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How to Find the Best Computer Repair Services and Computer Consultants in Sonoma County CA

The best computer repair services or computer consultants in Sonoma County know the ins and outs of computer repair and IT services. When your PC, Mac, or laptop computer breaks, computer services in Sonoma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Santa Rosa can fix nearly all computer problems. The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best computer consultants & repair services in Sonoma County and issues related to hiring them.


Updated March 2, 2017

 The TOP 10 Computer Services Computer Repair Computer Consultants in Sonoma County CA

Technology Consulting Alliance
(707) 544-1559
PO Box 3938
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA,Sonoma CA,Healdsburg CA,Rohnert Park CA,Windsor CA,Petaluma CA
Services: computer security systems, computer repair, computer consulting, IT services

Petaluma Computer Consulting
(707) 780-8300
1000 Saint Francis Dr
Petaluma, CA 94954

Areas Served: Healdsburg CA,Sebastopol CA,Santa Rosa CA,Rohnert Park CA,Sonoma CA,Cotati CA
Services: computer security, anti-spyware, anti-virus systems, computer consultants

Mac Advantage
(707) 664-0400
1549 Magnolia Ave
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA,Larkfield CA,Healdsburg CA,Sebastopol CA,Guerneville CA,Sonoma CA
Services: IT consultants, computer repair specialists, data recovery, computer networks

KLH Consulting
(707) 575-9986
181 Concourse Blvd # B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA,Rohnert Park CA,Cotati CA,Sebastopol CA,Sonoma CA,Petaluma CA
Services: computer services, computer consultants, IT consultants, computer networking

Mawson Computers
(707) 528-2841
3345 Industrial Dr # 11
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Areas Served: Petaluma CA, Santa Rosa CA,Healdsburg CA,Guerneville CA,Windsor CA,Sonoma CA
Services: computer consultants, computer networking, computer services, IT services

Sonoma Computer Store
(707) 938-0275
500 W Napa St # 530
Sonoma, CA 95476

Areas Served: Sebastopol CA,Graton CA,Occidental CA,Rohnert Park CA,Santa Rosa CA,Monte Rio CA
Services: IT services, computer services, computer repair, computer security systems

Networks R Us
(707) 569-7227
400 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA, Cloverdale, Sonoma, Petaluma, Penngrove, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park
Services: spyware removal, computer virus removal, computer security systems, IT consultants

A Total Mac
10452 Mill Station Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA,Sebastopol CA,Fulton CA,Rohnert Park CA, Sonoma CA,Healdsburg CA
Services: computer network systems, IT services, computer backup systems, computer repair

How to Find the Best Computer Repair Services and Computer Consultants in Sonoma County CA 


Computer or IT consultants in Sonoma County are not required to be licensed by the State, so there is no state standard for competency or reliability. Those doing computer repair do require a state license for electronic repair, but for that there is no exam, education, or experience requirements, and so still no proof of ability. 

Likewise, there is no legal requirement to have professional liability insurance to reimburse you for any damage caused due to a mistake or negligence or worker's comp insurance to protect you from being held liable if their employee is injured on your property, however all computer services bearing The Prime Buyer's ReportTOP 10 symbol do have that liability insurance  and worker's comp insurance for your protection, in addition to passing all of the other requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as our research phone calls to their previous clients to verify high satisfaction, hiring only documented workers, clean complaint record, and more.


Computer Services in Sonoma County CA

From computer network security to wireless networking, we rely heavily on our computers at home and work. So when you're having trouble with computer network configuration, computer back up systems or slow computer networks, it's important to find qualified IT consultants and computer services in Sonoma County.

Fortunately, there are many computer repair specialists, computer consultants and IT services skilled at diagnosing computer network configurations, fixing slow computer networks and providing computer security. With extensive knowledge of most common computer systems, including computer network services and computer support, computer repair services can quickly restore the functionality of that belligerent box and make you love it again.

Smart computer users take a proactive approach to computer security. The best IT providers in Sonoma County offer custom computer security systems, computer backup & disaster recovery, anti-virus protection, anti-virus programs & anti-spyware programs to make your home computer or wireless networking systems safer. Additional IT services might include computer backup recovery and anti-virus protection or similar computer security systems for computer network systems for remote telecommuting and other wireless networking solutions. Some of the best computer consultants even offer employee computer training.


Computer Repair Services and IT Consultants in Sonoma County Perform Numerous Services
Computer repairmen and IT services throughout Sonoma County provide their services for all levels of PC or Mac complications, from simple software upgrades or hardware installation to total system reconditioning. And these IT consultants offer a number of computer services that include computer security, wireless networking solutions and help for slow computer networks. Most computer consultants also provide anti-virus protection such as anti-virus programs and anti-spyware programs. Many Santa Rosa area computer consultants and computer repair businesses have same day service, pick-up and delivery, phone support, house calls or free computer diagnosis and consultation.

