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European Sales & Service
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(707) 232-5231
920 Petaluma Hill Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
BAR License #AB145194
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10  Diamond Certified  Better Business Bureau ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Mercedes Benz Specialist Smart Car Service & Repair

Areas Served: Santa Rosa area including Santa Rosa CA, Windsor CA, Mark West CA, Fulton CA, ...
Services: auto electrical repair exclusively for Mercedes Benz
Key Brands: Bilstein Automotive Shocks, Bosch, Laso Original Spare Auto Parts, Lemforder Auto ...

European Sales & Service Customer Reviews

"My main criteria for a successful interaction with a business are two-fold: Quality & Courtesy. They have skilled and factory-trained techs. The owner, Richard, is friendly and a good communicator. I've also met Ryan, the owner's son, and they know their stuff. I highly recommend them for Mercedes-Benz repair."

—Michael N., Mariposa CA

"This is the best shop for Mercedes Benz in the North Bay. I've taken my C-230 to several other shops in the Santa Rosa / Marin County area and while I've never been particularly displeased with any of them. European Sales and Service remains at the top of this list for several reasons. Price / Service / Quality / and piece of mind. Rich the owner of this establishment gives off the vibe of just a stand up guy. Anyone familiar with getting a car serviced can agree that there's always that feeling of confusion and helplessness that comes with being a part of a transaction that you know little about. I have worked in numerous sales positions including my current job in the mortgage industry and this feeling is not exclusive to Auto service. But being a sales person it's one of the few places I experience it. What I've found is that the level of customer service and the quality of work are exceptional and the prices are the best I could find around. That being said the Piece of mind that I get from knowing that I'm getting great service at a great price ( and I've done plenty of research ) lets me rest at ease. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to have the same services that local Mercedes Dealerships/Service Centers will do, for significantly less money. Why pay more for the same thing, when you can have Richard and his staff give you the level of service you deserve for a fraction of the cost at the dealer."

—Dallas M., Petaluma CA

"Let me start with driving a MBZ is expensive and you cannot expect it to get any cheaper over time. Rich and crew have made thousands of dollars of repairs to my car and it has been worth every dime. I'm at 270K on my C230 that still gets 30 mpg. They have far more experience than any of the dealer techs are they don't lie. Every repair has been fixed right the first time and has preformed as good as new or better. If you feel trust is part price you pay, then your getting your money's worth. So next time you need it FIXED and can pass on not having a free latte' machine take it to European."

—L.P., Santa Rosa CA

"Great service and great prices!"

—Sam S., Santa Rosa CA

"Great service and friendly staff. We have purchased our 3 Mercedes here and we couldn't be happier."

—Anne F., Santa Rosa CA

The following are verbatim responses given during research phone calls asking what customers liked best:

"They're very good mechanics, plus they're honest."-Dee & Wes A.

"I had a last minute repair and the owner himself, who was about to go on vacation, serviced my car personally."-Chad B.

"They're great and they have the best mechanics. We wouldn't go anywhere else."-Frank & Jane C.

"They went the extra mile to take care of me." -Terry M.

"Quick, they always fix the problem."-Brad B.

"He provides excellent service. He is very honest. He has gone above the call of duty in providing a loaner car." - Fred K.

"They listen to what I say. They do the job right the first time." - Beverly R.

"They are easy to talk to. I can reach them right away." - Charlotte L.

"They are very efficient and honest." - Ellie J.

"I thought the service was prompt. They seemed to be very professional. I liked that they gave me different options of what I could do. They made suggestions that provided the best value for my money." - Heide O.

"The fact that they diagnose and solve problems quickly" - Milan R.

"They're very fast and nice." - Alice A.

"Honesty" - C.A.

"I've been going there for years. I just like their thoroughness. They do a good job." - Lois B.

"They got it in and out quickly." - Doug C.

"They are thorough and personable." - Ann C.

"They are very friendly and nice." - Jim O.

"I felt they were honest and forthright." - Karen M.

"They are very friendly and straightforward. I think they know what they are doing." - Michael F.

"They fixed things on the first try." - Nancy M.

"They do good, conscientious work. I've been using them for ten years. They do quality work all the way around." - Richard L.

"They are very thorough. They make the time to communicate with me." - Kristen K.

"I finally got to a guy who knew what he was doing. I had a difficult problem. Greg took the time to fix it. I appreciated that." - Eric S.

