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How to Find the Best Senior Living or Retirement Facility in the San Fernando Valley CA

The choice of senior living communities for independent living, or nursing home for assisted living for your loved one can be difficult and fraught with uncertainty. How can you be certain they'll give your loved one the care they need? Today, independent living communities for seniors, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement homes in the San Fernando Valley offer services to provide all the medical, social and nutritional needs of the elderly.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best senior living facilities in the San Fernando Valley and issues related to choosing them.

Updated November 4, 2016

 The TOP 10 Senior Living & Retirement Communities in the San Fernando Valley CA

Holiday Manor Inc
(818) 341-9800
20554 Roscoe Blvd
Canoga Park, CA 91306

Areas Served: San Fernando Valley, Burbank CA, Encino CA, Chatsworth CA, Calabasas CA, Van Nuys CA

Panorama Gardens
(818) 893-5948
9541 Van Nuys Blvd
Panorama City, CA 91402

Areas Served: San Fernando Valley, Burbank CA, Northridge CA, Studio City CA, Calabasas CA, Van ...

Country Manor
(818) 890-2193
11723 Fenton Ave
Sylmar, CA 91342

Areas Served: San Fernando Valley, Tarzana CA, Burbank CA, Topanga CA, Studio City CA, Reseda CA

Chatsworth Park
(818) 882-3200
10610 Owensmouth Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Areas Served: Chatsworth CA, Canoga Park CA, Northridge CA, Porter Ranch CA, Sherwood Forest CA

Magnolia Gardens Convalescent
(818) 360-1864
17922 San Fernando Mission Bl
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Areas Served: San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks CA, Burbank CA, Van Nuys CA, Woodland Hills CA

Windsor Terrace Healthcare Center
(818) 787-3400
7447 Sepulveda Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91405

Areas Served: Van Nuys CA, Sherman Oaks CA, North Hollywood CA, Reseda CA, Encino CA

Canyon Oaks Nursing & Rehab
(818) 887-7050
22029 Saticoy St
Canoga Park, CA 91303

Areas Served: San Fernando Valley, Burbank CA, Northridge CA, Studio City CA, Calabasas CA, Van ...

Sherman Village Health Care
(818) 760-8127
12750 Riverside Dr
North Hollywood, CA 91607

Areas Served: North Hollywood CA, Burbank CA, Van Nuys CA, Panorama City CA, Sun Valley CA, ...

How to Find the Best Senior Living or Retirement Facility in the San Fernando Valley CA 


Facilities for senior living in the San Fernando Valley California must obtain a certificate of authority from the state of California as protection for consumers. Additionally, any senior living facilities that provide skilled nursing services must also have a Skilled Nursing Facility License from the state DHS (Department of Health Services).  Further, the individuals who serve as administrators at RCFE (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly), ARF (Adult Residential Facilities), or GH (Group Homes) are required to be a state Certified Administrator, requiring coursework and passing an exam.

But that is no guarantee that any particular senior living facility is doing business ethically, providing real value, and satisfying clients. And independent senior living communities and retirement communities in the San Fernando Valley CA are not regulated by the state.

This makes it all the more significant that all senior living facilities, including senior independent living and retirement homes in the San Fernando Valley CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have liability insurance coverage for the protection or residents in the event of injury, in addition to passing all other requirements for certification as Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 such as our survey phone calls to their residents or residents' family members to verify high satisfaction, verified license, only employees legal to work in the U.S., good complaint record, and more.


Options for Senior Living in the San Fernando Valley CA

Depending on an individual's level of independence, there are choices available among aretirement homes and assisted living facilities. Typically, retirement communities are for those who are entirely independent. Assisted living facilities are for those who may be able to perform all or most of life's necessities, but prefer not to every day, or prefer to have the option. For instance, one may be able to cook, but prefer to leave the shopping and preparing to the on-site cafeteria or kitchen, at least some of the time. At these types of mid-range care, residents can get assistance with daily activities such as transportation to shopping or doctor's appointments, eating, bathing and dressing, if necessary but otherwise lead independent, self-directed lives. These elder care facilities are often utilized by couples where one spouse is more medically fragile than the other, thus allowing spouses to stay together in a supported environment.

Terminology varies throughout the nursing home and assisted living industry. Assisted living facilities may be referred to as board and care facilities, residential care facilities, nursing homes or any of a number of other names. The most important thing is to ensure that the facility matches the level of care required. The options run from simply renting an apartment in a facility that has nurses and other assistants available if needed, to full-scale 24/7 nursing care.

