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How to Participate in Community and Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco CA

There are number of good non-profit groups in San Francisco. From affordable health care to help for individuals suffering from abuse, neglect, or dependency problems, San Francisco nonprofits and donor-funded groups hold the fabric of our community together.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best non-profit & community organizations in San Francisco.


Updated November 4, 2016

 The TOP 10 Community and Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco CA

Community Center Project of SF
(415) 865-5501
1800 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Areas Served: San Francisco, incl. Mission District, North Beach, Laurel Heights, The Presidio

Fort Point National Historic Site
(415) 556-1693
San Francisco, CA 94129

Areas Served: San Francisco incl. North Beach, Sunset District, Laurel Heights, Noe Valley

Lighthouse For the Blind
(415) 431-1481
214 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102

Areas Served: San Francisco incl. Sunset District, Pacific Heights, Sea Cliff, Noe Valley

United Way of the Bay Area
(415) 856-0900
221 Main St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Areas Served: San Francisco, incl. Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset District, Mission District

Neighborhood Parks Council
(415) 621-3260
451 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Areas Served: San Francisco & Bay Area, incl. Noe Valley, The Marina, Sunset District

Planned Parenthood
(800) 967-7526
815 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Areas Served: San Francisco, North Beach, Noe Valley, Sunset District, Mission District

San Francisco Railway Museum
(415) 974-1948
77 Steuart Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Areas Served: San Francisco incl. Nob Hill, Russian Hill, North Beach, Sea Cliff, Pacific Heights

Alcatraz Island
(415) 981-7625
Building 201, Golden Gate National Recreation Area
San Francisco, CA 94123

Areas Served: San Francisco, incl. North Beach, Noe Valley, Mission District, The Presidio

Northern California Community Loan Fund
Send an email to this Company
(415) 392-8215
870 Market St, Ste 677
San Francisco, CA 94102
501(c)(3) nonprofit

Services: provides financing to community-based organizations and enterprises that promote ...

How to Participate in Community and Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco CA 

Non-Profit Groups in San Francisco CA
There are many community organizations in San Francisco CA and they run the gamut from family, individual, and social outreach. Under this umbrella you'll find various support groups that assist adult and juvenile cancer patients or survivors, battered women, spinal cord injury sufferers, co-dependents and addicts, polio sufferers, and even neglected animals.

Community organizations and non-profit groups range in capabilities based on donations, overall scale and the rate of participation from volunteers. Certain independent, publicly funded women's health centers can offer pregnancy education, abortion alternatives, abortion referrals, free pregnancy tests, prenatal medical care, gynecological care, birth control, and emergency contraception.

Other associations offer general living assistance in the form of crisis intervention, family and marriage counseling, CARE sponsored programs, birth and parenting education, domestic violence mediation and child abuse and neglect intervention. In fact, child advocacy is a pervasive cause with a number of child welfare organizations in San Francisco CA geared toward helping local at-risk youth.

Certain agencies offer behavioral counseling, subsidized child care programs, child care referrals, child care food programs, rescue missions, child abuse recovery programs, children's hunger relief, and human development education. Children are encouraged to take advantage of youth groups and agencies such as the Boys and Girls Club, which often provide safe haven and life skills education for those whose lives are otherwise lacking such structure.

There are several other resources available to disadvantaged children that operate under the auspices of broader social and human services. Demographic and ethnic-based organizations (Japanese-American, Italian-American, African-American, Jewish, Native-American) often support children's welfare endeavors as well as many other charitable causes.

Animal Assistance and Animal Rescue Groups in San Francisco CA
Your community has a healthy network of human outreach projects, but some provide some aid to non-human residents as well. Humane societies and animal shelters are generally funded by philanthropist contributions. Donations are devoted to wildlife rescue, lost and found pet reports, stray care and pick-up, animal adoptions, and basic care. San Francisco animal shelters have limited healthcare, but do usually offer reduced rates animal care. For a fee, the San Francisco Humane Society may provide services to private pet owners.

Health-Related Organizations & Non-Profit Groups in San Francisco CA
Several community and non-profit organizations in San Francisco CA focusing on the ailing and elderly have developed over the years. Women's health organizations attempt to raise money for breast cancer research. Epilepsy foundations do the same, local blood banks are always open to the contributions of healthy donors, and eldercare organizations strive to provide the base care to Alzheimer's patients with dementia.

However, many larger welfare associations don't limit their aide to seniors. Charitable organizations like those listed above provide wider assistance, such as clergy and pastoral counseling, independent living skills and family education, co-dependency outreach programs, homeless assistance, inmate rehabilitation assistance, vehicle donation, workforce development, food banks, and bilingual assistance.

Volunteering at Non-Profit Organizations & Community Groups in San Francisco CA

There's another side to the arena of community and non-profit services: volunteerism. There are several community groups in San Francisco that rally for political or social causes, or simply as a means to share a common interest.

If you're looking for a forum, there are local groups that center on several different pressing issues, including women's activism, gay rights, health care reform, environmental activism, education advancement, housing reform, economic development, living wage, immigration legislation, arts, ecology, crime and safety, conservation, solar power and the use of other green energy and alternative energy sources, labor reform, anti-war efforts, globalization, and any number of other extra-community and intra-community concerns.

The Prime Buyer's Report lists these community organizations & non-profit groups in San Francisco CA: Northern California Community Loan Fund, Planned Parenthood, San Francisco Railway Museum, Community Center Project of SF, Lighthouse For the Blind, Fort Point National Historic Site, Neighborhood Parks Council, Alcatraz Island, United Way of the Bay Area. 

