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Joe Moore Painting & Roofing
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(707) 837-0620, (707) 494-4920
PO Box 2235
Windsor, CA 95492
State Contractors License #780163
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Areas Served: Sonoma County including Santa Rosa, CA, Petaluma, Sonoma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, ...
Services: Painting contractors, residential and commercial painting, industrial painting, ...
Key Brands: Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, GAF ELK Garage Door Systems, United Coatings

Joe Moore Painting & Roofing Company Profile

The first question we had for Joe Moore Painting & Roofing is this: Can a painting and roofing company possibly offer the best in both services? Shouldn't you contract each job separately? Joe Moore of Joe Moore Painting & Roofing in Windsor CA answered definitively: "It's not an unusual combination if you think about it. When people need to re-roof, they're often ready to re-paint and vice-versa, so it's a great match. Nearly 40 percent of my customers ask for both jobs at the same time.  It saves homeowners a lot of hassle, because painters have to be up on the roof, and if they're not trained right, many of them don't know how to walk on a roof without damaging it. Because we do both jobs and we know both jobs, we take care of the entire exterior of the house at once — it's a great service and people love it."

Over a Quarter Century of Skill and Experience
Joe Moore worked for large roofing companies for over 20 years, and ran his own painting business as well. In 1998, he opened Joe Moore Painting & Roofing to meld the two skills together. However, Joe has kept both skills defined and focused, "My roofers are roofers, and my painters are painters, but we work together. All of my painters know how to protect the roof while they're painting, and all of my roofers know how to protect the house while they're roofing. We've got a conscientious, talented crew, and we treat them well. My roofing foreman has been with me for 17 years, and my painting foreman has been with me for 8 years. We know we can trust and rely on each other, and we have a great time . . . it's a happy workplace."

Based in Windsor CA, Joe Moore and his crews at Joe Moore Painting & Roofing work on commercial and residential structures throughout Sonoma County, Marin County, Lake County and Mendocino County, and Joe and his foremen are consistently available on each job. Joe also points out that there's nothing he asks his crews to do that he can't do himself, and he regularly pitches in to keep everything running smoothly.

The painting crew at Joe Moore Painting & Roofing also does sheetrock taping and texturing, and Joe's roofing crew is available 24 hours for emergency roofing repairs.

Joe Moore has seen that the blending of the two skills works well for Joe Moore Painting & Roofing and clients throughout Sonoma County, "I was called out to do an estimate on a house I roofed and painted 15 years ago, and as I was talking to the owner, I was looking at the job. The paint was still in great shape. So instead of repainting, I just let the owner borrow my power washer to clean it up, and now the house looks like new. That's such a great feeling, to know that my work lasts and continues to save my customers money 15 years down the line."

Joe Moore in Sonoma County: A Good Name in the Community
When Joe Moore was a boy, his father told him that his name was his most valuable asset. "You get your name when you come into this world, and it's all you have going out; treat it well." The fact that Joe's name is on his business means a great deal to him, and he takes pride in his work, and in supporting his community (especially youth sports. Joe's name is on team uniforms all over the Windsor CA area).

Joe laughs when he says, "We're the roofing and painting contractors for the entire subdivision I live in. Our work has to be perfect so I can hold my head up. People know where to find me!" But Joe becomes serious when he relates his business philosophy, "I treat people the way I want to be treated. I'll see them again, and they're important to me, so we'll work as long as it takes to make everything exactly right."

For instance, Joe relates a story about a paint job with a twist. As Joe's crew finished the tinted primer coat on a Sonoma County customer's home, the customer began to think that the primer color actually looked better than the color of the final coat he had originally chosen. No problem. Joe sent the primer to the paint store, the color was mixed, and the paint job was finished. But the paint store didn't get the color exactly right, as Joe noticed when he came to check on the finished job. The homeowner noticed too, but shrugged and said it was "okay." But Joe didn't rest at that. Instead, he insisted the store remix the paint until the color matched perfectly, then re-applied the final coat even though he didn't have to. The customer told Joe, "The difference between you and somebody else is that you care."

Joe Moore Painting & Roofing also offers an uncommon guarantee. Where most painters and roofers in the Sonoma County area ask for partial payment before the job starts, Joe waits until the job is complete: "The customer doesn't pay us until they're happy with everything we've done. I can't think of a better satisfaction guarantee than that."