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How To Find Good Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA

It can be difficult to discern the good jewelry stores in Alameda County from those that merely stock wholesale jewelry or cheap jewelry. If you need fine diamond jewelry, custom cut gemstone jewelry, or jewelry repairs, only the best jewelry stores in Alameda County CA will do.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best jewelry stores in Alameda County and issues related to buying jewelry & jewelry repair.

Updated November 4, 2016

 The TOP 10 Jewelry Stores in Alameda County CA

Christensen Heller Gallery, Inc.
(510) 655-5952
5831 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618

Areas Served: Oakland CA, Berkeley CA, Alameda CA, Piedmont CA, Emeryville CA, Albany CA
Services: jewelry store in Oakland area for engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond rings

Sather Gate Jewelers
(510) 848-5303
2390 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704

Areas Served: Berkeley CA, Albany CA, Emeryville CA, Kensington, Alameda CA, Oakland CA
Services: fine jewelers for silver necklaces, gold necklaces, diamond rings, ring resizing

Sam Bloch Jewelers
(925) 855-0448
1129 B St
Hayward, CA 94541

Areas Served: Hayward CA, San Leandro CA, Castro Valley CA, Ashland CA, Fairview CA
Services: local jewelery store, ring resizing, gold jewelry, jewelry repair, diamond rings

Allphin Jewelers
(510) 357-3442
155 Parrott St
San Leandro, CA 94577

Areas Served: San Leandro CA, San Lorenzo CA, Castro Valley CA, Oakland CA, Ashland CA
Services: jewelers in Hayward area for wedding rings, gold jewelry, diamond rings

Barons Jewelers
(925) 847-3030
1044 Stoneridge Mall Rd
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Areas Served: Pleasanton CA, Livermore CA, Sunol CA, Dublin CA
Services: jewelry store in Dublin area for engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond rings

Dublin Jewelers
(925) 828-4477
7447 Amador Valley Blvd
Dublin, CA 94568

Areas Served: Dublin CA, Pleasanton CA, Livermore CA, Castro Valley CA
Services: local jewelery store, ring resizing, gold jewelry, jewelry repair, diamond rings

Lance Cavalieri Jewelers
(925) 455-4222
1102 E Stanley Blvd
Livermore, CA 94550

Areas Served: Livermore CA, Pleasanton CA, Dublin CA
Services: cut diamonds, resizing rings, diamond jewelry, diamond rings, gold jewelry

D & C Jewelers
(510) 574-1832
36601 Newark Blvd # 71
Newark, CA 94560

Areas Served: Newark CA, Fremont CA, Union City CA, Newark CA, Sunol CA
Services: local jewelry store for jewelry repair, jewelry appraisal, engagement rings, gold

How To Find Good Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA 


There is no state license required for jewelry sales in Alameda County and so no state standard for competency. This makes it all the more significant that all jewelers bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 designation have been evaluated by our research staff, and have had to pass all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, clean complaint record, best business practices, length of time in business, and more.


Whether it's an anniversary present, a graduation gift or a simple expression of affection, new jewelry, custom jewelry or antique jewelry is a timeless choice. When you hand someone such precious jewelry gifts, you want it to reflect the beauty of the gesture. Good jewelry stores in Alameda County CA are mindful of such importance. They offer the purest, highest quality new jewelry and gems and the finest metals in their wide jewelry selection.

Whether you're proposing or adding to your jewelry collection, local jewelry stores in Alameda County CA and diamond dealers offer the selection and value to make your gift of new jewelry an enduring and treasured one. With the help of these articles from The Prime Buyer's Report, you can make an informed decision about the best jewelry stores Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA for you.

Numerous Services Are Performed by Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA
Most good jewelry stores in Alameda County do more than jewelry sales. Many have a GIA- or AGS-certified gemologist, goldsmith or lapidary on staff. These trained jewelers can accurately assess damage or value, make jewelry appraisals and jewel replacements, accept jewelry on consignment and pawn jewelry, or access directly imported diamonds and wholesale jewelry supplies. These jewelry stores can also custom design and fabricate custom jewelry using state-of-the-art techniques. Using jewelry design programs such as CAM and CAD, they can render a prototype with 3D thermoplastic modeling. Jewelry pieces are then crafted with precision laser welding and prepared for stone or metal engraving or gemstone setting.

