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Allied Landscape Services
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(925) 280-0161
5542 Monterey Road Suite 277
San Jose, CA 95138
State Contractor's License #852304
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10  Better Business Bureau Certified Arborist Bay-Friendly Landscape Professional IFMA (International Facility Management Association) PLANET (The Professional Landcare Network) Green Business

Areas Served: Bay Area including Contra Costa County
Services: full landscape services for commercial & residential including design & build, ...
Key Brands: Hunter Industries Irrigation Systems, Rain Bird Irrigation Systems, Toro

Allied Landscape Services Company Profile

Larger landscaping companies are unable to offer personalized service, and smaller companies can't deliver the same quality or scope. Further, most companies don't place any importance on the cost-saving and environmental benefits of water conservation. We talked to Filiberto Fonseca of Allied Landscape Services in Santa Clara County about how he is able to offer personalized, professional service to his commercial clients, and how his local roots and focus on green landscaping make him stand out from competitors in the area.

Professional & Personal Work at Allied Landscape Services in Santa Clara County

One thing that makes Allied Landscape Services unique is their ability to offer the production capabilities of a larger company but still retain the personal service of a smaller contractor. Shares Filiberto Fonseca, "The difference between us and larger companies is that we are an owner-operated company, which means that I am in contact with all aspects of what we do. I take a personal approach to the job. I gather info from the customer - their expectations, budgets, etc. - and I do the most I can within their budget."

While larger companies are forced to delegate work to middle managers, who may not be as invested in their work, Filiberto oversees every aspect of production. He tells us: "At the end of the day, their managers are just employees, and they don't have the same incentive to make sure the customers always happy and the company performs well."

Filiberto strives to educate his clients on the industry, which allows them to make informed decisions based on facts instead of vague selling points. "We are a well-established professional company that has nothing to hide from our customers," says Filiberto. "We definitely make it a point to talk about our experience in the industry and give referrals right off the back. We are open and here to communicate with you."


Santa Clara County's Allied Landscape Services: Green Landscaping

Unlike many landscapers that jumped on the green bandwagon once it became trendy, Filiberto Fonseca has been touting the benefits - both to financial and environmental - of green landscaping practices since he started the business. He shares: "Since day one we have geared our company toward being a green. What we've done is taken training and education classes to learn the best practices. And everyone in the company takes them, down to the maintenance staff. We learn what we can do in the landscaping industry to reduce the environmental impact."

Filiberto makes every effort to reduce the company's environmental impact, including minimizing the time company vehicles spend driving, using environmentally friendly irrigation equipment, and notifying workers when the air quality is bad on a particular day so they don't over-use equipment. He also makes a strong case for his use water-conservation methods in his work, including performing a full irrigation survey of clients' yards and making recommendations for ways to improve their current irrigation systems, use less water, and save them money. Filiberto tells us: "And a lot of these things don't cost the customers a dime, and it just is a matter of changing maintenance practices a little bit." Allied Landscape Services crews also check clients' water meters weekly, unlike most companies that do it monthly, which allows them to make better informed decisions on how to minimize water use.


Allied Landscape Services in Santa Clara County: Local Roots

Filiberto Fonseca was born in Gilroy, and has committed his company to serving the community. "We're not trying to compete on a nation or state-wide level," he says. "We're a local, born-and-raised in the bay area company, and this is where we plan to stay. And the fact that we're targeting a much smaller area allows us to develop better relationships with our customers."

His friends and family describe him as ambitious, generous, and committed to the community. "My family and I try to partake in community as much as possible. I think it's important for my children to be a part of my community. I want them to learn to not just do things for themselves, but also do things for the betterment of others as well. If you want to build a better community for your family to grow up in, you have to do your part."

So for professional, personal, and environmentally friendly landscaping, as well as strong ties to the bay area community, Filiberto Fonseca of Allied Landscape Services in Santa Clara County is a solid choice for you commercial landscaping needs. Say Filiberto: "I love my job because of the satisfaction that comes from pleasing a customer."