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Lifestyle Homes Inc

Areas Served: Will County incl. Joliet IL, New Lenox IL, Homer Glen IL,Romeoville IL
Services: new cabinets, cabinet installers, new kitchen cabinets
Key Brands: Cabinetry Plus, Delta Membrane Systems, Henry Building Envelopes, Kohler, Lifebreath ...

Lifestyle Homes Inc Company Profile

There's a reason the industry as a whole has a reputation as untrustworthy, most commonly due to failure to deliver as promised; a delayed schedule with deadlines missed, costs that go up mid-project, and often outright bankruptcies of the company in the middle of the project. 

Consumers we heard from say that's why they were lucky to have found the DuPage County firm of Lifestyle Homes Inc in Lisle IL and owner Mia Rubinstein with a proven 28 year track record of doing what they say they will, and a residential and commercial design/builder who the banks like to finance due to such good financial health, all with the added benefit of expertise in green building that leads to environmentally friendly projects that save you money through lower energy bills and higher resale value.

Proven Highest Value Over Three Decades: Lifestyle Homes Inc in Lisle IL

Lifestyle Homes Inc in Lisle IL does everything from custom home building and other new construction to remodels like sunrooms, additions, basement finishing, energy efficient window replacement, cabinets, decks and more, including condos, apartment buildings, and commercial space like offices and medical buildings. Since founding the company in 1987, owner Mia Rubinstein has earned a reputation throughout the Chicagoland area as the builder who delivers lasting quality that holds up for decades with superior design skill for those who need it, and a consultative approach that results in high customer satisfaction.

Building plans have a lot of little details and surprisingly few general contractors understand them all, so unknown to the customer, they get ignored. But Mia Rubinstein has a commitment to detail possessed by few others and might be attributable in part to her degree in Fine Art. For example, on a recent project Mia noticed workers installing an exterior kickplate on the door with nails meant for sheet metal. "I said absolutely not," Mia tells us. "You must use nails of stainless metal because that's outside and the nails will eventually rust, even if it's not until years later. They said they didn't have any on hand so we immediately went and got some."

That kind of commitment to detail is also evident in the effort she puts in to consult with the customer, their needs and plans to come up with creative solutions that satisfy everyone.  Like we heard from one consumer who reported to us named Satya when she said, "She sat with not just me and my husband but also with the kids to see what everybody wanted."  Another named Susan told us about a recent remodel, "She'll help you through every step of the process. She was very helpful picking out interior hardware and cabinetry to stay true to the arts and craft design of our home. She helped me pick out everything and really stayed true to the architectural design of the home where I think a lot stray a little bit." 

Any new project can look okay upon completion, but the flaws begin to show over time with mistakes becoming apparent and materials failing. That's why one of the key differentiators between firms is if their work holds up over time.  And that's just what we found in our research about Lifestyle Homes Inc and owner Mia Rubinstein, such as with customer Satya telling us, "Regarding Lifestyle Homes, she did quite a bit of work for us all the way from changing the roof to the upstairs bedrooms to redoing the kitchen as well as the basement. We would not have gone back to her if we were not happy with her work. She did a great job. We were so very happy.  We still keep getting a lot of compliments for all the work she did for us. She also did work for a few of our friends and she has done a wonderful job there too" and customer Susan reporting to us, "Mia Rubinstein with Lifestyle Homes built our home. We've been in it since 1996. We love our home. You'll find that her work is one of a kind. It's not cookie cutter. You won't find it anywhere else in town. Everything has withstood the test of time for 20 years. We highly recommend Mia."

Consumers who think they're automatically going to be better served by a contractor simply because he's a man, or especially one wearing a tool belt and a three day growth of beard have been horribly disappointed. A general contractor's job is not to swing a hammer, but to successfully coordinate all the crew, meet deadlines, and especially have a business ability that means a financially healthy company with the resources to complete projects. Mia Rubinstein shares, "Often consumers expect contractors to be good business people too, which is unfair since a good craftsman doesn't automatically mean a good business owner or manager, which is why some contractors get into trouble with their ability to stay solvent and finish projects. It's a fact that banks don't like to lend money to those who really need it, and prefer to do so to those who already have it. We're fortunate enough that we're one of the companies that the banks like to back because our financials are so good."

Lifestyle Homes Inc in Lisle IL: Expertise in Green Building

Buildings that cost less to operate through lower energy bills both save you money over the years and hold their resale value better, not to mention are just more comfortable to live in.  When it comes to green building, Lifestyle Homes in DuPage County stands out as a recognized expert in everything from the most recent technology, methods and materials to the latest advancements in creating a complete building envelope that saves money every month on heating and cooling.   But unlike many stubborn firms that specialize in green building and refuse to do anything else for you, Mia Rubinstein and Lifestyle Homes are willing to follow the wishes of their customers. Mia tells us, "We definitely recommend green building. It's better for the environment and it means savings in the long run for our customers through lower monthly energy costs and a strong resale value that lasts for decades, and luckily we have strong expertise in that. But we also understand that some customers aren't ready to make that initial investment, despite it being paid back many times over through the years, so we do build for them the best project to the budget they can afford including those that aren't green-oriented."

Lifestyle Homes Inc owner Mia Rubinstein lives in Lisle IL which has been home for over 20 years, and provides an ease of travel which allows her to service customers throughout Chicagoland. Serving the customers of Lifestyle Homes keeps Mia busy but when she can find the time she enjoys gardening, and cooking everything from Italian and French to Thai and Japanese with an especially fantastic sushi. Friends describe Mia as high energy, while customers cite her constant availability to them, her ability to help them conceptualize and design, and to deliver a finished result they're still thrilled with decades later.  

It was experienced consumers who cited the DuPage County firm of Lifestyle Homes Inc in Lisle IL and owner Mia Rubinstein for complete reliability, an unmatched attention to detail, superior design ability, and when wanted, green building expertise, all for everything from ground-up new construction to remodels, including both residential and commercial in way that still stands out years later for high customer satisfaction in a way that has led to a high rate of repeat business and referrals to others.  In the words of one customer who reported to us named Sarita, "In reference to Lifestyle Homes and Mia Rubinstein, they remodeled my basement and added an addition to the home. I would hire them again. You would be very happy and satisfied with the work that you have done with her. I highly recommend her."







Lifestyle Homes Inc: Energy Star Certified Homes

Lifestyle Homes Inc: Energy Star Certified Homes