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How to Find the Best Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County

When you are preparing for a new construction project, hiring good civil engineers in Los Angeles County is a necessary step. Civil engineers in Los Angeles County assess environmental impact and conforming to government regulations. Civil engineers can assess each community's regulations and restrictions and help you navigate through them.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best civil engineers in Los Angeles County and issues related to hiring them.


Updated June 13, 2017

 The TOP 10 Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County CA

Kennedy-Jenks Consultants
(213) 624-6180
707 Wilshire Blvd # 4700
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Areas Served: Marina Del Rey CA, Bel Air CA, Los Angeles CA, Glendale CA, West Hollywood CA, Long ...

Sanford & Associates Engineers
(818) 244-5679
1147 E Broadway # 312
Glendale, CA 91205

Areas Served: Los Feliz CA, Glendale CA, Los Angeles CA, Malibu CA, Long Beach CA, Venice CA, ...

Hopper Engineering Associates
(310) 373-5573
300 Vista Del Mar
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Areas Served: Redondo Beach CA, Los Angeles CA, Santa Monica CA, Long Beach CA, Manhattan Beach CA,...

(213) 223-1400
555 S Flower St # 4400
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Areas Served: West LA, Culver City CA, Malibu CA, Los Angeles CA, Long Beach CA, Century City CA, ...

(310) 476-5555
PO Box 7073
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Areas Served: Los Angeles County incl. Beverly Hills CA, Long Beach CA, Los Angeles CA, Santa ...

Thienes Engineering
(714) 521-4811
16800 Valley View Ave
La Mirada, CA 90638

Areas Served: La Mirada CA, Long Beach CA, Century City CA, Los Angeles CA, Glendale CA, West ...

How to Find the Best Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County 


Land surveyors and civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA are required to be licensed by the State of California , such as with the C license for civil engineers or the L license for land surveyors, based on passing an exam, degrees, and documentation of previous work experience.

Civil engineers or land surveyors in Los Angeles County CA are not required to show proof of worker's comp insurance to the state board in order to get their license, but having such insurance is critical for you as a client because if their employee is injured on your property and the engineering firm doesn't have worker's comp, you could be liable to pay for the injuries and your own insurance may not cover that cost.

Civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA are not required by law to have liability insurance either; however, all civil engineers and land surveyors bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 designation have liability insurance coverage which reimburses their client in the event of any damages or mistakes, in addition to passing all other requirements for certification as Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls with previous customers, hiring only employees legal to work in the U.S., verified license and workers' comp insurance, clean complaint record, and more.

Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County CA Perform Numerous Services

Civil engineering is a broad classification of professional practices. For this reason, most civil engineers specialize in a specific subset of the industry, such as structural engineers, land surveyors, transportation engineers, or geotechnical engineers. It's crucial to successful evaluation and design of your project that the civil engineer you hire can adequately provide for your particular consultation or planning.

All civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA that have been licensed by the State of California are required to be able to provide consultation and structural design for foundations, roads, airports, tunnels, dams, site planning, permit processing, commercial buildings, residential buildings, drainage and sewage systems, masonry walls, retaining walls, bridges, improvements for subdivisions, structural beams and trusses, and general structural design requirements. With such a plethora of proficiency, a detailed interview is necessary to hire the right engineer for the project.

If you're undertaking a new construction project, you can enlist a local engineer to perform initial land planning and construction staking, alta and hydro surveying, area flood level studies and land surveying for plot delineation or boundary disputes. Civil engineers who limit their focus to building design might specialize in winery design, resort design, estate design, and subdivision design. Their knowledge of structural improvements allows them to conduct damage assessments, real estate inspections, investigative engineering, and seismic retrofitting for dams and water supply systems.

Civil engineers that specialize in land planning and geomorphological studies in particular can perform perc tests, grading plans, GPS surveys, soil analysis, topographic map drawing, pond design, and erosion control design. All civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA are required to adhere to and uphold local building codes. Some might have accreditations through the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) or the ANSI (American National Standards Institute).


Structural Engineers in Los Angeles County CA
Structural engineering is a specialty within civil engineering. Structural engineers in Los Angeles County CA create drawings and specifications, perform calculations, review the work of other engineers, write reports and evaluations, and observe construction sites.  The best structural engineers in Los Angeles County CA are specialists in the field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads.



Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County CA Consult on Many Projects
As stated previously, civil engineering is a broad field and professionals within often confine themselves to a particular niche, such as structural engineering as one example. Even within their particular industry subset, civil engineers will exclusively perform one of the phases of engineering design. Many civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA prefer to consult on the initial planning aspect of the process. They may offer environmental planning, construction planning, structural planning, water resource planning, geotechnical planning (with the proper licensure), or fire protection system planning.

