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January 24, 2020

General Roofing Co.

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(510) 536-3356
3309 Elmwood Ave
Oakland, CA 94601
State Contractors License #154732
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Better Business Bureau
  • WSRCA (Western States Roofing Contractors Association)
  • NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association)

Areas Served: Alameda County incl. Oakland CA, Berkeley CA, Hayward CA, Dublin…
Services: roofing contractors & roofers for roof repair, re-roofing, new roof…
Key Brands: IB Roof Systems

General Roofing Co. Capability Reviews

    "I recommend you to all my neighbors and friends. I was and am very pleased with my new roof. Good work at a fair price. Thanks!"
    -Robert M. Larsen

    "I still am amazed that your crew installed the whole roof in one day. I like what I see! "
    -Owen A. Tveitmoe

    "Thank you for a truly outstanding Job! Every aspect of the work was very professionally accomplished. "
    -Ron Banducci

    I have used General Roofing for many years and have always felt comfortable referring you to friends.
    -Suzanne Spiersch

    We appreciate your good service, good job, and responsiveness to our concerns.
    -Susanna Gilden

    Wonderful job and follow-up. Thanks again.
    - James Helman

    I really appreciated the follow-up and the answers to my concerns.
    -Joyce S. Hudson

    Good salesman/bidder-good material selectors and good price! Fast work and good clean up.
    -Claire Castell

    The workers, site manager and office staff were all very courteous, professional and responsive.
    -Mary McCall

    Thank you for prompt attention to minor details that needed to be corrected.
    -Terry Wilde

    The following are verbatim responses given during research phone calls to randomly selected customers asked what they liked best:

    "They were prompt and polite. I thought they did a good repair job." -David L.

    "They were the only ones who would take on our difficult job. I liked that they didn't interrupt my house. They didn't bother the occupants. They were clean and professional. They cleaned up after themselves and they showed up when they said they would. They were all those things that I love." -Eilene T.

    "They were prompt and quick. I was pretty happy with them." -Elizabeth D.

    "Professionalism, price, and quality of work, I liked their bidding process. They were respectful of our property. We had some issues, but they came right back. It was easy to work with them." -Holly B.

    "They did what they said they were going to do and they did it extremely well. They answered my questions. For the most part, they finished on time. They communicated things well. I always knew how things were going." -Hugh W.

    "My roof doesn't leak. When they came back and checked some things out, they did a really close inspection and found that my windows were leaking, not my roof. They charged me for this, but that was beyond what they had scheduled to do for the roof, which impressed me. The clean-up was generally good." -John M.

    "Very punctual, and they kept their promises." -Lawsol I.

    "They did what they said they were going to do and they did it well." -Linda P.

    "His workmen were polite and considerate. Anything we thought of, they moved on right away. We know other people who have used his services. They thought he was good too. We thought he was a good guy. He paid attention. We would recommend him. The owner knows his business. He doesn't misrepresent the company. You get an honest, quality job." -Lois C.

    "Their cleanliness, there wasn't a speck of paper or anything after they were done. The guys were very courteous." -L.S.

    "Their customer service, and they are a family oriented business. They were very flexible, very nice on the phone, and their staff was very friendly. I had a great experience with them. My husband was required to be in the hospital when we were supposed to start. They were very understanding about the delay. When we talked to them after he got out, they asked about him and how he was doing." -Michelle R.

    "They came out quickly, their price was very fair, and they did great work. They also showed us the repairs as they were going along. We were very happy with their work." -Monique C.

    "They had great personalities. They were very thorough." -Robert G.

    "They know what they are doing. They are well run and customer oriented. They are a great company." -Robert H.

    "It was the quick response. We had a roofing problem and they came out the next day during the rainy season." -Robert N.

    "I looked for them using Diamond Certified. They were great from beginning to end. I had no problems with them." -Sandra B.

    "They were neat and they did a good job. My roof looks really nice." -Tim L.

    "We have referred them to other people. They were on time and they showed up when they said they would. They made any changes necessary. If there was a miscommunication, they corrected it as soon as they could. They were great and we liked them. We will use them again." -Tok T.

    "They were a very good company. They did a good job and they have good workmanship." -Winnie L.

    "They came on time, the product was very good, and they did a good job." -Chuck T.

    "I was satisfied with the materials and the people that they sent over. They were very professional." -Bayani I.

    "They worked quickly and they kept the place clean. They did the work when they said they were going to. They were in and out. I thought they did a really good job." -Curt C.

    "They seemed to understand how to do their job. They were skillful in their trade. They deserve to be Diamond Certified." -Dean M.

    "They were very responsive when we had questions or needed additional information. When we needed to have some things adjusted they responded really quickly. They did a beautiful job." -Ed M.

    "They were very responsive. If I asked for information about the roofing the process, they were very prompt and helpful. They answered questions about liability and insurance related information. Also, the warranty they sold was excellent." -Gail S.

    "They were timely and courteous. They finished the job in the time they specified. It appeared to be good work." -John P.

    "They came out on time. I asked if they could come out at a certain time because I work nearby and I had to get off of work. I also asked them to call when they were fifteen minutes away. They were able to do all of that. It was a pleasant experience." -Lewis B.

