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Garage Door Repair and Installation Co (formerly AAA Garage Door Inc)
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(559) 403-9015
2841 W Ashland Ave
Visalia, CA 93277
State License #995538 (D28)
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 IDA (International Door Association) CODA (California Operator & Door Association) IDEA (Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation) VOB (Veteran Owned Business)

Areas Served: Central Valley incl. Tulare County, Visalia CA, Tulare CA, Dinuba CA, Poplar-Cotton ...
Services: garage door contractors, garage door installers, overhead doors, door openers, door ...
Key Brands: CHI Overhead Doors, Genie Garage Door Openers, LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Repair and Installation Co (formerly AAA Garage Door Inc) Company Profile

What happens when you choose the wrong installer? Garage doors that fail, that don't last as long as they should, overpaying for things you don't really need, and that morning you're on your way to work only to find you can't get your car out because the door won't open.  

That's why you need an installer who has proven to install to high standards, and who has shown the personal honor and integrity to stand behind their work and come back out when you need them, and without gouging you by charging for unnecessary service calls or other things you don't really need.

That's exactly what consumers reported to us they found in Tulare County firm Garage Door Repair and Installation Co in Visalia CA, (formerly AAA Garage Door Inc) owned by Rich Both, a Marine (Ret) with over 20 years of industry experience in residential and commercial overhead doors.

Service With Honor From Rich Both in Visalia CA

Consumers who learned the hard way attest that there are way too many dishonorable installers taking advantage of people. One way is by giving unrealistically low price quotes in order to get your business and then using substandard parts, like used springs instead of new ones.  Not only are customers of Rich Both in Visalia protected from that kind of deception and get only quality parts, but they even get a labor warranty to back it up. Rich Both shares, "We give a written five-year warranty on springs where most others only give one-year. That's important because even though the manufacturers might claim springs will last longer, people are using their doors two or three times as much as they used to."

Other installers often promise to back their installation, but when the customers call they're told it's not under warranty anymore. Unlike those companies, Richard Both gives customers a written labor warranty. "It usually meets or exceeds the time of the manufacturer warranty," owner Rich Both says.  Why does Rich stand behind his installations where others don't, and for so much longer than even those who do? "I stand behind my work 100% and I'm highly motivated to because I know that what each customers says about me later matters to potential new customers. We have a good reputation locally and I work hard to keep it on every installation."  And that includes issues that might have nothing to do with the installation. Rich says, ‘I go out to see my customers whatever the problem is, even if it's something they did like bump the photoeye so the door won't close. And if it's a small thing like that, I won't charge to fix it like others do."

One reason Rich Both can guarantee his work is because of his two decades of experience and high degree of expertise. He's certified through multiple industry associations like IDA, IDEA, and CODA, and he spent 10 years with one of the largest overhead door installers in Chicago where he was a senior tech. 

Another area where Rich Both shows personal integrity is in the honesty of his pricing. Others have been known to inflate their price based on how nice the home or the car in the driveway is. With so many others getting away with that, why doesn't Rich do the same? He says, "I don't see money in my pocket now like those others do, but in the long run it's better to treat customers honestly. I do better in the long term due to satisfied customers and lots of referrals."

The honesty in pricing also extends to not charging people for more than they need, even when they're expecting to pay it. Rich shares an example, "A lady called me saying she needed a new door. I went out and every section of the door but one was on the floor. She was fully prepared to buy a new one. I told her I could give her a quote for a new door, but let me try and repair it first and I won't charge for trying. I got it back together and she said ‘Wow, you knew I was prepared to buy a whole new door from you but instead, only $170 and it's running better than it was before."

Why does Rich Both run his company with so much personal honor? He says, "When I was young my father taught me that personal integrity and honesty are part of being a man. He was a carpenter. I used to go to jobs with him and listen to him talk to the customer and he was always up front with them. He knew his strengths and the likely limits, and would tell the customer ‘If it doesn't work out I won't charge you for it'. That example stuck with me for life.  And I learned it in the Marine Corp where I spent 10 years. My father was a Marine. My grandfather was a Marine. Personal honor and honesty are an important part of who I am and where I come from."

Tulare County resident Rich Both lives in Visalia CA which he loves for the people and the wide open spaces, and where he keeps horses, ducks and pigs. He has three children, one of which is headed into the Marine Corp.  Friends say Rich is someone you can rely on to be there for you, while customers cite his honesty and the extra lengths he goes to for them, like offering preventative maintenance while also showing them how to lubricate and take care of their door.

How do you truly avoid getting taken by the so many other companies out there who give lip service to backing their work, but then don't, who gouge customers when they can, and who look to sell you things you don't really need? Consumers we called in Tulare County say Richard Both is the one to call, with 20 years of industry experience, a written warranty on labor that's five times as long as most others, who responds promptly to service calls, and for whom it's a matter of family tradition and personal honor to treat customers honestly, especially in pricing.

In the words of one customer named Jim who reported his experience, "I used AAA Garage Doors on multiple income properties I have. Very good, super reasonable, easy to work with. Usually responds within 30 minutes to wherever the issue is. I have referred him to real estate agents and I definitely recommend him."