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Gatco Construction & Plumbing
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(510) 610-2157
5237 Desiree Ave
Livermore, CA 94550
State Contractor's License #729282
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Areas Served: East Bay & Alameda County incl. Livermore CA, Berkeley CA, Oakland CA, Alameda, ...
Services: plumbing company for new plumbing, plumbing repair, leak detection, leak repair, ...

Gatco Construction & Plumbing Company Profile

Everyone wants a plumber or remodeler who won't take advantage of them, but it's difficult to know that which makes hiring one a gamble, one that's too often lost.  So what's a sign of a company that you'll still be happy you hired, even long after they've left?  How about one that's been in business for 16 years and has never advertised, not even a one-line listing in the phone book, yet has thrived based solely on referrals from previous customers?

That's what we found in the Alameda County firm Gatco Construction & Plumbing in Livermore CA which since 1996 has served the entire East Bay for all plumbing services including water filtration and water softening systems, sewer line repairs and replacement, as well as kitchen and bath remodels, home additions, new siding and skylights.  We spoke with owner Greg Trautwein who explained how they've stayed busy and successful despite never advertising since he founded the company 16 years ago.

Gatco Construction & Plumbing in Alameda County:  Treating Every Customer Like Gold
Contractor Greg Trautwein founded Gatco Construction & Plumbing in Alameda County in 1996 and has thrived solely on customer referrals, never needing to advertise, a unique accomplishment. Greg says it comes down to treating every customer, even for small plumbing repairs, as if they were the biggest, most important customer.  He tells us, "I consider every customer the first branch of a tree, that if we serve them right, grows out to repeat business and referrals to friends and family, and that's exactly what's happened for us. That means not taking advantage of them, treating them with honesty, and being respectful so that we always communicate to them what we're doing and when." 

With plumbing services, that means no job is too small and Gatco Construction & Plumbing which has a plumbing license, does everything from small jobs like drain cleaning, fixing leaks, and replacing fixtures on up to new plumbing systems for major remodels. With their general contractors license they do kitchen and bath remodels.  And unlike big companies who can afford to let a customer slip through the cracks, Greg Trautwein treats every customer like they're the most important one. "Many of our customers come to us for small repairs and are so happy with how we treated them that they call us back for larger work like complete bathroom remodels." 

And just because other companies may be bigger doesn't make them better. The employee they send out to you doesn't have the same incentive to do quality work like a company owner does. Greg knows this too. "I'm the owner so I care what happens. Someone's employee that's being paid $15 an hour, it's only a job to them. They're just putting in their hours and they don't have the same vested interest in complete customer satisfaction like I do."

Greg Trautwein also makes the time to listen to every customer the way other companies don't.   That includes what they like and what they want, so that they're completely happy with the finished results.  That's especially valuable with the kitchen and bath remodeling that Gatco Construction & Plumbing performs.  Greg says, "For kitchen and bath remodels, clients can come to me with a finished design, or I can work with them to come up with one.  Either way I make the time to find what they like so we can pick together exactly the right materials and fixtures for their individual needs and taste."

Contractor Greg Trautwein: Alameda County Born and Raised
Born and raised in Castro Valley, Greg Trautwein lives in Livermore CA with his wife of 13 years, and their two girls, ages 7 and 11. He loves Alameda County for its climate and proximity to the mountains. The family are avid water sport enthusiasts who enjoy anything behind a boat including water skiing, wake boarding and air chairs in the delta. Friends describe Greg as personable and customers know him as someone they can trust to come into the house and do work while they're away.

Gatco Construction & Plumbing and owner Greg Trautwein has earned that reputation for trust with a 16 year track record of honesty and complete customer satisfaction that's allowed the company to be successful based solely on word-of-mouth and repeat business without any advertising.  Whether it's small plumbing repairs and drain cleaning, water treatment systems, sewer lines, complete kitchen and bath remodeling, home additions, new siding or skylights, customers say that Gatco Construction & Plumbing is the safe choice that gives results you'll be happy with.