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Find the Best Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA


Having a bad hair day? It's time to start looking for the best hair salons in Solano County CA. Whether you need hair stylists for an entirely new hair style or just a haircut, there are many good beauty salons and hair stylists in Solano County from which to choose. They offer hair coloring, hair trimming, permanents, highlights, streaking and more. Some good hair salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA even offer facials, eyebrow shaping, makeup application, exfoliation treatments, manicures, pedicures and waxing. The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best hair salons in Solano County and issues related to spending with hair stylists.




Updated September 19, 2017

 The TOP 10 Hair Stylists & Hair Salons in Solano County CA

Sanctuary Salon & Spa
(707) 747-6005
190 West J St
Benicia, CA 94510

Areas Served: Fairfield CA, Vallejo CA, Vacaville CA, Benicia CA, Dixon CA, Suisun City CA

Bliss Salon
(707) 746-8983
117 East F St
Benicia, CA 94510

Areas Served: Fairfield CA, Vacaville CA, Benicia CA, Dixon CA, Vallejo CA, Suisun City CA

Vogue Salon & Spa
(707) 448-2500
501 Nut Tree Ct # A
Vacaville, CA 95687

Areas Served: Vallejo CA, Vacaville CA, Fairfield CA, Benicia CA, Suisun City CA, Dixon CA

Expressions Salon & Spa
(707) 469-8720
141 Parker St. Suite B
Vacaville, CA 95688

Areas Served: Vallejo CA, Fairfield CA, Vacaville CA, Suisun City CA, Benicia CA, Dixon CA

Bellezza Hair Studio
(707) 426-0572
623 Main Street
Suisun City, CA 94585

Areas Served: Fairfield CA, Vallejo CA, Suisun City CA, Vacaville CA, Dixon CA, Benicia CA

Knotty Hair Design
(707) 434-9100
601 Main Street
Suisun City, CA 94585

Areas Served: Vallejo CA, Suisun City CA, Fairfield CA, Vacaville CA, Dixon CA, Benicia CA

Twisted For Hair
(707) 422-1460
717 Webster St
Fairfield, CA 95433

Areas Served: Fairfield CA, Vacaville CA, Vallejo CA, Benicia CA, Suisun City CA, Dixon CA

Find the Best Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 


Hair salons in Solano County are required to be licensed by the state Board of Barbering and Cometology which requires a minimum number of training hours with an accredited school and passing a test on basic knowledge.

But that license is no guarantee that any particular hair salon in Solano County is doing business ethically, delivering value, and satisfying clients.

That makes it all the more significant that all hair salons in Solano County bearing The Prime Buyer's ReportTOP 10 symbol have been cleared by our research staff as passing all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 status such as our survey phone calls to their previous clients to verify high satisfaction, sufficient length of time in business, good complaint record, best business practices, and more.


The goal in finding the best hair salons and hairstylists in Fairfield and Vallejo CA is not only to find the beauty salons and hair dressers offer walk-in services, it's also to find hair salons that understand your hair. Good hair stylists will help you decide on the best hairstyles and the best hair color for you, and will narrow down what you want, and what you don't want in hair styling. Many people, over time, build personal, long-term relationships with their hair stylists. 

Differences in Cost at Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA
While most hair salons offer similar haircutting and hair coloring services, be aware that cost differences at hair salons in Solano County CA vary greatly. Before you book appointments with local hair stylists, be sure you're clear about the services offered and the prices for each.

Prices For Hairstylists: Hair stylists in Fairfield and Vallejo CA have different levels of expertise, and hair salons may charge different prices for haircuts based on the experience of your hairstylist. Ask the hair salon if they have price differentials according to the following:

Master hairstylists are the most experienced hairstylists in Solano County CA. They have the highest reputations for great haircuts and good hair coloring services among hair salon customers, so salon services by these professionals may be more expensive than from less experienced hair stylists.

Senior hairstylists are very experienced hair stylists who have good reputations for great haircuts and hair coloring. Prices may be in the mid-to-high range for their haircuts and hair coloring services.

Junior hairstylists are those hairdressers who are newer to hair styling. They may be recent beautician school graduates and often are training under the guidance of senior hair stylists and master hair stylists. Generally, haircuts and hair coloring by junior hair stylists are less expensive.

Apprentice hairstylists are students who are not yet licensed but are earning a wage while studying to become a cosmetologist or barber under the guidance of a licensed hair salon. 

Prices for hair straighteningBe aware that prices you're quoted may be lower or higher depending on factors relating to your hair type and the hair straightening products used. Some hair straightening products last longer than others, so they cost more at the outset but you can go longer between hair straightening appointments. Some hair salons in Solano County CA charge different rates for hair straightening services depending on the texture of your hair. Others charge by the hour for hair straightening, so be sure to ask the hair stylists how they charge for their hair straightening services.

Prices for hair highlights: Ask which kind of highlights the price you're quoted is for, partial highlights or full highlights. Partial highlights are those hair highlights that are applied only on the crown of the hair or as touch-up highlights. When doing these partial highlights, hair colorists generally use four to six hair highlight foils. Full hair highlights are highlights are those applied to all of the hair, usually ranging from six to 12 highlight foils or more. Some hair salons in the Solano County charge for hair highlights based on the number of highlighting foils used. So before you schedule hair highlighting appointments, ask the hair stylists how many highlighting foils will be used and what haircoloring charges apply.

Prices for hair coloring: Ask if the price you're quoted is for touch up hair color or if it's for all over hair color. Touch up hair color is only applied where the hair has grown out since your last hair dye application. That may include hair roots and areas where gray hair is visible. All-over hair color is more extensive and is applied to all of the hair. All-over hair color includes hair tints as well as permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair color.

