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Seven Bridges Moving
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(925) 335-9807
878 Howe Rd, Suite F
Martinez, CA 94553
PUC License #T188920
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Seven Bridges Moving Company Profile

Exposés on the moving industry have uncovered what homeowners have known for years: Bad moving companies take advantage of unsuspecting customers by overcharging, carelessly damaging furniture, even refusing to unload their property from the trucks until the homeowner pays more than was agreed upon.

Luckily, Contra Costa County homeowners have Seven Bridges Moving, an established local moving company with experience in delivering quality service and high customer satisfaction.

We interviewed Matt Lipary, owner of Seven Bridges Moving in Martinez CA. Matt is a Bay Area native who has 22 years of experience in the local moving industry.

Experienced Estimates from Seven Bridges Moving Keep Costs Fair

Some moving companies quote deceptively low initially, to trick consumers into choosing them, but others quote too low out of inexperience only to discover their mistakes later. Then customers are angry to find that the final moving costs are much more than they agreed to initially. Some other moving companies have a low hourly rate, but then they tack on inflated surcharges for fuel, additional movers and packing materials, as much as doubling the initial price quote.

In contrast, Seven Bridges Moving offers experienced estimates and fair, honest pricing. "We do everything by the hour, and there are no hidden charges," owner Matt Lipary explains. "I personally do all the estimating and ensure that our estimates are fair and accurate. With all my experience, I know what questions to ask during the estimates, including access questions about stairs or whether the home is located on a hill, and details about whether customers are going to unhook the appliances or if we need to do that. Important questions like those make a difference in the amount of time the move will take, so we definitely need to consider them to get an accurate estimate."

And because Seven Bridges Moving is the more experienced mover, they even give the customer savvy tips on how to save money on the move. "When customers are on a budget, I'm able to give them recommendations for ways they can save money and cut moving costs," affirms Matt Lipary. "Some fragile items, like pictures, mirrors and lamps have to be packed in expensive specialty boxes. But if the clients are only moving a short distance, they can save a lot of money by moving those items by themselves. We also help customers understand that the more packing and preparation work they do, the less their move costs."

Seven Bridges Moving Protects Your Home and Belongings

Moving companies who aren't experienced often damage your home and furniture. But Seven Bridges Moving knows how to protect its customers' property. "All of our trucks have 70 to 80 of the best moving blankets, so your furniture is thoroughly padded during the move," Matt details. "We use floor runners on hallways and walkways so no dirt is tracked in. We protect doorways with blankets specially made to clip around the jambs. We also have top-end hand trucks and dollies with softer air tires, so they don't mar flooring."

Customers say they're happy they relied on the industry experience at Seven Bridges Moving. In a research phone call for this article, a Seven Bridges Moving customer named Dave told us, "I've been extremely pleased with Seven Bridges Moving. I've used them two times personally for my home moves, and I'm a real estate broker so I've referred them to many of my clients. Even my pickiest clients have been happy with their service."

Experienced Movers at Seven Bridges Moving

Seven Bridges Moving only uses real, trained employees, never day laborers or temporary workers like other moving companies do. The movers at Seven Bridges Moving are personally trained by owner Matt Lipary as professionals with experience in all types of residential and commercial moving.

Customers usually get the same crew for every step of their move. Matt Lipary told us why this is such an advantage for customers. "When the same guys who packed your belongings are in charge of the move and the unpacking, they know what's in every box and how each item was packed. That makes a difference because they know how each item should be handled."

During a research phone call for this article, a customer Diane agreed, "They've moved us three times and we've been really happy with their service every time. I really like that he has the same crew all the time so you actually know who is in your house."

Seven Bridges Moving: Experienced in Piano Moving and Moving Antiques

Along with residential moves, Matt Lipary and his crews have extensive experience moving pianos and fragile antiques.

"Not every mover is qualified to move pianos and antiques. I have a strong background in piano moving, antique moving and high-end furniture delivery," Matt explains. Matt specifically cites antique armoires that have to be unbolted, doors removed and then packaged specially for the move before a careful reassembly process. "Most antique furniture isn't made to travel like new pieces are. Depending on the item, we take different precautions to ensure the pieces aren't going to get damaged. We have the experience to know what to do in every situation, and that makes customers confident and at ease when we move their antiques."

So experience in a moving company counts. And customers of Matt Lipary and Seven Bridges Moving attest they have the experience to give accurate and honest quotes, to properly protect doors, floors and belongings, to move fragile or antique pieces, and to give tips on how to save money on your move.