Most computer repair businesses are even willing to teach clients about the basics of their home computer systems, and some even offer employee computer training. If you'd rather leave the computer repair services and security upgrades in their hands, good Sonoma County computer repair services can perform general computer repairs and upgrades such as data and password recovery, spyware and virus removal, database and Web site design, printer repairs, and DSL installations. Computer service technicians and IT providers can also configure LAN, WAN, cable, VPN, and customized wireless networks for any business or residence laptop computers or desktop computers.

The best IT consultants and computer repair techs in Sonoma County have received specialized training in specific applications or platforms. There are computer service and repair companies in Sonoma County that hold HP certification, Novell certification, Linux certification, Microsoft certification and Xerox certification, as well as many other system authorizations. This advanced training enables these IT providers and computer services to offer consultation and remediation for more complex computer issues. They're certified as broadband experts, Microsoft Small Business Server experts, crash and virus specialists and color laser specialists.

Because of the differences between Macs and PCs, some computer repair technicians or IT service providers may limit themselves to one operating system. Mac specialists install or maintain iAPPS and airtunes, or fluently work with the OS software suite. PC specialists provide different applicable tech support and training on the PC platform and Windows operating system. However Mac and PC computer consultants in Sonoma County provide laptop computer repair and PC computer repair within their operating system specialty.

Computer Repair Technicians and Computer Services Supply Necessary Parts and Materials
Computer repair services in Sonoma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Santa Rosa can usually provide the components necessary for needed upgrades or maintenance, and some computer consultants sell them directly to the customer. Even for off-site visits, computer techs keep a toolbox full of semiconductors, connectors, spare power supplies, disc drives, routers, graphics cards, replacements fans, memory, and hard drives. These parts may be new or used, and are often refurbished by computer repair company staff.

Some Computer Services in Sonoma County CA Are A Better Value Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these computer consultants and companies for computer repair in Sonoma County: Petaluma Computer Consulting, KLH Consulting, Mac Advantage, Mawson Computers, Technology Consulting Alliance, Sonoma Computer Store, A Total Mac, Networks R Us. Other computer services in Sonoma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Santa Rosa CA that might still be in business include: West County Computing Sebastopol CA, Compuwiz Computer Services LLC Santa Rosa CA, Stedman Computer Solutions Santa Rosa CA, Mac Networks Santa Rosa CA, PC Medic Petaluma CA, Norcal Networks Santa Rosa CA, TJSoftworks Santa Rosa CA, Structured Business Systems Santa Rosa CA. Didn't find what you wanted with the TOP 10 Computer Services Computer Repair Computer Consultants in Sonoma County? Then click here to see additional companies in this category.



How to Choose Computer Repair Services & Computer Consultants in Sonoma County 

Step 1: Describe Work to the Computer Repair Services and IT Consultants in Sonoma County CA
Explain the symptoms and what led up to them. Be sure to elaborate on every attempt you've made to fix the problem yourself; there's always the chance you made it worse. For this phase of the interviews, it may be best to bring the broken computer into the store for free consultation (if that's an option). The diagnosis will not necessarily be shared by each computer repair shop, so try to get a few opinions before deciding on the right computer consultants and IT services for you.

Step 2: Answer Questions & Take Notes While Talking with IT Services
After hearing your problem, computer technicians and IT consultants should have some questions about the circumstances surrounding the failure. A fast diagnosis isn't usually in order, so the computer repair consultants should question you in depth. If not, either the free computer repair consultation was a scam, or (if you made a simple phone call), the computer maintenance technician may not understand the problem. Either way, you're looking for integrity and proficiency when it comes to computer help.

Step 3: Ask Questions of the Computer Consultants & Take Notes
With each free computer repair consultation (or phone interview, if there is a charge for diagnosis), glean some information about the business and offered services. Take notes for future reference. You can use the list below to get started.

• How long have the computer repair services been in business?

• Do the computer consultants have any factory authorizations?

• Have the computer maintenance repair services seen this problem before?

• What certifications do the computer repair technicians hold?

• Are the computer support services familiar with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)

• Do the IT consultants specialize in laptop computer repair or PC computer repair or both?

• Do the IT providers offer free consultations for computer hardware or computer software diagnosis?

• How do the computer consultants determine computer repair prices?

• Will the computer repair services provide written estimates for the computer repair?

• Will the computer consultants provide a written contract?