Prices for hair extensions: Costs of hair extensions can vary based on the length of hair extensions and the hair extension thickness you want. Techniques on attaching natural and synthetic hair extensions differ (including weaved hair extensions, sewn hair extensions, glued hair extensions or clipped hair extensions), and Solano County CA hair salons charge different rates depending on the technique they use to attach hair extensions, so if you're comparing prices, be sure to ask what technique you've been quoted for and for how much hair.

Numerous Services Are Performed by Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA
If you're new to the area or are ready to change hair stylists or hair salons, there are a few things to consider. First of all, the best hairdressers and hair stylists in Fairfield and Vallejo CA are cosmetologists, licensed in California to perform certain services in the areas of beauty treatment, including hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures and pedicures.

Each of these specialties requires a cosmetology license which requires formal training and board certification. Hairstylists must display a copy of their license at their place of work. (There is a legal distinction in most states between barbers and cosmetologists.) A cosmetology license requires 1600 hours of training. Upon graduation and certification, a cosmetologist may choose to specialize in any of the above areas, or a combination of several, some of which require additional training.

In practice, cosmetology school graduates choose a particular field in which to specialize and are known as hair stylists, shampoo technicians, manicurists, estheticians, nail technicians or electrologists. (An esthetician is licensed separately for that skill and not necessarily licensed in cosmetology.)

Many Solano County beauty salons offer a full range of these services, acting as mini-spas where the goal is to relax as well as beautify. At any rate, many beauty salons and hair salons offer haircuts, hair dying and hair tinting, hair streaking, curling, hair extensions, razor cuts, blow drying and shaping, permanent wave treatments, curl relaxing, eyebrow shaping, hair removal by waxing or electrolysis, manicures and pedicures, facials and treatments to exfoliate and smooth the skin, head and shoulder massage and makeup application.

Beauty salons also frequently sell hair care products, home hair treatments and body products such as shampoo, conditioner, face creams, depilatories, blow dryers, brushes, combs, hair clips, makeup and more. Some individual hairdressers specialize in women's haircuts, men's haircuts or children's haircuts, though all hairstylists are trained and licensed to do all of these.

Some Hair Salons in Solano County Are Much Better than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these hair salons and hair stylists in Solano County CA: Sanctuary Salon & Spa, Bliss Salon, Vogue Salon & Spa, Expressions Salon & Spa, Bellezza Hair Studio, Knotty Hair Design, Twisted For Hair, Amy's Hair Design, Artistic Hair Design, Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa. Other hair salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA that might still be in business include: Rosina's European Skin Care Clinic Fairfield CA, Talk of The Town Vacaville CA, Chadbourne & Co Fairfield CA, Lady Gwen's Fairfield CA, The Dino Colla Salon Suisun City CA, PJ's Hair Styling Fairfield CA, Mia & Maxx Salon Fairfield CA, Ahshayh Fairfield CA. Didn't find what you wanted with the TOP 10 Hair Stylists & Hair Salons in Solano County? Then click here to see additional companies in this category.



How to Choose Among Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 

In general, most people who seek a new Solano County hair salon and hair stylist are either new to Solano County, have become dissatisfied with their previous hairdresser, or are ready for a radical hairstyle change. Finding professional, competent Solano County hair stylists and beauty salons you trust is perhaps the most important part of the equation. Read on for a few tips on what to ask a prospective hair stylist before you make an appointment for a new hairstyle.

Questions to Ask Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA
Chat with hair salon owners and individual hair stylists about your ideas regarding your hair style. Involved, interested hair stylists will contribute in earnest from the start. If the hair stylists or hair salons hastily skim over your requests, their dedication probably lies somewhere else and you can't rely on them for the best hair cut styles for you.

Continue to interview with only those hair stylists and beauty salon employees who actively listen to your requests and make good suggestions on the best hair styles and the best hair colors for you. If you've gotten a good initial impression, ask some questions about the hair stylists' abilities, experience and credentialing. Use the list of questions below to help develop your own.

• How long have the hair stylists been cutting or styling hair in Solano County CA?

• Did the hairstylist go to school, or are they self-taught?

• How much maintenance will my new haircut or hairstyle need?

• What tips can the hair salons give you for keeping the best hair color bright and vibrant?

• Do the hair stylists have photos of haircuts and hairstyles they've done?

• Do the hair salon stylists specialize in your type of hair and the best hairstyles and hair colors for you?

• What days and hours is the hair salon available for appointments?

• How do the hair salons and beauty salons determine pricing for hairstyles and haircuts?

• Do the hair salons offer hair care products and home hair treatments?

Consider first impressions of the hair salons and beauty salons, technical abilities and experience levels of the hair stylists and compatible hairstyles and hair care methods. Somewhere in this combination of hair salon details you will find the best hair salons and hair stylists in Fairfield and Vallejo CA for you. When you've selected most suitable hair salons, beauty salons and hair stylists, make sure they are properly licensed to perform your new hair color and new hairstyle.



Research About Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 

Common Hair Salons and Hair Styles Terms 

Accent Color - Accent hair color is an intense hair coloring hair salons use for contrast.

Acid Permanent (Acid perm) - Acid perms make permanent hair waves that are softer curls than alkaline perms. Many hair salons and stylists have found acid perms are gentler on hair than other types of permanents.



A-Line Bob Hairstyle - Popular hairstyles, A-Line Bobs are geometric bobs with a straight fringe in the front. They are called A-Line Bobs because the hair stylists arrange for longer pieces of hair past the ears in the front like the legs of an "A" and a straight line of bangs as the horizontal line of the "A".





