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Senga Interior Design
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Senga Interior Design Company Profile

Did you know that hiring an interior designer can actually save you money? We interviewed interior designer Agnes Moser, owner of Senga Interior Design in San Mateo CA to find out how she has been helping her clients in San Mateo County and San Francisco save money.

Senga Interior Design: Designs To Fit Your Budget

When homeowners try to do their own interior design, they often squander money on items that do not work in the design concept, or by paying higher prices than those a designer can get.

But with a good interior design firm like Senga Interior Design, homeowners save money and get the exact look they want. Agnes tells us, "Homeowners often have an idea of what they want their home to look like, but most of them aren't sure how to get from ideas to the finished product. That's what I give them. I listen to what they want and then use my skills and expertise to bring their ideas to life in the way that makes them happiest."

And Agnes Moser is the principal at Senga Interior Design and works personally with all her clients, so you get the expertise of the principal designer on every project, unlike overly large design firms that charge you premium prices only to be handed off to less experienced junior designers.

During research phone calls for this article, a client named Josh told The Prime Buyer's Report "Agnes is awesome! I went into the project grumpy and I came out thrilled. Our bathroom had been our embarrassment, but Senga Interior Design made it the highlight of the house and now we love to show it off. We could have never gotten such an amazing design for such a reasonable cost without Agnes."

The Right Materials for You From Senga Interior Design

Some other interior designers are more interested in using your project to show off to others than in making you happy, so they often force you into the most expensive materials and  extravagant products even if you can't really afford it.

Designing for the clients' satisfaction is the priority at Senga Interior Design, using a more flexible and realistic approach to creating a very personal environment. Agnes Moser explains, "I'm very practical-minded. In order to meet my clients' budget expectations, I'm willing to mix in more reasonably priced materials and products. We are good at finding affordable alternatives for the client without compromising the design concept."

Interior designer Agnes Moser is able to customize designs to her clients' budgets because she has built working relationships with local contractors, home design showrooms and fabrication companies in San Francisco and San Mateo County. She is also skilled in drafting and has CAD software (computer-aided design) to create 3-D views so clients see what the finished space will really look like.

Construction Management By Senga Interior Design Keeps Costs Down

Clients are always in control of the budget with Senga Interior Design. Agnes explains, "I never purchase anything without my clients' written consent. I suggest the items to purchase and then the clients get to confirm the purchase before we buy anything."

Hiring Senga Interior Design to oversee the construction process saves you even more money. How? "I can perform for you as the conductor overseeing the planning, construction and installation process. I work with a team of contractors from conception all the way through completion so the finished product is exactly what you want."

For example, a client named Allison said during a research phone call for this article, "My house his really beautiful! Agnes is a great designer. She got on board as the house was being framed, so we got her expertise with the light fixtures, paint colors, window treatments and all the parts of our design and installation. She saved us money everywhere she could!"

Agnes Moser credits her personalized customer service and personal approach to honing interpersonal relationships during her first career in teaching, and her artistic skills to her experience as a ceramicist and her training in textile crafts. Agnes grew up in Switzerland and moved to San Mateo CA in 1999, where she lives with her husband and their two college-aged children. "I love the Bay Area because there is so much to be involved in here," she tells us. "There are all kinds of art and performances we enjoy, and we even make our own wine." Together with her husband, Agnes even designed and built their own cabin in Sonoma.

So hiring the right interior designer actually saves you money, and we learned from previous clients that Senga Interior Design in San Mateo CA is that right choice for your project, be it complete remodel and addition or pulling your look together with paint, textiles and furniture. With a combination of careful choices in materials and products, oversight of the process from design through construction, and designs customized to each client and your budget, Agnes Moser and Senga Interior Design gives you that million dollar look in a way you can afford.


—Lauren Bongard Schwarz
Associate Editor
The Prime Buyer's Report