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Bodagger Builders
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(805) 647-0349, (805) 857-1518
2850 Sherwin Ave Unit D
Ventura, CA 93003
State Contractor's License #905498
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 OSHA Certification

Areas Served: Ventura County incl. Ventura CA, Camarillo, Casa Conejo, Channel Islands Beach, El ...
Services: general contractors, new construction, residential & commercial

Bodagger Builders Company Profile

A lot of what goes into being a decent and reliable contractor is respecting the clients you work for - not cutting corners, buying quality materials, and cleaning up at the end of the day. Unfortunately, many contractors are too focused on turning over clients to make a profit - instead of doing the job right. We found that Diego Garcia of Bodagger Builders in Ventura County holds himself to a high standard of quality and customer service, making him a top choice among tile contractors in the area.

High Standards at Bodagger Builders in Ventura County

Diego Garcia of Bodagger Builders holds himself and his crew to a high standard. Instead of slapping down tile and hoping the client isn't savvy enough to catch the sloppy work, he takes the time to do the job right, and if it doesn't meet his standard of quality, he fixes it. "People that know me know my reputation," he says. "I take a lot of pride in my work. The reason I got into construction is the sense of immediate gratification I get when I finish a job. It's important to me that the customer likes what they get, but it's just as important that I like it. A lot of times I will finish a job and the customers like it, but if I'm not satisfied I will go back in and make it better. I hold myself to higher standards than most."

Diego's bids are competitive and usually come in lower than most, but he still puts in the time and money to get the job done right, instead of cutting corners by using cheap glue or not adequately prepping the surfaces. "What I do is take every precaution and spare no expense to make sure that the job is done to the best of my ability," he says.

Diego and his crew also respect their clients' time, so they prepare to get in and out on schedule and without making a mess. "We make sure that all of the materials we need are onsite and ready to go," he says. "A lot of times a contractor will start a job and demo the place, and then not come back for a week. And that can be very frustrating for a customer."

And Diego cleans up at the end of the day. He tells us, "Anytime a contractor works in a clients' house it creates a huge inconvenience for them with all of the dust and dirt. One of the big things I do is cover every single thing in their house wit plastic so we make sure we don't make a mess. I focus a lot on cleanliness on the job. Every job is handled in a way that we don't want customers to even know that we are there. And we take every precaution to make sure dust and debris is minimized."

Bodagger Builders in Ventura CA: Open Communication

The average person is not an expert in tiling, and Diego Garcia recognizes that and strives to educate his clients so they can make intelligent decisions. Many contractors come in with low bids and vague work sheets, creating opportunities for them to cut corners and take advantage of their clients. Says Diego, "If a client asks for a tile job and they're not familiar with the work being done, I educate them so that they know what they're getting. I tell them verbally and outline it in a complete bid for them with everything itemized. That way when they get bids from other contractors they know what types of questions to ask. We make everything completely transparent to our clients. They know my expectations and I know theirs."

Construction work is in Diego Garcia's blood, and he learned some of his trade from his father and older brother. "They were both carpenters," he says. "I worked with them during the summers and learned how to build from them." Outside of construction work, Diego credits his mother with teaching him how to run a business properly - with integrity and honesty. "Those are traits that my mom taught me and that I live by. I try to give to others - that's the way I treat my customers. It means a lot to me that they trust me to work on their home, so I never break their trust."

So we found that Diego Garcia of the Ventura County firm Bodagger Builders in Ventura, CA delivers high quality work and respects each client he works with, making him a stellar choice for your tiling needs. "I hold myself at a very high standard," says Diego. "I do a thorough job and don't cut corners."