Alkaline Permanent (Alkaline perm) - Alkaline perms are chemically based permanent waves. These are stronger than acid perms, and they give the hair a tight, firm curl. Most hair salons give alkaline perms, and most home perms are alkaline based.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse - This is a clarifying rinse that detangles hair. Apple cider vinegar rinses are often a part of high-end hair salon treatments.



Asymmetrical Hairstyle - Asymmetrical haircuts that those the hair stylists purposely cut the sides at different lengths from each other.



Baliage Hair Dye - When hairstylists randomly dye sections of hair in a natural pattern of light and dark hair.


Basic Shade Hair Color - Basic shades of hair color are natural hair colors. Often, hair salons use basic hair colors to cover gray hair or as a base for hair highlights and lowlights.

Bob Hairstyle - The classic 1950s and 60s hairstyle, the Bob is a short and straight haircut. Bobbed hairstyles can be blown dry and curled under. Traditionally, Bobs are chin-length or shorter, but any short haircuts ending between the shoulder and the ear are considered Bob hairstyles.

Body - Body is the volume in hair. Most volume is achieved during washing and conditioning, so you should use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to get the most volume and spring from your hair. Good hair stylists can show you how to get the best hairstyles for your hair type.

Botanical Hair Products - Botanical hair products are made from plants and natural ingredients. Origins and The Body Shop are two popular makers of botanical hair products.

Braids - Weaving three or more sections of hair together creates a braided plait. Scalp braiding, known as cornrows, form a base for commercial wefts or hair extensions. Off the scalp braiding is seen in traditional braids, French braids and elegant braided hairstyles.

Brassy - When hair is overprocessed or damaged with chemicals, it can look brassy. Brassy hair is generally an unflattering warm tone that can wash out skin. A good hairstylist will keep your hair color fresh and in the right tone family so that you don't have to worry about brassiness.

Bulb - Each hair follicle has a root, also known as the bulb. Hair bulbs are wider at the base where they connect to the scalp. You can keep hair bulbs healthy through regular scalp massage and careful hair washing and conditioning.


Chignons - Chignons are classic up-dos, or hairstyles, where long hair is twisted and pinned just above the nape of the neck. Many wedding hairstyles are variations of chignons.




Clarifier / Clarifying Shampoos - Clarifying shampoos remove hair products, hard water residue or chlorine from the hair. Clarifying shampoo has a higher pH level and may dry out your hair and scalp if you use clarifiers too often. Hair stylists recommend that if you use a clarifier, you should also use a conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Coarse Hair - Strong, thick hair. There are specific hairstyles that work best with coarse hair, so be sure to talk with hair stylists to find the right shape and haircut for your hair type.

Conditioner - Hair conditioner is a creamy hair additive applied after shampoo. Hair conditioner detangles and moisturizes hair. It is especially important for color treated hair and dry hair to be conditioned, as it keeps the hair from damage and breakage.

Cornrows - A braid woven tight to the scalp. Cornrows can be worn alone or can be used to secure hair extensions or hair weaves.

Couture Cut Hairstyle - Couture cuts are high-fashion haircuts designed specifically for you. Couture cuts are expensive and available only through specialty hair salons and skilled hair stylists. They are designed to fit your wardrobe and personality and to flatter your unique facial structure and hair type.

Cream Rinse - Cream rinse is a thick hair conditioner. It is a combination of wax and chemicals that coat the hair to maintain moisture levels and detangle the hair. Cream rinses should only be used with very dry or coarse hair types and should be used minimally so they don't weigh the hair down.

Crop Hairstyle - Crop hairstyles are very short, with the hair cut close to the head. Because crop hairstyles are a severe haircut, you should talk with a hair stylist to find the best hair style options for you.

Curling Irons - Curling irons are round metal hair styling tools that heat up to curl hair.

Demi Permanent Hair Color - Hair color that is absorbed into the hair. Demi-permanent hair color lasts longer than semi-permanent, but still washes out and fades over time.

Diffusers - Diffusers are tools that clip onto the end of hair dryers. Most hair diffusers are circular in shape with plastic or metal posts that angle out toward the hair. Diffusers spread air flow away from nozzles of hair dryers so the air is diffused gently over a larger area. Diffusers are often used by hair salons for hairstyles with curls or very smooth surfaces.

Double Process Hair Dye - Double process hair color is applied in two steps by the best hair salons. The first part of a double process hair dye is bleach that lightens the hair and the second is the top hair color.

Elasticity - Hair's ability to stretch without breaking. Hair that is healthy and strong has good elasticity. You can improve your hair elasticity with regular deep conditioning treatments.

Fashion Shades - Fashion shades are hair colors that have underlying basic tones with added fashion hair color on top that appears bolder than natural hair colors. Many of the best hair salons offer fashion shades and dramatic hair colors.

Feathering - Feathering, often confused with layering, is a hair cutting method hairstylists use to take straight lines out of the hair. Feathering allows softer edges, and the hairstyles are usually made with feathering razors or the edge of hair cutting scissors.

Fine Hair - Fine hair doesn't mean thin hair or thinning hair, or that there are fewer hair strands. Instead, fine hair is made of thin hair strands that make the hair appear thinner overall. Skilled hair stylists at professional hair salons can find the right hairstyles that make thin hair appear thicker.

Finishing Spray - Finishing spray is a medium hold hairspray that is applied to the top of a finished hairstyle to keep the shape and hold.

