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Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc.
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(925) 754-5232
309 East 18th St.
Antioch, CA 94509
State Contractors License #787499
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10  Diamond Certified  Better Business Bureau NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry)

Areas Served: Contra Costa County incl Walnut Creek CA, San Ramon, Danville CA, Blackhawk, Diablo ...
Services: remodeling contractors for all home remodeling & home repair needs including fire & ...

Kenneth R. Turnage II General Contractor, Inc. Customer Reviews

"Everyone always told us that having your kitchen remodeled can be an agonizing time. But in contrast to what they all said, we had a wonderful experience!! Ken Turnage and his crew were always on time, very professional and courteous, did beautiful construction work, and always cleaned up after themselves. In addition, Ken gives creative, sound advice and is well informed of present-day civic codes. I would recommend Mr.Turnage and his company to anyone and they should consider themselves and their home very lucky to be under his care. " 

—Katie, Walnut Creek CA



"I am only sorry I did not think to do it sooner as we certainly are very much appreciative and love the work you did on the house. I can't tell you how many people have commented on it."

— Mary Jane, Pleasant Hill CA



"KT2 Construction has done several construction and remodeling projects at our home. We have been very happy and satisfied with all their work, done professionally, on time and on budget. The staff is friendly, helpful and neat. We enthusiastically recommend this firm." 

— Sinde, Oakley CA

"Ken Turnage brings all the elements of quality to his work as a contractor. He makes sure the job is done to your satisfaction. He will spend the time and attention necessary to make sure the work is done correctly and on time. When problems arise, he is easy to talk to and remembers prior discussions. If the matter must be resolved by re-doing the task; he does so without acrimony, hostility or price gouging. He requires that his employees and subs are polite, honest and prompt. His pricing is fair and competitive. Ken has overseen multiple projects--a kitchen remodel, fire restoration of a whole house requiring housing displacement, installation of new heating systems, roofing and closet repairs over a four year period. We have been consistently pleased with Ken's work and work ethic." 

— Bill and Susan, Antioch CA



The following are verbatim responses made during research phone calls to randomly selected customers:

"He did what he said he would do. He was always on time for all of his appointments."
- Debbie P.

"He was very efficient and worked well with everyone." - P.R.C.

"He was very courteous and got down to work right away. He was very helpful, kind, and was constantly checking on his employees."
- Rose C.

"He was honest and completed his job when he said he would. He was prompt and had good communication." - Carolyn M.
"Their businesslike approach, and they were prompt." -Barbara V.

"The quality of their work was good, and they communicated well with us. They updated us with the status of the job. I thought they did great." -Bernadette G.

"His professionalism, and the work was great. I was satisfied." -Brenda R.

"Everything was done well. They were fast, and the service was good. They did a good job." -Francisco Q.

"He was neat and tidy with all of his work. He was also easy to get a hold of, and it was easy to get a response from him. He delivered as he said he would and on schedule." -Gerald S.

"They showed up on time, and they did what they were supposed to do. They were very professional." -Jack B.

"The quality of his work, he did a good job." -Jarod S.

"He showed up when he said he was going to, and he did what he said he was going to do." -Jodi F.

"Price, workmanship and everything else, I thought they did a pretty good job." -Ken M.

"His promptness, professionalism, and his quality of work" -Nancy S.

"His workers, as they were very dedicated to the job. The workers were very friendly, on time, and I thought they did a very good job. I was satisfied with everything." -Raymond J.

"They are prompt, clean, and they finish their work on time. Their one on one interaction with the homeowner is good. All aspects of their work are very good." -R.A.H.

"I liked their attention to detail. They found asbestos underneath my linoleum. I only had one toilet. They went out of their way to assist me. I was very pleased. They went out of their way to make sure we had working facilities by the evening." -Roger M.

"Everybody was on time, polite, and very respectful of my space. I was very happy with their service." -Terry H.