Some assisted living facilities in the San Fernando Valley CA offer special Alzheimer's care wings, designed specifically to provide the best care for victims of that debilitating disease, occasionally with their spouses. Some assisted living facilities offer apartments for independent living, laundry and maid service, full dining rooms with varied and nutritious meals in a restaurant-like setting, transportation service and often provide various activities such as movies, parties and music, recreation rooms with games and books, snacks, in-house hair and nail salons and much more.

Residents may often bring their own furniture and other household items to make their apartment feel just like home. Some assisted living facilities even allow pets. The most important things are the level of comfort and care provided to residents. Your loved one needs to fee safe, cared for and have a sense of home. Regardless of the arrangements you make, don't forget to visit often.

Some Retirement Homes, Assisted Living or Independent Senior Living Communities in the San Fernando Valley CA Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these retirement communities in the San Fernando Valley CA: Sherman Village Health Care, Windsor Terrace Healthcare Center, Canyon Oaks Nursing & Rehab, Country Manor, Magnolia Gardens Convalescent, Chatsworth Park, Holiday Manor Inc, Panorama Gardens. Other retirement homes and facilities for assisted living in Burbank, Chatsworth, Reseda, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Santa Clarita and San Fernando CA include: Silverado Senior Living Calabasas CA. Didn't find what you wanted with the TOP 10 Senior Living & Retirement Communities in the San Fernando Valley? Then click here to see additional companies in this category.



Choosing the Best Assisted Living Facility or Retirement Home for Your Loved One in the San Fernando Valley 

When choosing an assisted living or retirement facility, there are many considerations to take into account. Keep in mind that some medical conditions must be evaluated by a doctor, and his or her recommendation or classification can determine which facilities will accommodate you. Everyone's needs are different so it's best to write down as much as possible about what you are looking for—leaving no detail out—before you meet with representatives of potential the San Fernando Valley retirement homes or nursing homes. This gives each a chance to comment on and address the same things, so it will be easier to compare responses.

Be ready also to ask lots of questions of your own. Listen not only to the answers to your questions, but to the level of interest and compassion the representative of the assisted living facility responds with. If they don't seem to be completely invested in ensuring your loved one is completely cared for in every way, choose another retirement facility or nursing home. You want the assisted living or retirement community you choose to be fully involved and to really care that everything goes perfectly for your loved one. If you've gotten a good initial impression, ask some questions about the retirement community's facilities, amenities, experience and credentialing. Use the list of questions below as a guide to develop your own.

• How long have the assisted living centers or retirement homes been in business?

• Are the assisted living facilities part of a chain?

• What training and certification do the retirement centers' staff have?

• What do retirement homes' staff schedules and staffing patterns look like on a daily basis? On the weekends? Holidays?

• Do the assisted living centers allow residents to bring their pets?

• Do the retirement homes allow residents to decorate their apartment as they like?

• What shopping or recreation facilities are near the nursing homes in the San Fernando Valley?

• Will the retirement communities provide a copy of their annual state and federal facility survey? (Assisted living communities and retirement centers are required to provide this on request).

• What is the monthly charge at the retirement homes for different services? (Note: Adding living area square feet, extra rooms or in-room kitchen facilities can greatly affect the cost).

• Is housekeeping / laundry service including in the monthly charge at the retirement facilities?

• What system / staff do the nursing homes have in place in case of a medical emergency?

• Does each resident of the retirement facilities have their privacy respected?

• Will the residential care centers allow you to speak to some current residents and/or their families?

• What is the staff-to-resident ratio at the senior care centers or nursing homes?

• Can SSI offset some or all of the costs of living in the retirement community?

• What is the availability at the nursing homes or senior living centers? Is there a waiting list?

• Will the assisted living centers provide written contract sthat cover every expense, including ancillary services?

• What recreational facilities and services do the senior care centers or nursing homes provide residents?

Through this question-and-answer period, consider first impressions, technical abilities, experience levels, and compatible styles. Somewhere in this combination of facets you will find the right assisted living facility for you or your loved one. When you've selected the most suitable the San Fernando Valley retirement community for you, make sure they are properly certified.