Flat Irons / Straightening Irons - A type of curling iron with a flat metal plate instead of a round barrel. Flat irons, also called straightening irons, are run through the hair to straighten curls or waves. A qualified hairstylist can show you how to use a flat iron or straightening iron to get the most out of your hair type and hair style.

Fly-Away Hair - When thin hair is charged by static, it is called fly-away hair. The best way to minimize fly-away hair is to regularly condition your hair.

Freezing Spray - Freezing spray is a firm hairspray with a tight hold. Freezing spray is used to maintain extreme hairstyles and hair that is hard to control.

Fringe Hairstyles - Hair fringes, sometimes known as bangs, are the front section of hair that frames the face. Fringe hairstyles need to be trimmed regularly by good hair stylists at hair salons.

Gel - Hair gel is a jelly-like substance applied to hair to hold it in place.

Generic Hair Products - Generic hair products are identical in composition to trademarked hair products, but are less expensive. Most beauty shops and hair salons carry name brand hair products, but some carry generic versions.

Glossing - Hair glossing is depositing colorwash used by hairstylists that make hair shiny and glossy. Hair glossing adds a slight color effect. Glossing is temporary and must be washed into the hair each time you shampoo.

Gray Hair / Grey Hair - Hair with no pigment is called gray hair. Gray hair is harder to cover with hair dye. It is important to have a qualified hairstylist dye your hair in order to get the right gray hair coverage. Some hair salons and beauty salons specialize in gray hair treatments.

Hair Colors - Any form of hair dyeing that is a chemical pigmentation of the hair follicles. Haircolor can be natural hair color or fashion hair color, and ranges from bleach blonde hair to the darkest black hair.

Hair Extensions - Synthetic hair or natural hair pieces that are temporarily woven into or attached to your natural hair at the roots. Hair extensions add length and volume to hairstyles. Often, ethnic hair salons excel in hair extensions and the best hair styles for hair with extensions.

Hair Salons - Hair salons, also called beauty shops or beauty salons, specialize in haircuts and hair styles. Some hair salons cater to specific hair types or to men or women.

Hair Straighteners -  There are two types of hair straighteners, tools such as flat irons use heat to straighten hair and chemical hair straighteners that change the structure of the hair. Hair straightening tools are a temporary way to straighten hair while chemical hair straighteners permanently straighten hair.

Hair Straightening - A technique used to flatten hair by taking the curl out. Hair straightening can be permanent with chemical hair straighteners, or temporary using flat irons or hair straightening tools.

Hair Weaving - The process that attaches synthetic or real hair in the form of hair extensions. Hair weaving is often done by hairdressers using braiding or plaiting.

Hairstyles - Sometimes referred to as hairdos, hairstyles are the style of hair. Hairstyles can be specific haircuts, or can be arrangements of hair, such as braids or hair updos. See a qualified hairstylist to find the best hair color and best hair style for your needs.

Henna Hair Dye - Henna hair dye is a hair treatment made from the leaves and stems of the henna plant. Henna usually coats the hair with a red tint, but clear henna makes hair shiny.

Highlights - Strands of hair bleached lighter than the base color. Hair highlights can be fine, medium or heavy, depending on the hairstyles and hair colors you choose.

Humectants - Humectants are hair treatments that moisturize and condition hair using moisture humectants draw from the air.

Layering Hairstyles - Layering is a hair cut technique used by hair salons and hair stylists to make hair appear thinner or thicker. Layered haircut styles give hair movement and texture and are a very popular haircut style.

Liquid Hair Products - Liquid hair products are hair styling and finishing products that strengthen and rebuild damaged hair. Liquid hair products include volumizing mousse, sculpting wax, hair styling hairspray, leave in hair treatments and hair texturizers.

Lowlights - An opposite hair dye effect of hair highlights, lowlights add darker hair colors to the hair base. Like hair highlights, hair lowlights can be fine, medium or heavy to achieve the hair styles and hair colors you choose.

Natural Hair Products - Many professional styling products are now available as natural hair products. Natural hair styling products are made with natural ingredients instead of synthetic hair additives.

Organic Hair Products - Much the same as natural hair products, organic hair products are made from plants. Organic hair products may also have been created using organic plants grown with no pesticides or chemicals.

Permanent Waves / Perms - Perms were popular 1980s hairstyles. Perms (also called permanents or permanent waves) use chemicals to create long-lasting curls that don't wash out. Perm hairstyles can be achieved using alkaline perm solutions or acid perm solutions. Modern perm hairstyles are much gentler on your hair than traditional perms.

Permanent Hair Color - Permanent hair color is hair dye that won't wash out. The hair color is permanent until your hair grows out and you cut off the remaining colored hair with a haircut. Before choosing a permanent hair dye, talk with a hair stylist at a hair salon to find the best hair colors for you.

Razor Haircuts - Also called razor cuts, razor haircuts are popular hairstyles created when hair stylists at beauty salons use razors to taper the end of the hair. Sometimes razor haircuts appear as layered hairstyles. Razor haircuts require frequent trimming and regular trips to hair salons.

Relaxer - Relaxer hair treatments are chemical processes for permanent hair straightening. The opposite of perms or permanent waves, hair relaxing procedures are long-lasting hair treatment that cannot be reversed until the hair grows out. Relaxers are often used on coarse hair styles and black hair styles, since thick hair strands tend to be most receptive to hair relaxers.

Scrunch Dry - A hairstyling technique. To scrunch dry your hair is to scrunch damp hair with your free hand while using a hairdryer with a diffuser to dry it.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colors - Semi-permanent hair color lasts between six and eight shampoos before it washes out. If you are contemplating a new hair color, semi-permanent hair color can help you decide the best hair color for you.

