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How To Find The Best Auto Glass Repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA

If you've been involved in an accident or have simply awakened to find your windshield or auto glass cracked or broken, you'll want to find good auto glass repair or windshield repair in Marin County as quickly as possible. The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best auto glass repair in Marin County and issues related to buying new car windows and glass repair.

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Updated September 19, 2017

 The TOP 10 Auto Glass Repair in Marin County CA

Glass Work
(415) 454-8964
1455 Francisco Blvd E # A
San Rafael, CA 94901

Triumph Auto Glass
(510) 843-1700
50 Alta Vista Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Areas Served: Sausalito, Mill Valley, Marin City, Corte Madera, Strawberry, Almonte

How To Find The Best Auto Glass Repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA 


Services doing auto glass repair in Marin County CA must be licensed by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair as protection for consumers. But it is not a license specifically for auto glass, making it all the more critical that the shop you go to has proven expertise in the specialty of replacing or repairing car windows and windshields. 

They are not required by law to have liability insurance; however, all auto glass services bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have liability insurance coverage to reimburse you in the event of any damage to your vehicle while it's in their care, in addition to passing all other requirements for certification as Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 such as our survey phone calls to their previous customers to verify high satisfaction, hiring only documented workers, verified license, clean complaint record, and more.

Auto Glass Shops in Marin County Can Do it All
All it takes is a tiny, pebble-sized twist of fate to do serious damage. When that chip in your windshield begins to spider out, you know there is no avoiding a visit to an auto glass repair shop. Services that do auto glass repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA can replace car windshields and broken car windows in as little as an hour and some mobile glass services will come to you. 

The various services for auto glass repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA can care for nearly every road vehicle—late model cars and trucks, SUVs, vans, buses—you name it. Some shops can even install the specialty glass required for rare collectibles and classic restorations. Most services for car window repair can replace standard auto glass, including rear glass, front and rear passenger side glass, front and rear driver side auto glass, sunroofs or moon roofs, and, of course, windshields for just about any car model.

Beyond vehicle windows, autoglass shops in Marin County CA can repair or replace, backlights, front lamp glass, side view mirrors, rear view mirrors, and vanity mirrors. You can often opt for maintenance protection by receiving protective coatings and films on the new materials. A select number of services for autoglass repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA are able to care for power glass mechanisms by replacing the lifts, motors, and guides.

The quality of these local shops is ensured through several means. Technicians only use tempered or laminated safety glass; replacement glass must meet the specific vehicle quality standard; replacement glass must meet the standards of the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Administration). And when you discover rock chips or small cracks in your windshield, auto glass shops take extra steps to make the repair process as quick and simple as possible. Some offer mobile service, while-you-wait service, and lifetime warranties. They may even file your insurance claim for you. So don't feel compelled to procrastinate. Any of the shops listed below can complete your autoglass repair with precision and ease.

Some Auto Glass Repair Services in Marin County Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these businesses for auto glass repair in Marin County: Triumph Auto Glass, Glass & Sash Inc, Dotto Glass Inc, Chilton Auto Body & Glass, Glass Work, North Star Glass & Windows, Novato Glass Inc, Old Town Glass, Stellway Mobile Windshield. Other services for car glass repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA that might still be in business include: .




How to Choose the Best Auto Glass Repair in Marin County CA 

Step 1: Describe Damage and Desired Results to the Auto Glass Repair Shops
Explain what type of glass services you were require, providing as many details as possible. Be consistent in the way that you present the information so each service for car window repair in Marin County will have an opportunity to bid the same job.

Step 2: Ask & Answer Questions - Both You and Your Auto Glass Replacement Specialist
You can learn a lot by the questions you are asked before handing over the keys. Some may want to get you in and out, but good auto window repair in Marin County should begin with several basic questions about your vehicle. Are his questions detailed? Is he asking the right questions? These questions should signify whether the technician has a genuine concern for your well-being and an appreciation for your business. Use some or all of the questions below to complement what you've already learned.

  • How long have you been doing auto glass repair in Marin County?
  • How many car glass repairs and windshield replacements have you completed?
  • Do you specialize in the type of car window repair I've described? If so, please give me some examples of similar auto glass services that you've completed.
  • Do you offer mobile auto glass replacement and car glass repair?
  • Is your business/are your technicians certified in this type of car window replacement?
  • Do you carry liability insurance?
  • Will you provide a written estimate for windshield repair and auto glass replacement?
  • Will you provide a written contract?
  • How do you price the windshield repair or auto glass replacement work?
  • How long will the wuto glass repair or replacement job take to complete?
  • Will you provide a courtesy car while my car's windshield is being repaired?
  • Are you authorized to repair my vehicle, as far as my insurance is concerned?
  • Do you require an independent appraiser?
  • Will you take care of the insurance paperwork?
  • Do you use new or used parts when replacing auto glass?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer and what does it cover?
  • What is your satisfaction policy regarding car glass replacement?