• Do the laptop computer repair companies or PC repair services offer pick-up and delivery?

• Is there an additional charge for replacement parts if the computer repairs require hardware replacement?

• Can the computer repair technicians fabricate replacement components?

• Will you lose any data during the computer service?

• Can the computer consultants recover lost or damaged files? Can they install computer backup systems or computer backup & disaster recovery software?

• Do the computer services make house calls?

• Do the computer support services offer loaners for extended repairs?

• How long should the computer repairs take?

• Will the computer consultants provide computer networking help such as computer network configuration, diagnosing computer network configurations, computer network security or wireless networking?

• Will the IT consultants offer employee computer training or computer network configuration for your office?

• Do the IT providers offer computer security such as anti-virus protection, anti-spyware programs or anti-virus programs?

• Do the computer services offer a warranty on computer maintenance or repairs?

Step 4: Final Research on Computer Repair Services in Sonoma County CA

When you find computer technicians or computer consulting services that match your criteria, ask about extra background qualifications. After rigorous training programs, many IT technicians will earn various certifications, such as program and operating system certifications from CompTIA, MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), or CNE (Certified Novell Engineer). Such certifications will enhance your computer repair provider's ability to offer authorized repair and care for your slow computer or other computer problems.

Step 5: Hire a Computer Repair Service in Sonoma County CA
Now that you feel comfortable entrusting your computer to the computer solutions technician of your choice, go ahead and make an appointment (or arrange for a pick-up, depending on the services offered by the business). Get all proposed work, pricing, and a timing projection in writing.



Tips for Getting Your Computer Service Needs Met 

Take Time Choosing Sonoma County Computer Repair Service and IT Providers.
Computer technology is a complicated field. The computer repair personnel you work with should be highly trained in your operating system. You can't assume that all computer technicians or IT consultants have this knowledge, so spend some time searching for the IT technicians whose qualifications suit your needs.

It is also important to find out if your computer consulting firm and IT provider is comfortable performing laptop repair and desktop computer repair. It is also true that some computer consultants are more skilled in specialties such as network services or computer maintenance, so it is important to ask the right questions to make sure your computer doctor can take care of the computer problems or slow computer network issues you're experiencing.

Get an Explanation from the Computer Repair Companies in Sonoma County.
Your computer technician should thoroughly explain his diagnosis and proposed solution in language you can understand. When your computer is returned to you, the computer doctor should explain the computer repairs in as much detail. This is true for two reasons: You will have an itemized receipt you should be able to decrypt and you should understand the initial computer failure to avoid repeating it.

Get All Computer Help and IT Services Details in Writing.
Insist that your initial diagnosis and computer repair work order are clearly documented. You will reference these before you sign off on any work done. You should also save a copy for your records, particularly any warranty and computer maintenance agreements.

Write a Description of the Computer Problem for the IT Consultants.
So you don't end up leaving out any important details when describing your problem to prospective computer technicians, write it down. Describe the symptoms of the failure and the events leading up to it. A technician will need as much information as possible to accurately assess your problem. If you write it down beforehand, every candidate will have the same information from which to base their diagnosis and estimate.

If you're hiring IT consultants to diagnose computer network configurations or set up computer network security plans such as wireless networking protection or computer backup recovery, it's equally important that your computer services providers understand your goals. Be sure to write down any specific anti-virus protection, antivirus programs & anti-spyware programs you require, and any computer backup & disaster recovery specifications.

Stay in Touch with Your IT Consultants and Computer Services Providers.
Don't forget about your computer. Regularly check in with your computer technician for progress reports. Extended service may incur additional fees, but either way, you'll want to know if there have been any problems or additions to your agreement. This is especially important if you've hired an IT provider for computer security systems that involve wireless networking, computer network security or computer network systems for remote telecommuting.

Know Your Rights with Sonoma County Computer Repair Consultants.
As a paying customer, you are afforded some protective rights according to your location. For business transactions in Sonoma County, details on consumer's legal entitlements are available at the California Department of Consumer Affairs.



Computer Repair Services & Computer Network Consultants in Sonoma County Can Service Most Computer Brands 

Gateway, HP, Dell, Intel, Sharp, Lexmark, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Microsoft, Acer, emachines, Lenovo, Alienware, Brother, Cybertron, Epson, Mac, and Samsung.



