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Reilly Designs
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(415) 497-2514
1294 Lincoln Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901
State Contractor's License #873829
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Areas Served: Marin County incl. San Rafael CA, Sausalito CA, Novato CA, Kentfield, Greenbrae, ...
Services: landscape designers, landscape installers for all new landscaping including ...

Reilly Designs Company Profile

Companies that do your landscape design or your landscape installations generally do not also offer ongoing landscape maintenance services. For that, you usually have to find yet another separate company to take care of your yard, plants, lawn and garden.

Obviously there are big advantages if you can have the same company that knows best what your yard needs, the one that installed it, continue to take care of it. But landscape contractors that also provide maintenance are a rare find.

There is just such a company in Marin County. Reilly Designs in San Rafael CA are full service landscape designers and landscape contractors who not only design and install, but also provide routine landscape maintenance. We interviewed Reilly Designs owner Scott Reilly to find out his customers benefit from having one landscape company that can do it all.

Benefit From A Company That Does It All: Reilly Designs in San Rafael CA

New landscaping definitely adds an immediate improvement to the monetary value of a home and to its enjoyment, but what about retaining that value? Scott Reilly shares, "A homeowner's biggest concern should be what their landscaping is going to look like in five years or 20 years. New landscaping is an investment, so you need it to continue to look great for longer than just the first year."

And your best bet to retaining that value is to have the experts who created your landscaping continue to care for it. "When you're using the same company that installed the garden to do the maintenance, they're going to help keep your garden to that ideal you wanted. Someone new is disconnected from that design idea, but when the designer is the one who maintains the garden, the homeowner gets the best results and value," Scott told us.

Clients of Reilly Designs agree. A customer named Paulette said during a research phone call to customers of Reilly Designs, "They do our maintenance for us. They are punctual, they have great design work, and he's an easy guy to talk to." 

Reilly Designs in San Rafael CA: Designers Extraordinaire

Scott Reilly got an early start in landscapes. His brother was a gardener on private estates on the east coast, and Scott helped him each summer. That experience, along with the intuitive lessons he learned transplanting wild plants into the landscaping at his childhood home, was the foundation of his education and interest in landscaping. His professional career was launched at the famous Tudor Place, a public estate in Washington, DC that is the sister estate to Mount Vernon.

Scott has called Marin County home for 14 years, and his range of public, private and cross-country experience has honed his skills. "I bring a wide range of experience that stems from the amazing places I've worked. The places a landscape designer has been exposed to and the experience they have enhances their design abilities."

Research phone calls to randomly selected clients of Reilly Designs gave proof of their superior landscape design abilities. A client named Diane said, "He totally redesigned our garden. It is so beautiful that the neighbors comment on it all the time." Another named Antoinette said, "We didn't know what we wanted. He drew up a fabulous design and we immediately went with it. The work was just great."

Too many landscape designers ignore the clients' wishes and insist on only their own artistic choices. But Scott Reilly listens to his clients. A client named Kathleen vouched, "He was patient with me about the designs that I wanted. He didn't push his opinions on me."

Proven Expertise at Reilly Designs In Marin County

Reilly Designs in San Rafael CA are experts at all things landscape related including terraces, fences, decks, gates, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, water elements like fountains and reflecting pools, outdoor lighting, masonry and retaining walls.

Scott Reilly explains, "We have experienced and talented people on staff including masons, carpenters, irrigation specialists and an experienced maintenance crew that offers amazing customer service."

So to protect your investment in that new landscaping, it's best to have the experts who designed and installed it, also provide the routine maintenance. Reilly Designs in Marin County is one of the rare landscape companies that are both expert landscape designers and installers that also provide landscape maintenance and lawn care services. And research phone calls to randomly selected clients of Reilly Designs prove it's a rare and valuable combination.