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Delta Transmission
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(925) 754-1870
1105 Sunset Dr
Antioch, CA 94509
State B.A.R. License# 247427
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10  Diamond Certified  Better Business Bureau

Areas Served: Pittsburg CA, Antioch CA, Brentwood CA, Oakley CA, West Pittsburg CA, Bethel Island ...
Services: new brakes,break repair,emergency break repair,replacement break shoes or pads,bleed ...
Key Brands: BorgWarner Powertrain Innovation, LuK Auto Parts

Delta Transmission Customer Reviews

"I took my Dodge truck to Delta for trany work. Chester the owner was fantastic! Very nice guy and honest. Everybody wanted to rebuilt my trany and charge me $2500 or more. Chester of Delta explained to me my problem after he did a free diagnosis. And guess what? In 2 hours and 475 dollars parts and labor my truck was running like new. What a guy and what a shop. Even kept the office lights on at night so my truck will be safe while I was on my way to get it way past shop hours. I am definitely a customer for life. And so will all my family and friends."

—Levi S.

"I was worried about the strange sounds my car was making, but after having it serviced by your company it is back to running smoothly and it didn't even cost that much! Your technicians are very helpful and friendly and explained everything in a way that I could understand. I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys!"

Julie Smith, Brentwood CA

"This is the best transmission shop in Antioch. Chet is honest and trustworthy. He is an amazing mechanic. He put in a new transmission and saved me alot of money."

—Sharon Berg, Antioch CA

"Great, honest shop. We have purchased 2 transmissions from here and will go here the next time we need one...knock on wood it isn't anytime soon though...;o) The first time we used them, I noticed 2 days before we were scheduled to leave for our Disneyland vacation that my minivan just wasn't shifting properly. Unfortunately we needed a new transmission - turns out (unbeknownst to us) that it had been rebuilt improperly before we purchased the van. The guys busted their tails to get our van back to us in time so we could go on our vacation as scheduled...didn't want to disappoint the kiddos! The 2nd transmission was in our work van - time is money on those vehicles, and not having it really put our business in a crunch. Again, they came through and rebuilt it quickly so we could get back to business. I recommend this shop to all of our friends or anyone who asks where to go for transmission work. Keep up the good work guys - you're an asset to the East County area!"

The following are verbatim responses given during research phone calls to randomly selected customers asked what they liked best:

"Great customer service, and the people that work there are fantastic."-Michael C.

"They were straightforward, honest, and they got the job done when they said it would be done." -Angela H.

"It's family owned and operated, which I like. The owner always answers the phone and they do good work."-Thomas D.

"I liked that he explained things to me really well." -David D.

"They are local and they are fast."-Ed C.

"They know what they are talking about and their service is good." -Charles H.

"He is very nice and very honest. His prices are very fair, much better than excellent. He is a very good businessman." -Chris L.

"I've used them twice now. I've recommended them to several friends and family members. I like the pricing. They are quick and professional." -Gavin G.

"I've never had a problem with them. I've used them for years. They are convenient. They are only about three blocks away. They've always treated me well." -Jack B.

"I like Chet. He's a good guy. I don't get the runaround. He takes care of business. The work is good and on time. They return my phone calls." -Jeff D.

"They are very fair and the quality of the work is great. If there are any issues after their work is done, they take care of them in a minute." -Joe R.

"They take good care of their customers. They treat you right, they are honest, and they stand behind what they do. I think everything about them is great." -John K.

"They are honest, straightforward, candid, and the prices are reasonable." -Kevin B.

"Chet is a good dude. He's honest and he does great work." -Marcus B.

"I like their honesty and the way they treat me. They're very professional. I trust them." -Nancy K.

"They had great customer service. They kept me informed continuously." -Robert L.

"The service, they were friendly and they did good work." -Ron H.

"They give me a test drive and they check things out for me. If there is nothing wrong, they don't charge me anything. They are really honest. They do a good job." -Tab C.

"The guy was very personable. He wasn't trying to rip me off, which is what most mechanics try to do. He was honest. It was one of the better transmission places that I have been to." -Wendell R.

"They fixed the problem in the time frame that I needed it done. The work was done correctly." -Frank L.

"They were honest and they explained what my problem was. The work was good and it was pretty fast." -Frank M.

"They seem pretty efficient. They know what they are talking about. They are helpful and all things considered I guess they're not too expensive." -Frank S.

"They came and got the car. They had the transmission that I needed." -Juan T.

"They were very honest. They knew what they were doing. They did what they could do to get it going as quickly as they could. Even though they worked fast, they were careful. They did a good job." -Marc D.

"They were able to get me up and running. They were straightforward. They did a good job and they seemed to know exactly how to take care of my problem." -Mike M.
"They got me a good price on a new transmission and they took care of everything." -Lus M.

"They were quick." -John S.

"The fair price" -Michael W.

"They did what I asked them to do. They made adjustments accordingly until I was satisfied." -Robert J.

"Their promptness of getting the job done" - Dan A.

"Good work, fair price, no surprises, and they have an excellent reputation for first-rate quality work. I'm really happy with the work he's done for me and for the other people I've sent over there." - A.O.R.

"The service, and they got the job done quick." - Deborah A.

"He has good prices and he was competitive. He was knowledgeable, and basically seemed like he would stand behind his work." - Alex B.

"Fast service" - William B.

"I liked their service and the quickness of their work." - John B.

"Great customer service, the people that work there are fantastic." - Michael C.

"They're convenient. They're close to my house." - Andrea C.

"They had free towing and they were very knowledgeable." - Joe C.

"They're really accommodating, helpful, and I would refer them to my friends." - Rochelle C.

"Good service and they were quick." - Ray C.

