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CWC Financial
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(415) 454-1130, (888) 711-5454
851 Irwin St., Suite 301
San Rafael, CA 94901
License #01430848
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Areas Served: Marin County & Bay Area incl. San Rafael CA, Mill Valley CA, Sausalito, Corte Madera,...
Services: mortgage brokers able to use over 100 lenders for the best low interest home loans, ...

CWC Financial Company Profile

Too many mortgage brokers only offer loans from the few lenders they prefer working with. This means they're not really able to give the best deal and lowest interest rate from among all available loans, and it costs their clients many thousands of dollars more as a result.


CWC Financial, in Marin County, uses cutting edge software to find the best rates in the nation. "I enter my clients' loan criteria and can search hundreds of lenders simultaneously," says owner and founder Charlie Christensen from the CWC office in San Rafael CA. "I find up-to-the-minute results that tell which lenders have the best rates, so we can find all of our clients the best deals and save them a lot of money."


Finding the Best Deal

Your mortgage broker has to do their job right, or chances are you won't get the best deal. "If your broker isn't doing all they can to search for the lowest rates, they're not doing their job," says Charlie Christensen. "I do things differently. When I am working for a client, finding them the best loan is my only job."

With most loans through banks or other brokers, you can't be sure what your closing costs will be. Charlie Christensen guarantees your final costs up front in writing. "Once we've locked in a rate, I guarantee that is exactly what will be on the closing table," he says.

How can he do that? "First off, I use the best technology to find the best rates. I also research the numbers from the title company, the lender and the appraiser," Charlie Christensen says. "I do a good job of staying on top of those third party fees and I hold them to account. That is how I can guarantee and deliver such low rates."

During a research phone call, a customer named Michael said, "I liked working with Charlie, and he was able to close the loan very fast." Another client named Richard said, "They know what they are doing and they have a lot of resources." John noticed CWC Financial "Followed up on new rates constantly." And working with Charlie Christensen had great results for Julie, who said, "I got the rate I wanted."


A Client Advocate

It's hard to find an advocate in the mortgage business, but customers say CWC Financial helps get them the money they need at rates they can afford. During an independent research phone call, a client named Wendy talked about her experience with Charlie Christensen.  "I have confidence in Charlie," she said. "I trust him and his expertise. I trust his flow, his abilities and his integrity as a person."

And customer confidence is what Charlie Christensen and CWC Financial provide. "I am their advocate and our service is all about the client's best interest," he says. "I help them find and lock in the best rate so they get the mortgage they need without unnecessary hassle and expense. Everything I do as a client advocate is geared to help my customers."

Clients see the benefit from this attitude of service. In response to research phone calls, a client named Kathleen said, "They made me comfortable, and they listened to my concerns." Gary said, "Their follow up and communication skills were excellent." John said, "They were convenient and hassle free." And a customer named Judith said, "They gave me personalized attention."

You want to reach someone when you call your mortgage broker, not leave messages or struggle through an automated phone system. CWC Financial staff answer phone calls and provide immediate service. CWC Financial also sends out regular email newsletters to keep their customers up-to-date with the newest in mortgage trends and information.

They also keep in touch with clients through email. In fact, CWC Financial uses technology to simplify their customers' lives. During a research call about his experience getting a loan through CWC Financial, a busy client named Mark raved, "It was all done via e-mail."


Investing in Education

Few mortgage brokers have credentials beyond the required state licenses. Charlie Christensen is a CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist). "That means I've gone through training on mortgage planning, equity management and managing cash flow," he said. "I also have in-depth analysis training so I can advise clients on the long-term results of their mortgages."

CMPS training is expensive, time consuming and complicated, but that hasn't stopped Charlie Christensen. "I go the extra mile because I want my clients to have access to the best information in the mortgage industry," he says. "I can only provide that level of service if I invest in further education."

Charlie Christensen got his start working alongside an experienced broker and learned the business from the ground up in a bank mortgage division. He was interested in the growing influence of technology in the lending field, so he and a partner created a mortgage software company shortly before Charlie opened CWC Financial.

"I've had experience in all areas of the mortgage field," he says. "From retail and wholesale to technology and compliance. This helps me serve clients who have different levels of experience because I have a background that is rare in this business."

Reputation and honor mean a lot to Charlie Christensen. "As a third-generation San Rafael native, my family's reputation and standing in the community go way back," Charlie says. "My grandpa was a judge in the San Rafael courthouse and my uncle was the chief of police. I take my ties to the community seriously and that means I do what I say I'll do."

Charlie Christensen's love for the San Rafael community is obvious in his outreach in the family's church and children's school, St. Anselm. Charlie serves on church and school boards and as pastoral counsel.

In 1991, Charlie Christensen married his college sweetheart. The couple has two kids, a 12-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. The Christensen family enjoys outdoor activities like camping and boating, and they take frequent trips to Lake Pillsbury, Lake Baryessa, Lake Sonoma and Tahoe where they wake board and inner tube. The family loves snow, and their favorite winter destination is Tahoe. "We're active and we love spending time together," says Charlie Christensen. "Being with family is what we do best."

Charlie Christensen and CWC Financial, located in Marin County, have a simple business philosophy. "When we say we will do something, we do it. We put it in writing up front," says Charlie. "We have a no surprises policy, and that means we get our clients the best rate."