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Gerald Maggio - The Maggio Law Firm Inc
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(949) 416-0818
420 Exchange, Ste 270
Irvine, CA 92602
State Bar License #201522
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 OCBA (Orange County Bar Association) AIFLA (American Institute of Family Law Attorneys)

Areas Served: Orange County incl. Irvine CA, Huntington Beach CA, Newport Beach CA, Laguna Hills ...
Services: divorces, child custody, child support, prenuptial agreements, step parent adoptions,...

Gerald Maggio - The Maggio Law Firm Inc Customer Reviews

"I did my homework and carefully considered his reviews and the endorsements before choosing him. I definitely made the right decision. He did everything he said that he would do, he handled my case professionally, worked out a good resolution of my case, and billed me fairly. He explained my options and presented them in a cost-benefit analysis manner that really allowed me to determine the best way to proceed. I would highly recommend him and now I actually have some faith in the legal system because of him."


"I had a great experience. He handled my divorce and was always very responsive to my emails and the million questions that I had throughout this process. He was very professional and efficient at what he does. I am so grateful to him for everything he did and would highly recommend him to all my friends."


"He represented me in an ugly, complicated divorce case for the past year. My spouse in particular has been vindictive and vitriolic towards me on all issues in this case. I have had to deal with a business valuation, cash flow analysis, child custody evaluation, outrageous claims by my wife, a meritless restraining order, and a criminal case, among other issues, all instigated by my spouse with the intent to keep our children away from me and to take every last dime. I thank Mr. Maggio very much for helping me resolve these issues under the difficult circumstances of my case. I found him to be easy to work with, knowledgeable, practical, and able to navigate me and my case through the most difficult time of my life with skill, caring, and compassion. My wife's legal fees were more than double what Mr. Maggio's legal fees were, for essentially the same amount of work."


"My Legal Superhero. I am very happy with the outcome. I am thankful for all of the hard work and effort that they put into my case. I come to the end of my professional relationship with his firm with mixed feelings. Delighted on one hand that we achieved the goal and outcome I was seeking, but sad too, as I feel like I am parting from trusted friends I have gained on this journey. While I hope that I do not need his services ever again for a divorce, I know that I have a trusted legal team to go to for any of the other services he provides. He has my wholehearted and highest recommendation."


"He was masterful in his defense of the legal proceedings against me, both in his writings to the court and in his verbal argument to the court. I am forever grateful to him. The alimony issue that we dealt with has been gnawing at me for a long time, and I felt like I have been looking over my shoulder every day. Today is the first day I'm not looking behind me."



"He was my second atorney in a 3 year battle. I wished he was my first. He is caring, compassionate and highly knowledgable. He is honest and calm but will not allow his client to be walked over. His fees were fair. He is a family man and understands the emotions that come with divorce. He will definitely tell you what is reality and won't chase something that is unrealistic and costly. His compassion towards children is honest and heartfelt during a time of confusion and turmoil. This helps the parent make the best decision for everyone; not just themselves."



"He represented me on a child support issue. My ex was attempting to hide income because he worked for a family owned business. My ex allegedly got a significant "pay cut". Mr.Maggio did his research and found the missing income. He prepared a detailed memorandum for the court that unveiled the scam. The judge agreed that the pay cut was a scam and ruled to hold my ex accountable for actual income. If Mr. Maggio didn't do his research to uncover the money, and didn't put together a detailed report for the court I would be paying my ex child support."


"My case was quite complex and had not moved forward for well over a year when I decided a change was needed and asked Gerry to take the reins. He was personable, knowledgeable and professional at all times. Rather than forcing his opinion he would provide several options with positives and negatives. Most I interviewed prior to hiring him tended to take an unrealistically positive view of things that would have only lead to disappointment. He was always honest and straightforward with me, presenting both best and worst case scenarios so I felt well informed and empowered to make the right decisions and consequently we were able to settle the case as quickly as possible."



"He was so awesome. My divorce was so smooth from start to finish and he made the whole process painless. He definitely has my recommendation. Hands down one of the best in the O.C. in my opinion."



"Anyone would be lucky to have him. I know I was a pain as I asked so many of the same questions but he never showed any annoyance or frustration but showed compassion and understanding with complete professional behavior. He truly felt what I was going through and used his knowledge to help me understand my case and what I could expect and he did not disappoint. Living out of state put so much stress on me but He kept me posted on all that was going on in my case through emails and phone messages. I feel so blessed to have had him on my case I know I would not have gotten my case handled to my benefit without his knowledge and skill."



"A true professional with that magic touch. I have not had a lot of experience in dealing with attorneys but the few I have dealt with, or ones my associates have used have been disappointing in some fashion or another. He was a calming conduit to a stressful situation. I never had to wait in suspense for a return call or question if I had the right one working with me. A true professional I would recommend his efforts to anyone."



"The first lawyer I used was more interested in grandstanding, delay and billing me for the hours he wasted. A few years ago I needed to find a new one to renegotiate my child support and visitation schedule. Gerry came highly recommended from a friend of a friend. From the minute I met him, I liked him. He is calm, smart, skillful and friendly. No massive ego, no superiority complex, just an excellent lawyer who thoughtfully works your case and fights for your side. I would not hesitate to hire him again or refer him to my friends and family. He'll change your perception of lawyers for the better."



"After having one not really do much and just show up for my case, and basically not fight for me, it was refreshing to have someone like Gerry to fight in my corner. He explained everything and sought out the best options. He fought for me, and was even sympathetic to my situation. Even after the case was settled, I can still call on him with questions, support, and help. I not only respect him, I recommend him to everyone I know."



"My case was unique and difficult. He responded to my numerous phone calls and emails. Always quickly and with great advice. Provided great representation in court. In a time of great stress and personal difficulty he provided sound counsel. If you are seeking someone who will be with you till the end. Look no further. He protected my child and showed great concern."



"My case was not simple to say the least. My ex filed for divorce in two counties simultaneously and tried to hide his income to avoid support in addition to being a very high-conflict individual, and those are just the highlights. Gerry dealt with my ex's shenanigans with a forceful tone when necessary, but is very even-keeled and calm. He also doesn't encourage useless filings just to be able to charge you for them, which is much appreciated. I was in court almost every other month for a year, but having him fight for me made it more bearable. His staff is great too. I highly recommend him!"



Updated January 16, 2018