Tips for Choosing Good Senior Living or Retirement Community in Burbank, Chatsworth, Reseda, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Santa Clarita and San Fernando 

Take Time Choosing Your Retirement Community.
Take your time choosing an assisted living facility. It's a huge decision and choosing right can mean the difference between regret and a happy retirement.  Each retirement community will come to the table with different skill sets, experiences, services and philosophy. If can plan early enough to interview several-even if you like the first one you meet, your odds of a successful outcome will improve.

Write it Down.
We mentioned this in another article, but it's important. Think about what services or amenities you need from an assisted living facility or nursing home. Jot down all your notes about any details that seem important. Sit down and write this out as detailed as possible; write down everything that comes to mind, no matter how trivial. By writing it down you'll be able to hand each potential retirement community a clear, consistent summary of what you're looking for and expecting. It will also be easier for them to give you clear, complete answers to your questions and concerns.

Get Several Separate Estimates.
When selecting a the San Fernando Valley assisted living facility, it's not about just finding the lowest bidder. Getting several estimates helps because it will not only help you get an idea of the market value of the service, it will give you a chance to sound out the personalities and policies and customer service of each retirement community before getting involved with them.

Get Everything in Writing.
Nothing is official until it is written and signed. So insist that your retirement community provides you with a detailed document that describes the services, fees, policies, pricing, and any guarantee information. Get it in writing.  Everyone will feel better.

Do Your Homework Before You Sign An Agreement With a the San Fernando Valley Retirement Community.
To narrow down your choices, do some detective work. Research the retirement community's licensing, insurance and reputation. To help with this, see our article: Key Consumer Resources for Assisted Living and Retirement Communities in the San Fernando Valley. Verify all of this information before signing the contract.

Choose Certified Retirement Communities.
In the San Fernando Valley, there is an upper echelon of highly regarded retirement communities and assisted living facilities that insist on delivering the best customer service possible. Seek out local retirement communities that have earned awards or certifications for customer service and you are much more likely to have a better outcome.

Visit the prospective Assisted Living Facility During Different Times.
Before making a decision, it's a good idea to do some drop-in visits during different times to observe overall conditions, cleanliness, the demeanor and appearance of residents, presence of qualified staff, etc. You might also want to drop by unannounced at lunch and dinner to sample the food being served. Do you see family members visiting? Look around; talk to residents, and any visiting family members. This will give you a better sense of the realities of daily life than just taking the scheduled tour.
Know Your Rights.
If you have the misfortune of arriving at a disagreement or legal impasse with your assisted living facility, you are protected by certain rights. Start with the California Department of Consumer Affairs Web site (

If An Assisted Living Facility or Retirement Community Doesn't Measure Up, Fire Them.
If your chosen assisted living or retirement community turns out to be inadequate in any way, look to the terms of your contract: what obligation do they have to make good? Do you have rights spelled out in the event of legal impasse?  What are they? Essentially, a retirement community's failure to perform under a contract constitutes grounds for dismissal.  But before you decide to terminate residency, weigh your options carefully.  Moving a fragile or elderly person can be much more disrupting than weathering the occasional disagreement with staff at your chosen facility.  Also keep in mind that really good facilities often have wait lists; if you suspect that you might have to move, examine your options thoroughly and get on waitlists as soon as possible.



Resources About Retirement & Senior Living in the San Fernando Valley 

Associations & Licensing

BBB Better Business Bureau (
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (
American Association of Retired People (
California Department of Aging (
California Commission on Aging (
National Center for Assisted Living (
Consumer Information about long-term care (
Medline Plus (
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (
National Association of Senior Move Managers (
California Assisted Living (
California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (
Assisted Living Federation of America (
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (http://www.aahsa)
American Senior Housing Association (
Center for Aging Services Technologies (
Senior Outlook (


The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Senior Living & Retirement Communities in the San Fernando Valley within the following zip codes.