Step 3: Making a Preliminary Decision for Auto Glass Repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA
Prioritize which answers are the most important. Weigh these and assess which company will be your best provider. Which do you personally feel the most comfortable dealing with? This should have become more evident by this process.

Step 4: Final Research for Windshield Replacement in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA
What credentials does the automotive glass shop have? The technicians? What about other projects that you can inspect? It is time to verify licensing, insurance and certifications. See "Resources About Auto Glass Repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA."

Step 5: Making the Final Decision for Car Window Repair in Marin County CA
Now it's time to select and contract your car glass specialist. Call and ask any final questions and then ask for the representative to provide a written and signed pricing, timing, quality, and warranty agreement.



Tips for Car Window Repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA 

Take Your Time Picking a Windshield Replacement or Auto Glass Repair Specialist.
If you take a little time in order to choose the right automotive glass shop before starting the process, you're more likely to be satisfied.

Get Three Separate Estimates From Businesses That Do Auto Glass Repair in Marin County CA.
Use the process of collecting estimates to gather preliminary information about the different car glass repair in Marin County. Getting the estimates will help you determine various key factors like the company's professionalism, value of customers and their honesty and confidence, not to mention a reasonable price range for products and supplies.

Get Everything in Writing From the Auto Glass Services.
Slow down for a minute and make sure that each of the companies on the preliminary list provides you with a written description of the work, an itemized list of glass to be installed, estimated labor, prices for both, and a timeframe for completion. Only after reviewing this should you agree to repairs.

Do Your Homework Before You Sign An Agreement for Car Window Repair or Auto Glass Replacement
For comprehensive auto glass work be sure to check licensing, certification, liability insurances, warranties and any other relevant information before you sign. Also, see how the facility operates and examine the conditions.

In some cases, insurance companies will exclude automotive glass damage from the claim policy. Make sure that your insurance company agrees to pay for work done by your chosen auto glass repair specialists. At the same time, a contract will be between the car glass service and the vehicle's owner, not your insurance company, so it is your responsibility to choose a trustworthy and quality shop that will look after your interests.

Write A Description of the Vehicle Glass Repair Job.
You'll do better in assessing which best automotive glass services are the best if you personally write down what your needs are. When you make sure that each of auto glass repair servicesl hear the same description, you can be sure that you are comparing responses to your project on consistent basis.

Maintain Good Communication During The Work.
Do your best to be available to your technician during the repair in case he has questions. And if you have any questions during the process, by all means, ask them. Maintaining good communication avoids misunderstandings and can help speed the repair work.

Agree In Advance To Do A Walkaround Upon Completion.
After the job is completed, examine the detailed agreement you signed before the automotive glass repair or replacement began. Walk around the vehicle with the most senior automotive glass technician available and have him explain all work done. Then compare the work with the estimate and bring up anything that differentiates from the agreement.

Know Your Rights.
Consumers have rights that vary depending on where they live. You're dealing with businesses for auto glass repair in Marin County CA, so check out the California Consumer Affairs Department.

Make Sure Your Auto Glass Replacement Service Asks The Right Questions.
If the automotive glass specialist you visit seems careless or glosses over key issues, don't hire him! A trustworthy and professional automotive glass technician should examine the damage, asking questions and actively listening with you. If this is not the case or you generally don't feel good about the facility, this automotive glass shop is not the one for you.



Research on Auto Glass Repair in Novato, Sausalito and San Rafael CA 


Common Terms in Auto Glass Repair

Adhesion - Physically joining two materials such as auto glass and metal during auto glass repair.

Adhesive - A glue-like substance that joins auto glass and metal during auto glass repair.

Cutout - The process of cutting out and removing damaged windshields or broken windshields in one piece before windshield replacement.

HPR - (High Penetration Resistance) HPR windshields are strengthened by layers of laminated auto glass. They are designed to reduce the possibility of injuries during accidents.

NGA-Certified - Installation specialists who have met all certification requirements of the National Glass Association. There are two levels of NGA-certification. Auto Glass Technicians (AGT) have at least six months of experience in the auto glass industry as auto glass installers. Master Auto Glass Technicians (MAGT) have at least five years of experience in the auto glass industry as auto glass installers. They have also earned Senior Auto Glass Technician Level certification.

Perimeter - The outside edge of a vehicle's windshield where the urethane is applied before the new auto glass is installed.

Resin - A clear liquid substance used to seal windshield cracks and windshield breaks to prevent the cracks and breaks from spreading.

Windshield Repair - A method of repairing windshield cracks and windshield breaks before they spread.

Windshield Replacement - Replacing auto glass when a vehicle windshield is cracked or broken beyond repair. This process includes removal of the broken windshield and installing a new windshield.






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