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Find the Best Art Galleries & Art Dealers in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, San Ramon and Richmond

Good art galleries in Contra Costa County have a great range of first edition pieces including those by Contra Costa County artists, as well as Contra Costa County art dealers who can perform art sales for the pieces you're seeking.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best art dealers in Contra Costa County and issues related to buying art from them.

Updated September 27, 2013

 The TOP 10 Art Dealers in Contra Costa County CA

Pacific Wildlife Galleries
(925) 283-2977
3420 Mt Diablo Blvd
Lafayette, CA 94549

Hearst Art Gallery
(925) 631-4379
1928 Saint Marys Rd
Moraga, CA 94556

A Gallery
(510) 232-6863
1328 S 51st St
Richmond, CA 94804

Areas Served: Pt Richmond CA, El Cerrito CA, Martinez CA, El Sobrante CA, Pacheco, Crockett CA

California Art Investment
(925) 709-3162
287 Cloverbrook Cir
Bay Point, CA 94565

Lafayette Gallery
(925) 284-2788
50 Lafayette Cir
Lafayette, CA 94549

Village Gallery of Danville
(925) 552-5110
820 Sycamore Valley Rd W
Danville, CA 94526

Masterworks Fine Art Inc
(925) 258-0520
1 La Chesnaye
Orinda, CA 94563

Art Concepts
(925) 930-0157
2121 N California Blvd # 305
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Find the Best Art Galleries & Art Dealers in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, San Ramon and Richmond 


There is no state license required of art dealers in Contra Costa County and so no state standard for competency. This makes it all the more significant that all art dealers bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 designation have been evaluated by our research staff, and have had to pass all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous clients to verify high satisfaction, clean complaint record, best business practices, length of time in business, and more.


Art Dealers in Contra Costa County Can Procure any Desired Works
To find the best art galleries in Contra Costa County to match your preferences, be aware of the various certifications that art galleries may have for their pieces. Some art dealers in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, San Ramon and Richmond offer art education, artist studio visits, art literature consultation (catalogues, etc.), and curatorial advice. When expanding on or beginning to develop a collection, art galleries may have local art brokers able to assist you in art consultation, private collections, corporate collections, and investment collections. If interested in representing a theme in your home or place of business, the best art galleries in Contra Costa County can consult on commissioned paintings, sculptures, framing, or murals. When you have that impressive piece that needs the finishing touch for presentation, art galleries often offer all sorts of framing consultation, custom framing, commission framing, and installation of artwork.

If you have a masterpiece that has some damage, many art dealers offer art restoration services including paint repair, canvas and pigment replacement, varnish removal, stretcher repair, canvas rejuvenation, frame repair, carving repair, recasting, gold leaf cleaning, gold leaf application, mold removal, stain removal, tear repair, hole repair, and encapsulation repair. Trained eyes can perform structural analysis and other evaluations with the human eye, x-rays, scanners, using microscopes, pigment cross-sections, and other methods. If moving your entire collection, or just your latest acquisition, art consultants in Contra Costa County can also arrange art transportation or shipping. For the active art connoisseur, some art galleries offer art gallery rental for private parties, artist representation, art workshops, sketching workshops, painting, sculpture and craft workshops, resource rooms, family days, and guest speakers.

Good Art Galleries in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, San Ramon and Richmond CA Have Broad Expertise
The best art galleries and art dealers in Contra Costa County specialize in the many types of art, including fine art, contemporary art, digital art, and many others. Other types of painting, including vase paintings, portraits, etc. can be found at these art galleries in Contra Costa County. The collections of local art galleries and the experience of art dealers in Contra Costa County extend to drawings, prints, sculptures, photography, ceramics, and nearly any other medium imaginable. Art galleries and art dealers can also specialize in clay and glazed ceramics, portraits, marble or stone sculpture. The broad range of styles extends to contemporary art, abstract art, African tribal art, Australian Aboriginal art, modern art, postmodern art, fabric design, landscapes, nature or wilderness photography, seascapes, and oceanscapes.

Some Art Dealers in Contra Costa County Are Much Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these art dealers in Contra Costa County: California Art Investment, A Gallery, Hearst Art Gallery, Art Concepts, Lafayette Gallery, Masterworks Fine Art Inc, Pacific Wildlife Galleries, Village Gallery of Danville. Other local art dealers in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, San Ramon and Richmond CA who might still be in business include .



Interview Art Dealers and Visit Art Galleries in Contra Costa County Before Deciding 

Step 1: Find the Right Fit When It Comes to Art Dealers & Art Galleries in Contra Costa County
Before the interview, be prepared with at least a rough idea of what you looking for. Many Contra Costa County art galleries are specialized, so make sure the art dealer or art gallery can offer something to fit your taste. Whether you want a piece to fill a wall space, need a sculpture for the corner of a room, or a few items to continue a theme, be thorough and consistent in the way that you present information. The extent of the art dealer's specific artists in Contra Costa County can be narrow or broad, so make sure you are very exact in outlining your requirements. If you need assistance with repairing or refurbishing a piece, transporting artwork, or art consultation, outline your requirements and preferences in detail.

