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Delta Transmission
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(925) 754-1870
1105 Sunset Dr
Antioch, CA 94509
State B.A.R. License# 247427
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Areas Served: Pittsburg CA, Antioch CA, Brentwood CA, Oakley CA, West Pittsburg CA, Bethel Island ...
Services: new brakes,break repair,emergency break repair,replacement break shoes or pads,bleed ...
Key Brands: BorgWarner Powertrain Innovation, LuK Auto Parts

Delta Transmission Company Profile

It turns out that taking your car to a transmission shop saves you money over taking it to a general auto repair shop. Delta Transmission in Antioch CA is one such transmission specialist where customers have been saving money on their transmission maintenance and repairs.

Delta Transmission in Antioch CA: The Transmission Experts

General auto repair shops may not even be sure your transmission is the part that's failing. Or, if they do diagnose the problem correctly, they might not really know the best fix, like whether a repair or a transmission rebuild is the best solution. If it does need to be fixed, unknown to you they send your car out to a transmission shop and then charge a markup.  

Chester Kniss is the owner of Delta Transmission in Antioch CA and he has more than 25 years of experience repairing and rebuilding transmissions. And that, say customers, means Delta Transmission saves them money compared to transmission work at general auto repair shops, due to better repairs that last longer, accurate knowledge of whether to repair or rebuild, and cutting out the middle man and going directly to the specialists. "Transmissions are our specialty," Chester Kniss told us. "We know what repairs are necessary and often see things that other shops overlook."

And Delta Transmission saves customers money because they have the expertise to rebuild transmissions rather than having to buy costly new parts like general shops do that can't rebuild them. While some other auto repair shops might be able to put in factory replacement parts, Delta Transmission has the expertise to do even better for its customers. "We are able to make transmissions last longer than the factories do," Chester Kniss shares. "We know the techniques that make them last longer and run better than original parts and can even rebuild and modify transmissions for hotrods and other performance cars."

Chester Kniss grew up in Antioch CA, and he and his wife and two children live in Oakley, just a few minutes from his shop. An avid auto racer, Chester Kniss has been working on cars all of his life. He explains, "My dad was a diesel truck mechanic and driver and I've been fixing mechanics since I was a little kid." Chester started with Delta Transmission in 1994 where he still maintains its proud tradition of transmission expertise. Delta Transmission also provides quality brake repair for most makes and models.

Guaranteed Estimates at Delta Transmission

Some transmission shops force customers to sign a release allowing them to tear open the transmission for inspection before they give an estimate for repairs. Unfortunately it traps customers into hiring that shop for the repair. Chester Kniss has heard of that tactic, too. "First, those shops charge $700 or more to take apart the transmission to diagnose it. Then because they've taken it apart, the customer is trapped and they can quote a much higher price for repair than necessary."

Unlike those shops, Delta Transmission can often tell what the problem is without needing to take it apart. "We've been doing transmissions so long now that our techs can tell what's wrong by doing an inspection and a test drive," Chester tells us.

Then, Delta Transmission gives you a price guarantee that other shops won't. "I'm straightforward with our customers on price," Chester Kniss agrees. "Once I give a customer a price, I won't exceed it. Even if the cost to us is more than I thought, we honor our original quote." And what if the job actually costs less? "That's simple," Chester answers. "If the price is lower than I quoted them, I'll lower the price for my customers."

And clients say Chester Kniss and Delta Transmission are as honest as well as skilled. During a research phone call, a customer named Russell explained, "He gave us affordable options if we needed the transmission rebuilt. He could have told me to get a new transmission and he would have made more money. But he didn't, and I liked his honesty." Another client named Chris attested, "He is honest. His prices are very fair, much better than excellent." And Tab, another customer, told a researcher, "They give me a test drive and they check things out for me. If there is nothing wrong, they don't charge me anything. They are really honest."

Delta Transmission, Transmission Experts Who Stand Behind Their Work

Chester Kniss explains, "All of our work comes with 12,000 mile / 12 month warranties on parts and labor." And in some cases, he adds, they'll even extend that warranty to two years or 24,000 miles.

When it comes to your transmission needs, Delta Transmission in Antioch CA saves you money with expert diagnosis and repair, honest estimates, and industry-leading warranties. Delta Transmission is located at 1105 Sunset Drive in Antioch CA. Their shop is open Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon.

As a customer named John said when asked during a research phone call, "They take good care of their customers. They treat you right, they are honest, and they stand behind what they do. I think everything about them is great."