Resources About Computer Repair Services & Computer Consultants in Sonoma County 

Regulatory Bodies & Trade Organizations Related to Computer Services in Sonoma County
ACM Association for Computing Machinery (
ASCDI Association of Service and Computer Dealers International (
BBB Online Better Business Bureau Online (
CCIA Computer and Communications Industry Association (
CEA Consumer Electronics Organization (
CompTIA Computing Technology Industry Association (
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (
Diamond Certified
IACIS International Association for Computer Information Systems (
ICCA Independent Computer Consultants Association (
NEDA National Electronic Distributors Association (
PCCA Portable Computer and Communications Association (
SHDA Security Hardware Distributors Association (
SIIA Software Information Industry Association (

Media Regarding Computer Consultants in Sonoma County
PC Advisor Magazine
Card Technology
Computer Power User
Computer Edge
Computer Retail Week
Computer Shopper
Smart Computing

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Computer Services in Sonoma County within the following zip codes:

95442, 94931, 95452, 94972, 95486, 95404, 94952, 95439, 95406, 95476, 95448, 95465, 95446, 95497, 95472, 94953, 94951, 95401, 95403, 95412, 94923, 95471, 95402, 95462, 95408, 95433, 95450, 94955, 95416, 94954, 95407, 95473, 94928, 95405, 95425, 95419, 94927, 95430, 95444, 95492, 94922, 95421, 94975, 95487, 94999, 95480, 95431, 95436, 95441 and 95409


Computer Repair / Computer Services Cloverdale CA

All Pro Computer Solutions Cloverdale CA 95425
Tech for Me Cloverdale CA 95425

Computer Repair / Computer Services Cotati CA

AMP Computer System Cotati CA 94931
Cali Tech Center Cotati CA 94931
Chouinard & Myhre Inc Cotati CA 94931
Golden State Computer Solution Cotati CA 94931


Computer Repair / Computer Services Forestville CA

Exact Specs Forestville CA 95436
Multitalents Forestville CA 95436


Computer Repair / Computer Services Glen Ellen CA

S Brosseau Systems Glen Ellen CA 95442


Computer Repair / Computer Services Guerneville CA

Friendly Computers Guerneville CA 95446


Computer Repair / Computer Services Healdsburg CA

CJ Date Healdsburg CA 95448
Creative Software Healdsburg CA 95448
Information Management Systems Healdsburg CA 95448
Serra Systems Inc Healdsburg CA 95448


Computer Repair / Computer Services Kenwood CA

Home PC Tuneup Kenwood CA 95452


Computer Repair / Computer Services Occidental CA

A1 Computer Service Occidental CA 95465
Minds Over Micros Inc Occidental CA 95465


Computer Repair / Computer Services Penngrove CA

Novatech Computer Service Penngrove CA 94951


Computer Repair / Computer Services Petaluma CA

A Clear Communication Petaluma CA 94952
CA Inc Petaluma CA 94954
Cartesian Systems Petaluma CA 94952
CM IT Solutions Petaluma CA 94952
Commerce Solutions Inc Petaluma CA 94952
Computer Rooter Petaluma CA 94953
Cornisica Petaluma CA 94954
Glas Com Petaluma CA 94952
Gnostus Inc Petaluma CA 94952
Go Networks Petaluma CA 94953
Hci Computer Service Petaluma CA 94952
PC Medic Petaluma CA 94952
Percell Computers Petaluma CA 94952
Petaluma Computer Consulting Petaluma CA 94954
Petaluma PC Repair Petaluma CA 94955
Same Day Computer Petaluma CA 94952
Sierra Computer Service Petaluma CA 94954
Vega Enterprises Petaluma CA 94952
Williams Laptop Station Petaluma CA 94952


Computer Repair / Computer Services Rohnert Park CA

C&L Computer Inc Rohnert Park CA 94928
Capers Computer Consulting Rohnert Park CA 94928
Computers 4 Less Rohnert Park CA 94928
Crystal Clear Solutions Rohnert Park CA 94928
DK Systems Computer Rohnert Park CA 94928
Inside Track Computing Rohnert Park CA 94928
Jef Turnbull & Associates Rohnert Park CA 94928
Mac Advantage Rohnert Park CA 94928
Networks By Design Rohnert Park CA 94927
Oakland Microcentre Rohnert Park CA 94928


