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Elements in Design
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(650) 400-4900
Palm Desert, CA 94065
State Contractor's License #713882
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 CCIDC (California Council for Interior Design Certification) NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) RRP Certified (Lead-Safe Renovator)

Areas Served: Riverside County incl. Palm Desert CA, Palm Springs CA, Cathedral City CA, Indian ...
Services: kitchen & bath remodeling contractor & design/builder

Elements in Design Company Profile

Did you know you can get more value by hiring an interior designer who's also a licensed builder? That's what we found when we interviewed the owner of the San Mateo County firm Elments in Design, with a presence in Redwood City CA and Palm Desert CA. Owner Penny Chin serves the San Francisco Bay Area and Riverside County as an interior designer, and a general contractor with thorough quality-control, and designs projects of all scopes and complexities, while staying within your budget.  And readers of this Report are getting $150 off their planning session by calling her now and saying they saw it here.

Elements in Design: Full Quality Control From Design Through Implementation

When you hire separate designers and contractors to complete your project, you can end up with a disjointed look that doesn't completely match your expectations or the designer's plans.

But that's not a problem with Elements in Design in Redwood City CA. Interior designer Penny Chin explains, "By hiring us, clients get a one-stop-shopping experience. I can see the project through from the first drawings to the final installation. Clients only have to deal with one person, me, and that means there's a no-stress, seamless transition from designing to building. I translate the client's wishes in terms our tradespeople understand, so everything gets done the way it's planned and the work turns out beautifully."

In fact, Penny Chin is known for her skill in coordinating with structural engineers and for bringing continuity and direction to every project. Along with Penny's strength as a designer, Elements in Design also has a team of talented subcontractors who have proven reliable for years. She shares, "There's a trust factor with my team. They do quality work. They're flexible, talented craftsmen and they really give our clients the end result they want."

During a research phone call for this article, an Elements in Design client named Elyse said, "I adore Penny and her work! We've used her for two huge projects, so she's basically redesigned our entire house. I wanted someone who would make decisions and implement them, and I didn't want to deal with any problems. Penny and her team did that. They took care of me and made better choices than I ever could have on my own."

Projects of All Sizes by Elements in Design in Redwood City CA

When you hire a designer without construction experience, they often create plans that look okay on paper but are often impossible for the contractor to execute. On the other hand, hiring contractors who say they can do your design just as well as a trained designer often leads to less-professional design and disappointment, despite their construction skills.

Clients of Elements in Design get it all with Penny Chin. She says, "As a Certified Interior Designer and a licensed general contractor, I'm able to do projects of all sizes and complexity. I can blow out walls to create views, or move walls to create more space. I see designs from a builders' perspective, and I see interior space with my designers' eye, so our designs are complete and gorgeous from every perspective."

During a research phone call for this article, a client named Lynn said of Elements In Design, "We hired Penny Chin for two different projects and we were so pleased both times. We most loved her ability to do space planning. She can look at things and come up with smart answers to organizing a room and the flow of a room in terms of remodeling, moving walls or even just reconfiguring the room. She's very adaptable and open, and she made it easy for us."

Penny Chin is an award-winning CID (Certified Interior Designer) who is also RPP Certified by the EPA for lead-safe renovations. She's past president of the Peninsula Chapter of the ASID (American Society of Interior Design), and frequently lectures design students for the advisory boards of local colleges. She has five children, and Penny and her husband are avid golfers. Her family and friends describe her as friendly, talkative and dedicated, and clients say they can trust her to do what's best for them because she's honest and genuinely caring.

Save Money with Penny Chin, Interior Designer & General Contractor

Another way clients benefit by hiring Elements in Design is that Penny Chin as both the designer and builder, knows best how to keep the project within your budget. Penny adds, "If you had to, you could hire separately an architect, a structural engineer, a designer, and a contractor, but you get all of that when you hire us. We do it all and create the team that's best suited for your construction. And because our team is experienced, the work goes faster, is done right and on-budget."

Penny cares about her clients, and she often gives clients even more savings with special move-in packages that allow them to transition into their new space at a reduced-cost. Elements in Design also offers reasonable rates for planning sessions, giving clients the benefit of thinking through their project with an experienced designer before they commit to a scope of work or specific designs.

A client named Cathleen told a researcher from The Prime Buyer's Report, "I'm a very frugal, down-to-earth, low-maintenance person, and I chose Penny Chin because I knew that if I was going to do this, I was going to go with someone who was going to make it a good experience worth my time and money. And it was magical. She handled it all and pulled it all together. She's amazing, and I love this design. It's beautiful."

So previous clients attested that to get the best results with your project and the most value, that Elements In Design in Redwood City CA and Palm Desert CA was the right choice, professional design done with a complete knowledge of construction needs, thorough quality control oversight from start to finish, and the ability to stay within budget while providing amazing results.