91334, 91604, 91507, 91602, 91387, 91502, 91521, 91505, 91496, 91371, 91410, 91381, 91403, 91306, 91372, 91329, 91313, 91526, 91343, 91503, 91409, 91608, 91508, 91426, 91316, 91310, 91612, 91330, 91355, 91394, 91354, 91495, 91510, 91346, 91303, 91482, 91340, 91333, 91416, 91392, 91407, 91395, 91601, 91402, 91351, 91324, 91611, 91522, 91411, 91337, 91607, 91367, 91308, 91307, 91350, 91405, 91335, 91470, 91364, 91390, 91380, 91311, 91436, 91610, 91326, 91618, 91606, 91499, 91325, 91603, 91322, 91328, 91401, 91385, 91423, 91327, 91040, 91393, 91412, 91617, 91523, 91383, 91331, 91615, 91616, 91341, 91304, 91382, 91384, 91609, 91506, 91614, 91504, 91365, 91501, 91406, 91345, 91408, 91357, 91605, 91321, 91386, 91342, 91404, 91413, 91344, 91353, 91396, 91356 and 91352


Retirement Communities & Senior Living Agoura Hills CA

Anna's Platinum Residence Agoura Hills CA 91301

Anna's Platinum Residence IV Agoura Hills CA 91301



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Burbank CA

Burbank Healthcare & Rehab Center Burbank CA 91506

Burbank Hospice Care Burbank CA 91502

Care 101 Burbank CA 91502

Easter Seals Residential Burbank CA 91504

Evergreen Retirement Home Burbank CA 91505

Friends Board & Care LLC Burbank CA 91506

Las Casitas Assisted Living Burbank CA 91505

Le Bleu Chateau Retirement Inc Burbank CA 91504

Siesa Anecita Burbank CA 91506

Skyhill Living Inc Burbank CA 91505

Valley Lodge Burbank CA 91502

Vintage Burbank Senior Living Burbank CA 91505



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Calabasas CA

C Silverado Senior Living Calabasas CA 91302



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Canoga Park CA

Canyon Oaks Nursing & Rehab Canoga Park CA 91303

Holiday Manor Inc Canoga Park CA 91306

Topanga Park Retirement Living Canoga Park CA 91304

Precious Moments Canoga Park CA 91306

R&R Magestic Assisted Living Canoga Park CA 91303

Sunrise Senior Living Canoga Park CA 91304

Topanga Terrace Center Canoga Park CA 91304

Topanga West Guest Home Canoga Park CA 91304

West Hills Health & Rehab Center Canoga Park CA 91304

Wilshire Retirement Center Canoga Park CA 91307



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Canyon Country CA

Carmel Board & Care Canyon Country CA 91387

Jenkins Group Home Canyon Country CA 91351

Mulberry Place Assisted Living Canyon Country CA 91387

Southern Ca Senior Care Canyon Country CA 91351



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Chatsworth CA

Angel Touch Elderly Care Chatsworth CA 91311

Chatsworth Park Chatsworth CA 91311

Emeritus at Chatsworth Chatsworth CA 91311

Sunshine Residential Care Home Chatsworth CA 91311



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Encino CA

All About Caring Encino CA 91316

Chateau Le Petite Encino CA 91436

Encino Gardens Retirement Home Encino CA 91436

Encino Living LLC Encino CA 91436

Encino Retirement Home Encino CA 91316

Guynes Manor II Encino CA 91316

Vintage Encino Hills Encino CA 91436



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Granada Hills CA

A Loving Heart Senior Care Granada Hills CA 91344

Aegis of Granada Hills Granada Hills CA 91344

Ambassador Garden Retirement Granada Hills CA 91344

Casitas Care Center Granada Hills CA 91344

Eunice Home Center Granada Hills CA 91344

Good Choice Residential Granada Hills CA 91344

Granada Hills Convalescent Hospital Granada Hills CA 91344

Magnolia Gardens Convalescent Granada Hills CA 91344

Villa Emma Residential Care Home Granada Hills CA 91344



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Mission Hills CA

Ararat Home of Los Angeles Mission Hills CA 91345

Ararat Nursing Facility Mission Hills CA 91345



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Newhall CA

Pacifica Senior Living Newhall CA 91321

Residential Care at Greenmill Newhall CA 91321

Santa Clarita Convalescent Newhall CA 91321



Retirement Communities & Senior Living North Hills CA

Aloha Family Care Home Facility North Hills CA 91343

Bimini Corp North Hills CA 91343

Sunburst Care Center North Hills CA 91343

Tycoon Residential North Hills CA 91343



Retirement Communities & Senior Living North Hollywood CA

Chandler Assisted Living North Hollywood CA 91607

Chandler Convalescent Hospital North Hollywood CA 91607

Cozy Guest Home North Hollywood CA 91607

