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September 20, 2021

Rodwin Architecture

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(303) 413-8556
1245 Pearl St # 202
Boulder, CO 80302
State license #203386
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network)
  • Colorado Green Building Guild
  • EEBA (Energy & Environmental Building Association)
  • Center for Resource Conservation
  • ASES (American Solar Energy Society)
  • USGBC Member (U.S. Green Building Council)

Areas Served: Boulder County & Front Range incl. Boulder CO, Longmont CO,…
Services: custom home design, LEED certified design, green design, net zero…

Experienced consumers have some common complaints about architects. One involves architects who might have design ability, but produce plans that are difficult to build either due to impractical elements someone with construction experience would have foreseen, or due to lack of clarity in the plans, and either situation leads to problems with expensive cost overruns in the building stage. Another is about architects who bring so much of their own ego to the process that they are creating for themselves, rather than making the client's needs, wants, and taste the priority.

That's why it's important to know about the praise consumers are lavishing on the Front Range firm Rodwin Architecture in Boulder CO which has proven to design with the clients' need as the highest priority, which has a particular expertise in energy-efficient green design, and who eliminates the potential problems that others have with transition of the design to construction because Rodwin Architecture can also do the build through their construction company Skycastle Homes for greater efficiency and the cost savings that come from having the design and construction fully integrated.

Beauty & Greater Cost Efficiency From Rodwin Archicture in Boulder CO

There are at least two reasons why it's foolish to decide on an architect based on price. The first is that a cut-rate firm is actually the most expensive by far when you consider the higher cost to heat and cool your home every year for decades, versus one with proven expertise in energy efficient design.

Rodwin Architecure and principal Scott Rodwin are particularly known as leaders in sustainable design with award-winning projects in the green design category in Colorado, and nationally.

The second reason is that poorly done plans lead to cost overruns and the standard industry wisdom is that every one dollar spent during design saves you ten dollars during construction. According to consumers we spoke to as research for this article, this is yet another area where Rodwin Architecture in Boulder CO really stands out, due to both superior design but especially since clients can have Scott Rodwin's firm do construction for seamless communication and implementation, leading to timelines and projected budgets being met, without the expensive overruns caused by handing off the build to a totally separate company.

This was borne out by multiple consumers who reported to us, like one named Pete who said, "About Rodwin Architecture and Skycastle was a good decision to do design/build. I have family members who went with different people for architects and contractors and we have had a much more positive experience than any of them because you've got the designers and builders working and talking together. It just saves a lot of money and a lot of time. I definitely recommend them wholeheartedly."

Another named Robin reported, "We also used the building arm of Rodwin Architecture, Skycastle Homes to build the house. The whole process from start to finish was made easy by Scott and his team. The house is everything we could have hoped for and the whole process was made much easier than we thought it might have been. The whole experience was fun, enjoyable and was made very easy by Scott and team and the end result is nothing short of fabulous for us."

And Rodwin Architecture is so confident they can make you happy that they are willing to do the design portion, and let the client leave the decision on building for later. Principal Scott Rodwin explains, "We let clients treat the design portion as an audition of our ability and responsiveness with no obligation to choose us as the builders, instead of requiring that decision and contractual obligation up front. So many do, based on their satisfaction with what we demonstrate to them during the design phase, together with the financial incentives that come with it."

Rodwin Architecture & Scott Rodwin Known For Creating A Special Dream Home Unique to Each Client

Where many architects ultimately disappoint by putting their own taste above that of the client, Rodwin Architecture is especially known for designing to please each client's unique taste and needs. Scott Rodwin shares, "We make the client's desires our top priority with everything we do, including their budget, timeline, functional needs, and their personal style, so that the finished product is truly a reflection of them, and literally their dream home."

That aspect of Rodwin Architecture places them above diva architects and above buying a high-end spec house, since while such a spec house might be very nice looking with decent fixtures and appliances, it's not necessarily you. Scott adds, "Our design for your home is an extension of the personality and aspiration of you the client, and is to support your specific lifestyle."

A perfect example of this is the project they did in Gold Hill Colorado. Scott Rodwin relates, "The client had a ranch in the family for generations. They lived in Boston and wanted a vacation home done here that could also serve for family gatherings. It was such a uniquely beautiful property we felt obligated to protect the beauty of the property, and respect the family, their history, and the pieces they brought to the house. And they wanted an extreme level of sustainability but with big views which was especially challenging since big picture windows and the cold of a 9,000 foot elevation are not things that normally create energy efficiency. We gave them a solution with passive solar that captured the gorgeous views while being highly energy efficient. They were so thrilled and fell in love with the finished product so much that they decided to uproot their family and business and move into the home full time. It was unexpected but they just couldn't imagine leaving it."

You'd think that level of thoughtfulness to each client, together with the award winning expertise of Rodwin Architecture means their designs must be bank-breaking. While it's true that someone needing only a $200,000 cookie-cutter home isn't the typical client of this firm, that doesn't mean the firm is unnecessarily costly, a fact reflected in consumer reports to us like from one named Veronica who told us, "Regarding Rodwin Architecture and Skycastle Homes, we used both. We could not be happier with the results. We are a not-for-profit organization and they were very conscious of our budget and kept us well within line. I highly recommend them."

Scott Rodwin Acknowledged Expert in Sustainable Green Design

Rodwin Architects and principal Scott Rodwin are acknowledged industry leaders for their expertise in sustainable or "green" design which not only lets you do the right thing environmentally but also saves you many thousands of dollars in lower energy bills over the years.

This was borne out by consumers like Pete who reported to us, "We have a green build with solar power and geothermal, passive solar frame that we relied on Scott for. He came to us as the teacher of the green building classes at Boulder County. We found him knowledgeable and very helpful on environmental stuff for the house. We really like the design. We're happy."

Scott Rodwin started designing at the age of seven when a babysitter taught him to draw house sections, which at that time he regularly did by including giant tanks with sharks inside. Today he's the recognized local expert in both sustainable green design as well as design/build who's won many awards since founding Rodwin Architecture in 1999. Like many Boulder residents he loves the healthy, balanced Colorado lifestyle where people make a point to enjoy and appreciate the incredible natural beauty on display. Friends describe him as passionate, with a strong work ethic, while clients say he and the whole team are very well organized, respectful of their time, and make the process easy, rather than stressful like it can be with other companies.

What's continues to keep Scott Rodwin committed to the industry and a leader in sustainable design after so many years? "Each day is a blending of function and art and I love that it's purposeful and makes a tangible difference, elevates people's experience in living. When I walk through a house with the owner the day we're handing over the keys and they look around and say this is everything I was hoping for, it's a really emotional moment to know it will support and better their lives for as long as they live there."

So it was consumers who pointed to Scott Rodwin and Rodwin Architecture as the clear choice for years of lower energy bills from leading edge energy efficiency combined with beauty, a design unique to their own personality, and with the greater cost efficiency of having the design and the construction done by the same people.

One of them named Nancy might have summed it up best when she reported to us, "Rodwin architecture did design our beautiful, beautiful new home and then we also used his company Skycastle Homes to construct. They did an outstanding job. We really can't say enough about their professionalism and their artistic talent. It was just perfect and beautiful and they were wonderful. We were thrilled. I would recommend them in a second."