Certified jewelers at jewelry stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA are trained in the many facets of jewelry repair and jewelry design, so they can capably return an aging piece of jewelry to its original state. The best jewelers and jewelry stores of Alameda County CA can perform basic maintenance such as jewelry cleaning, ring sizing, bead and pearl restringing or loose gemstone mounting. They can also take care of bigger jewelry issues, including prong replacement, diamond remounting, gemstone replacement, watch repair (including top brands like Rolex watches), total jewelry restoration, jewelry setting repair and chain repair.

In addition to the jewelry experts on staff, some jewelry stores in Alameda County have qualified jewelers available for piercing as well. With the finest education and experience in the jewelry retail industry, jewelery stores can sell the finest jewelry materials from around the world and care for your jewelry with the attention to detail that you require.

Jewelry Stores in Alameda County CA Sell and Customize a Variety of Gems and Metals

Good jewelers may have sizable collections of new jewelry or custom jewelry with different styles, gemstones and settings. They sell most gemstones, including birthstones, jade, opal, black opal, peridot, blue topaz, citrine, pink tourmaline, amber and amethyst. Alameda County jewelery stores also sell or care for garnet, aquamarine, pearls, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pink sapphires, tanzanite, and of course, diamonds in all cuts and mounts. They may also work with onyx, moissanite, cubic zirconia, diamonique, costume jewelry, faux jewelry, "knock-off" jewelry, turquoise, glass, Venetian glass beads, mother of pearl or ceramic jewelry.

Selections vary and may include used merchandise, such as estate jewelry, antique jewelry, Victorian jewelry, vintage jewelry, pocket watches, gold coin jewelry and cameos. New products include most of the standards: tennis bracelets, gold necklaces, earrings, pendants, brooches, pins, charms, or wedding rings, anniversary rings and engagement rings. Additionally, some of the best jewelry stores in the Alameda County sell diamond tennis bracelets, diamond rings, class rings, ID bracelets, mothers' bracelets, children's jewelry, navel rings, toe rings, watches and batteries, crafts, costume jewelry, affordable jewelry, and fashion accessories. Custom jewelry can be set in yellow gold or white gold (10k, 14k, 18k or 24k), sterling silver, titanium, tungsten, copper, vermeil or platinum.

With these materials, the best jewelry artisans can usually set gem stones with any of your preferences, including channel settings, solitaire settings, sidestone settings, three-stone settings, or tension mounts. Different jewelers work with different styles, from classic, to contemporary, to world fashions. They may stylize African jewelry, Hawaiian jewelry, macramé or costume jewelry. Several jewelry stores have staff lapidaries as well, and at your request will cut diamonds and gemstones to round cuts, princess cuts, asscher cuts, marquis cuts, oval cuts, cushion cuts, radiant cuts, pear cuts, heart cuts or emerald cuts. You can enhance your personalized custom jewelry with a number of decorative features, such as filigree, metal leaf accents, crystal accents, diamond accents, rhinestone accents or Navajo accents.

Chocolate Diamonds in Alameda County
Chocolate diamond is a marketing term for brown colored diamonds. Diamonds come in a wide range of colors and even among brown diamonds there are various shades referred to as champagne diamonds, honey diamonds, clove diamonds, cinnamon diamonds, and others. Chocolate diamonds are brown diamonds that are specifically a dark brown diamond.

Colored diamonds used to be considered inferior to traditional white diamonds but chocolate diamonds in Alameda County are growing in popularity, and chocolate diamonds are now found in any setting where you can find white diamonds, such as pendants, bracelets, bridal jewelry, and even chocolate diamond engagement rings.  Chocolate diamonds in Alameda County (and brown diamonds in general) are usually priced less than white diamonds and can be a trendy, budget-conscious alternative.