Elder Care at Heart North Hollywood CA 91605

Fine Gold Manor North Hollywood CA 91601

Golden State Convalescent Hospital North Hollywood CA 91606

Lankershim Arms North Hollywood CA 91605

Laurel Canyon Retirement Community North Hollywood CA 91607

Love & Spirit Care Center Inc North Hollywood CA 91601

North Hollywood Compassionate North Hollywood CA 91601

Valley Manor Convalescent Hospital North Hollywood CA 91606

Villa Serrano Care Home North Hollywood CA 91605

Village Care North Hollywood CA 91607




Retirement Communities & Senior Living Northridge CA

Aida's Elder Care Northridge CA 91325

Bright Eyes V Northridge CA 91324

Brighten Gardens-Marriott Senior Northridge CA 91326

Brighton Gardens Northridge CA 91326

Corbin House Northridge CA 91324

Emeritus at Northridge Northridge CA 91325

Evening Grace Residential Northridge CA 91325

Long Term Caregiving Inc Northridge CA 91325

My Sunshine Board & Care Home Northridge CA 91324

North Hills Retirement Northridge CA 91325

Northridge Golden Nest Northridge CA 91324

Northridge Villa for Elderly Northridge CA 91324

Pacifica Senior Living Northridge CA 91325

Remy's Garden Inc Northridge CA 91325

Safe Haven Retirement Home Northridge CA 91324

St Rita's Haven Northridge CA 91343

Village at Northridge Northridge CA 91324

White Oak Housing Foundation Northridge CA 91325



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Pacoima CA

Sunset Guest Home Pacoima CA 91331



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Panorama City CA

Sun Air Convalescent Hospital Panorama City CA 91402

Ann's Place Panorama City CA 91402

Panorama Gardens Panorama City CA 91402

Ensign Panorama LLC Panorama City CA 91402



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Reseda CA

Center at Park West Reseda CA 91335

Jewish Homes for the Aging Reseda CA 91335

Los Angeles Jewish Home-Aging Reseda CA 91335

Manila Manor Board & Care Reseda CA 91335

Melvin Residential Care Reseda CA 91335

Woodland Care Center LLC Reseda CA 91335



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Santa Clarita CA

Aloha Care Home Santa Clarita CA 91355

Bridges of Hope & Love Inc Santa Clarita CA 91350

Canterbury Village Santa Clarita CA 91355

D'Elders R US Santa Clarita CA 91350

Heart of Life Inc Santa Clarita CA 91350

Mary Jane's Home Inc Santa Clarita CA 91321

Santa Clarita Homes-Elderly Santa Clarita CA 91390

Via Raza Villa Santa Clarita CA 91355



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Sepulveda CA

Country Villa Sheraton Nursing Sepulveda CA 91343

Golden Years Board & Care Sepulveda CA 91343



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Sherman Oaks CA

Chrysanthemum Place Sherman Oaks CA 91403

Eden Garden Sherman Oaks CA 91423

Shalom Garden Inc Sherman Oaks CA 91401

Sherman Oaks Health & Rehab Sherman Oaks CA 91423






Retirement Communities & Senior Living Studio City CA

Allplaza Studio City CA 91604

CCSC Studio City CA 91604

Golden Years Board & Care Studio City CA 91604

Imperial Care Center Studio City CA 91604

Studio City Assisted Living Studio City CA 91604

Studio City Rehabilitation Studio City CA 91604

Sunrise of Studio City Studio City CA 91604



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Sun Valley CA

Daybreak Care Center Sun Valley CA 91352

Villa Scalabrini Retirement Sun Valley CA 91352

Missionaries of St Charles Sun Valley CA 91352



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Sunland CA

Shadow Hills Convalescent Hospital Sunland CA 91040

Sunshine Manor Sunland CA 91041

New Vista Nursing & Rehab Center Sunland CA 91040



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Sylmar CA

Astoria Nursing & Rehab Sylmar CA 91342

Astoria Terrace Retirement Sylmar CA 91342

Country Manor Sylmar CA 91342

Ember Care Corp Sylmar CA 91342

Lakeview Terrace Silver Crest Sylmar CA 91342

Lakeview Terrace Special Care Sylmar CA 91342

Life HOUSE Maclay Sylmar CA 91342

New Image Foundations Sylmar CA 91342

Pine Ridge Care Center Sylmar CA 91342

Sylmar Health & Rehabilitation Sylmar CA 91342



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Tarzana CA

Emeritus at Tarzana Tarzana CA 91356

Jackie's Hideaway II Tarzana CA 91356

Marble Terrace Tarzana CA 91356

Matrix Care Service Tarzana CA 91356