Single Process Hair Colors - Hair color that can be applied in one step without first using a lightening or bleaching treatment. Home hair dyes are often single process hair colors.

Split Ends - When hair is damaged and the hair shaft splits, the hair is said to have split ends. You cannot repair split ends. The only way to remove split ends is to visit hair salons to trim the hair. To avoid split ends, use moisturizing hair care products and avoid over drying and excessive heat styling.

Temporary Hair Colors - Hair colors that washe out when you shampoo your hair. Temporary hair color comes in fashion colors such as blue, magenta and green as well as natural hair colors. Temporary hair colors are the best hair colors to use for short-term hairstyles that don't require permanent hair coloring.

Texturizers - Hair texturizer is a milder hair treatment than hair relaxers. Texturizers let the hair curl slightly so the hair is more manageable and can be formed into different hairstyles.

Thermal Straightening - Thermal straightening is also called Japanese straightening. Thermal straightening is a hair straightening process that uses chemicals to remove all curl from the hair.

Undercut Hairstyles - Haircuts that use a razor or thinning scissors to remove weight and bulk from underneath the top layer of hair are called undercuts. Undercuts are popular hairstyles for people who have thick hair or very long hair. You cannot tell a hair has been undercut if the haircut was done by a professional beautician.

Virgin Hair / Natural Hair - Virgin hair, also called natural hair, is hair that has not been dyed, straightened, permed or otherwise chemically altered. Virgin hair, or natural hair, is often made into natural hair wigs and human hair weaves.

Wefts - Temporary hair extensions that are glued into your hair are known as wefts. It is best to visit hair salons that specialize in hair extensions if you want wefts added to your hairstyle.

Wigs - Wigs, or hairpieces with caps that fit over the scalp, are a substitute for natural hair. Wigs can be natural hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs. Wigs are most often used as a substitute for hair, but can also be worn as a hair fashion that matches the hair styles, hair colors or haircuts you prefer without the need to change your natural hair.



Resources About Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA 

Smart consumers have learned that a higher price often gives more value for each dollar spent, and that the lowest price can cost the most in the long run if the service quality is also low.  

So price usually shouldn't be the biggest factor when making a choice. However, the research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report has made hundreds of phone calls for you to find out the average costs at hair salons in your area.



Average Costs of Hair Salons Fairfield CA Area


Women's Haircut

Shampoo & Women's Haircut

Hair Coloring
(All Over)

Hair Coloring


Shampoo & Style Only
(no haircut)

Hair Extensions

Hair Straightening

Hair Permanent

Men's Haircut

Fairfield CA










Dixon CA










Suisun City CA










Travis AFB CA










Vacaville CA













Average Costs of Hair Salons Vallejo CA Area


Women's Haircut

Shampoo & Women's Haircut

Hair Coloring
(All Over)

Hair Coloring


Shampoo & Style Only
(no haircut)

Hair Extensions

Hair Straightening

Hair Permanent

Men's Haircut

Vallejo CA










Benicia CA














Regulatory Bodies & Industry Associationsfor Hair Salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA
BBB Better Business Bureau (
National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (
California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (
National Cosmetology Association (
California Cosmetology Association (
American Board of Certified Hair Colorists (

If you're looking for hair salons in Fairfield and Vallejo CA, The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Hair Salons in Solano County CA within the following zip codes:

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Heavenly Hsu Hair Salons Fairfield CA 94533-9711
Imago Skin & Laser Center Fairfield CA 94534-1906
Irvin's Hair Studio Fairfield CA 94533-4462
Jennifer Beauty Center Fairfield CA 94534-3442
Jessye Shook Fairfield CA 94534-3450
Joseph Thomas Lookers Fairfield CA 94534-3442
Kim's Salon & Spa Fairfield CA 94534-1668
Knotty Hair Fairfield CA 94534-3470
La Beaute Fairfield CA 94533-5727
Lady Gwen Fairfield CA 94533-3695
Looking Good Fairfield CA 94533-5908
Lorelei Burzyuski Fairfield CA 94534-3473
Lynn Hair Design Fairfield CA 94533-3821
Magic Nails II Fairfield CA 94533-4646
Magic Nails Fairfield CA 94533-3815
Martha's Skin & Body Care Fairfield CA 94533-9795
Michelle Hamilton Hairstyles Fairfield CA 94533-3816
Mildred's Salon of Beauty Fairfield CA 94533-1202
Million Design Fairfield CA 94533-5921
Mirror Court Salon Fairfield CA 94533-5730
Miss Pat's Parlor Fairfield CA 94533-1202
Osuka Hair Care Fairfield CA 94533-9000
PJ's Hair Styling Fairfield CA 94534-4349
PJ's Hairstyling Fairfield CA 94534-4349
Patti Haynes Stylist Fairfield CA 94534-3153
Peggy Sui Ling Chu Fairfield CA 94533-2478
Permanent Make-Up Artist Fairfield CA 94534-3442
Rapture By Kim Fairfield CA 94533-6200
Regis Salons Fairfield CA 94533-4646
Renee Allen Fairfield CA 94533-4886
Rosina's European Skin Care Fairfield CA 94534-2987
Rubies Hair Design Fairfield CA 94534-3468
Ruperto Mercy Fairfield CA 94534-3450
Shear Creations Fairfield CA 94533-6204
Shear FX Fairfield CA 94533-9761
Simply Hair Fairfield CA 94534-3442
Skin Indulgence Fairfield CA 94533-6297
Spa Legacy Fairfield CA 94533-5707
Stormy's Hair 4 You Fairfield CA 94533-3816
Styles By Stephany Fairfield CA 94534-3468
Sue's Golden Cut Fairfield CA 94533-6076
Supercuts Fairfield CA 94533-9761
Tere's Hair Salon Fairfield CA 94533-5741
Tiffany's Natural Hair Care Fairfield CA 94533-5740
Tina's Hair Cuts Fairfield CA 94533-7204
Tina's Hair Dezign Fairfield CA 94534-3468
Total Hair Care Fairfield CA 94533-1202
Total Image Fairfield CA 94533-3695
Tracey Tinsley Fairfield CA 94534-3473
Twisted Hair Salon Fairfield CA 94533-5520
Ultimate Image Hair Nail Salon Fairfield CA 94533-6204
Viviana Hair Design Fairfield CA 94533-6213
Winnie Hair Style Fairfield CA 94534-2987

