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Holeman Remodeling
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(510) 714-0558
Hayward, CA 94541
State Contractor's License #869202
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 ADDA (American Design Drafting Association) Hands of Mercy

Areas Served: Alameda County incl. Hayward CA, Oakland CA, Alameda, Albany, Ashland, Berkeley, ...
Services: new countertops, counter top installers
Key Brands: Laticrete SpectraLOCK Grout, Schluter Systems

Holeman Remodeling Company Profile

Sometimes you walk into a friend's newly remodeled kitchen and you think that new tile looks so great and you're maybe a little jealous of it. But you might not be if you knew it won't take long before that new tile work is stained, and possibly harbors mold.   How can that be avoided?

We interviewed Paul Holeman, owner  of the Alameda County firm Holeman Remodeling in Hayward CA who's not only a tile contractor but also a general contractor for everything including remodeling, cabinets, countertops, fire and water damage repair, floors, window replacements and more. Paul is especially an expert on tile installations meant to hold their sanitary surface and like-new look for years, with skillful grout lines and the latest innovations in value-saving tile technology.

Holeman Remodeling in Alameda County About Getting Your Money's Worth
Paul Holeman explains, "Remember, to get your money's worth, tiles need to serve a purpose, not just look pretty."  And he says that it doesn't necessarily have to boil down to a choice between form and function. You can have both.  Yet too often people choose cut-rate upfront pricing and sacrifice long term performance, leading to an unnecessary waste of money.   During his ten years in the industry, Paul Holeman has seen consumers that chose nice, quality, tiles but then hired a contractor who set these expensive materials badly; creating overly large grout lines or without proper insulation or lining, sometimes due to inexperience and sometimes rushing to keep their hours low and make more profit.  In either case, the customer ended up paying way more in needed repair than if they had hired the right contractor to begin with.  

The cheapest contractors often set tiles too far apart, sometimes to use less tile. The problem with that? Paul explains, "Those grout lines are very large, and combined with the antiquated, old-time grout that's been around in the industry forever and is very porous, it's almost impossible to keep clean. It stains and grows mold."

Holeman Remodeling prevents stains and mold by using better grout. Paul Holeman says, "We give customers a longer lasting job with the benefits of epoxy grout. You never have to seal it, it's easy to maintain, and I keep the lines small and tight. I show customers a series of pictures from before, during and after the jobs to show that I'm skilled in small grout lines that keep clean and look better."

Schluter System Protects Tile From Holeman Remodeling in Hayward CA
Another common problem with tile work done by other contractors is water damage under the tile.  But Paul Holeman prevents water damage with another innovation in technology. He says, "We use a special method called the Schluter System. It's a 100% waterproof system. It makes for a super clean finish. It isolates movement in the subfloor from the tile and grout and eliminates the cracking so common in other tile work."

Why does Paul Holeman make the extra effort for clients by using modern epoxy grout and the Schluter System? He says, "Not many guys in this industry know how to use it because it takes extra skill to work with. And most other setters become stuck in their ways using dated materials. My customers appreciate that I stay current with the newest, best products that lets their tile last longer, look better, and retain its value."  

Getting the Owner's Experience with Holeman Remodeling in Hayward CA
You might be impressed with the experience of the tile company owner you spoke to, but know that if it's a large company, chances are you won't get the benefit of that experience on your job, which will be worked by less experienced crew. Also, there are disappointments caused when the person you spoke with initially, who heard your concerns and made certain promises, hands off your job to someone new.  Unlike those companies, customers of Alameda County firm Holeman Remodeling get the company owner on every job, and the misunderstandings caused by other companies are avoided since he's the one you speak with initially and the one doing your work.

Paul Holeman lives in Hayward CA, was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a father of four. After serving in the Navy, Paul earned a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design from High Tech Institute.   Hands on experience in interior remodeling revealed his natural aptitude and love for tile work.  When he can find time off, he enjoys being outdoors, four-wheeling, camping, and mountain bike riding.  Friends and family describe him as talented, and customers know him as easy to get along with, hardworking, punctual and fair. Paul believes that we're all here to help each other and he lives that belief by helping with events and donating repairs to two local churches in San Leandro, Creekside and Halcyon. He's also a volunteer with Hands of Mercy, where Paul is part of the pre-assembly team for a basic shelter for needy families, which he then drives on a trailer to Mexico where he's also part of the crew that meets with the receiving family and their pastor and erects the small home over a weekend.

Customers of Holeman Remodeling get the owner Paul Holeman's  experienced craftsmanship on every job unlike larger companies with less experienced crew, and the value-saving benefits of innovative technology applied skillfully to avoid stains, mold, and cracking found so often in other tile work, as well as expertise in remodels, damage repair, floors, cabinets, windows and more.