Some Jewelery Stores in Alameda County CA Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these jewelry stores in Alameda County CA: Christensen Heller Gallery, Inc., Sather Gate Jewelers, Sam Bloch Jewelers, Allphin Jewelers, Barons Jewelers, Dublin Jewelers, Lance Cavalieri Jewelers, D & C Jewelers. Other jewelers in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA that might still be in business include: H C Nelson & Co. Fremont CA, Silver Mind Berkeley CA, Celtic Inheritance CA, Zales Jewelers CA, Crescent Jewelers CA. Didn't find what you wanted with the TOP 10 Jewelry Stores in Alameda County? Then click here to see additional companies in this category.

Knowledge and Certifications Found At Good Jewelery Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA
The best jewelers have acquired voluntary certifications that place them above other jewelry stores. These good jewelry stores may also have certified jewelry specialists and jewelers on staff that add to their quality and expertise. Certifications are earned through national jewelry agencies. Before you begin shopping among jewelry stores in earnest, you might want research this individual jewelry store information as well as good jewelry in general.

Here are several cuts, grades, gems and settings to learn about (e.g., the 4Cs of diamond value, the GIA international diamond grading system), and each characteristic affects the value of a piece of new jewelry. This is particularly useful research if you plan to customize a piece. If you'd like to learn more about variances and pricing in the retail jewelry industry, we suggest you take a look at the sources we've listed in the article "Resources  About Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA".



How to Shop at Good Jewelry Stores in Alameda County CA 

Step 1: Describe Your Jewelry Needs to the Jewelers in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA
Speak to the jewelry store and describe the jewelry you have in mind to their jeweler. Explain gem stone (if any) and metal preferences, as well as the occasion for the jewelry gift. An experienced jeweler can help you determine whether or not the new jewelry is appropriate and may be able to help you find an alternative.

Step 2: Ask Questions About New Jewelry, Jewelry Repair or Fine Watch Repair

Before you consider making a large new jewelry purchase, take everything into account. Aside from jewelry quality and price, ask the jeweler about their industry knowledge and the history of the jewelry store.

• How long have the jewelers been selling jewelry or doing jewelry repair or jewelry appraisal in Alameda County CA?

• Do the Alameda County jewelry stores have certified gemologists, lapidaries, goldsmiths, silversmiths or platinumsmiths on staff?

• Do the jewelry stores make custom jewelry?

• Do the jewelry stores offer ring sizing or ring resizing?

• Where are the gemstones and metals mined?

• What grades of jewelry do the jewelers sell?

• Do the jewelry stores provide warranties if you buy jewelry or fine watches at their jewelry stores?

• Is lifetime jewelry maintenance (such as jewelry cleaning or jewelry repair) included with jewelry sales?

• How do the jewelry stores determine prices for jewelry, diamonds, watches and jewelry repair or fine watch repair?

• Do the jewelry stores do jewelry repair or fine watch repair on site or do they send it out?

Step 3: Make a Preliminary Decision Among Good Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA
After you've visited and/or called a number of good jewelry stores, mentally review each experience. The jeweler with the most accommodating and knowledgeable staff and widest jewelry selection should make the final "cut", and not necessarily the ones with the "best deals on jewelry" depending on your budget and jewelry needs. But also consider the jewelry quality and the level of detail disclosed by the jewelry store staff. Ideally, you want your new jewelry or custom jewelry to retain its true beauty for a lifetime.

Step 4: Final Research of the Good Jewelry Stores in Alameda County CA
When you've made your choice of jewelry store, verify the qualifications of the jeweler and his/her employees. This is particularly important if you plan to use the services of a registered jewelry professional within. If so, check applicable retail jewelry industry certifications from national jeweler associations, such as the Gemological Institute of America, Jewelers of America, and the American Gem Society.

Step 5: Make the Final Decision for Jewelry Sales in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA
Now you can feel confident about your choice of jewelry store. Visit the jewelry stores of your choice and buy your new jewelry and fine watches, but make sure your representative provides a written pricing, quality and warranty agreement on all jewelry sales, jewelry appraising, jewelry cleaning, or jewelry repair and the details about fine watch repair services.