Hair Salons Rio Vista CA
Bo's Beauty Salon Rio Vista CA 94571-1736
Deborah's Designs Rio Vista CA 94571-1617
Hair Harbor Rio Vista CA 94571-1832
Hair It Is Rio Vista CA 94571-1845
Laurie Deez Salon Rio Vista CA 94571-1736
Mane Street-Hair Rio Vista CA 94571-1844
Trend Setters Rio Vista CA 94571-1439

Hair Salons Suisun City CA
Beleeza Suisun City CA 94585-2417
Bellezza Suisun City CA 94585-2417
Boss Cuts Suisun City CA 94585-2517
Choices By Marilyn Suisun City CA 94585-1723
Cynthia's World of Hair Suisun City CA 94585-2475
Ellusions Suisun City CA 94585-2568
Fast Cuts Salon Suisun City CA 94585-2096
First Phaze Hair Design Suisun City CA 94585-2806
Great Clips Suisun City CA 94585-6346
Green Valley Spa Suisun City CA 94585
Gwen at the Gallery Suisun City CA 94585-2806
Hairstylz By Sonia Suisun City CA 94585-2806
Jamie at the Gallery Salon Suisun City CA 94585-2806
Jeanette Shaffer at Belleza Suisun City CA 94585-2417
Jerome Phillips at the Gallery Suisun City CA 94585-2417
J's Barber Shop & Hair Salon Suisun City CA 94585-6348
Kelly Mack Suisun City CA 94585-2458
Kim Sasse at the Gallery Suisun City CA 94585-2806
Le' Artiste Suisun City CA 94585
Nail & Hair Connection Suisun City CA 94585-6346
Nautical Hair Salon Suisun City CA 94585-2400
Nena's Beauty Salon Suisun City CA 94585-1753
Roxanne's Hair Styling Suisun City CA 94585-2806
Salon Suisun City CA 94585-0995
Yolanda Stylists & Colorists Suisun City CA 94585-2475