"They were real friendly and the customer service was fantastic. Chester runs a great shop." - Henry C.

"The service, he was a friendly guy. I just liked everything about them." - Gerard C.

"He is personable, follows through with everything, and does good work." - Greg C.

"They are local and fast." - Ed C.

"I thought they were very courteous, efficient, and the work was good." - Harold C.

"I felt like the guy was fair and honest. I just got that feeling from him." - Annette D.

"I take all my trucks to him. He gets it done in a timely manner, and is a very good mechanic." - D.P.C.

"They were honest." - D.A.

"He was really friendly, informative, and he got the job done really quick." - Vincent D.

"I liked that he explained things to me really well." - David D.

"They were quick to fix it. There was a little problem with the seal and they fixed it at no cost." - Micah E.

"I liked that they were friendly and good people. There was good front desk service, and they did a good job on my transmission." - Lowell F.

"His positive attitude towards his customers" - Don F.

"They got the job done quickly." - Jerry G.

"He gave us affordable options if we needed the transmission rebuilt. I thought he was very honest because he could have told me to get a new transmission. He would have made more money. But he didn't, so I liked his honestly."
- Russell G.

"Reliability, and it was done when he said it would be. There was no over-run on cost. It appeared to be extremely reasonable and customer friendly." - Ken H.

"He was honest, and he finished when he said he would. I've had no problems with my truck since." - Charles H.

"He seemed like he knew what he was doing. They were friendly, polite, and they did a good job." - Vicella H.

"Very good customer service" - Mark H.

"They were straightforward, honest, and they got the job done when they said it would be done." - Angela H.

"I have used them for a long time. They have great service." - Eugene H.

"I have a custom hot rod and they did what I wanted them to do." - Warren I.

"They were quick, efficient, and they did a good job." - Herb K.

"Honesty" - Clyde L.

"It was done on time, and it was done right. They were quick and I've had no problems since." - Nestor L.

"Very good service, he's a nice guy and tries his best. He's always good to the customers and he's pretty honest. If he cannot fix something, he'll try his best to get information from somewhere else." - Ann L.

"They weren't wishy-washy. They told me exactly what was going on. They take care of business. If I need something then I need it, if I don't, then I don't. They were upfront, and they didn't mess around." - Eddie L.

"The guys treated me well and the service was great." - Frank M.

"They were fast." - Joe M.

"They're quick, reliable, and they do good quality work" - John M.

"The service was good." - Randy M.

"They were quick." - Kenneth M.

"What I like best is the honesty." - Tim M.

"They did what they said and overall it was just a great service." - Troy O.

"I'm real happy with their quick service, the friendly atmosphere, and their good work." - John P.

"They were friendly." - Danny P.

"Fast and friendly service" - Douglas P.

"He did what he said he would do." - Michael R.

"They had good customer service." - Eugenia R.

"They were friendly and the guy was very knowledgeable. He had years of transmission experience." - Ed R.

"Honesty" - Dave R.

"They had great service." - Sandy S.

"They had good communication skills." - Tara S.

"They got the job done quickly and I had no problems with them." - Michael S.

"They got the job done quickly, and I was able to get my car towed over there." - Lou S.

"The guy had a good personality, he was nice and they did a good, quick job." - Ellen S.

"They were quick, reliable, and gave me a good estimate." - David S.

"I was satisfied at the end result. There was a problem, but they didn't hesitate to fix it." - Robert S.

"They did a great job." - Bob S.

"Great customer service and they did a good job." - Greg S.

"Good customer service and the work was done on time. They have reasonable prices." - Ben V.

"Their honesty" - Greg V.

"Good service" - Sean W.

"Quick accurate service" - Lorin W.

"They were prompt, they did what they said they would, and I got my car back on time." - Phil W.

"They communicated well with me and they were very personable." - Keith A.

"The guys have a really positive attitude." - Jose B.

"They were very prompt and courteous. It was a positive experience." - Pam B.

"They had the job done when they said it would be done." - Randy B.

"I like the friendly service. He was very nice to me." - Jimmy G.

"They got the job done when they said they would." - Paul H.

"Quick, efficient service, they're very professional, friendly, informative, and they were very prompt and timely with the oil change. It didn't take long and I was right back on the road." - Johnny J.

"Chet has just helped me a lot. He actually came out to my house when I had a problem once." - Miaja M.

"They seemed to be honest and upfront about how much it was going to cost, and how long it was going to take. They delivered pretty much what they said they would do, and the job came out right." - Michael M.

"They were able to do what I wanted them to do." - Nicholas P.

"The service" - Henry P.

"They explained things very well. He was very helpful and told me what was up." - Jake V.

"The staff was friendly and they did a good job." - Alex B.

"They're very knowledgeable, and they tell you what's wrong with your car." - Mike D.

"I felt like I could trust the guy I spoke to" - Mike D.

"They were straightforward and they explained things to me really well." - Benjamin G.

"They were fast." - Angel H.

"The positive attitude, he got the job done as promised." - Bill H.

"They did good work." - Carl K.

"They seemed to be professional." - Randall K.

"Their willingness to help" - John L.

"They fixed it. It still runs, and they were pretty quick about it." - Tim M.

"The promptness" - Kimberly M.

"I had no problems with them." - Anthony M.

"They did a great job, and I was happy with them." - Jose O.

"They're close to home and I've used them before." - Ed P.

"It's family owned and operated, which I like. The owner always answers the phone and they do good work." - Thomas D.

"They were upfront and they did a pretty good job." - Robert F.

"Good service" - Janice G.

"Customer service, and they were friendly. They did what they said they would do." - Sheryl L.

"They took my car in right away." - Dolores O.

"The owner was nice." - Greg H.

"I thought Chester was nice." - Charles S.

Updated January 16, 2018