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Environmental Remedies, Inc.
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(925) 461-3285, (888) 710-2414
3910 Valley Ave
Pleasanton, CA 94566
State Contractors License #840442
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Areas Served: Alameda County incl. Berkeley CA, Oakland CA, Fremont CA, Alameda CA, Emeryville CA, ...
Services: mold removal & mold remediation, lead removal, asbsestos removal, removal of ...

Environmental Remedies, Inc. Company Profile

Hazardous materials like lead, mold and asbestos pose serious health risks. So you need an experienced environmental hazards company that knows what it takes to restore your home or business to safe and healthy condition.

We found the Alameda County company Environmental Remedies, Inc. in Fremont CA with a reputation among satisfied clients as the experienced choice for removal of mold, lead, asbestos, and hazardous materials serving residential, commercial, and industrial spaces throughout the entire Bay Area.

We interviewed owner Jaime Tamayo and his son Scott Tamayo to find out what difference experience makes for customers of Environmental Remedies Inc.

Environmental Remedies in Alameda County for Experience

Mold removal isn't a legally regulated process so there's no legal standard for competency that companies performing it have to meet. Inept mold removal contractors could actually spread mold spores and toxic materials throughout your home, making your problems even worse.

Few mold removal companies have as much experience as Environmental Remedies and owner Jaime Tamayo. "I've been in the industry for 25 years and we have employees who have been with me for more than 15 years," he says. "All of our technicians have at least 11 years of hands-on experience, and we only employ technicians with a minimum of five years experience. We've been doing the same careful removal techniques every day for years, so we know how to do quality removal."

In fact, Environmental Remedies, Inc. has some of the most experienced and qualified abatement crews in the industry. Scott Tamayo explains, "Besides performing mold remediation, we are also Cal/OSHA certified to do asbestos work and our crews are CDPH certified for lead abatement." And while there is no mandatory certification for mold removal, Environmental Remedies Inc has gone a step further than other remediation companies and has formally trained their employees in the best mold removal practices. Environmental Remedies, Inc. is also experienced in removal of biological contaminants meth labs.

During a research phone call, one Environmental Remedies, Inc. client named Linda said, "I would recommend them highly. They were very thorough. They did a great job. The whole experience, from the estimate until they were finished, was great."

Experienced Techniques At Environmental Remedies in Alameda County

Environmental Remedies, Inc. does on-site estimates to see the affected area so they can give you an accurate quote, unlike others that will quote you anything on the phone just to get the job even though they haven't seen the site yet.  And those accurate price quotes were one of the common things noted by previous clients who received research phone calls, with responses such as: "They were on budget and there were no surprises," "They did what they said when they said they would, for the price they said they would do it," "They stuck to their price quote and they were clean," "They were priced right and very professional." 

Some processes are better than others. That's why Environmental Remedies, Inc. prefers to manually remove the mold by hand, which they've found gives the best overall results.

First, Environmental Remedies sets up a negative pressure containment area to isolate the contaminated area to stop mold spores and other contaminants from spreading throughout your home.

"Then we root out the mold by hand," explains Scott Tamayo. "The detailed cleaning process is very thorough and designed to prevent a recurrence. The process includes the removal of the affected materials, application of a micro biocide, and rigorous, methodical scraping and wire brushing. The area is then thoroughly HEPA vacuumed and wet-wiped."

But you can't see mold spores or air contaminants, so how will you know your home is really clean and safe? Scott Tamayo explains, "With every remediation, we guarantee the work area will pass clearance standards. We assist our customers in coordinating a third party to come in and perform clearance testing for mold, asbestos and lead so clients are sure the work is done right."

Environmental Remedies Inc in Pleasanton CA is Family-Owned & Operated

Environmental Remedies in Alameda County is family-owned and run and serves all of the San Francisco Bay Area. Jaime Tamayo founded the company, and brought his two sons, Scott Tamayo and Sean Tamayo on board after both had finished their military careers. Scott and Sean's mother, Kathleen, also works at Environmental Remedies, Inc.  

The Tamayo family is close outside of work as well. Scott Tamayo shares, "My dad and I play on the same soccer team and we like to do outdoor activities as a family, like fishing, sports and backpacking." Jaime Tamayo agrees, "We're a pretty tight-knit family. We spend time together whenever we can."

And Environmental Remedies clients say those family values translate into better service for them. Clients describe Jaime Tamayo as kind and caring, and they can easily see he's experienced in abatement techniques and customer satisfaction. They also attest that Scott Tamayo and the rest of the Environmental Remedies, Inc. staff are skilled and keep their customers happy no matter how difficult their abatement situation.

So when choosing a company for the removal of mold, lead, asbestos, or biological contaminants, remember it's experience that counts the most. And previous clients attested that Environmental Remedies Inc in Pleasanton CA is the company with that experience. In the words of one previous client with multiple rental properties who was surveyed, "They are very thorough. I am very satisfied. I have used them a number of times and now, they are the only ones I use."