Hair Salons Travis AFB CA
Stylique Salon Travis Afb CA 94535-0697

Hair Salons Vacaville CA
Alamo Nails Vacaville CA 95688-5313
Alice Wagner for Hair Vacaville CA 95688-4608
Alice's Accents Vacaville CA 95688-2806
All Styles By Sun Imlay Vacaville CA 95688-5313
All Things Beauty Vacaville CA 95688-3062
Beauty Outlet Vacaville CA 95687-3242
Blazin Shears By Dolly Vacaville CA 95688-3636
Blondies Classic Cuts & Colors Vacaville CA 95688-2920
California Cutters Vacaville CA 95687-7108
Care-O-Cell Skin Care Vacaville CA 95688-5343
Catherine Hess Vacaville CA 95688-3955
Cheryl James Hair Styling Vacaville CA 95688-5343
Cost Cutters Vacaville CA 95687-3908
Courtyard at Creekside Day Spa Vacaville CA 95687-6345
Crystal Nails Vacaville CA 95687-7108
Duvall's Cuts & Style's Vacaville CA 95688-5343
Ed's Hair Affair Vacaville CA 95688-4608
Elements of Style Vacaville CA 95688-3955
Ellen's Hairstyling Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Erma's House of Faces Vacaville CA 95688-4500
Eshaan A Laser & Skin Care Vacaville CA 95687-4166
Esthetics By Sarah Vacaville CA 95688-3921
Expressions Hair Salon Vacaville CA 95688-3921
Expressions Vacaville CA 95688-4513
Face & Body Escentials Vacaville CA 95688-3940
Face & Body Works Vacaville CA 95688-5313
Fantastic Sam of Vacaville Vacaville CA 95687-4702
Fantasy Hair & Nail Salon Vacaville CA 95687-6583
GG's Hair Salon Vacaville CA 95687-4708
G Norman Hair Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Genesis Vacaville CA 95688-6907
Ginney's Hair Design Vacaville CA 95688-4558
Grace's Haircuts & Hair Styles Vacaville CA 95688-4558
Great Clips Vacaville CA 95688-3062
Gwendolyn the Color Specialist Vacaville CA 95688-3955
Hair By Amy Almendariz Vacaville CA 95688-3955
Hair By Barbara Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Hair By Erasmo's Vacaville CA 95688-4500
Hair Clips Vacaville CA 95688-6910
Hair Fashions-Trisha Sandoval Vacaville CA 95688
Hair Plus Beauty Salon Vacaville CA 95688-4548
Heidi Thompson Vacaville CA 95688-5343
Hope 2B Beautiful Beauty Salon Vacaville CA 95687-4729
Hot Cuts Vacaville CA 95687-6287
Hot Shots Vacaville CA 95688-4608
Indulgence Boutique & Parlour Vacaville CA 95688-4608
Innovative Hair & Skin Care Vacaville CA 95688-4575
It's All About Me Vacaville CA 95688-4500
Jacque Vassalo Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Jannice Reyes Reflections Vacaville CA 95687-6345
Jennie Moya-Nctmb Vacaville CA 95687-6345
Jodi Mickens Vacaville CA 95688-5343
Julie Shelly's Hair Design Vacaville CA 95688-4514
Kathi Beltran Vacaville CA 95688-4546
Kay Greenwood Stylist Vacaville CA 95688-4502
Kerry Nichols Vacaville CA 95687-6350
Kids Carousel Cuts Vacaville CA 95687-4655
Kings Cuts Vacaville CA 95687-3714
Kristi Wilson Vacaville CA 95688-4514
La Femme Hair Studio Vacaville CA 95688-3908
Laurie Claunch Hairstyling Vacaville CA 95688-4546
Leisure Gardens Beauty Shop Vacaville CA 95687-3449
Leisure Town & Country Beauty Vacaville CA 95687-3417
Leticia Rodriguez Hair Stylist Vacaville CA 95688-4541
Lisa Becker Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Loft Vacaville CA 95688-4575
Lou's Hair Salon Vacaville CA 95688-6910
Main Street Salon Vacaville CA 95688-3908
Merle Norman-Heide & Linda Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Mirage Salon & Spa Vacaville CA 95688-3912
Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa Vacaville CA 95688-3957
Nail Doctor Vacaville CA 95688-5313
Nails-N-More Vacaville CA 95688-5343
Noggins N Nail Vacaville CA 95688-3955
Pardini Designs Vacaville CA 95688-4513
Patti Tyler Vacaville CA 95688-3908
Phyl's House of Beauty Vacaville CA 95688-4604
Radiance Vacaville CA 95688-4607
Renee's House of Hair Vacaville CA 95688-4536
Renegades Salon & Spa Vacaville CA 95688-5313
Rumourz Beauty Supply & Salon Vacaville CA 95687-5542
Ruth Johnson Vacaville CA 95687-6345
Salazar's Hair Salon Vacaville CA 95688-4507
Salon 330 Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Salon Bella Sol Vacaville CA 95688-4502
Salon De Salle Vacaville CA 95688-3902
Salon Ooh La La Vacaville CA 95688-4522
Sandra Wold Vacaville CA 95688-4514
Serenity Salon & Boutique Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Skin Care By Maureen Vacaville CA 95687-6350
Sport Clips Vacaville CA 95688-3121
Studio 13 Vacaville CA 95688-4508
Supercuts Vacaville CA 95687-3507
Supercuts Vacaville CA 95687-6300
Tasari's Le Salon Vacaville CA 95688-4514
Topcoat Salon & Spa Vacaville CA 95688-3120
Tropical Looks Day Spa Vacaville CA 95687-3507
Unique Hair Salon Vacaville CA 95688-4541
Vogue Salon & Spa Vacaville CA 95687-3353
Wanda Mitchell Vacaville CA 95688-3955
Zay's Anointed Hair Salon Vacaville CA 95688-6907



Hair Salons Benicia CA
A Lily of Gold-Face-Skin-Body Benicia CA 94510-3268
Angela's at Benicia's Studio Benicia CA 94510-3345
Annie's Nails Benicia CA 94510-5400
Bada Bing Salon Benicia CA 94510-3268
Barbarella's Benicia CA 94510-3345
Benicia Hair Co Benicia CA 94510-3152
Best Cut Benicia CA 94510-2744
Bizou Benicia CA 94510-5506
Buddahful A Salon Benicia CA 94510-3216
Carla at Studio Benicia CA 94510-3111
Carla Salon Benicia CA 94510-3111
Changes Hair Studio Benicia CA 94510-3211
Charlie's Hair Salon Benicia CA 94510-3224
Cj Barber & Beauty Salon Benicia CA 94510-2810
Cliniskin Benicia CA 94510-2450
Corner Station Benicia CA 94510-5500
Courtyard Salon & Spa Benicia CA 94510-3102
Creative Edge Benicia CA 94510-1260
Dermesthetics Benicia CA 94510-2451
Designer Cuts Benicia CA 94510-3152
Dino's Hair Design Benicia CA 94510-5400
Elevation Salon Benicia CA 94510-1956
Elisabeth's Hair Design Benicia CA 94510-3272
Fantastic Sams Benicia CA 94510-2712
First Impressions Benicia CA 94510-3212
Gerry Redhill Benicia CA 94510-3226
Hair Design By Rebecca Benicia CA 94510-1015
Hands-Down Benicia CA 94510-3586
Harpin's Beauty Supply & Salon Benicia CA 94510-1907
It's Hair Benicia CA 94510-3216
Jolie Femme Benicia CA 94510-3211
Jon's Hair Lott Benicia CA 94510-3044
Lanita Nelson Manicurist Benicia CA 94510-3268
Le's Beauty Salon Benicia CA 94510-3257
Luxe Hair Design Benicia CA 94510-3262
Mi Universe Benicia CA 94510-5402
Michelle Garcia Benicia CA 94510-3212
Narcissus Benicia CA 94510-5505
Oz Salon & Gallery Benicia CA 94510-3211
Pretty Woman Hair Design Benicia CA 94510-3226
Rose Angelica A Full Service Salon Benicia CA 94510-3270
Sue's Scissors Hair Design Benicia CA 94510-3413
Super Image for Men & Women Benicia CA 94510-1907
Supercuts Benicia CA 94510-1907
Synergy Hair Benicia CA 94510-3268
Waterfront Nail Salon Benicia CA 94510-0515

