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Gregory S Futch Law Office
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(707) 578-2336
131-A Stony Circle, Ste 520
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
State Bar #114812
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 Sonoma County Bar Association ABA (American Bar Association)

Areas Served: Sonoma County incl. Santa Rosa CA, Agua Caliente, Alexander Valley, Annapolis, Asti, ...
Services: family law attorneys for affordable, high-quality legal counsel to middle-class ...

Gregory S Futch Law Office Company Profile

Middle-class families in Sonoma County deserve experienced legal representation that's affordable, according to attorney Gregory S Futch in Santa Rosa CA. And clients in Sonoma County know Gregory Futch as the affordable family law attorney that provides expert divorce representation, family law services and divorce mediation at reasonable rates. And he's making it even more affordable by giving a free 30-minute consultation to readers of this Report who say they saw it here.

Gregory S Futch Law Office in Santa Rosa CA—Experienced & Affordable

Attorney Gregory Futch explains about giving working class families quality representation that works for them. He tells us, "To start with, we are reasonably priced. Our rate is 30% to 40% less than what so many other firms charge." His firm has a low minimum retainer compared to other firms, and they allow payment by credit cards or with payment plans.

What about the quality of representation? Greg says, "Clients get an attorney with 26 years of experience in family law matters. The only reason we charge less than other firms is because of my belief in helping those who would otherwise have difficulty retaining a lawyer."

The reasonable fees at the Santa Rosa CA firm of Gregory S Futch Law Office make it a popular choice for middle-class clients in Sonoma County such as teachers, clerks, military personnel and other families who might not otherwise be able to afford good representation.

Attorney Greg Futch has particular experience in military matters or those related to military families. He served in the military as does his daughter now, so he has personal understanding of the unique issues that military personnel and their spouses face.

Mediation Another Option with Gregory Futch Law Office

Litigation can have a downside, even besides cost. That's why Gregory S Futch Law Office offers another option. Greg says, "The law is very clear about the division of property and assets in most cases. So when the case is between two reasonable clients who have two reasonable attorneys, there's almost no need to go to court or to have a judge make rulings."

Greg Futch is an experienced family law mediator. He says, "Mediation is an alternative that many clients find in their best interest if both parties are amicable. As their mediator, I serve as a neutral attorney to help them come to an agreement with terms they negotiate for themselves." This can prevent unnecessary costs like retainers and ongoing legal fees for litigation.

It Costs Too Much To Have No Attorney

Can't you just represent yourself? Gregory Futch says, "Individuals who represent themselves usually lose out. They may make an argument in court, but they don't know what is most important to tell the judge and it costs them a lot in the end when they get less than they could have, or pay out more than they had to."

Some clients think they won't need an attorney because they and their spouse have agreed to settle out of court. But as attorney Greg Futch explains, "Often there are legitimate and reasonable disagreements regarding dividing property or how to set up child support and visitation, so it's important to have an attorney to present your case in court or help you clear a dispute that neither party can agree on."

Even if it seems both parties are already in agreement, having an attorney is key. Greg says, "Dividing up property and making custody and visitation agreements are more complicated than simply promising the other party. There are real legal factors that apply in these cases, and if clients don't have the input of a lawyer, they can risk making a mistake that costs them their share of the property and retirement accounts, or allows the other partner to move the children out of state. By retaining an attorney and getting their input on all decisions, there is a better chance you'll be happier with the end result."

Gregory Futch founded the Gregory S Futch Law Office in Santa Rosa CA over 25 years ago, after graduating from the McGeorge School of Law with a Juris Doctorate Degree. Since 1984 he's called the Santa Rosa area home where he enjoys spending time with his family, and is an accomplished golfer, having started playing at age 12.

Gregory S Futch Law Office in Santa Rosa CA is known as the family law office that's experienced and affordable, offering modest rates and mediation alternatives. His office on the west side of Santa Rosa is convenient for clients, easy-to-find and with ample parking. And readers of this Report get a free 30-minute consultation by calling now and saying they saw it here.