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J&J's Final Coat Painting, Inc.
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(925) 625-5849
140 Mason Circle Ste A
Concord, CA 94561
State Contractors License #630408
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Areas Served: Contra Costa & Bay Area incl. Walnut Creek CA, San Ramon, Danville CA, Blackhawk, ...
Services: house painters & residential painting contractors for interior house painting, ...
Key Brands: Benjamin Moore Paints, Frazee Paints & Wallcovering, Kelly-Moore Paints

J&J's Final Coat Painting, Inc. Company Profile

All contractors provide a 1-year guarantee on their work. That's a requirement of the State Licensing Board. But with house painting, even cheap paint or a bad job might hold out for just that one year and then start fading or peeling, leaving the homeowner stuck. So when we heard of a painting company in Contra Costa that gives a written, FIVE-year guarantee on all work, interior painting and exterior painting, five times the industry standard...we had doubts.

For instance, was it some brand new company who hadn't even been around as long as 5 years using a gimmick? Or one desperate for business, with no real customers and so nothing to lose?

But it proved to be the real deal. The company is J&J's Final Coat Painting, Inc. based in concord CA. Joe Sabel and his wife Jill Sabel (the "J&J") run the company which was founded initially in Marin County 22 years ago before moving to Contra Costa, and they service over 300 Bay Area customers every year.

So we asked Joe Sabel how he's able to give his customers this guarantee that others can't. He said it comes down mostly to two things: the best materials, and very experienced crew.


What's In A Brand Name?

Some painting companies like to boast that the name brand of paint they use is higher quality than other brands. But according to Joe Sabel, it's not that simple. There's a wide range of quality grades within each brand and you need to look out for it.

"Every brand, even good ones, have a low-end "starter" grade to be careful of," explained Joe. "Customers should insist on getting any painting contractor to put down in writing in the contract not just the brand name but the actual product number, just like we do. And then the homeowner should verify it by calling the paint store and checking on those product numbers. That way, they don't have to simply take the contractor's word for it. At my company we even give them the paint store's phone number."

His advice checked out. No matter how well known the brand name, those ‘starter' grades in that brand's line are basically colored water. They might look fine right after they first go on, but begin to fade immediately once exposed to the sun. It's the kind of lower grade paint used on new tract housing and the owners often find they need to completely repaint in just 1 or 2 years.

"Yeah, we get called to fix a lot of situations just like that," said Joe Sabel. "Most of the tract painters use paint that might cost them $8 per gallon, where we pay between $22-$25 a gallon. It costs us more but that's why our painting lasts 10-12 years like a good painting job should."


The other factor that allows J&J's Final Coat Painting to confidently give that 5 year guarantee is the quality of the workmanship. Joe explained, "My crew are all experienced career painters. These aren't guys who are in the electrician trade one year, and painting the next, and then off to carpeting the following year. These guys have been in painting most of their adult lives."

Profession With Honor with J&J's Final Coat Painting in Concord CA

Another reason that Joe Sabel insists that J&J's Final Coat Painting uphold such high quality standards is that the painting profession runs in his family. Both his brothers are also painters and they run a painting company in Oregon. And now of Joe and Jill's two teenage sons, their 17 year old is being schooled in the trade by his dad, starting with basic apprentice duties.

People describe Joe Sabel as a hard-worker, but he still makes time to spend with the family, whether it's taking his sons fishing on the Delta, or motor cross dirt-biking, or riding the family's two mares, Sassy and Ginger, up at Round Valley.

Naturally, these things bring Joe pleasure. But so does the work he says. "Ever since I started in the painting profession at 19 years old my biggest reward has been looking at a house that's badly in need, and being able to make it look brand new again for the owners."

Eighty percent of the work done by J&J's Final Coat Painting is interior and exterior for homes, but they can also do commercial work, having gotten high marks for projects on hospitals, the Veterans Administration, tenant improvements, and commercial remodels.

So the bottom line is that the written 5-year guarantee we heard about was very real. For 22 years now, J&J's Final Coat Painting uses only high quality materials for its customers, and it's this fact, plus an experienced crew being held to high standards that allows its owner Joe Sabel to keep such a groundbreaking promise.