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September 20, 2021

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing

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(718) 380-1500
100 Lauman Ln, Ste B
Hicksville, NY 11801
NYC #735412, NJ #13VH01609200, PA #14876
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Areas Served: NY Metro Area including Westchester County, Flushing NY, Yonkers NY,…
Services: basement waterproofing, french drains, sump pumps, residential & commercial waterproofing,…
Key Brands: EZ Breathe Ventilation System, Little Giant Pump Company

It's very common for companies in this industry to over-promise and under-deliver with results that don't last, meaning every dime spent with them was wasted no matter how good their price seemed to be. Also warranties mean very little when it's questionable how long that company will be around to make good on it, and unfortunately companies come in and out of business in this industry frequently.

That's why consumers we heard from recommended the Westchester County firm Vulcan Basement Waterproofing in Flushing NY and also serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware with offices in each of those states, and which has a proven track record of results that last, affordable rates, and is a family-owned business since 1959.

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing:  Six Decades of Proven Results and Customer Praise

Today, president Matthew Verville runs the Vulcan Basement Waterproofing that his father founded way back in 1959.  So not only did he grow up in this industry, but Vulcan's crew have years more experience than most other companies too. Matthew shares, "All our crew are well trained, and with some being with us for over 20 years, and our top foreman having been with us for 25 years. There are few companies in this business with the experience that we have."

And according to customers of Vulcan we heard from in our research for this article, that experience means lasting results. Like one named Joan who reported to us, "Vulcan did work for me, put in a French drain. It was very successful. I haven't had a drop of water in my basement since. So I am pleased to recommend them."  And another named Joe who told us, "About the service I received from Vulcan, I was very pleased with what they did. They work with an army of men who are very efficient and seem to be very dedicated to what they do. It's been over three years and I haven't had any problems. I lived in another house and Vulcan had done the work there which was also very well done. I'm very pleased."

Other companies might promise to come back and make good on bad results but that means little if they're not in business anymore, which is too common in this industry. Unlike those companies, Vulcan not only gives a 10 year warranty in writing, but has almost six decades in business as assurance they'll be around for many years to come. Consumers recognize this like one we heard from, Misda, who told us "Six years ago Vulcan did a French drain in the lower part of the house that I was selling, and it sold. They have not had any problems. They're very good, an old company which I love using because they have a better reputation. I used another person before and the water continued seeping through. I have recommended Vulcan a few times and everybody has been happy."

There are too many unscrupulous companies that take advantage of the bad situation consumers are in when they have water problems, often by saying the work can only be done with extensive work from the outside, or that the house is about to cave in unless you spend big, or you have to also do mold removal or everyone will get sick. In contrast to those companies, Vulcan is known for doing an honest assessment first and then recommending only what's really needed, not more. Owner Matthew Verville explains, "The basement is like a patient and we're like a doctor. We examine the entire area first, find where the water is getting in, find out what kind of results you're looking to accomplish, and then come up with the solution that makes sense for you."

Company president Matthew Verville is a married family man with young children who works a lot of hours for Vulcan but when he can find the time he enjoys golf, tennis, and studying American history. But his favorite off-hours activity is making time for his kids.  Friends who know him say he is considerate, tolerant, and compassionate, while customers of Vulcan describe Matthew as dedicated and trustworthy. He grew up in the business but joined it formally after graduating college, training, then running the company in 1988.  After all these years, what keeps him so motivated to keep the good local reputation of the company and its position as one of the acknowledged industry leaders?  He tells us, "Property owners often start out as very stressed from their water problems, and we're able to make them happy. And by giving them new, dry living space they can use and enjoy every day, we're adding value to their home, saving the integrity of the structure, and preventing the loss of stored items that are either valuable or precious to them.  It's a rewarding feeling both for me and our crews."

In an industry with so many here-today, gone-tomorrow companies, and ones that take advantage of you, Vulcan Basement Waterproofing was a welcome find as a family-run business with a record of success since 1959, a reputation for honesty, lasting results, affordability and a ten-year warranty, all of which has led to a legion of former customers praising them with high recommendations to family and friends. In the words of one customer named Madeleine who reported to us, "We are very pleased with the Vulcan system we have. It keeps the basement dry. We don't have any smells. We don't have any mold. So it's really an excellent system.  And I recommend it, for sure."