Step 2: Ask & Answer Questions of the Contra Costa County Art Galleries or Art Consultants & Take Notes

• What types of artwork do the Contra Costa County art galleries specialize in?

• How much experience do the Contra Costa County art galleries have selling paintings and other art?

• How long have the art galleries been in the art trade in Contra Costa County?

• What educational background do the Contra Costa County art dealers or art consultants have?

• Which certifications do the Contra Costa County art dealers hold?

• Do the Contra Costa County art galleries and art dealers offer art consultation?

• What other services do the Contra Costa County art galleries or art consultants offer?

• Do the Contra Costa County art galleries sell paintings and other art at auction or retail?

• Can the Contra Costa County art dealers guarantee all work that you buy is original?

• Will the art galleries or art dealers in Contra Costa County offer framing?

• How many artists are represented in the Contra Costa County art galleries?

• Are all paintings and art pieces accompanied by a valid Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?

• Are the Contra Costa County art galleries members of a professional art dealer's organization?

• Will the Contra Costa County art dealers provide a Transfer of Original Artwork if you choose to buy?

• Do the Contra Costa County art consultants visit clients for placement advice?

• Do the Contra Costa County art dealers and art consultants have references that you may contact?

• Do the art gallery staff have further suggestions for artwork or artists you might be interested in?

You'll learn a lot by the how the Contra Costa County art dealers respond and by the questions they ask. Take note of what concerns each gallery owner, art dealer, or art consultant has about your prospective purchase. How detailed and thorough are the questions? Does it seem as if they want to merely unload a piece or are they genuinely concerned for your investment? You'll want your art gallery to be as invested in your purchase as you are.

Step 3: Comparing Good Art Galleries in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, San Ramon and Richmond & Contra Costa County
The sale of paintings, sculptures and art has historically proven to be a very lucrative field. There are many things to consider before purchasing a piece and to avoid being misled. Estimates can be the product of wishful thinking by the artist, dealer, or seller. Review your notes and weigh the art galleries' abilities against your priorities. Which comes closest to a perfect match? Which do you personally feel the most comfortable dealing with?

Step 4 : Making the Final Decision Among Good Art Galleries in Contra Costa County
Once you've found the perfect piece, it's time to close the deal with a Contra Costa County art gallery. Ask any final questions and then ask for the art dealers or art consultants to provide a written and signed contract for the sale, commission or consignment of the artwork.



Top Tips for Buying From Art Dealers in Contra Costa County 

Take Time Choosing Your Art Dealers in Contra Costa County.
Don't hire the first Contra Costa County art dealers that you contact. If you take a little time up front to properly outline the job and buy from the Contra Costa County art galleries that are right for you, you're less likely to be disappointed.

Understand the Art World & Art Sales in Contra Costa County.
Like any other purchase, the better you understand the industry from which the product comes, the better chance you have of making a wise purchase. You'll do better in assessing which are the best art dealers and art galleries in Contra Costa County if you understand the players in the industry and what to look for in a work of art. Authenticity, condition, quality, rarity, provenance, history, value, and investment wisdom are all criteria to consider. Also pertinent are the types of dealers: primary market, secondary market, public galleries, private dealers, art consultants, and artists all sell artwork. After doing some research, you can better judge which art dealer will fulfill your needs the best.

Have the Work Examined.
It can be exciting to find that piece that seems to be exactly what you're looking for. Remember that even with art, things can be too good to be true. Have a trusted dealer (other than the one you are purchasing from) or restoration expert examine the work to validate its authenticity and condition.

Know Your Contra Costa County Art Dealer's Area of Expertise.
It seems that the number of artistic categories is endless. It is important to find Contra Costa County art dealers or art galleries experienced in the type of art you are interested in. While some Contra Costa County art dealers may be educated and experienced in more than one type of art, it may be more beneficial to purchase from an expert in a single field. Ask questions about each Contra Costa County art dealer's educational background to see if he or she is right for you.

Ask if Your Contra Costa County Art Dealers Will Bid at Auction.
Art consultants and art dealers in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, San Ramon and Richmond and Contra Costa County can advise you on the appropriate value for a piece, but some are experienced auction-house experts that can deduce information from the atmosphere of the auction. This will ensure that your purchase is not only a smart move, but that the value is market-correct.

Maintain Constant Contact.
Working with art galleries and art dealers in Contra Costa County is a partnership, so communication is essential. When it comes to your collection, you must stay informed about every detail. Don't jump to conclusions and be sure to ask when you have even the simplest question about your artwork purchase. It's your money and you have a right to know.

