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August 11, 2020

Fabi of Rome

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(860) 264-6630
350 Silas Deane Hwy, Ste 202
Wethersfield, CT 06109

Areas Served: Hartford County incl. Wethersfield CT
Services: affordable hair loss solutions for all stages of hair loss…

Few consumers know enough about non-surgical hair replacement to ask the right questions and so end up getting swindled with inferior products that soon disappoint. Others undergo therapies, including with physicians, without independent tracking of the results to know if the treatment is effective and if they're getting their money's worth.

That's why consumer reports to us express gratitude for Fabi of Rome in Wethersfield CT which serves men and women  who come from everywhere from New York to Vermont for hair prosthetics including styling and refitting, hair extensions to increase volume, scalp therapies like DHT blockers, and provides regularly scheduled computer analysis for those undergoing treatment elsewhere, and with a special expertise in male baldness, female alopecia, chemotherapy related hair loss, and habitual hair pulling.  

Consumers Report Better Results From Fabi of Rome in Wethersfield CT  

Consumers are especially concerned that hair replacement look realistic. Unfortunately, some prosthetics do but only until the first time you shampoo them and learn you've been duped.  That's why Fabi of Rome in Wethersfield CT and owner Vincent Fabi are pointed to specifically for top quality pieces that live up to your expectations even after repeated wear.  Vin Fabi explains, "There are at least a hundred makers that claim to make a custom piece in a month or two, but only ten or so worldwide that are the real deal and ours is one of those."  

What are the differences?   Clients of Fabi of Rome get 100% European full-cuticle hair from donors for hair that naturally lays in the same direction like your own, and gets color matched using natural dyes that keep that cuticle intact.  Others will claim the same but if it's significantly cheaper that's because it might be half or all hair that's been cut so no cuticle, or hair naturally shed but then boiled which strips the cuticle and won't hold color properly because it's super dry.  Those units are then sprayed with silicone so they merely appear healthy and shiny when new, but the silicone comes off after one or two shampoos and it's only then you find out you've been tricked.   Others claim 100% European hair but in reality it's only 30% with the rest coming from India or Indonesia.  

The honest, top quality product at Fabi of Rome was reflected in consumer reports we received like one from Kathy who told us, "Regarding my visit ot Vin Fabi at Fabi  of Rome. I did go to Vin Fabi. He was wonderful.  I wanted more hair. I went for hair extensions for fullness. He provided me with top quality product which I looked into and knew that I was getting top quality as he said." Fabi of Rome also provides scalp therapy for regrowth such as topical solutions like DHT blockers and cool steam treatment to break down the oil that blocks hair follicles, like a facial for the scalp.  And even those getting topical or oral treatment elsewhere, including steroids from a physician, still come to Fabi of Rome for regular six-month evaluations.  Vincent Fabi explains, "You deserve verification of whether or not the therapy you're paying for is worth it. We have equipment and a special software program, like an MRI for the scalp, that does an analysis and gives you a progress report for ongoing comparison.  

That kind of outside therapy includes cold laser treatment. Connecticut has an extremely aggressive medical lobby, so it's one of the few states that doesn't allow non-physicians to do cold laser but many consumers buy the device and treat themselves, with those regular evaluations at Fabi of Rome to show if there's any progress.   

Fabi of Rome in Wethersfield and Vincent Fabi are also especially known for their sensitivity to your feelings. Vin Fabi says, "I've learned through the years to respect clients' emotions and the devastating feelings that can come with hair loss and thinning hair.   I take consideration of their feelings at all times as a personal responsibility and being able to let clients feel better about themselves, about their life, about interacting with other people with confidence is my biggest reward in what I do."  

One example was a recent client, a young woman who had been struggling with hair pulling from an early age and had already tried other places and different products.   She came to Vincent Fabi crying and very emotional, and on a very limited budget. Vin Fabi worked with her at very close to his own cost.   He says, "The money issue didn't matter. It was more important that I be able to take care of her after so many others couldn't."  

This emotional sensitivity was borne out in consumer reports, like when Kathy told us of Vincent Fabi, "He cares. He listens. I know someone who took a client to him for a wig for cancer and they were thrilled with him."  

Long-time Hartford County resident Vincent Fabi lives in Wethersfield CT. He has five adult children, one of which, a daughter, is beginning to learn his craft.  His sister is great hair designer with a salon across the street who specializes in organic hair coloring who sometimes helps his clients.  When not at Fabi of Rome, Vincent loves to restore classic cars in addition to driving his new Daytona 392.  Friends of his say he is a good father, hard-working, and a good conversationalist with knowledge in a variety of topics.  Clients cite his understanding and respect for others.  

So instead of getting taken in by the so many other systems and services that continually leave consumers disappointed and depressed, consumers cited to us Fabi of Rome in Wethersfield CT as proven to solve their issues due to greater expertise, caring, and superior products all in a way that has clients coming from surrounding states.  As just one such consumer named Manny reported it, "About Fabi of Rome. I've been a client of Fabi's now for several years and find Vince's service very personalized.  Superior work he does on the actual handling of the units and the haircuts. I've been clients of other agencies for thirty-something years. Vince is the best and I highly recommend him."