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June 19, 2021

JD Gardening & Landscape

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(510) 681-4938
PO Box 634
Richmond, CA 94808
State Contractor’s License #911619
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  • BTA (Building Trades Association)

Areas Served: Contra Costa County incl. Richmond CA, Alamo, Antioch, Bay Point,…
Services: landscape design, new landscaping, hardscape features, landscape maintenance, landscape lighting,…

A major problem with larger landscaping companies is that they lack the ability to provide personalized service. The more employees they take on, the less control they have over quality. And often times more employees means more overheard, and so they will charge you more for the same or a lesser product. Jose Diaz owner of Contra Costa County firm JD Gardening & Landscape in Richmond CA keeps his company small so he can provide each customer with a high-level of service, and only keeps on experienced employees so he can do quality work that won't break the bank, making him a top choice in Contra Costa County.

Anticipating Customer Needs at JD Gardening & Landscape in Contra Costa County

Installing a new landscape can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple months, and it's the contractor's responsibility to make sure the steps in that process go smoothly. Jose Diaz is a very personable guy that is always looking for ways to do his job better. He tells us: "I'm a very straight forward person, and I tell clients right away that their satisfaction is my priority. So if there is something that needs to be addressed that isn't to their liking they feel comfortable bringing that up to me. And I try to anticipate problems. I don't leave things that have been done improperly just to see if the customer will catch it. I do it right the first time."

And the work doesn't necessarily end when your check clears. Jose installed some stairs in a client's yard last year, and 6-months later she called asking for a minor repair. Instead of charging her for the service, Jose did it for free. "I told her that despite what the contract said I'm going to go back and do a little extra work and labor for her for free so she can be satisfied," he says.

Contra Costa County's JD Gardening & Landscape: Small Company, Experienced Employees

Unlike large companies who lose the ability to exercise close oversight of their workers as they grow, Jose Diaz maintains the small size of his company so he can be onsite for each job. "With large companies the owner doesn't usually work with the client directly anymore - it's managers or foremen," he says. "And that can become an issue because things get lost in translation and don't get done right. I'm working directly on the project. I don't hire middle managers to do the estimates or the work."

And Jose's right hand man is an experienced contractor. "I don't hire just anybody. They're legal, and they're very experienced. My employee has almost 20 years of concrete and construction experience, and he used to be a foreman for a large company."

Being a small company means that Jose doesn't have as much overheard, and he is able to pass those savings on to customers. "I don't have as much overheard, so new customers will see that my prices are a little lower than larger companies," he shares. "I have more flexibility when giving estimates, unlike larger companies that have to be pretty stringent on their prices."

JD Gardening & Landscape in Contra Costa County: Quality Work Without Breaking the Bank

Jose Diaz does quality work and uses top-of-the-line materials so that his landscapes last longer. Cheaper landscapers might do the same work, but will cut corners and buy cheap materials that crack and wear faster than their high-quality counterparts. "It's very simple - you get what you pay for," says Jose. "A lot of clients that want to pay a couple hundred cheaper are going to get a cheaper product, and it won't last as long. So they save a couple hundred up front and get cheaper material, which means they will lose in the long run."

Unlike many landscapers that constantly try to upsell you, Jose works to meet his client's needs, whether they want a less expensive landscape or a high-end job. "I give clients options," he says. "Do you want something inexpensive, in-between, or high-end? I can do a wide range of jobs."

Jose inherited the business from his father, and so landscaping is in his blood. "I started helping my father after school when I was 14," he shares. "And he wasn't doing any landscape construction at first, so after a while I got tired of just doing maintenance, and so I proposed to my father that we start doing construction. And then at the age of 18 I basically took over the business."

So for close oversight on all jobs, reasonable prices, and high-quality work, the Richmond firm JD Gardening & Landscape in Contra Costa County is a solid choice for your landscaping needs. Jose summed up his dedication to customer satisfaction best: "When I get done with a home that looks much better than it did when I started, that puts a smile on my face and my customer's face. And when my customers are happy then I'm happy."