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April 23, 2019

Priority 1 Signs

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The two most common types of users of sign companies are modest-sized independent business owners, and large corporations including franchises, and they usually have two different priorities when choosing which company to use. Smaller businesses tend to be overly focused on price, and so are easily misled by companies suckering them with cut-rate price quotes for items that soon break, fade, chip, or get installed without the necessary permits.  The big companies need guaranteed responsiveness, quick turnaround, and above all, consistency in color and other branding details across multiple items.

Both types of customers sing the praises of Broward County firm Priority 1 Signs in Coral Springs FL which takes orders throughout the whole country from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which means competitive pricing while maintaining quality for modest sized businesses, and a proven record of uniformity and efficiency for large corporations, and who has a network of contractors throughout the U.S. to do installations in every state.  

Better Quality Saves Money For Smaller Businesses With Priority 1 Signs

Independent business owners who learned the hard way make it clear that companies trying to seduce you with cut-rate price quotes are a waste of your money.  They prey on your impulse to save some money on your one-time purchase, when in fact that one-time purchase is going to be seen by more people and for years longer, than any other form of marketing.

Priority 1 Signs CEO Bill Reicherter agrees, saying, "Business owners don't think much about spending nine-hundred dollars on a quarter page ad in a publication, something that won't be seen for long, perhaps a single day. Well their sign is going to be seen by many more people than any advertisement, and every single day for many years.  When you amortize the cost of it over years, and the large number of impressions it's making, even a top-notch product costs less than any ad you could get."

That's why seemingly cheap companies are no bargain by selling you a product that soon fades, breaks, needs costly repairs, or just turns away your potential customers by looking cheap and shoddy.   But that doesn't mean a decent product has to cost a fortune. Priority 1 Signs in Coral Spring FL is extremely price competitive, more so than smaller outfits, due to their modern factory and high volume of production for customers throughout the United States.

And the better appearance, durability, and longevity of the finished product pays for itself many times over, as attested to by consumers who reported to us about Priorty 1 Signs, like one named Nena who told us, "They made my exterior sign and did it beautifully. Everyone always compliments us on it and they did it in a very good time and very good quality. It's gorgeous. It was one of the best experiences with them."

Another way consumers report being taken advantage of by seemingly cheap companies is that they either do the installation without pulling the necessary permits, or pull the permit under someone else's contractor license meaning the permit gets opened initially but can never be closed out as required once the install is finished.  Either one causes expensive problems for the customer when they get fined by the city, have liens filed against them, and can't sell or refinance the property because of it.   In contrast, not only does Priority 1 Signs get the permit necessary for your installation, but they are often called upon to straighten out the mess created by other companies that did unpermitted installations or ones done fraudulently under someone else's contractor number and never closed out.

Priority 1 Signs Also a Favorite Among Large Corporations

As a company that takes orders and ships nationally, along with a network of installers throughout the country, Priority 1 Signs has fans among larger corporations and franchises like Sports Authority, GNC, Whole Foods, Starbucks and more.  That's because those customers report a record of fast response to their orders and service requests, consistent signature colors and look across multiple items, a record of living up to the warranty, and the greater financial resources to produce and deliver large orders before being paid.

"We're proud of the systems we've put in place that gives the quick responsiveness required by larger companies," explains Priority 1 Signs CEO Bill Reicherter. "We have a project management team assigned to your account whether you're a smaller company or a large corporation, so you always have the convenience of just one or two contact people among our whole company that knows you and your order status at all times.  We set up a detailed program including interior and exterior items, with all your particular specs programmed and saved in the machinery so the proportions and your brand's specific PMS colors are consistent throughout all items.  That greater efficiency is one of the reasons we can be more cost competitive than smaller shops without our capability to save your specific job specs across multiple orders.  And larger customers often have a greater insistence on quick responses to their orders, and to their ongoing service requests, which we're proud to have a proven record of meeting."

With the success Priority 1 Signs has achieved among large corporate customers, you might think that they give short thrift to the independent small business owner. But it turns out that CEO Bill Reicherter is especially known for his sympathy for and dedication to small business owners, making himself a resource for them that includes advice on business success when it's wanted.   Bill shares, "I understand the struggles of a small business owner. I was one too back when we first started, when it's a challenge and worry to make the next monthly payment on the car, house, or rent. So anytime I have the opportunity to help a small business owner, I do. I've even met with customers after work just to share what's worked for us as a business, because I really do care about them and unlike other companies, I don't view them as just a transaction, but as part of our company family."

In that vein, Bill dedicates time to SCORE which is a non-profit association of business executives that gives assistance to small company owners with advice, counseling, and mentor programs, and he also appeared regularly on a radio program that took calls from business owners asking advice.

Broward County resident Bill Reicherter lives in Parkland FL and is the father of two daughters and a son, ages 14 to 23. He played college football as a linebacker, and while waiting to be drafted, got involved in a friend's sign company and found that he loved it and was really good at it. He started his own soon after, as Priority 1 Signs was founded in 1992 on a philosophy of treating each customer like family, while being one of the most technically competent and organized businesses in the industry.   Friends of his say Bill is energetic, very driven, and holds himself to very high standards.  Customers cite his genuine caring for them as people and his dedication to a company policy of superior customer service and communication.

As opposed to so many companies in this industry taking advantage of a small business owner's desire for a bargain by producing faulty products and illegal installations without paying for a permit, consumers cite Priority 1 Signs in Coral Springs FL as the solution with quality products at good prices that hold their appearance for many years, while also being a favorite of large corporations demanding greater cost efficiency, responsiveness and consistency in brand-specific colors and appearance, all with the additional benefit of taking and shipping orders nationally from their factory in Broward County Florida with a national network of contractors for the installations.

In the words of a customer named Anita who reported to us, "Priority 1 Signs, the customer service is impeccable and we have not had any issues with their fabrication or installations.   We have locations throughout the U.S.  We get estimates within 24 hours of requesting them. We get drawings within 24 hours. They're very fast and their signs look really, really nice. Feel free to have a relationship with them because they really are a great, great company."