Those civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA who focus their skills on design span the field. They work with transportation design, hydraulic design, construction design, and even swimming pool design. Planning or design civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA can consult on almost any building project, and, at times, will follow through to the construction phase.



Some Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County Are Much Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these civil engineers in Los Angeles County: KNBS Inc, Thienes Engineering, Psomas, Hopper Engineering Associates, Kennedy-Jenks Consultants, Sanford & Associates Engineers. Other civil engineers in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, Long Beach and Redondo Beach CA who might still be in business include: .




Questions to Ask Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County CA 

Step 1: Describe Work to the Los Angeles County CA Civil Engineers

Be prepared to explain what you'll need from your civil engineer. Elaborate on your reasons for the consultation, whether the changes are the result of a natural disaster, the type of property you need consulting for, and how much you are willing to spend. Be consistent in the way that you present the information so each civil engineer can generate an equally informed evaluation and estimate.

Step 2: Ask Questions of the Civil or Structural Engineers in Los Angeles County CA & Take Thorough Notes

You'll want to be sure that your consulting civil engineer is not only proficient in his field, but a fair businessman as well. This list of questions can be used to glean this information from your candidate interview and eventually determine the civil engineer you prefer to work with. Record the conversation for easy reference and comparison later.

• How long have the engineers been licensed civil engineers and licensed structural engineers in Los Angeles County CA? (Long experience with the specific local area suggests better familiarity with local soil and weather conditions, as well as local codes and permit requirements.)

• Do the engineers have experience in the type of work you've described such as land surveyors versus land planning services?

• Will the engineers give you names and numbers of previous clients who you can call as references? (All civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA that bear The Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have already had their clients called by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• How long do the civil engineers expect it to take to complete the engineering process?

• Will the structural engineers provide a written, itemized estimate for the engineering work?

• Will they show you proof of their liability insurance and workers comp insurance? (All civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA that bear The Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have already had their proof of insurance by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• Are there alternatives or modifications to the civil engineering project that could make it more attractive or bring the costs down?

• During the course of the structural engineering work, what might cause the charges to increase?

• Can they show you that all the employees they send to you are legally allowed to work in the U.S.? (All civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA that bear The Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have already already signed an agreement to only hire documented workers.) 

• Will the structural engineers in the Los Angeles County CA provide a warranty for their engineering plans or designs?

• Will permits be needed for the civil engineering work? If so, who will be responsible for getting them, you or the engineers?

• Do the structural or civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA do the engineering work themselves, or do they use a team of technicians working under them?

• Will the local civil engineering firms in Los Angeles County CA provide a written contract for the engineering work?

• What is the engineers' projected price? Does that include the fees for filing permits?

• Can the civil and structural engineers advise through the construction phase?

• Will they show you proof of their California state license, which is required by law? (All civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA that bear The Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have already had their state license verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

After you've identified the best civil engineeers in Los Angeles County CA for your specific needs, make sure they have a good complaint record.  (All civil engineers in Los Angeles County CA that bear The Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have already had their good complaint record verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)



Resources About Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County 

Associations & Licensing
AAWRE American Academy of Water Resource Engineers (
ACSM American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (
ANSI American National Standards Institute (
APWA American Public Works Association (
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers (
BBB Better Business Bureau (
CBPELS California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (
GLIS Geographic and Land Information Society (
NABIE National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (
NSPE National Society of Professional Engineers (

Media & Web Resources
Building Engineer
California Builder and Engineer
Civil Engineering Magazine
Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine
Engineering News Record
Environmental Science and Engineer Magazine

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County within the following zip codes.

90407, 91301, 90806, 90062, 90306, 90031, 90263, 90406, 90835, 90501, 90637, 90847, 90220, 90057, 90027, 90652, 90066, 90015, 90050, 90045, 90023, 90074, 90822, 90042, 90026, 90209, 90662, 90293, 90058, 90403, 90210, 90638, 90239, 90401, 90706, 90275, 90302, 90702, 90651, 90053, 90012, 90264, 90029, 90222, 90039, 90715, 90213, 90660, 90308, 90707, 90067, 90832, 90853, 90266, 90201, 90065, 90802, 90261, 90021, 90068, 90028, 91302, 90232, 90248, 90051, 90808, 90221, 90020, 90805, 90747, 90075, 90077, 90247, 90013, 90732, 90064, 90035, 90084, 90846, 90063, 90230, 90070, 90710, 90251, 90804, 90016, 90410, 90505, 90272, 90022, 90043, 90848, 90714, 90202, 90807, 90405, 90303, 90309, 90723, 90018, 90307, 90044, 90746, 90292, 90076, 90071, 90748, 90072, 90048, 90717, 90095, 90670, 90255, 90301, 90409, 90713, 90061, 90262, 90078, 90231, 90233, 91376, 90082, 90211, 90033, 90240, 90749, 90294, 90086, 90265, 90831, 90054, 90101, 90733, 90509, 90290, 90032, 90046, 90296, 90270, 90291, 91377, 90011, 90840, 90038, 90014, 90814, 90402, 90059, 90277, 90508, 90639, 90073, 90241, 90744, 90305, 90040, 90088, 90006, 90734, 90703, 90002, 90311, 90224, 90004, 90755, 90036, 90047, 90049, 90503, 90304, 90034, 90274, 90502, 90010, 90245, 90254, 90815, 90716, 90842, 90081, 90640, 90017, 90833, 90813, 90089, 90506, 90001, 90661, 90005, 90055, 90411, 90671, 90810, 90091, 90295, 90404, 90083, 90080, 90019, 90745, 90510, 90030, 90024, 90060, 90895, 90069, 90087, 90094, 90504, 90041, 90712, 90003, 90267, 90249, 90223, 90212, 90711, 90310, 90025, 90007, 90103, 90189, 90056, 90008, 90009, 90079, 90408, 90096, 90844, 90801, 90834, 90280, 90809, 90650, 90731, 90507, 90250, 90052, 90242, 90704, 90278, 90099, 90260, 90037, 90312, 90701, 90093 and 90803