"Price" - Kathy D.

"Close, easy, and quick" - Sandy D.

"They do good work. It's prompt." - John A.

"I was satisfied with their work." - Paul M.

"They were friendly and communicative." - Larry A.
"The owner is polite." - Dona F.

"The customer service was great, I liked the way they give you one on one, and it's not like going into a production line shop. They take personal care of their customers, answer any questions you have and offer assistance. Rich has always been very helpful." - Bob P.

"They are courteous, friendly, and they do good work." - James B.

"The people were all very friendly, Ken informed me of other problems I needed fixed and I appreciated that. They had all the parts on hand, no delays and my car was finished in a quick manner." - Michael H.

"They were friendly, very helpful and got me everything I needed." - Chad E.

"They are very efficient and knowledgeable." - Paul M.

"They have a personable and knowledgeable staff; I've been with them for 15 years and never had a problem." - Ty F.

"I've known the owner for years, he has in depth experience with Mercedes, him and his mechanic really know their stuff and they keep updated with the latest technology." - Kelly L.

"It was good customer service; they did work in a timely manner according to the way we discussed. Everything went smoothly." - Ken M.

"They were very convenient." - Jack B.

"They are very accommodating, thorough, and personable." - Ron C.

"They took care of it quick." - George M.

"They are very efficient and knowledgeable." - Sam R.

"They have a nice staff. They are efficient and seem honest" - Melanie G.

"They're courteous and when they told me things would be done they were." - Gary P.

"They did what I expected them to do; when we interacted with Ron we got a straight story. He gave us a good estimate on schedule and cost. Other places we went to there were constant surprises, you get an estimate then they call you back and say it's going to cost more. With Europeans you get the straight story and they deliver on their promises." - Doug C.

"I think they are responsive and accurate with their estimates." - Kerri K.

"The staff is very good." - John M.

"They seem to be very helpful and responsive." - David S.

"They are on prompt, the overall customer service is good, and they specialize in Mercedes Benz." - Brian M.

"They get you in fast and they are knowledgeable." - Phyllis L.

"They got the job done on time with no hassles." - Donald R.

"The service person Ron was good." - Pamela B.

"I like the owner." - Anthony B.

"They were real down to earth, explained things, the computer readout was very readable and detailed" - Patsy G.

"Quick service, good pricing, did the right thing at the right time" - Richard M.

"The owner gave personal service, friendly, explained things, trustworthy" - Lori H.

"They did the work right, just a check-up" - Steve C.

"Friendly and helpful" - Dylan P.

"I like the boss's personality; he listens to you and does good work." - Bob G.

"Quick, they always fix the problem." - Brad B.

"The service was good." - Alex D.

"The friendly service and the competence." - George E.

"Their interest in taking care of the work." - Jim V.

"I like the owner, have known him for years, easy to talk to and handles the problems quickly." - Al A.

"Knowledgeable" - Teresa B.

"The personal attention that they give us is #1 and the quality of work is very good." - Inese H.

"Quality of service, they were upfront about what was wrong." - Jerry F.

"Prompt and courteous service." - Suzanne S.

"Easy to get an appointment and the work is pretty good." - Ron D.

"Very professional" - Richard F.

"Honest and got the work done quickly." - Todd S.

"Convenience and good price." - Di G.

"They service well, they pick me up and drop me off at work, they have got class, their price is even good, trust is important and I trust them and they keep me happy." - Irwin S.

"They were nice and courteous." - Steve L.

"Convenience of scheduling." - Dennis C.

"Efficient" - Max S.

"They got our car done quickly" - Jim A.

"They are very good mechanics and they're honest" - Dee A.

"Friendliness and they do everything the way they should" - Lauro A.

"Professional and Rick is highly qualified"
- Greg A.

"Excellent and quick service" - Steve A.

"They way they explain the problems to you"
- Teresa B.

"They fixed everything" - Diana B.

"They knew what they were doing and the people were friendly" - Peter B.

"Their service and friendliness and they helped us to sell our car" - Lynne B.

"Prompt and excellent service. Price was cool too" - Tree B.

"My husband really likes them. They're very courteous and businesslike" - Lois B.

"I had a last minute repair and the owner himself who was about to go on vacation serviced my car personally" - Chad B.

"Very honest and they helped me when I was hung up on a vacation" - Ron B.

"It was done when promised" - Marilyn B.

