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Hearing Services of Antioch
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(925) 778-3298
4045 Lone Tree Way, Suite D
Antioch, CA 94531
License #AU473
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Areas Served: Contra Costa incl. Antioch CA, Pittsburg CA, Discovery Bay CA, Brentwood CA, Walnut ...
Services: hearing aid center & audiologists for all hearing aids, hearing evaluations & ...
Key Brands: Audina, Bernafon-Maico, General Hearing Instruments, Micro-Tech, Oticon, Phonak, ...

Hearing Services of Antioch Company Profile

There are lots of hearing test centers and hearing aid "dispensers" who sell hearing aids. Even discount chain stores like Costco have gotten into the act. Why not just get the cheapest hearing device possible from whomever is selling them?


"Because you're not just buying a one-time product," says Dr Mary Jane Garnett, an audiologist for 35 years who runs Hearing Services of Antioch, in Antioch CA. "When you're in the process of hearing loss, it means your hearing isn't going to stay the same. So after the intial selection and fitting, it requires someone with expertise to adjust it for you over time to compensate for the ongoing changes in your hearing."

Dispensers or Doctors?

Hearing aid dispensers in California are only required to have a high school diploma, and while they take a written test and a practical exam, most of them have had no real medical training.   Dr. Mary Jane Garnett agrees that's an important difference. "Audiologists are real doctors," she says."So our education and background in hearing care is much richer, and that is always better for the consumer."  

Mary Jane Garnett's clinic, Hearing Services of Antioch, provides a complete line of services in Contra Costa County, including testing, hearing aids and full-service repair and cleaning. Their audiologists have years of experience treating customers of all ages.

The right hearing aid device will improve your hearing and make life easier. Mary Jane Garnett says you should be completely satisfied with your hearing aid. "We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. You should be thrilled to put it on in the morning," she says. "If not, we'll find you a better fit or we'll refund your money."

Can patients see the difference in service from Hearing Services of Antioch? "They were interested in the problems I was having and answered my questions," said Adele during a research phone call. "They seemed really concerned about the client."

Mary Jane Garnett, Au.D, says everyone is a good candidate for hearing screening by an audiologist. "Everyone should have their hearing screened—even if you think you have perfect hearing," she says. "It will give us a baseline and help us monitor your hearing throughout your lifetime."

Hearing: A Complex Sense

So how do you find the right hearing aid? Mary Jane Garnett says patients can do some homework before visiting an audiologist. "You should come in with a good idea of what you want to hear and what you need to hear," she says. "Knowing if you spend a lot of time on the phone or have other special requirements can help us find the right device for you."

"Evaluating hearing is not like buying a pair of reading glasses at the drug store. It's a much more complex sense," Dr. Garnett says. "A hearing device will improve your quality of life. You need to take it home and use it in everyday situations so we can make sure you are hearing the best you can."

If you're worried about price, Dr. Mary Jane Garnett says that isn't as big of a problem as you might expect. "There are several price levels in hearing aids. We can work with you to help you choose the best option at the price level you're comfortable with."

Hearing aids are an investment, and Mary Jane Garnett says picking the right one takes expertise. "You shouldn't buy just any device," she says. "You need someone who understands the technology and the products to help you choose the right device for your exact needs. When you get a hearing aid from us, you also get service, expertise and follow up care. When you invest in a good hearing aid, you will be happy with it for years to come."

Working with a knowledgeable and professional hearing service provider can help you make the best decision. During a research phone call, a patient named Gilford said, "I liked their honesty about which hearing aid will or will not work. I also like that they're not pushy."

Giving Back

Dr. Mary Jane Garnett and her staff at Hearing Services of Antioch educate the Contra Costa County medical community on hearing loss, advances in audiology and signs and symptoms doctors should look for. "Hearing loss is the third most prevalent health disorder in people over age 65, but a percentage of us are born with hearing loss," says Dr. Garnett. "People of all ages can experience hearing loss. Many times children aren't screened until they enroll in school. Young adult hearing loss can manifest in symptoms like depression or relationship problems."

Hearing Services of Antioch staff visits local assisted living facilities, where they talk with residents about hearing problems, and provide hearing tests and regular hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. "It is more convenient for seniors if we can bring the hearing center to their facility," says Dr Garnett. "They don't have to take a bus or worry about finding a ride during our office hours."

Mary Jane Garnett and Hearing Services of Antioch are taking their commitment to the community one step further. "I've been in practice here for 15 years, and we want to give something back," she says. "We are holding an essay contest called Hear for the Holidays. Local physicians will pick the winner, and we will give them free hearing aids and service for life."

Beyond the Call of Duty

Patients say the Hearing Services of Antioch office is bright and cheery. The staff makes the space welcoming and comfortable. Customers can relax with coffee and cookies before or after their appointments in the waiting room. The staff answers questions and helps customers feel at home.

A recent patient named Sue said during a research phone call, "The office is very personalized. They always get me in promptly and make me feel comfortable. Their work is very thorough."

Customers say they enjoy visits with Dr. Mary Jane Garnett. During independent research phone calls, recent clients made comments like, "Mary Jane Garnett takes care of her clients." "Mary Jane is very competent." "She is very helpful and insightful." "Mary Jane was honest and conscientious." And, "Mary Jane is thorough and understanding. She explains things very well."

During a research call, a client named Sharon said, "Mary Jane is always willing to help me. She has gone beyond the call of duty to make sure I was satisfied. I love the work she does."

Mary Jane Garnett, Au.D, served 15 years as staff audiologist for the U.S. Army and Air Force in Germany. Stationed in four different areas of the country, she diagnosed and treated soldiers and their families. "Most military audiologists only treat active duty members," she says. "Overseas, you can see their family members as well. I met so many great people while we lived there. It was a very interesting job."

After returning from Germany, Dr. Garnett purchased Hearing Services of Antioch, the business she had worked at for several years before moving overseas.

Her husband works for the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), and the couple has traveled in countries like Guinea, Ghana, Syria, Portugal, Argentina and Iceland and throughout Europe. The Garnetts have been married for 37 years and raised two sons. With their family grown, one son lives with his family in Georgia and the other recently graduated from a local college, Mary Jane says she and her husband are focused on their jobs.

Obviously, a trained audiologist is a good place to start when you're concerned about hearing loss. And as we've learned, Mary Jane Garnett, Au.D, and Hearing Services of Antioch in Antioch CA are professionals who provide a wide range of testing services and hearing aids that they guaranteed will improve hearing for customers throughout Contra Costa County.

—Lauren Bong
ard Schwarz
Associate Editor
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