Hair Salons Vallejo CA
A Step Above Vallejo CA 94591-7449
Absolute Tranquility Day Spa Vallejo CA 94590-4677
Adolfo Hair Studio Vallejo CA 94590-5432
Adrienne Vallejo CA 94591-5709
Al-Hasson Braids & Beauty Vallejo CA 94590-6018
Amelia's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94590-6010
An Elegant Affair Salon Vallejo CA 94591-5545
Ann's Braids & Designs Salon Vallejo CA 94590-5912
Any Hair Vallejo CA 94591-5452
Armida Specialty Salon Vallejo CA 94590-3307
Aubrey Marie Salon Vallejo CA 94591-5545
Barbering & Cosmetology Vallejo CA 94591-3617
Beauty Solutions Vallejo CA 94591-7271
Bellisima Estetica & Skin Care Vallejo CA 94590-4547
Belva's Hair Designs Vallejo CA 94590-5337
Broadway Hair Salon Vallejo CA 94590-2405
CP Beauty Vallejo CA 94589-2200
California Cuts Vallejo CA 94591-3706
Cecilia's Hair Salon Vallejo CA 94590-5126
Cecy's Hair Salon Vallejo CA 94590-6010
Cindy's Nail & Hair Vallejo CA 94591-5612
City Hair Vallejo CA 94589-1691
Color N Cuts Vallejo CA 94589-1900
Corkrean & Corkrean Hair Vallejo CA 94590-6016
Cuts Plus Vallejo CA 94589-1660
Cutting Edge Vallejo CA 94590-4430
Designer Cuts Vallejo CA 94591-3650
Devyn's Salon & Spa Vallejo CA 94591-8039
Donna Scrivner Vallejo CA 94591-5709
Estetica Gabby 2 Vallejo CA 94590-4563
Estetica Gaby Vallejo CA 94590-4422
Estetica Unisex America Vallejo CA 94590-3321
Face It Beauty Vallejo CA 94590-6006
Frederico's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94591-5512
Gemini 2 Vallejo CA 94591-5709
George Datiles Vallejo CA 94591-5545
Ha Vallejo CA 94591-8152
Hair for You Vallejo CA 94591-4865
Hair Gallery Vallejo CA 94590-6012
Hair Jazz Vallejo CA 94590-4629
Hair Paradise Vallejo CA 94590-6043
Hair Seductions Vallejo CA 94590-6011
Hairtage Salon Vallejo CA 94590-6219
Harmony Beauty & Spa Center Vallejo CA 94590-6102
Head Hunter's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94589-2077
Icu Image Salon Vallejo CA 94590-5946
Image Salon ICU Vallejo CA 94590-5946
India's Beauty Mecca Vallejo CA 94590-4555
Ja Vona's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94589-2043
Jazz & Co Vallejo CA 94590-6011
Jazzy Jen's Hair Design Vallejo CA 94590-5917
Jerry's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94591-5451
Joe the Barber Cuts & Styles Vallejo CA 94590-4545
Judith Hair Salon Vallejo CA 94591-6503
Judy Nails Vallejo CA 94591-5452
Kim's Beauty Care Vallejo CA 94591-8662
Lara's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94590-5432
Laureen Martinez-Cross Vallejo CA 94591-5545
Letitia's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94590-2929
Lettys Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94590-6456
Lili's Hair Salon Vallejo CA 94590-4519
Look Vallejo CA 94590-2946
Lynn's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94589-2560
Lyn's Hair On the Hill Vallejo CA 94591-4281
Marlina Quidit Vallejo CA 94591-5451
Minh Vallejo CA 94591-5566
Ms Mona's & Friends Hair Salon Vallejo CA 94590-6002
My African Heritage Vallejo CA 94589-2077
Myer Lisa Benson Hairstylist Vallejo CA 94589-2616
Nancy Riviera Vallejo CA 94591-6503
Neda's Beauty Palace Vallejo CA 94591-5545
New Attitudes Vallejo CA 94589-2114
Oasis Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94589-1908
One Step Beyond Vallejo CA 94591-4019
Orlando's Vallejo CA 94590-5323
Pat's Headquarters Vallejo CA 94591-5545
Patty's Salon Vallejo CA 94590-5917
Psalms 23 Hair Studio Vallejo CA 94590-2946
Rich Arts Innovations Vallejo CA 94589-1908
Rita Mimick Vallejo CA 94590-5917
Rocky's Cut & Curl Vallejo CA 94591-5451
Rose's Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94590-4451
Salon Cillouettes Vallejo CA 94590-5912
Salon De Belleza Y Joreria Vallejo CA 94589-1970
Shear Perfection Vallejo CA 94590-2983
Shirley Dominguez Vallejo CA 94591-5709
Sisters in Style Vallejo CA 94589-2077
Smooth Operators Vallejo CA 94591-5545
Studio H Salon Vallejo CA 94590-6033
Supercuts Vallejo CA 94591-3680
Supplies World Beauty Vallejo CA 94589-2200
Tennessee Station Vallejo CA 94590-4548
Unique Nails Vallejo CA 94591-3704
Universal Cuts Vallejo CA 94590-6931
Vallejo Hair & Nail Design Vallejo CA 94590-2918
Vanny's Hair Styling Vallejo CA 94590-3813
Virgie Lozada Vallejo CA 94591-5545
Whip It Up Beauty Salon Vallejo CA 94590-6445
Y2k Hair Cuts Vallejo CA 94591-5610






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