"They were friendly and they educate you about the cars" - Victor C.

"We had a problem and they fixed it"
- Steve C.

"They're small but they're great. They have the best mechanics. I wouldn't go anywhere else" - Frank C.

"We knew we would be treated fairly. They treated us like family" - Daveen C.

"Honesty" - Thomas C.

"Friendly and they got it done on time"
- Nicole C.

"Their prices" - Mark D.

"They're personal and personable" - Jay D.

"They fixed the car and I never had to take it back again. Very personable. They do quality work" - Gerry D.

"They're very thorough" - Anthony E.

"Really courteous and helpful getting parts; they saved me quite a bit of money" - Bill F.

"Very friendly and told me exactly what they were doing" - Tasha F.

"They knew a lot about my car" - Ben F.

"Owner knew what he was doing and explained everything to you" - Julie G.

"They do what they say in the time that they say" - Marilyn H.

"Personal service" - Ted H.

"Very personal service" - Lori H.

"They're honest" - Patrick H.

"They were thorough and they did a fine job"
- Jim H.

"I know the owner. He's a good friend"
- Norick J.

"A lot of personal attention" - Dianne J.

"Service" - Barry J.

"Very responsive" - Kerri K.

"The service and politeness" - Victor K.

"He did what he said he was going to do, on time, and for the price he said" - Bruce L.

"Owner is friend. They're great. They do great work" - Kelly L.

"They did a good job at a reasonable cost"
- Phyllis L.

"He seemed very honest and the price is right" - John L.

"They knew what they doing and explained to me what was going on" - Peter M.

"They did a good job and it was quick and reasonably priced" - Richard M.

"Their workmanship and everything about them. Richard is excellent and his people are super" - Katalin M.

"Personal attention" - Ann M.

"They didn't treat me like an idiot and they were great" - Pat M.

"They put themselves out. I needed some emergency service and they did it on very short notice and they went the extra mile to take care of me" - Terry M.

"Their personal relationship, a loaner car and Richard is marvelous" - Rob M.

"They go out of their way and they're really honest" - Vee M.

"They seem to get things done properly and they're honest" - John A.

"The whole thing was good" - Chinenye A.

"Their honesty" - Larry A.

"I can trust them" - Darlene B.

"I've just been satisfied. Personal contact"
- Bill B.

"Customer service people were really friendly"
- Chris B.

"The service" - Angie B.

"The overall service" - Frank F.

"They fixed me up promptly - I was traveling on business" - Martin K.

"Their professionalism. They give a few choices on how to take care of a situation" - Jose L.

"The quality of the work" - Jovy A.

"I know the owner" - Al A.

"They explained what they were doing and they tried to fix the problem at the least cost" - Gail A.

"The staff were good people" - Dennis B.

"The owner kept in contact with me" - Josie B.

"Professional and courteous" - Ian B.

"They were good about advising us and they didn't leave grease behind in the car"
- Sandy C.

"They did a good job" - Tom C.

"They were timely about getting the work done" - Richard C.

"They were nice and they didn't do anything without asking me" - Ben C.

"Their new location" - Keith C.

"They were honest" - Gail D.

"They're qualified" - Alex D.

"Their cheerfulness" - Joseph F.

"They've been really helpful" - Terry F.

"I've never brought the car back when he hasn't wanted to get it right and they'll keep on trying until they get it right" - Bill G.

"The owner gave me information about what they were doing. Personal service" - Carol G.

"Owner has a very likeable smile and manner"
- Peter G.

"They're reliable. People are very friendly. They're really good" - Inez H.

"They seem to be confident in their abilities"
- Josh J.

"Real honest assessment - they're honest"
- Lori K.

"They're very accommodating" - Kyle K.

"Work done in a timely manner" - Jill L.

"They were small shop and personal" - John L.

"They were honest with me - and told me the repair I needed on my old car probably wasn't worth doing" - Tom L.

"Their customer service and honest estimate"
- Said M.

"Good job" - Masoud A.

"The whole experience" - Carl B.

"Their prices" - Pam F.

"They did the work correctly" - Tammy H.

"Very friendly and told me exactly what they were doing" - Mark M.

"Good diagnosis" - Bruce B.

"They know my car well" - Emily G.

"They did good work on car - it was okay" Singh K.

"They're friendly" - Rudy F.

"They were very nice but they were in transition" - Stephen G.

Updated January 16, 2018