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How to Find Telecommunications Contractors in Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino

Telecom vendors in San Bernardino County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those telecommunication services that have exceeded the minimum California regulatory standard. They are the phone system providers proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for value and competency, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them for new phone systems in San Bernardino County CA, including office telephone systems, telephone wiring and cabling, VoIP phones, digital phone systems, IVR, T1 lines, low-voltage wiring and cabling, fiber optic cabling, limited energy systems, and more.


Updated March 26, 2018

 The TOP 10 Telecommunication Vendors in San Bernardino County CA

Valentine Systems

Areas Served: all California including San Bernardino CA & San Bernardino County
Services: taking orders nationally,ships nationwide,network of installers in all U.S. states
Key Brands: AdTran, Avaya, Cisco, ESI Phone Systems, EverFocus, Inter-Tel, Leviton, Linux, ...

Global Tel Link
(909) 463-9074
9500 Etiwanda Ave
Etiwanda, CA 91739

Areas Served: Rancho Cucamonga CA, San Bernardino CA, Fontana CA, Victorville CA, Ontario CA

Creative Communications
(760) 669-0561
10182 I Ave # F
Hesperia, CA 92345

Areas Served: San Bernardino CA, Fontana CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Ontario CA, Victorville CA

Inland Telephone
(951) 359-2011
PO Box 711
Ontario, CA 91762

Areas Served: Fontana CA, San Bernardino CA, Ontario CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Rialto CA

Blackbox Network Service
(909) 428-9030
7950 Cherry Ave # 107
Fontana, CA 92336

Areas Served: San Bernardino CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Ontario CA, Victorville CA, Fontana CA

(909) 798-9211
302 Alabama St # 2
Redlands, CA 92373

Areas Served: San Bernardino CA, Ontario CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Fontana CA, Yucaipa CA

Rojas Broadband Communications
(909) 820-7003
18515 Santa Ana Ave
Bloomington, CA 92316

Areas Served: Fontana CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Highland CA, San Bernardino CA, Ontario CA

STC Netcom Inc
(951) 685-8181
11611 Industry Ave
Fontana, CA 92337

Areas Served: Ontario CA, San Bernardino CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Fontana CA, Redlands CA

How to Find Telecommunications Contractors in Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino 

The state of California doesn't require any state license required for telecom vendors in San Bernardino County, so there's no state standard for competency or reliability. Those local phone vendors who are also telecom installers that involve wiring and telecom cabling do have to be licensed by the state, like with the C-7 license for low-voltage wiring such as is involved with telephone systems.

But even the state license for low voltage wiring, telecom cabling, and phone system installers is no guarantee that any particular new telephone system installer in San Bernardino County CA is doing business ethically, providing real value, or satisfying customers.

This makes it all the more significant that all telecom vendors and/or installers bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have been evaluated by our research staff, and have had to pass all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous clients to verify high satisfaction, verified state license (phone installers or wiring cabling installers only), good  complaint record, verified worker's comp and liability insurance, only employees legal to work in the U.S., and more. 

Telecommunications Contractors in San Bernardino County Perform Numerous Services
Local telecommunications contractors can outfit your home or business for all of your voice, data, and television cable needs. Telecommunication professionals are thoroughly trained in the science of various data flow systems. This means they are certified to design data systems from the ground up, install voice and data cabling, perform EF&I and voice work, install inside and outside plant cabling, set up digital phone systems, install network racks, and implement particular system features.

Depending on the size of your home or business network, they can install systems of appropriate speed and efficiency. A corporate Web development firm would probably require wide area networks (WAN) with high speed T1 lines connected by CAT 5 or CAT 5e twisted pair, HiCap fiber optic cabling. Such wiring ensures faster delivery for longer distances. If this profile sounds like yours, you will be pleased to find that there are some telecommunications companies in San Bernardino County that specialize in larger high speed data networks.

Such companies can also integrate several telephone features to expedite your business proceedings, such as ACD (automatic call distribution) to a call center or auto attendant, other remote phone aides, paging features, free internet calling, intercoms, voicemail, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), or teleconference service. Many companies even offer integrated IVR (interactive voice response) to improve the efficiency (and reduce customer frustration) of your high volume answering system. And if you relocate the business, most telecommunications contractors are happy to move your system with you.

There are local telecommunications providers in San Bernardino County CA that service smaller businesses as well. These telecom services can install a key system in your office phone network and even provide international or domestic calling plans. Among the plans they offer there are those with unlimited local calls, unlimited long distance, unlimited local toll or toll free, and low per-minute plans. It might also be more efficient to screen or greet visitors with a door phone. Telecommunications experts can install this system to allow you to speak to visitors remotely by conveniently using your phone.

Telecom Companies For Mobile Applications Including GPS Tracking in San Bernardino County
Telecommunication companies continue to provide more mobile applications in San Bernardino County including mobile enterprise applications and some of these are known as Mobile Resource Management companies (MRM companies) in San Bernardino County. Mobile applications are those that work with your cell phone or other mobile device to enhance your profitability. These can include mobile form software that allows your field employees to access your database remotely to input real-time information such as inventory changes, patient information or proof of delivery. Your employees access the mobile form software using their cell phone or other GPS-enabled mobile device such as a tablet.