Tips About Jewelry Stores & Jewelry Sales in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA 

Take Care Choosing Among Jewelers in Alameda County CA.
Certain jewelery stores are able to offer great prices because they don't sell above a certain grade of product. Don't be fooled by the first jewelry sales or "best deals on jewelry"—shop around and look for more than visual appeal.

Get it in Writing from the Jewelry Stores.
Purchasing new jewelry is usually not an inexpensive endeavor. That's why you should make sure all details and warranty information on your new jewelry or jewelry repair are on a printed document you can reference for future use.

Take Extra Care with Diamonds Such as Diamond Rings, Diamond Pendants, and Diamond Tennis Bracelets.
Because of the nature and value placed on diamonds and diamond jewelry, do not make an uneducated decision about where or what you buy. Visit the GIA site and study the certifications for grades of stone as well as the "4 Cs" of diamond value (color, clarity, cut and carat weight). Learn about appropriate table percentage (number of diamond cuts) and means of measuring clarity.

Do Your Homework Before You Sign an Agreement with any Local Jewelry Stores.
When you plan on working directly with a jeweler, gemologist or goldsmith, make sure you check appropriate certifications before you get any repairs or accept any design work.

Know Your Rights as a New Jewelry Buyer.
If you do have the misfortune of arriving at an impasse with a jewelry store, know that you are protected by local laws. To find out the details, visit the Web site for the California Department of Consumer Affairs.



Top Jewelry Brands From Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA 

Jewelry stores in Alameda County CA carry many popular jewlery brands and fine watches, including Pandora Jewelry, Hearts on Fire diamond, De Beers, Maurice Lacroix, Rolex watches, Forever 10, Worlds Most Brilliant, Bulova, Pandora, Forever Ten, Guess, A. Jaffe Jewelry, Jean Vitau Jewelry, Parade Jewelry Ann Klein, Baby G, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, DKNY, Diesel, Kenneth Cole, Mark Ecko, Movado, Nautica, Skagen, Tag Heuer, Tommy Hilfiger, Swarovski, Omega watches, Rembrandt Charms, Tacori, Coast Diamonds, Gelin Abaci, Gordon Clark, Herco Jewelry, Ritani jewelry, Aaron Basha, Alberto Parada, Allison


Local Jewelry Stores and Jewelry Brands Sold

De Beers Jewelry

De Beers Jewelry:

DeBeers Diamond Rings
DeBeers Diamond Earrings
DeBeers Diamond Pendants
DeBeers Diamond Bracelets
DeBeers Diamond Necklaces
DeBeers Men's Jewelry
DeBeers Cufflinks

De Beers Watches:

DeBeers Diamond Watches

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelry:

Cocoa Diamond jewelry
Duneier of New York jewelry
Journey Diamond Collection
Right Hand Ring collections

Fred Meyer Watches:

Accutron watches
Bulova watches
Citizen watches
Colibri watches
ESQ watches
Longines watches
Movado watches
Pulsar watches
Seiko watches

Gordon's Jewelers

Gordon's Jewelry:

Blue Lagoon Pearls
Ed Hardy jewelry collection
Edward Mirell men's jewelry
Elle Jewelry
Hello Kitty jewelry collection
Hot Diamonds Charm Jewelry
Mikimoto Pearls
Samuel B. jewelry collection
Simmons Jewelry Co.

