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Philtax Inc. - Philip Fiegler, EA
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(510) 530-1174
4096 Piedmont Avenue, #358
Oakland, CA 94611

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Areas Served: Oakland CA, Alameda CA, Berkeley CA, Emeryville CA, Piedmont CA, Albany CA
Services: tax return preparers, tax planning, trust tax preparation, IRS problem resolution, ...

Philtax Inc. - Philip Fiegler, EA Company Profile

Philtax, Inc. in Oakland CA is a boutique tax preparation firm that hand-selects their clients. That's because Philtax has experience and education beyond most other tax preparers. Philtax Inc offers provides exceptional value and are client-oriented for the personal tax services their elite clients demand, including additional services such as employee stock options and RSUs and IRS representation.

So we interviewed Philip Fiegler, Enrolled Agent and owner of Philtax, Inc. in Alameda County and asked him how clients benefit from the exclusive tax preparation and bookkeeping services provided by his firm.

Exceptional Experience and Education at Philtax, Inc. in Oakland CA

It turns out that Philip Fiegler is the EA (Enrolled Agent) who offers professional experience and education that surpasses most other tax preparation services. "EAs are required to take 72 hours of continuing education and 6 hours of ethics courses every three years. But I take more than 65 hours of courses in an average year," he shares. "I'm constantly seeking out knowledge to increase niche areas of my practice including IRS representation and tax law."

In fact, Philip is one of the rare Enrolled Agents who passed the EA exam on his first attempt. He's also a Fellow of the NTPI (National Tax Practice Institute).

During a research phone call for this article, a Philtax, Inc. client named Art said. "Phil Fiegler is the best tax man in the country! I've worked with five or six different CPAs and EAs, and it was like finding heaven when I found Phil. He's simply someone who takes care of business, and he studies long and hard and knows everything. He does his job and does it efficiently. I have total confidence in him. I've never been audited in his tenure, and that's because he doesn't make mistakes."

Value Beyond Price from Philip Fiegler, EA at Philtax, Inc.

Some misguided people think it makes sense to hire the fastest, cheapest tax return services they can find. Philtax Inc. definitely isn't for them. That's because Phil Fiegler and Philtax give clients the top-notch service they can't get from those cheap tax preparers.

So why pay a little more for tax preparation from a boutique firm rather than shopping around for the cheapest price from a chain tax service? "Plain and simple, if you want it cheap and fast, you won't get the best result," emphasizes Philip. "It's important to ask how much education those cheap preparers have, and if they're enrolled agents. If they don't have the education and don't keep up with the facts, you're just throwing your money away."

In fact, you won't save money with those cheap preparers. While the initial preparation fees might be lower from those discount chains, they don't have the knowledge to safely get you the biggest returns, putting you in danger of an audit. So a firm that offers value rather than low price is your best option. Philip Fiegler explains, "You're never just paying for a tax return. You're paying for your preparer's experience and the combination of getting the best tax reductions and the least exposure to scrutiny from the IRS."

Businesses especially benefit from the experience at Philtax which includes employee stock options and RSUs (Restricted Stock Units). More and more companies are giving employees bonus stock in the form of  restricted stock units. Keeping track of what was received when, and the basis allocated to the shares is critical, as they are often sold at a much later date than when they vested. And each particular option has issues pertaining to proper tax reporting. A lot of tax practioners are unaware of all the nuances. Luckily, Phil Fiegler is an expert and has lectured for 12 years on this topic at continuing education seminars for other tax professionals and business clients of Philtax get the value of this expertise.

Personal Tax Return Preparation Services from Philtax, Inc.

Another reason Philtax, Inc. is the boutique tax preparation firm that hand-selects clients is because they're the client-oriented firm that deals closely with their clients. "We have an interview process and we screen our clients," shares Philip Fiegler, EA. "It's important that there's good rapport and trust between me and my clients. Our services aren't the best fit for every client and not every client is a good match for us."

"Every client has different expectations," he continues. "Some want to take full advantage of their deductions without getting into trouble, others don't ever want to get a letter from the IRS. Some just want a tax preparer who will remember them and listen to them. Then there are the clients that want to give the IRS the least amount they can. I am very client-oriented, so I do whatever it is each of my clients needs to safely get them the results they want." And unlike commonplace tax services that are only open from January through April, Philtax, Inc. offers that personal service all year long.

Clients are thrilled to find that Philip Fiegler is the Oakland CA tax preparer that has an exclusive client base, so he can give them the truly personal service they want. "I remember even the small things about my clients," Phil Fiegler shares. "Even the names of their children and the special circumstances of their taxes. I make it my business to remember those things because personal attention makes all the difference. I'm not the kind of tax preparer you just hand your forms to and they fill in the numbers without caring what they're doing. My clients expect better results and client-oriented service, and that's what I'm here to give them."

During a research phone call for this article, a client named Paolo explained to a researcher, "He dealt with my taxes in the best way I can imagine. He made it all work and did it legally, even though it was a job other accountants wouldn't touch... He's the only one I trust. He's the kind of person that establishes a personal relationship with the customer that not many other tax preparers would do. I can say he's a friend."

Phil Fiegler has an office in Oakland CA. Complete with skylights and a unique alcove with custom-made cabinets for client files, the Philtax, Inc. office is equipped with modern tools, hardware and software that set them apart from average tax preparers. They even have a secure online portal where clients can exchange documents through the internet, allowing theirs to be a nearly paperless office.

When he's not in his office, Philip Fiegler enjoys going on walks and traveling. He especially looks forward to beach vacations where he can read a good book and recharge. He's also a sports fan who watches basketball, baseball and keeps tabs on the San Francisco 49ers. His girlfriend is also a local Enrolled Agent, and Phil explains that while most people want to forget about work, the two of them love their careers so much, they often talk about taxes and tax preparation issues in their free time.

So if you want exclusive tax preparation services, complete with experience and education, value that exceeds cost and a personal approach that caters to clients, look no further than Philip Fiegler, EA at Philtax, Inc. in Oakland CA. the boutique tax preparation firm serving clients throughout Alameda County.


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