Retirement Benefits Consulting Tarzana CA 91356

Tarzana Health & Rehab Center Tarzana CA 91356




Retirement Communities & Senior Living Tujunga CA

Foothill RCF Inc Tujunga CA 91042

North Valley Nursing Center Tujunga CA 91042

Oakview Convalescent Hospital Tujunga CA 91042

One-Up Plaza Tujunga CA 91042

Sun Gardens Manor Tujunga CA 91042



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Valencia CA

Home Sweet Home Residential Valencia CA 91355

Tracy's Homes Valencia CA 91355

Valencia Manor Homes Valencia CA 91355




Retirement Communities & Senior Living Van Nuys CA

Angel Pup LLC Van Nuys CA 91406

Asan Scholl Dr Inc Van Nuys CA 91411

Bello Villetta Home for The Elderly Van Nuys CA 91401

Berkley Valley Convalescent Hospital Van Nuys CA 91411

CA Villa Retirement Hotel Van Nuys CA 91411

California Villa Retirement Van Nuys CA 91411

Courtyard Plaza Van Nuys CA 91405

Crystal View Care Service Van Nuys CA 91411

E & R Board & Care I Van Nuys CA 91405

Easter Seal Residential Home Van Nuys CA 91406

Elite Real Estate Brokerage Van Nuys CA 91406

Evergreen Chateau Van Nuys CA 91405

Gilmar Manor Van Nuys CA 91411

Lake Balboa Care Center Van Nuys CA 91406

Leisure Village Van Nuys CA 91406

Retirement Housing Foundation Van Nuys CA 91405

Shalev Family Home Van Nuys CA 91401

Valley View Retirement Center Van Nuys CA 91402

Van Nuys Group Home Van Nuys CA 91405

Vistas Apartments Van Nuys CA 91405

Windsor Terrace Healthcare Center Van Nuys CA 91405



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Verdugo City CA

Twin Oaks Senior Apartments Verdugo City CA 91046



Retirement Communities & Senior Living West Hills CA

Adat Shalom Board & Care Homes West Hills CA 91307

Kim's Love & Care-the Elderly West Hills CA 91307

Shadow Ranch Home West Hills CA 91307

West Hills Retirement Center West Hills CA 91307



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Winnetka CA

AM-Swiss Elderly Care Winnetka CA 91396

Hoi Nguoi Viet Cao Nien Winnetka CA 91306

Souyas Board Care Winnetka CA 91306

Sunshines Place Winnetka CA 91306



Retirement Communities & Senior Living Woodland Hills CA

A Place for All Seasons Woodland Hills CA 91367

Ave of the Bells Woodland Hills CA 91367

Bella Rosa Place LLC Woodland Hills CA 91367

Clarendon Assisted Living Woodland Hills CA 91367

Clarendon Manor Woodland Hills CA 91367

Dina Vetchtein Woodland Hills CA 91367

Park Ventura Woodland Hills CA 91364

Sunrise Senior Living Woodland Hills CA 91364

Walnut Acres Residential Care Woodland Hills CA 91367

Woodland Park West Retirement Woodland Hills CA 91364

Woodland West Home Woodland Hills CA 91364





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Choosing the Best Assisted Living Facility or Retirement Home for Your Loved One in the San Fernando Valley

When searching for the right assisted living communities or retirement homes for your loved one, it's best to tour and hold interviews with several before choosing. Doing this gives you a chance to gauge each retirement community's cleanliness, professionalism, and ability to meet your needs. You may have to tour and speak with a few nursing homes before finding a good match. Read the following article for some pointers on how to find the perfect assisted living/retirement community in Burbank, Chatsworth, Reseda, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Santa Clarita and San Fernando for your needs. more »



Tips for Choosing Good Senior Living or Retirement Community in Burbank, Chatsworth, Reseda, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Santa Clarita and San Fernando

Choosing a retirement community requires lots of thought. It's important that the retirement community you select is a good fit. To help you make the right decision regarding which the San Fernando Valley retirement community is right for you, The Prime Buyer's Report has provided this list of tips to use as a guideline in finding good senior living in the San Fernando Valley.more »



Resources About Retirement & Senior Living in the San Fernando Valley

The following is a list of publications, licensing & regulatory bodies, and associations relevant to senior living in the San Fernando Valley including retirement communities, independent senior living, assisted living, and retirement homes.more »