Gordon's Watches:

Accutron watches
Bulova watches
Citizen watches
Caravelle watches
Ed Hardy watches
ESQ watches
Hello Kitty watches
Invicta watches
Movado watches
Wittnauer watches

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Jewelry:

Diamond Masterpiece jewelry
Helzberg Radiant Star jewelry
Studio Bonanza
Susan Helmich
Scott Keating
Helzberg Signature Collection
Journey Collection

Helzberg Watches:

Citizen watches
ESQ watches
Movado watches


Jared Galleria of Jewelry

Jared Jewelry:

Hearts Desire Diamonds
Honora Cultured Pearls
Leo Diamonds
LeVian jewelry collection
Open Hearts by Jane Seymour
Peerless Diamonds
Sea Magic Pearls by Mikimoto
Silvermist Diamonds
Simmons Jewelry Co.
Pandora charm bracelets

Jared Watches:

Baume & Mercier watches
Bulova watches
Cartier watches
Citizen watches
Movado watches
Omega watches
Raymond Weil watches
Swiss Army Watches
Tag Heuer watches
ESQ Watches
Tissot watches

JC Penney Jewelry

JC Penney Jewelry:

AuraGento men's jewelry
DiamonArt jewelry
Honora Cultured Pearls
NFL men's jewelry
Right Hand Ring collections

JC Penney Watches:

Armitron watches
Black Hills Gold watches
Bulova watches
Citizen Watches
Disney watches
Gruen watches
Invicta watches
NFL men's watches
Pulsar watches
Relic watches
Wrist Candy watches
Seiko watches
Timex Watches
Wenger watches

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelry:

Gold N Ice jewelry collection
Journey Diamond Jewelry
Mikimoto Pearls
LeVian Chocolate Diamonds
LeVian jewelry collection
Open Hearts by Jane Seymour
Right Hand Ring collection
Sea Magic Cultured Pearls
Silvermist Diamonds
Simmons Jewelry Co.
The Leo Diamond

Kay Watches:

Bulova watches
Citizen watches
Colibri pocket watches
Movado watches
Seiko watches
Wittnauer watches

Macy's Jewelry

Macy's Jewelry:

Betsey Johnson jewelry
CRISLU jewelry collection
D&G Dolce & Gabbana jewelry
Eliot Danori necklaces
Emporio Armani necklaces
Givenchy jewelry collection
Diesel jewelry
Judith Jack jewelry collection
Kenneth Cole jewelry
L'una jewelry collection
Monet jewelry
Moschino jewelry
Ralph Lauren jewelry collection
Right Hand Ring collection
Simmons Jewelry Co.

Macy's Watches:

Bulova watches
Citizen watches
Pulsar watches
Seiko watches

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

Tiffany Jewelry:

Atlas jewelry collection
Cushion jewelry
Elsa Peretti jewelry collection
Etoile jewelry
Frank Gehry jewelry
Jean Schlumberger Jewelry
Paloma Picasso jewelry
Return To Tiffany jewelry
Tiffany Signature jewelry
Victoria jewelry collection

Tiffany Watches:

Atlas watches
Paloma Picasso watches
Tiffany Grand watches
Tiffany Mark watches

Zales Jewelry

Zales Jewelry:

Anat Jewelry Collection
Black & Blue men's jewelry
Blue Lagoon Pearls by Mikimoto
Ed Hardy jewelry
Ed Mirell jewelry collection
Elle Jewelry
Heather Benjamin Jewelry
Hello Kitty jewelry collection
Hot Diamonds Charms
Right Hand Ring collection

Zales Watches:

Bulova watches
Citizen watches
Ed Hardy watches
ESQ watches
Hello Kitty watches
Invicta watches
Movado watches
Wittnauer watches



Research About Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA 

Associations Related to Jewelry Stores in Alameda County
AGA Accredited Gemologist Association (
AGS American Gem Society (
AGTA American Gem Trade Association (
BBB Better Business Bureau (
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (
DCA Diamond Council of America (
GIA Gemological Institute of America (
IJO Independent Jewelers Organization (
ILA International Lapidary Association (
JA Jewelers of America (
JSA Jeweler's Security Alliance (
MJSA Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (
NAJA National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (
SUA Silver Users Association (

Media Regarding Jewelry in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA
18 Karat Gold & Fashion
American Craft
Art Jewelry Magazine
Colored Stone Magazine
JCK Magazine
Jewelry Artist Magazine
Jewelry Crafts Magazine
Lapidary Journal Magazine
MJSA Journal
Modern Jeweler
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Silver Magazine