Some telecom companies and MRM companies in San Bernardino County provide GPS tracking systems and satellite GPS fleet tracking in Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino that allow businesses to track their drivers or other field employees in near real time with satellite GPS tracking device installation in each vehicle. GPS vehicle tracking products in San Bernardino County can include both software and hardware such as fleet management software, some of which automatically tracks and calculates audit-proof trip records are that are compliant with state and federal tax regulation, saving time and money compared to manual tracking and compiling.   Such GPS fleet tracking in San Bernardino County and mobile data collection software is often used by dispatch managers.

San Bernardino County Telecom Cabling Services
Some telecommunications companies can set up simple LAN (Local Area Network) services or high speed wireless network connections such as broadband or DSL. They'll even take care of your modem jack wiring. Certain companies are available 24 hours a day for repairs and maintenance on your patch panels, telephone cabling, and data cabling.

A few also regularly undertake cable maintenance contracts. And when it comes to total replacement, several local telecom companies offer used, refurbished phone systems. Several telecommunications contractors are RCDD and data & cable certified to competently approach all of your data and IP telephony needs.

Some Telecom Vendors in San Bernardino County Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these telecom contractors in San Bernardino County: Valentine Systems, Creative Communications, Inland Telephone, Global Tel Link, Blackbox Network Service, STC Netcom Inc, Rojas Broadband Communications, Magnaphone. Other telecom installers in Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino CA that might still be in business include .



Dealing With Telephone System Contractors in Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino 

Step 1: Describe Work to the San Bernardino County CA Telecom Companies
When you make the initial calls, be ready to describe the services. If you aren't familiar with the technology, simply explain what it is you want from your network or phone system and the scale involved. If all you can articulate is the desired outcome, your telecommunications representative will likely be able to figure out the rest.

Step 2: Answer Questions & Take Notes
Particularly if communications technology is new to you, take notes on every detail you and your telecommunications company representatives discuss. As a potential telecommunications contractor runs down your options, pay attention to the various benefits and prices he quotes. Part of the interview process is your own education, and the more features you and your prospect discuss, the more likely you are to come to an informed, financially sound decision.

Step 3: Ask Questions & Take Notes
After a telecommunications contractor itemizes your options, ask about system limitations, benefits, and of course, cost. If a particular candidate seems like they can reasonably accommodate your needs and your budget, ask some questions about his professional qualifications.

Use the list below to guide you.

  • How long has your San Bernardino County telecommunications service been in the telecommunications industry?
  • Does your telecom company have any special system certifications?
  • Have you worked with other San Bernardino County clients with telecommunications system needs like mine?
  • How long should the telecommunications system or new phone system installation take?
  • Will my existing phone and telecom system be functional while you work?
  • Will you set up any outside services (e.g., carrier services and plans, etc.)?
  • Will your San Bernardino County telecommunications company provide a written, itemized estimate for my new phone system, telecom services, or other installation or services?
  • How do you price your telecommunication services?
  • Will my new telecom system be covered by a warranty?
  • Will you provide a written contract?
  • Will you provide regular maintenance? If so, is there an additional cost?

Step 4: Making a Preliminary Decision
Based on what you've learned and your refined specifications, evaluate all of your candidate interviews and notes. The local telecommunications contractor who meets your personal and technical qualifications is your best bet.

Step 5: Making the Final Decision
Once you've ensured proper industry certifications, it's time to hire your San Bernardino County telecommunications contractor. Call and ask any final questions and then ask for your representative to provide a written and signed pricing, timing, quality, and warranty agreement.



Telecommunication Vendors in San Bernardino County CA Sell or Service Different Telephone System Brands 

Telecom contractors in San Bernardino County CA sell and service different brands of phone systems. The following are some of the telephone systems and telecom brands used in San Bernardino County CA:

PBX, Comdial, AT&T/Lucent, Panasonic, Avaya, Nortel, NEC, Vodavi, Mitel, Rockwell, PCS, Starplus, Triad, Plantronics, esi, Merlin, Spirit, Strata, Macrotel, Hirsch, Nitsuko, Executone, Partner, WIN, Fluke, Audiovox, Danger, Innostream, Kyocera, LG, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Starplus, Nitsuko, Cisco, Toshiba, AT&T, Atlas, and Norstar, Aastra, Adtran, Algo, AudioCodes, Barracuda, Alcatel, LG Ericsson, Panasoni, Poycom, Mite, Rhino Ceros, Xorcom, Sangoma Veg, Digium Edgewater EdgeMarc, Elastix, Grandstream, RockBochs PhoneBochs



Resources About Telephone Systems and Telecommunications in San Bernardino County 

