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Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc.
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(925) 754-5232
309 East 18th St.
Antioch, CA 94509
State Contractors License #787499
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10  Diamond Certified  Better Business Bureau NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry)

Areas Served: Contra Costa County incl Walnut Creek CA, San Ramon, Danville CA, Blackhawk, Diablo ...
Services: remodeling contractors for all home remodeling & home repair needs including fire & ...

Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. Company Profile

Time and money. There's rarely enough of either. Ask any homeowner, and they'll tell you that never is this more true than during a remodel or repair. Finding the right contracting company to trust with your home, your budget and your time is one of the biggest hurdles of any renovation.

Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc in Contra Costa: Communicating the Facts

Ken Turnage is the owner of Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. in Antioch CA, a firm that does everything related to the home including remodeling and repairs. He tells us that communication is the key to every successful job.

"Pick the contractors you have good communication with," says Ken Turnage. "If you can't communicate with the person who will be working on your house, you'll never be happy with the project."

Customers of Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc., (also known as K2GC, Inc.) whom we spoke to for this article back this up.

"He was honest and completed his job when he said he would," said Carolyn, a customer, during a research call for this article. "He was prompt and had good communication."

Anyone who has experienced a remodel with an uncommunicative contractor knows that there is nothing more frustrating than being caught off guard by construction on a day that's unexpected, or expecting a crew that never shows up. Ken Turnage avoids this problem by giving his clients a job itinerary before work begins. In rare cases when timeline changes need to be made, Ken and his staff at K2GC, Inc. call the homeowner no later than day before to let them know about the shift.

He also creates for each client a line-by-line estimate before the start of the job so the homeowner knows the exact bottom line.

Talking About Success At K2GC in Antioch CA

Ken Turnage isn't afraid to hand out references to potential K2GC, Inc. clients. "I let the customer do their own research and call my reference list. I like to give them not only past customers, but ongoing customers, too—jobs we're still in the middle of," Ken Turnage says. "Anyone can cherry-pick happy past customers, but calling customers while job is still underway is a good rendition of how we treat customers because it's still fresh in their mind."

A common construction complaint is the mess that always seems to be left behind. Ken Turnage takes pride in his team's efforts to limit the impact on homeowners.

"We properly tape off and mask the area to contain dust. We also contain our work to the area we're working on by putting up a vapor barrier so that dust can't travel to other rooms," Ken Turnage says. "We leave the job in a clean, professional manner each day."

During a research call, recent customer Sinde cited the cleanliness of Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. as a perk of working with the company. "Everything was picked up and they never left a mess," she said.

Kenneth R Turnage in Contra Costa County: A Personal Stake

There is often a correlation between the lowest bidder and lower satisfaction among clients who mistakenly chose the cut-rate option. Ken Turnage says he prefers to charge a modest and fair rate and then offer real value in the form of strong communication and a hard-day's work. "If you're looking for company who returns call same day and show up on time," he says, "that's us."

Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. features one-hour appointment windows in respect for customer schedules. Homeowners don't need to put their entire day on hold waiting for workers to arrive. Ken Turnage also promises to return all phone calls within 24 hours, giving K2GC, Inc.'s customers prompt attention.

It is important to know exactly who is in your home. Other contractors hire workers through labor pools, meaning they don't always know the people working in your house. Not only is it poorer quality but, it can also be a threat to your family and property. On the other hand, real employees work harder and more safely for a company because they have a personal stake.

K2GC, Inc. employs a dependable staff of proven professionals. Ken Turnage has a rigorous application process and ensures that all of his workers are safe and competent.

The nuances of construction aren't new to Ken Turnage. At the age of 12, he began working with his father's construction company, starting first with demolition. He quickly found personal satisfaction in helping to rebuild fire-ravaged homes. Ken Turnage worked with the family business for 18 years before founding Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. in 2000.

Beyond the Basics With K2GC, Inc

Along with traditional contractor services, K2GC, Inc. also offers fresh and exclusive services to their customers.

K2GC, Inc. features a home maintenance program to help customers stay ahead of potential problems. A qualified professional visits customer homes and checks for common safety and performance issues, including sinks and drains, visible plumbing, indoor and outdoor weather stripping and sealants, downspouts and water heater supply lines. Having a technician on hand gives homeowners security by diagnosing impending troubles, and either repairing them or advising of the best actions for their particular situation.

Before the remodeling process can begin, consumers need a plan. Ken Turnage and his staff also offers on-site kitchen and bath design. For homeowners who want to be involved in creating the kitchen or bath they've always dreamed of, K2GC, Inc. provides an in-home meeting with design and materials specialists to help craft a one-of-a-kind space.

Moving past basic renovation, the professionals at K2GC, Inc. are specialists in fire and water damage. Much of their business is insurance-approved fire and water damage repair. According to Ken Turnage, fire repair isn't a field just any company can tackle-it's a specialty.

"You need to make sure a place doesn't have smoke smell when the job is done. We're supposed to take care of that. There's not a separate service to fumigate," Ken Turnage says. He's also concerned about minimizing the impact on a family that has already faced enough trouble and frustration. Ken says, "The main thing is timeline scheduling, so the family isn't disrupted or out of home longer than they have to be."

Community Appeal

From his earlier years working with his father's company to his present role as a husband and father, family is a priority for Ken Turnage. He knows family is just as important to his clients, and he makes it his job runs a family-friendly business. The office at K2GC, Inc. is clean and inviting, and the waiting room features an aquarium filled with exotic fish to occupy kids while parents meet with the staff.

Ken Turnage's involvement in the community impacts more than just his own clients. Recently, he gave away tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. Spurred to action after hearing how ticket scalpers were charging parents hundreds of dollars for the kid-focused event, Ken Turnage made a statement by purchasing a luxury suite at the venue and then holding a free raffle for the 10 tickets he didn't need for his two daughters and two nieces.

Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. also values and honors the sacrifices of teachers, military, police and fire department personnel and veterans through the K2GC, Inc. Stars and Stripes Program. Public servants committed to bettering the community receive a 10% discount on contracting services.

Through his dedication to a more personal form of business, Ken Turnage's clients easily see that he is more than a typical general contractor. A customer named Katie in Walnut Creek summed it up when she said during a research phone call, "Everyone always told us that having your kitchen remodeled can be an agonizing time. But we had a wonderful experience! I would recommend Mr.Turnage and his company to anyone and they should consider themselves and their home very lucky to be under his care."