The Prime Buyer's Guide provides information for the TOP 10 Jewelry Stores in Alameda County within the following zip codes:

94607, 94615, 94550, 94555, 94542, 94541, 94619, 94611, 94603, 94710, 94545, 94712, 94540, 94612, 94543, 94608, 94617, 94538, 94707, 94623, 94552, 94578, 94605, 94614, 94580, 94537, 94620, 94501, 94568, 94613, 94577, 94536, 94502, 94701, 94702, 94551, 94705, 94560, 94546, 94704, 94709, 94606, 94609, 94662, 94602, 94557, 94601, 94708, 94579, 94661, 94544, 94588, 94539, 94624, 94587, 94703, 94586, 94618, 94566, 94610, 94706, 94604 and 94621




Jewelry Alameda CA

Crescent Jewelers Alameda CA 94501
Dennis Jewelry Co Alameda CA 94501
Gigi K Designs Alameda CA 94501
Harbor Bay Jewelers Alameda CA 94502
Seelenbacher Jewelers Alameda CA 94501
Silver Me Alameda CA 94501
Silversword Jewelry & Gifts Alameda CA 94501


Jewelry Albany CA

Gold Center Albany CA 94706
Precision Jewelers II Albany CA 94706
Richard's Jewelers Albany CA 94706


Jewelry Berkeley CA

14 Karats Berkeley CA 94705
AJ's Fine Jewelry Inc Berkeley CA 94710
AM Jewelry & Gifts Inc Berkeley CA 94704
Adornments Berkeley CA 94709
Anni Ayers Forcum Gallery Berkeley CA 94707
Aura Jewelers Berkeley CA 94709
Bill's Trading Post Berkeley CA 94705
Bombay Jewelry Co Berkeley CA 94710
Celtic Inheritance Berkeley CA 94709
Chandani Berkeley CA 94710
Corinthia Peoples Design Berkeley CA 94710
Edelweiss Jewelers Berkeley CA 94705
Gold Palace Jewelers Berkeley CA 94710
Highglow Jewelers Inc Berkeley CA 94710
Jest Jewels Berkeley CA 94710
Jewelry By Stephen Berkeley CA 94705
Jewelry Jewelry Berkeley CA 94704
Joji Yokoi Designs Berkeley CA 94704
Kiss My Ring Berkeley CA 94702
Koko Jewelry Berkeley CA 94704
M Lowe & Co Berkeley CA 94709
Marcie Berman Berkeley CA 94702
Oaks Jewelers Berkeley CA 94707
Pave Fine Jewelry Berkeley CA 94710
Rosebud Gallery Berkeley CA 94707
Sather Gate Jewelers Berkeley CA 94704
Shibumi Studio & Gallery Berkeley CA 94710
Solano Jewelers Berkeley CA 94707
Taber Studios LLC Berkeley CA 94709
Tsering Jewelry Berkeley CA 94704