Regulatory Bodies & Trade Associations for Telecommunications in San Bernardino County
BBB Better Business Bureau (
CPUC California Public Utilities Commission (
CSLB Contractors State License Board (
CTA California Communications Association (
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (
FCC Federal Communications Commission (
NARTE The National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (
NATOA National Association of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors (
NCTA National Cable & Telecommunications Association (
TCA Information Technology & Telecommunications Association (
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association (
USTA United States Telecom Association (

Media Regarding Telecom in San Bernardino County
Broadcasting & Cable
Internet Telephony Magazine
Land Mobile Magazine
Mobile Magazine
Mobile Enterprise Magazine
Telecommunications Magazine
The Voice Report
VoIP Magazine
Wireless Telecoms

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Telecommunication in San Bernardino County within the following zip codes:

92280, 92308, 92313, 92342, 92325, 92378, 92373, 92401, 91737, 92242, 92385, 92318, 92350, 92311, 92368, 92268, 92341, 92418, 92344, 92424, 92327, 92411, 91762, 92336, 91709, 91764, 92339, 92394, 92415, 91739, 92408, 92326, 91784, 91786, 92412, 92371, 92346, 92382, 92340, 92369, 92407, 91729, 92391, 92423, 92307, 91761, 92284, 91759, 92324, 92317, 92376, 92375, 92356, 92405, 92406, 92252, 92377, 92305, 91710, 92312, 92392, 91758, 92354, 92267, 91785, 92322, 92402, 92334, 92335, 92372, 92352, 92413, 92374, 92403, 92286, 92314, 92285, 92345, 92337, 91763, 92315, 92329, 92398, 92399, 92414, 92304, 92278, 91708, 92359, 92386, 92277, 92321, 92410, 92357, 92365, 92333, 92395, 92427, 92393, 91743, 91701, 92331, 92301, 92404, 91730, 92358, 92397 and 92256


Telecommunications Alta Loma CA

Alex & Co Alta Loma CA 91737

Midnight Cable Alta Loma CA 91737



Telecommunications Apple Valley CA

In Contact Inc Apple Valley CA 92307



Telecommunications Big Bear Lake CA

VA Communications Big Bear Lake CA 92315



Telecommunications Bloomington CA

Rojas Broadband Communications Bloomington CA 92316



Telecommunications Chino CA

Acton Chino CA 91708

Alliance Communication Service Chino CA 91710

EXI Parsons Telecom Chino CA 91710

J&J Communication Chino CA 91710

Service Communications Chino CA 91710

Turnkey Csi Chino CA 91710



Telecommunications Colton CA

Barclay Enterprises Inc Colton CA 92324



Telecommunications Etiwanda CA

Global Tel Link Etiwanda CA 91739



Telecommunications Fontana CA

Blackbox Network Service Fontana CA 92336

Martin Communications Fontana CA 92336

Nationwide Telecom Fontana CA 92335

STC Netcom Inc Fontana CA 92337



Telecommunications Hesperia CA

Barkley Andross Corp Hesperia CA 92340

Creative Communications Hesperia CA 92345



Telecommunications Highland CA

Advance Teleco USA Inc Highland CA 92346



Telecommunications Montclair CA

American Tower Corp Montclair CA 91763



Telecommunications Ontario CA

Bonilla Telecom Ontario CA 91762

GST Telecommunications Inc Ontario CA 91761

Inland Telephone Ontario CA 91762

KGP Ontario CA 91761

Metro Rf Service Ontario CA 91761



Telecommunications Rancho Cucamonga CA

Network Voice & Data Tech Rancho Cucamonga CA 91729

Sun Telecom Rancho Cucamonga CA 91701

V Tel Communications LLC Rancho Cucamonga CA 91739



Telecommunications Redlands CA

In Touch Communications Redlands CA 92374

Magnaphone Redlands CA 92373



Telecommunications Rialto CA

Alpha Omega Tele Connect Rialto CA 92376



Telecommunications San Bernardino CA

Ace Telecom Inc San Bernardino CA 92413

Bell Enterprise San Bernardino CA 92407

Global Tel Link San Bernardino CA 92408

Level 3 Communications San Bernardino CA 92407

On Hold Intelligence San Bernardino CA 92413

Tech Ten San Bernardino CA 92405



Telecommunications Upland CA

ISDG Inc Upland CA 91786

JT Communication Inc Upland CA 91784

Joy Communications Inc Upland CA 91786



Telecommunications Victorville CA

JD Telcom Victorville CA 92392

Volt Information Sciences Inc Victorville CA 92392













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Dealing With Telephone System Contractors in Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino

You may or may not be familiar with the abilities of San Bernardino County telephone system companies when you need them. This step-by-step guide can help you make an educated decision about your new technology and the telecomm contractors in Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino. more »



Telecommunication Vendors in San Bernardino County CA Sell or Service Different Telephone System Brands

Telecom contractors in San Bernardino County CA sell and service different brands of phone systems. The following are some of the telephone systems and telecom brands used in San Bernardino County CA.more »



Resources About Telephone Systems and Telecommunications in San Bernardino County

The following is a list of associations & publications relevant to telephone systems and telecom vendors in San Bernardino County.  more »