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Reilly Designs
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(415) 497-2514
1294 Lincoln Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901
State Contractor's License #873829
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Areas Served: Marin County incl. San Rafael CA, Sausalito CA, Novato CA, Kentfield, Greenbrae, ...
Services: landscape designers, landscape installers for all new landscaping including ...

Reilly Designs Customer Reviews

It's spectacular. It's magical. He transformed it incredibly. Before, we had a pretty sweet garden from May to October; but the rest of the year, it was a moonscape. Now, people go out in the garden in January, and it's beautiful. This is the first time we've had a garden 24/7. — Paulette Ryan, client

This house had been appraised before, and they'd put, 'no yard.' After that (the garden installation), it became a highlight: 'magnificent garden.' So, it went from nothing, to a plus. — Charlie Hamilton, client

Two things: first of all, he's very approachable and easy to work with, just a pleasure. And he shows up with the the perfect plant for that spot; and it's unique. So, there's a trust factor there. I leave it to him, his creative whims; and to me, that's fun. — Jeff Katz, client

It's always been kind of a showpiece. They (customers) go right over, and are always saying, 'we didn't even know this was here.' There are a couple plants that always get their attention. — Charlie Hamilton, Paradise Bay

Let's say there're guests coming in. We've got one week to make this place look fantastic...and he turns this place into a paradise in a matter of days... He's so easy; there isn't any uphill. — Judith Stern, estate caretaker

Scott's very good and very methodical. He's also nice to his workers, and that's important to me. I gave him carte blanche with the property. That's the only way I like to work with people. But you have to trust someone to do that. — Joyce

Number one, I like him as an individual; I think he's honest and forthright. Responsible. Responsive. He shows up when he says he will, and he's very knowlegable. — Bruce Potter, client

I wanted someone who could give me something I wanted—which was smelly flowers...I'm in love with it; it's so female. — Larry Zaroff, M.D.

The following are verbatim responses given during research phone calls to randomly selected clients asked  what they liked best:

"He totally redesigned our garden. It is so beautiful, that the neighbors and friends comment on it all the time."-Diane J.

"I think he's very knowledgeable, and he knows what he is doing." -Betty D.

"They have good communication, and they are prompt in doing whatever needs to be done." -Janice N.

"I've been working with him for a couple of years. He has a lot of creative ability. He is an artist in many ways. He is a poet. I've read his poems. He's also a potter. His talents also extend into landscaping." -Larry Z.

"He's reasonable, and he works well with me." -Paul B.

"The quality of their work and the consistency" -Brennie B.

"He shows up when I call him." -Nancy B.

"They worked fast, and they were reliable." -Kathy E.

"Everything, we didn't know what we wanted to do. He drew up a fabulous design and we immediately went with it. The work was just great." -Antoine G.

"The attention to detail, honesty, and he was able to do some fairly complicated things. Everything was very well planned out, and everything works the way it should." -John G.

"Reliability" -Bruce G.

"He was patient with me about the designs that I wanted. He didn't push his opinions on me." -Kathleen G.

"I've done three different projects with them, and I like the fact that he can create designs. I also like that he can put it all together." -Charlie H.

"He totally redesigned our garden. It is so beautiful, that the neighbors and friends comment on it all the time." -Diane J.

"They're always very responsive when I call and need something done. They handle it pretty quickly." -Murray K.

"I like that I can get a hold of him whenever I want to, as he answers his phone." -Janie K.

"I just liked the final outcome." -Rob L.

"He works with our customers, and they are very happy and satisfied with him. He shows his crew what to do." -Larry M.

"The way he looks at the complete project, he's very good at integrating everything from what is there. He gets the feel of the neighborhood and puts the whole thing together." -Mr. R.

"They do maintenance for us. They are punctual, they have great design work, and he's an easy guy to talk to." -Paulette R.

"They are such good people." -Nancy W.

"Scott is a great guy. He is very honest." -Liz W.

Updated January 16, 2018