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Premier Appliance Store & Repair
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(858) 201-9526
7160 Miramar Rd Ste 126
San Diego, CA 92121
State Appliance Repair License #46834
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10  Better Business Bureau Chamber of Commerce-San Diego

Areas Served: San Diego CA & San Diego County
Services: wholesale appliance store open to public, 50% off major brand names, appliance ...
Key Brands: Bertazzoni Kitchen Appliances, Bosch, Dacor Kitchen Appliances, Frigidaire ...

Premier Appliance Store & Repair Company Profile

If there was a place where you could buy brand new major brand name appliances for 30% to 50% off and which come with the same full manufacturer warranty, you'd want to know about it, wouldnt' you?

Thousands of other consumers have already done just that, from Premier Appliance Store in San Diego CA which is able to secure for you perfect, brand new appliances at a fraction of their retail cost, as well as others also at a steep discount due to something as small as a superficial scratch or small dent.

Consumers who reported their experience to us raved about the sales and installations from Premier Appliance Store and owner Daniel Baiandourian who was repeatedly cited for his honesty, in addition to their repair services noted for their good prices, prompt service, and efficiency.

Premier Appliance Store in San Diego CA: Major Brand Names At Huge Discounts

Premier Appliance Store in San Diego CA is a warehouse of appliances at wholesale prices that's open to the public. They carry the same big trusted brands found at other stores, but with a huge savings. These are brand new items that started out as special orders to other retailers but then which that customer failed to come in and pick up. The stores who special ordered them can't keep them around so Premier Appliance Store is able to get them at a big discount and that savings gets passed along to customers.

In addition to those, there are other items at big discount simply because of some small cosmetic issue like a scratch which prevents retailers from selling it at full price.

Either way, the winners are the consumers who have been buying at Premier Appliance Store which unlike many stores is also willing to do the installation, all with a high degree of competence by their installers.

Consumers we heard from in our research reflected this, like one named Moyna who reported to us, "I've used Premier several times. We got a new gargbage disposal for my mom. I purchased that from him and then he put that in. I would definitely use them again," and another named Lynette who told us, "About Daniel and Premier Appliance, he took out an old dishwasher of mine, put in a new one that I wanted. Took out an old refrigerator and I ordered a new one put in and he installed it. I've not had any trouble. Everything has been wonderful." Another named Kirk said, "In regards to Premier Appliance and Daniel, they are exceptional. They're a good find. Definitely keep their number."

Their stock of perfect, new major brand items at amazing prices rotates frequently, so you can see their current selection at any time at, or better yet, drop by at their warehouse to see everything they currently have in stock from which you can choose.

So often at other stores, customers end up not only paying more, but also buying more in an appliance than they need, often with the encouragement of a salesperson. In contrast to those stores, Premier Appliance Store is known for not overselling. Rather, they actually make the time to find out exactly what your needs are and then recommend exactly what fits, not more. Daniel says, "We don't let customers pay more for options they'll never use or need. So we always ask what you're looking for it do and how you plan to use it. Then we can let you avoid getting something more expensive than you had to."

Honest Repairs from Premier Appliance Store in San Diego CA

Consumers also praised Premier Appliance Store for their repair services, which includes items not purchased at their store. They have six technicians that service most of San Diego County. Many other repair services are willing to mislead you in an initial phone call, just to get your business, by being willing to quote you a price over the phone. Yet the reality is that every repair is different and specific to the exact problem, which can't be determined until it's been looked at.

Unlike those dishonest companies, Premier Appliance Store and Daniel Baiandourian are known for being honest with callers. Daniel shares, "There's no such thing as simple versus complicated repair like some companies give quotes for. Every model and brand are different, with different prices for parts. We give honest quotes based on having looked at it, and customers are happy to know that our service charges are among the lowest anywhere."

Their efficiency has earned them the loyalty of individuals and businesses alike, including property managers with many tenants to serve. Like one consumer named Kyle reported to us, "Regarding Premier Appliance, we're a rental management agency so we have a lot of properties that we manage and our tenants have even given us great reviews on dealing with them when they come out to properties to service and repair. Anything related to Premier Appliance I've been happy with. They've proven to be amazing."

Another named Bill raved to us, "About Premier Appliance, I've been doing business with them for several years. They're great. I love them. I run a gym and we have washers and dryers because we supply towels and all day, all night non-stop my machines are running. Whenever there's a breakdown they are right there. I've tried a lot of different companies because machines break down often when they're being used 16 hours a day and I've settled on Premier because they're the easiest to work with. They show up when they say they're going to show up which is right away. I would never use anybody else from now on."

Consumers reporting their experience to us far and away cited most often the honesty of Premier Appliance Store and owner Daniel Baiandourian. Like Bill who said, "They're very honest. They don't try to fix things that don't need to be fixed. They don't charge extra."

Another named Les told us, "Regarding Premier Appliance Repair and Sales. I'm an enthusiastic customer of theirs. I've used them both for repairs on a refrigerator and then replacement of a washer/dryer that they did professionally and at a very fair price. I've got the utmost respect for Daniel, his honesty. Go with them. I don't think you'll be disappointed."

The customer Lynette related to us about owner Daniel, "I can positively say everything is good about that man. I would trust him with my life. He is so honest," and the one named Moyna reported, "We've been really happy with them. They've always come when they said. They've always cleaned up. They've always been very honest and very fair and that was important to me. We've referred them to friends as well and you will have as good of service as we did."

Premier Appliance Store owner Daniel Baiandourian has been in this industry since 2006 and he founded his company in 2014. He and his wife of seven years have two small boys and friends of his describe him as a devoted dad and family man, while customers appreciate his professionalism and industry knowledge. The best part of his job is getting to meet people and solve their problems, either through honest repairs of their existing unit, or by being able to get them brand new items they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford, like one recent customer of Premier Appliance Store. Daniel relates, "A customer needed a new stove, but he had bad credit and couldn't get the financing he needed. Because he was a loyal customer who had bought a refrigerator from us before, and had a washer/dryer repaired, we were able to finance him in-house at zero percent interest. So not only did he get a brand new $900 stove for only $550 but he did it with only $200 down. Being able to do that for people is the best part of my job and we like to show that we're loyal to our customers at the same time they're so loyal to us."

So for brand new major brands at 30%-50% off, and repairs done with an honesty that sets them apart in an industry rife with deception, consumers sang the praises of Premier Appliance Store in San Diego CA and owner Daniel Baiandourian.

Like one property manager named Ashley who told us enthusiastically, "Regarding Premier Appliance, they are absolutely amazing. I love them. We manage about 500 units and they are the only company that I use. I've used a few others in the past and they just don't even compare. They have same day service. They have great prices. Always have great services. Everything they do is awesome. I highly, highly recommend them."