Jewelry Emeryville CA

Kay Jewelers Emeryville CA 94608
Keepsake Diamond Center Emeryville CA 94608


Jewelry Oakland CA

Angel's Oro Oakland CA 94601
An's Jewelry Oakland CA 94601
Argento Jewelry Oakland CA 94611
Christensen Heller Gallery Inc Oakland CA 94618
Crescent Jewelers Oakland CA 94607
Cristi's Jewelry Oakland CA 94603
Dan's Jewelers Oakland CA 94601
D'Art Productions Oakland CA 94611
Deira Joyeria Oakland CA 94601
Don Roberto Jewelers Oakland CA 94601
Douglas Allen Co Oakland CA 94610
EJ Jewelry Oakland CA 94601
Esparza's Jewelry Oakland CA 94601
Given Gold Jewelers Oakland CA 94611
Gold Tooth Master Oakland CA 94603
Grand Jewelry Repair Oakland CA 94610
Janko Jewelers Oakland CA 94612
Johnny Ko Goldsmith Co Oakland CA 94607
Joyeria Deira Oakland CA 94601
K2 Jewelry Oakland CA 94603
Khai Toan Jewelry Oakland CA 94607
Kim Hoang Jewelry Oakland CA 94606
Kim Hung Jewelry Oakland CA 94607
Kim Long Jewelry Oakland CA 94607
Kim Thanh Jewelry Oakland CA 94607
Kim Tin Jewelry Oakland CA 94612
Kim Van Jewelry Store Oakland CA 94607
Ko Ko's Jewelry Oakland CA 94601
Lacy Metals Oakland CA 94619
Lee's Jewelry Oakland CA 94603
Les Selan Jeweler Oakland CA 94612
Lireille Oakland CA 94611
Lori Bonn Jewelry Oakland CA 94607
Lux Jewelry Oakland CA 94609
Manna Tahiti Pearl Co Oakland CA 94603
Mayfair Jewelers Oakland CA 94612
Melissa Joy Manning Inc Oakland CA 94607
Montclair Jewelers Oakland CA 94611
Oakland Coin & Jewelry Oakland CA 94612
Padilla Enterprises Oakland CA 94619
Pamir Gifts Oakland CA 94603
Pave Fine Jewelry Design Oakland CA 94618
Philippa Roberts Jewelry Oakland CA 94611
Phuong Jewelry Store Oakland CA 94607
Queen's Jewelry Oakland CA 94601
Rocha's Jewelry Oakland CA 94601
SB Jewelry Oakland CA 94601
Silver Lining Jewelry Oakland CA 94610
Spitz Jewelers Oakland CA 94601
Star Jewelry Oakland CA 94603
Swing-N-Rings Oakland CA 94603
TNI Design Oakland CA 94607
Venegas Custom Jewelry Oakland CA 94612
Yes Jewelry Oakland CA 94603




Jewelry Castro Valley CA

Vortman Jewelers Castro Valley CA 94546


Jewelry Hayward CA

BC Jewelry Hayward CA 94544
Bismillah Jewelers Hayward CA 94544
Crescent Jewelers Hayward CA 94545
Deira Joyeria Hayward CA 94544
Diamond Ring Co Hayward CA 94545
Espinosa Jewelry & Boutique Hayward CA 94544
Gold Center Hayward CA 94545
Highline Jewelers Hayward CA 94545
Hira Jewelers Hayward CA 94545
Iced Out Jewelry Hayward CA 94545
Ivana's Jewelry Box Hayward CA 94544
Jewel Time Hayward CA 94545
Jewelry Center Hayward CA 94541
Joyeria Ruby Hayward CA 94544
Kay Jewelers Hayward CA 94545
Sam Bloch Jewelers Hayward CA 94541
Samuels Jewelers Hayward CA 94545
Sona Jewelers Hayward CA 94544
TKH Jewelry Repair Hayward CA 94545
Treasure Island Hayward CA 94545
Viry's Jewelry Hayward CA 94544
Whitehall Jewellers Hayward CA 94545
Zales the Diamond Store Hayward CA 94545


Jewelry San Leandro CA

Allphin Jewelers San Leandro CA 94577
Ava Treasure San Leandro CA 94578
Barons Jewelers San Leandro CA 94578
Beadazzled San Leandro CA 94578
Cesar's Jewelry San Leandro CA 94577
Damoa Jewelry San Leandro CA 94578
Exotic Custom Jewelry San Leandro CA 94578
Gem Depot San Leandro CA 94577
Goldmine San Leandro CA 94578
Kim Brothers Jewelry San Leandro CA 94578
Mandy's Jewelers San Leandro CA 94577
Rocha's Jewelry San Leandro CA 94578
Tom's Jewelry San Leandro CA 94577


Jewelry San Lorenzo CA

Dora Jolleria San Lorenzo CA 94580



Jewelry Dublin CA

CH Jewelers Dublin CA 94568
Dublin Jewelers Dublin CA 94568
Tam's Wholesale Jewelry Dublin CA 94568