Civil Engineers Compton CA

Plotnik & Associates Compton CA 90220



Civil Engineers Downey CA

All Cities Consulting Engineer Downey CA 90240

Cds Consulting Group Downey CA 90240



Civil Engineers Glendale CA

Aufbau Corp Glendale CA 91204

George G Boghossian & Associates Glendale CA 91202

Mardian Avedisian & Associates Glendale CA 91206

Rack Engineering Glendale CA 91204

Sanford & Associates Glendale CA 91205

Structural Solutions Glendale CA 91203

TC Engineering Glendale CA 91204

Techna Land Co Glendale CA 91208

Zen Engineering Glendale CA 91208



Civil Engineers Huntington Park CA

Civil Engineering Group Inc Huntington Park CA 90255



Civil Engineers La Mirada CA

JND Engineering La Mirada CA 90638

Thienes Engineering La Mirada CA 90638



Civil Engineers Los Angeles CA

Cordova Corp Los Angeles CA 90012

Dietrich & Associates Los Angeles CA 90065

Kennedy-Jenks Consultants Los Angeles CA 90017

Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc Los Angeles CA 90017

Point Engineering Inc Los Angeles CA 90010

Psomas Los Angeles CA 90071

Site Engineering & Surveying Los Angeles CA 90019

T Kim Associates Los Angeles CA 90057

VCA Los Angeles CA 90063



Civil Engineers Montebello CA

Tadian Engineering Co Montebello CA 90640



Civil Engineers Pico Rivera CA

Villarruel & Associates Pico Rivera CA 90660



Civil Engineers Whittier CA

Nunez Engineering Whittier CA 90601






Civil Engineers Beverly Hills CA

KNBS Inc Beverly Hills CA 90212



Civil Engineers Culver City CA

DMR Team Inc Culver City CA 90230

Paller-Roberts Engineering Culver City CA 90230



Civil Engineers Los Angeles CA

Danmour & Associates Los Angeles CA 90064

Overlook Systems Technologies Los Angeles CA 90045

S2na Structural  Los Angeles CA 90064

Seaboard Engineering Co Los Angeles CA 90035



Civil Engineers Marina Del Rey CA

Obando & Associates Inc Marina Del Rey CA 90292



Civil Engineers Santa Monica CA

HMK Engineering Santa Monica CA 90404

Raymond Scott Santa Monica CA 90405

Warren Goeke Associates Santa Monica CA 90405




Civil Engineers Carson CA

PA Arca Engineering Inc Carson CA 90746

TR Engineering Civil Carson CA 90746

Uniplan Engineering Inc Carson CA 90746



Civil Engineers El Segundo CA

Whitson Engineers El Segundo CA 90245



Civil Engineers Lomita CA

Vicelja Engineering Lomita CA 90717



Civil Engineers Long Beach CA

Ashba Engineers Ltd Long Beach CA 90809

Gunal & Associates Long Beach CA 90815

HDR Long Beach CA 90802



Civil Engineers Manhattan Beach CA

James C Orland Structural Manhattan Beach CA 90266



Civil Engineers Redondo Beach CA

Hopper Engineering Associates Redondo Beach CA 90277






Civil Engineers Torrance CA

Art Assink Associates Torrance CA 90501

Bryant Palmer Soto Inc Torrance CA 90505

Cetech Engineering Torrance CA 90501

Cybersystems Torrance CA 90503

Denn Engineers Torrance CA 90503

RT Quinn & Associates Torrance CA 90501

TW Cooper Inc Torrance CA 90510

















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Questions to Ask Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County CA

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Resources About Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County

The following is a list of licensing & regulatory bodies, associations, and publications related to civil engineers in Los Angeles County.

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