"He did a great job, and he was very concerned about all of the things that I needed. I made a suggestion, and he was able to follow through with all of the things that I wanted." -Tony L.

"Their pricing, the quality of service, the cleanliness, and their quick response time" -William G.

"They were timely." -Cici M.

"They did a good job. They helped us with our problem. Kenneth was a very nice person." -Flora R.

"The service" -Jane M.

"They were friendly, fairly expedient, and they kept the place clean while they worked. I thought they did a pretty good job." -Pat S.

"He delivered quickly. He did what he said he would do." -Phyllis T.

"He seemed to know what he was talking about. He gave references to other customers. I could call anytime with questions, and he would always call me back." -Robert D.

"Quick and reliable" -Mary M.

"He did what he said he would do. He was always on time for all of his appointments." -Debbie P.

"He was very efficient and worked well with everyone." -P.R.C.

"He was very courteous and got down to work right away. He was very helpful, kind, and was constantly checking on his employees." -Rose C.

"The way they handled the estimate, and their workmanship was great." -Elma D.

"They were honest, personable, and reasonable." -Dan S.
"They were very prompt. We had paint that was fifteen years old and was very hard to match, but they matched the paint really well." -Yuval W.

"The work was done in a very timely manner. The crew was very friendly, professional, and they cleaned up after themselves." -Bill G.

"The personal service" -C.R.

"He always did what he said." -Ellis C.

"His attention to detail, and he was quick to react. He was very easy to communicate with and very responsive. I just think he's great." -Derek C.

"Professionalism, quality of work, and he did a great job." -Carrie B.

"They were prompt, clean, and they cleaned up their mess." -Eddie P.

"His ability to complete the job in a timely fashion. He is also very good with customers." -Leonard B.

"His professionalism, he was just great to work with." -Kathy T.

"When they said they were going to start the job, they did. They didn't make me wait. Everything went very smoothly, and they accommodated me when I asked for an earlier start date. Every time I called they answered right away. Also, the people he sent were good people." -Mr. V.

"He was dependable, on time, courteous, and he did good work." -Jan A.

"He was fast. He got out there and got the job done." -Phillip

"He was honest and completed his job when he said he would. He was prompt and had good communication." -Carolyn M.

"Their cleanliness, everything was picked up and they never left a mess. They always explained things to me if I was confused about something, or misunderstood what they were doing." -Sinde B.

"Very efficient, very clean, good communication" -Tamara B.

"He was prompt and did good work." -Robert L.

"His honesty, and he gets the job done on time. We've used him twice, and he's just great." -Nancy C.

"He was good at doing what he said he would do, on time and on schedule. He was just very easy to work with." -Bill B.

"He followed through, and he was prompt." -Bob O.

"He did good work, and he was on time." -Michael L.

"They kept their commitments. We were satisfied with the work that they did." -Hugh J.

"Follow-through and communication" -Katie C.

"Timeliness" -Kathy M.

"He was upfront and made everything clear. He was on schedule and timely. He met my expectations." -Dave G.

"I was pleased with the overall service. I liked dealing with Kenneth. He was very polite and straightforward. It got done when he said it would be done. Overall, I would not hesitate recommending him. Being a woman having to deal with that, they were easy to work with." -Gloria H.

"They had an upfront price quote. They were willing to work with the customer, and willing to make adjustments when necessary." -Ray S.

"They came in, did the job correctly, and they were on time." -Richard K.

"He was always on time, and he did a great job." -Linda F.
"He's a good guy and tends to make you feel at ease." -Ernis C.

"He used his talents to do a good job on the installation of the sink." -George M.

"Quality work" -Irma G.

"I liked Ken and the way he conducted his business." -Tricia B.

"He came out and looked at it, then came back and got it done." -Larry B.

"I liked the responsiveness, and the crew was fairly professional." -Gary S.

"Their quick response" -Mr. S.

"He did a good job." -Esmeralda C.


Updated January 16, 2018