Establish Trust.
Over time, your art dealer will gain intimate knowledge of your buying habits, financial situation, and other details. Don't entrust this information to just anyone. You can easily find yourself in a very vulnerable position, so make sure you hire someone you trust. Don't just ask around - perform background checks as well.

Know Your Rights.
Consumers have special rights depending on where they live. You're dealing with art galleries in Contra Costa County, so check out the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Make Sure The Contra Costa County Art Dealers Has Your Best Interest in Mind.
If the Contra Costa County art dealers seem disinterested or glosses over key issues, don't buy from them. Good art dealers in Contra Costa County should be as dedicated to your financial well-being as you are. If this is ever in question, those art dealers are not the one for you.



Resources About Art Sales in Contra Costa County 

Regulatory & Trade Associations Related to Art Sales in Contra Costa County
Art Association (
AAH Association for Art History (
AAM American Association of Museums (
AAMD Association of Art Museum Directors (
ACLA American Council of Learned Societies (
ADAA Art Dealers Association of America (
ARIAH Association of Research Institutes in Art History (
ARLIS Art Libraries Society (
APA Art Publishers Association (
BBB The Better Business Bureau (
CAA College Art Association (
CAC California Arts Council (
CAEA California Art Education Association (
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (
FAA Fine Arts Association (
FADA Fine Art Dealers Association (
Metropolitan Museum of Art (
MOMA Museum of Modern Art (
NAAO National Association of Artists Organizations (
NGA National Gallery of Art (
LAPADA The Association of Art & Antique Dealers (
PADA The Private Art Dealers Association (
SFADA San Francisco Art Dealers Association (


Media Regarding Art Sales in Contra Costa County

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The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Art Dealers in Contra Costa County within the following zip codes:

94514, 94528, 94516, 94598, 94583, 94805, 94518, 94524, 94565, 94526, 94820, 94521, 94569, 94519, 94807, 94553, 94806, 94511, 94582, 94517, 94597, 94804, 94575, 94556, 94803, 94563, 94572, 94525, 94596, 94549, 94547, 94801, 94595, 94509, 94506, 94561, 94507, 94808, 94531, 94850, 94527, 94522, 94513, 94564, 94530, 94570, 94523, 94802, 94520 and 94548




Art Galleries Antioch CA

Window Seat Gallery Antioch CA 94509

Art Galleries Bay Point CA

California Art Investment Bay Point CA 94565

Art Galleries Berkeley CA

A Gallery Berkeley CA 94707


Art Galleries Concord CA

Art N Frame Source Concord CA 94520
Ead Surachai Fine Art Concord CA 94520
Gallery Concord Concord CA 94520
Gallery Glass & Mirror Concord CA 94520


Art Galleries Crockett CA

Epperson Gallery Crockett CA 94525
Fil-Arts Gallery Crockett CA 94525
Thirteen Fourteen Equals Nine Crockett CA 94525


Art Galleries Danville CA

Art On the Lane Danville CA 94526
California Watercolor Association Danville CA 94506
Sculpture Group Gallery Danville CA 94506
Village Gallery of Danville Danville CA 94526


Art Galleries El Cerrito CA

Eclectix El Cerrito CA 94530

Art Galleries Hercules CA

Visual Mode Ltd Hercules CA 94547


Art Galleries Lafayette CA

Lafayette Gallery Lafayette CA 94549
Lisa Johnson Fine Art Gallery Lafayette CA 94549
Pacific Wildlife Galleries Lafayette CA 94549
Roth Fine Art Appraisals Lafayette CA 94549


Art Galleries Martinez CA

Shakey Hand Gallery Martinez CA 94553


Art Galleries Moraga CA

Hearst Art Gallery Moraga CA 94556
Lamorinda Arts Alliance Moraga CA 94570
Larry Evans Gallery Moraga CA 94556


Art Galleries Orinda CA

Masterworks Fine Art Inc Orinda CA 94563
Samimi Art Gallery Orinda CA 94563


Art Galleries Pinole CA

El Sobrante Art Guild Pinole CA 94564
Pinole Art Center Pinole CA 94564


Art Galleries Richmond CA

Art Lounge Richmond CA 94801
De Witt Gallery & Framing Richmond CA 94801
Tiord Inc Richmond CA 94806
Z Gallery Art Richmond CA 94801

Art Galleries San Ramon CA

Acanthus San Ramon CA 94583


Art Galleries Walnut Creek CA

Art Concepts Walnut Creek CA 94596
Deck the Walls Walnut Creek CA 94596
Ditza's Galleria Walnut Creek CA 94596
Sagebrush Galleries Walnut Creek CA 94596
Silk Arts Walnut Creek CA 94596