Computer Repair / Computer Services Santa Rosa CA

Accounting On Computers Santa Rosa CA 95402
American Toner Serv Corp Santa Rosa CA 95403
Brule Computer Service Santa Rosa CA 95402
Cactus Compumedia Santa Rosa CA 95403
Carlos Perez Computer Service Santa Rosa CA 95405
Computer Link PC & Network Santa Rosa CA 95403
Computer Specialists Santa Rosa CA 95404
Computer Wizard Systems Santa Rosa CA 95403
Computers & More Inc Santa Rosa CA 95409
Compuwiz Computer Service LLC Santa Rosa CA 95403
Connections IT Inc Santa Rosa CA 95407
Cortechs Systems & Consulting Santa Rosa CA 95404
Crossroads Technology Service Santa Rosa CA 95403
Daniel Data Systems Santa Rosa CA 95403
DMI Networking Solutions Santa Rosa CA 95404
Ed-Tech Associates Santa Rosa CA 95401
Epic Systems Corp Santa Rosa CA 95404
Expetec of Santa Rosa Santa Rosa CA 95404
Gallicom Santa Rosa CA 95405
Healthtech Solutions Santa Rosa CA 95405
Information Technology Group Santa Rosa CA 95403
Integratech Santa Rosa CA 95407
Inter Realm Computer Consulting Santa Rosa CA 95405
Ipod Repair Center Santa Rosa CA 95403
KLH Consulting Santa Rosa CA 95403
Legal Automation Systems Santa Rosa CA 95402
Link 11 Systems Santa Rosa CA 95403
Logical Networking Solutions Santa Rosa CA 95402
Mac Networks Santa Rosa CA 95401
Mawson Computer Center Santa Rosa CA 95403
May Day Computer Service Santa Rosa CA 95402
Michael E Duffy & Associates Santa Rosa CA 95403
Moose Point Technology Inc Santa Rosa CA 95407
Norcal Networks Santa Rosa CA 95402
PC Club Santa Rosa CA 95407
Pine Tree Computers Santa Rosa CA 95403
Right Time Computer Systems Santa Rosa CA 95409
Same Day Computer Santa Rosa CA 95406
Santa Rosa Computers Santa Rosa CA 95403
Stedman Computer Solutions Santa Rosa CA 95401
Strong Computer Support Santa Rosa CA 95404
Systems Information Technology Santa Rosa CA 95407
Systems Performance Consultants Santa Rosa CA 95401
Systemsone Santa Rosa CA 95403
TCC Transcontinentall Consulting Santa Rosa CA 95401
Technology Consulting Alliance Santa Rosa CA 95402
Texolutions Santa Rosa CA 95409
Vanco Computing Santa Rosa CA 95401
Vista Consulting Santa Rosa CA 95402
Wessman Computer Service Santa Rosa CA 95405
West County Net Inc Santa Rosa CA 95404

Computer Repair / Computer Services Sebastopol CA

A Total Mac Sebastopol CA 95472
Cheshire Group Sebastopol CA 95472
Optima Resources LLC Sebastopol CA 95472
RPV Business Systems Sebastopol CA 95472
Semphonic Sebastopol CA 95472
Steve Kanzler Sebastopol CA 95473
Up'N Runin Sebastopol CA 95473
WA Hynes & Co Sebastopol CA 95473
West County Computing Sebastopol CA 95472


Computer Repair / Computer Services Sonoma CA

Green IT Sonoma CA 95476
Safari Software Inc Sonoma CA 95476
Sage Computing Sonoma CA 95476
Sonoma Computer Store Sonoma CA 95476
Weistek Consulting Sonoma CA 95476

Computer Repair / Computer Services Windsor CA

Advanced PC Systems Windsor CA 95492
Computer Express Windsor CA 95492
DS Technologies Windsor CA 95492
Empire Computer Service Windsor CA 95492
PC & Network Consulting Windsor CA 95492
Total Laser Care Windsor CA 95492
Your Tech Windsor CA 95492







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How to Choose Computer Repair Services & Computer Consultants in Sonoma County

There are many important aspects to consider when it comes to computer repair and IT providers. The Sonoma County PC or Mac repair technician you hire to fix your computer or provide computer backup systems must be highly qualified. This guide will help you find the best computer service businesses and computer consultants in Sonoma County and make an informed decision about repair technicians and IT providers who can handle your computer problems. more »



Tips for Getting Your Computer Service Needs Met

You can choose from several computer repair companies and IT services in Sonoma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Santa Rosa, so why not hold those computer consulting businesses up to the highest standards? Follow these tips to get the best quality work from computer IT consultants and computer network specialists in Sonoma County. more »



Computer Repair Services & Computer Network Consultants in Sonoma County Can Service Most Computer Brands

Make sure the Sonoma County computer repair services you choose can work with your laptop computer, Mac or PC. Computer repair companies in Sonoma County do work with most models, but if your computer is particularly rare or old, it may be difficult to get service. These brands are commonly familiar to computer repair specialists in Sonoma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Santa Rosa. more »



Resources About Computer Repair Services & Computer Consultants in Sonoma County

The following is a list of publications and associations related to Sonoma County computer repair & computer and IT consultants in Sonoma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.

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