Jewelry Livermore CA

Caratti Jewelers Livermore CA 94550
Cash for Diamonds & Gold Livermore CA 94550
Lance Cavalieri Jewelers Livermore CA 94550


Jewelry Pleasanton CA

Ashley & Co Pleasanton CA 94588
Bailey Banks & Biddle Pleasanton CA 94588
Barons Jewelers Pleasanton CA 94588
Cardinal Jewelers Pleasanton CA 94588
Dereck Jewelers Pleasanton CA 94566
Eye Candy Accessories Pleasanton CA 94588
Gallery M Pleasanton CA 94566
Helzberg Diamonds Pleasanton CA 94588
Jewelers Gallery Pleasanton CA 94566
Jewelry & Gifts Pleasanton CA 94566
Kay Jewelers Pleasanton CA 94588
Marting Jewelry & Gift Pleasanton CA 94588
Master Craft Jewelers Pleasanton CA 94566
Montblanc Pleasanton CA 94588
Na Hoku Pleasanton CA 94588
Whitehall Jewellers Pleasanton CA 94588
Zales the Diamond Store Pleasanton CA 94588


Jewelry Fremont CA

AIFA Inc Fremont CA 94538
Anubis Jewelers & Pawn Fremont CA 94538
Chris's Jewelry Fremont CA 94536
Corrie Glass Fremont CA 94536
Fantasy Gems Fremont CA 94538
HC Nelson & Co Jewelers Fremont CA 94538
Janet Shue Fremont CA 94538
Jeweltrain Rock Shop Fremont CA 94539
Kumar Jewelers Fremont CA 94538
M & M Designer Jewelry Fremont CA 94538
Mission Hills Gallery Fremont CA 94538
Prier's Jewelers Fremont CA 94538
R Macias Jewelers Fremont CA 94539
Son of A Jeweler Fremont CA 94538


Jewelry Newark CA

Bhindi's Jewellers USA Newark CA 94560
Crescent Jewelers Newark CA 94560
D&C Jewelers Newark CA 94560
Gems Jeweler Newark CA 94560
Iced Out Jewelry Newark CA 94560
JB Robinson Jewelers Newark CA 94560
Kasaria Jewelers Newark CA 94560
Kay Jewelers Newark CA 94560
Lundstrom Jewelers Newark CA 94560
Roma Jewelry Newark CA 94560
Silva Salvador Garcia Roma Jeweler Newark CA 94560
Treasure Island Newark CA 94560
Waheeda's Libas Newark CA 94560
Whitehall Jewellers Newark CA 94560
Zales the Diamond Store Newark CA 94560


Jewelry Union City CA

Classic Hawaiian Designs Union City CA 94587








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Consumers use the Prime Buyer's Report to avoid the scam, fraud, and businesses with low customer satisfaction.

Independent research conducted by Prime Buyer's Report editors includes phone call surveys with customers of local businesses, checks with state agencies on license and complaint history, verification that each business has insurance coverage to protect you as a customer, phone interviews of business owners, signed agreements that they use only legal workers, and more to determine the businesses that are safe to spend with.

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How to Shop at Good Jewelry Stores in Alameda County CA

Instead of wasting valuable time driving around to visit all new jewelry stores in Alameda County CA, our step-by-step guide contains valuable information about jewelry stores that can meet your needs for new jewelry, jewelry repair or jewelry appraisal needs, including jewelers in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA. more »



Tips About Jewelry Stores & Jewelry Sales in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA

When shopping for everything from wedding rings, engagement rings, tennis bracelets, gold necklaces to gemstones, it helps to be prepared for the interaction with good jewelry stores in Alameda County. So once you have a certain jewelery store in mind, this advice can help you work with those jewelers, goldsmiths gemologists who perform jewelry sales in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA.more »



Top Jewelry Brands From Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA

Good jewelry stores sell and repair most brands of affordable jewelry and fine jewelry. Read further for a list of the brands that can be found at jewelry stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA.more »



Research About Jewelry Stores in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA

The following is a list of publications and associations related to jewelers sales in Hayward, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont CA.

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