A foundation for community support is present in every American community—it's simply a matter of seeking out involvement or assistance to tap into this network. For a thorough listing of community and non-profit organizations that service individuals and families in the area, see The Prime Buyer's Report article "Resources About Community and Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco CA."



Research Community Resources and Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco CA 

Non-Profit Associations & Community Volunteer Opportunities in San Francisco CA

General Non-Profit Groups & Community Organizations
California Association of Nonprofits (
Center for Civic Partnerships (
Community Services Planning Council (
NCNA National Council of Nonprofit Organizations (
Red Cross (

Political Organizations & Non-Profit Groups
ANSWER Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (
Human Rights Watch (

Non-Profit Community Organizations About Crime and Economic Concerns
BOSS Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (
CHC California Housing Consortium (
Inn Vision (
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California (
National Crime Prevention Council (
National Coalition for the Homeless (
Shelter Network (

Art and Ecology Community Groups
CAC California Arts Council (
CEC California Energy Commission (
CBE Communities for a Better Environment-California (
CEHA California Environmental Health Association (
Environmental Defense (
KAB Keep America Beautiful (
NBMA North Bay Multimedia Association (
NCRA Northern California Recycling Association (
NorCal Solar Energy Association (

Ethnic/Nationality/Worship Organizations
AACI Asian American for Community Involvement (
AMILA American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism (
Chinese Culture Center (
JCCCNC Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California (
Latin-American Association (
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-California Branch (
NARF Native American Rights Fund (
NCAI National Congress of American Indians (
NOMAR National Organization for Mexican-American Rights (

Youth and Family Community-Based Organizations
Big Brothers Big Sisters (
California Coalition for Youth (
California Youth Advocacy Network (
EMQ Children and Family Services (
GU Generations United (
PTA National Parent Teacher Association (
SFCD Support for Families of Children with Disabilities (

Non-Profit Groups for Health & Wellness

American Lung Association of California (
Americans United for Life (
America's Blood Centers (
California Blood Bank Society (
California Public Health Association-North (
CARES Center for AIDS Research, Education & Services (
Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California (
ProLife America (

Community Organizations for Women's Issues
CAWA California Women's Agenda (
LWV League of Women Voters of California (
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (

Community & Social Services by County
Department of Employment & Human Services (
Department of Children & Family Services (
San Francisco City and County (

Web Forums for Non-Profit Groups & Community Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations & Community Groups Publications

ACTivist Magazine
Community Values Magazine
Humanitarian Environmental Magazine
Native Youth Magazine
NEED Magazine
Open Spaces Quarterly
Orion Magazine
Political Affairs Magazine
Speak Up Literary Journal
Synthesis/Regeneration Magazine
Women's Health Activist Magazine
YO! Youth Outlook



Tips for Involvement in Community Groups in San Francisco CA 

There is an entire network of community-minded individuals, from assiduous activists to casual volunteers, who work to make the San Francisco community a better place for you and your neighbors. These associations, which include everything from book clubs to massive labor unions, need your energy to help aide your community as well as you personally. The following tips can teach you about your local social services and help you become an active participant and beneficiary of your community.

Stay Informed of Local Events Through Your San Francisco Community Organizations
Though syndicated media is widely respected and attracts a larger body of readers, there is something to be said for San Francisco paper and news networks. Information that pertains directly to locals like you doesn't make it into larger, nationally or internationally geared publications. Your local newspaper discusses community events and regional issues in depth. You can often find community calendars that detail charitable projects and volunteer opportunities. You must become familiar with your surroundings to be an active participant or recipient.

Research Local Non-Profit Groups and Community Centers in San Francisco CA
Any of the resources we've provided can direct you toward an agency that represents the cause of your choice, but you may also want to conduct other research. Your community affairs officer can tell you about local programs, and a local church, school, or youth center can provide additional options.

Donate Goods and Time to San Francisco Non-Profit Organizations
Most social and human interest groups stay afloat financially due only to the generosity of members or well-wishers, though some do receive a small sum of federal grant money. If you're low on time and still want to contribute, any amount will do. For donation ideas and instructions, see any of the resources listed in The Prime Buyer's Report article "Resources About Community and Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco".

It's Rewarding To Volunteer Time with San Francisco Community Groups that Matter
Not everyone has money to burn or items to donate. But nearly everyone has the ability to contribute their time and effort. Most organizations are happy to accept your helping hand. All you need to do is offer it.

Bring a Friend to San Francisco CA Community Gatherings & Non-Profit Benefits
The welfare of the San Francisco community rests on the shoulders of every resident. The more proactive members there are, the better the results. So whenever you become active in one of these projects, involve as many cohorts as possible. The more, the merrier.




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Research Community Resources and Non-Profit Organizations in San Francisco CA

The following list is comprised of locally accessible organizations and groups that provide aide for social causes. We've separated each organization into specific categories, from San Francisco CA political parties to state art councils, to non-profits in San Francisco CA. With almost 100 community organizations and non-profit groups listed, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for. more »



Tips for Involvement in Community Groups in San Francisco CA

By becoming and staying informed about all aspects of your community, you can become an effective participant in one or many of the assistance and activist organizations in San Francisco CA. Maintain awareness in your community and check out these tips so that you can contribute and benefit from supporting community groups in San Francisco CA.more »



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