and honest crew and we get everything done on time and leave every house in great condition. Our goal is for each of our customers to have the best experience with us."

So after interviewing A-1 Top Quality Painting and his Sonoma County customers, it's clear that owner Tom Warren can offer his 10 year warranty due to the unique combination of top grade paints and thorough preparation by the highest skilled journeyman painters.




—Lauren Bongard Schwarz
Associate Editor
The Prime Buyer's Report