    "They were very thorough. They told me what they were going to do and they did it. I had no problems at all." -Martha F.

    "They were very prompt and quick." -Pat Q.

    "They are very down to earth people. They did what they said they would do and they showed up when they said they would show up. They had a good follow-through. I thought it was pretty good overall." -Paul M.

    "They were able to figure out what the cause of the leak in my roof was and they fixed it." -Rory M.

    "Their willingness to explain things well and give me good options" -Susan H.

    "They stuck to their word, they worked hard, they got it finished, and they cleaned up after themselves." -Irene K.

    "They were very friendly and responsive to our concerns." -Linda H.

    "It was a small job. They did some patching for me, which only took a few hours. He was on time and professional." -Pat T.

    "They cleaned up after themselves very well and the price was good. The quality was fine." -Roger P.

    "They fixed the problem and they came out on short notice." -Susan A.

    "They were conscientious and thorough. They were amenable if I asked for changes or corrections." -Valerie R.

    "I liked the salesperson who came out and dealt with me. I felt he was very honest. They did a nice job." -Bruce W.

    "Their communication, when they did some extra work that needed to be done, they told us what they were doing." -Marc B.

    "They were thorough." -Margaret C.

    "They came out quickly and they finished the job quickly." -Mikino D.

    "I think just their promptness and the fact that they did a good job cleaning up, they seemed to be knowledgeable about their work." -Pete Z.

    "They were very cordial. We liked when they came out. They gave us a good estimate and talked with us about what might be nice. The initial presentation was fine." -John L.

    "The good part was that they did the job just fine. They were efficient and timely with the actual repair." -Tina M.

    "They kept their word. They were prompt and professional, extremely reliable. They kept to the schedule." - A. A. A.

    "I was impressed with their timeliness, efficiency and overall quality of work." - Sharon A.

    "They listen to the customer and Mike Cobb and Mike Wakerling are great. They are just really good all the way around." - Peter B.

    "They brought in enough men for the job." - Susanna G.

    "I liked the quality and the speed." - Les H.

    "The workers were really nice, the estimater was good, Mike Cobb did a great job and was honest, the service was good, the roof looks great and they put it up quickly." - Brad J.

    "I liked the saleman, Mike Cobb. He explained everything very clearly and I never felt pressured. The quality of the work was also excellent." - Allison C.

    "Their sales and customer service skills were impeccable. I am basing the good scores on our current weather. We haven't had rain since the roof was put on." - Basil F.

    "They were prompt and efficient." - Martha M.

    "They were very efficient, they came and finished everything very quickly, it took them about two days." - Jack W.

    "The saleman was excellent. They were very clear about explaining the materials and procedures to me." - Toni F.

    "They were prompt and attentive." - Myron O.

    "They were prompt and cleaned up after." - Mrs. B.

    "very clean and careful cleaned up at end of day" - Harvey B.

    "I like that they did the job in one day." - Janet C.

    "They're personable; they stay on top of their crews and treat them well; they show up on time; good office help; they're knowledgeable; the price is money's worth." - Arthur E.

    "They provided great service and they have a great crew." - Brad J.

    "I only used them once, but they were on time everyday and finished the job when they said they would." - Lean L.

    "Mike was a great salesman and the crew was great. They worked hard and cleaned up everyday. ." - Beatrice P.

    "They were efficient and gave us good advice." - Lawrence S.

    "They fixed the problem we had and more." - Bob S.

    "Their office personnel response-time is great, I like their staff, their intelligent, nice, fun and don't mess around." - Paul V.

    "I like the fine craftmanship." - Mary Y.

    "Mike Cobb was very personable when he came to my house, and showed real interest in my getting business. In fact I paid more than lowest bidder just to go with them because Mike was so nice and so helpful." - Jeff M.

    "They took care of my business, I had a bad leak in my roof and they fixed it, Mike was great." - Eddie B.

    "They are straight forward and easy to deal with" - Lisa R.

    "They did a good job and were very professional." - Robert A.

    "The man who came and talked to me and sold me on it." - Doris M.

    "They did a good job and cleaned up after." - Ann P.

    "The overall workmanship was very good." - Steven S.

    "The work was finished quickly and professionally." - The S.

    "The price was right; they had good upfront personnel." - John M.

    "The work ethic." - Eddie J.

    "They fulfilled the contract. Good service and friendly attitude." - Terry K.

    "Promptness" - Jerome S.

    "They were prompt and did a good job." - Chuck T.

    "They are excellent contractors and we appreciate them." - Mitchell T.

    "Responsiveness" - Leslie G.

    "Prompt and friendly service." - Jennifer N.

    "They did the work as agreed." - Tom E.

    "They were clean and prompt." - Janice M.

    "I was satisfied with the job they did." - Mrs. P.

    "They are knowledgeable and prompt." - Sally R.

    "They did what they said and were responsive to questions." - Stacey M.

    "They showed up when they said they would." - Donna K.

    "Everything was reasonable." - Jimmy E.

    "The response was good and the job was done clean." - Dorothy S.

    "Dependable." - A2Z Construction Company

    "Everything was completed according to my instructions, I didn't have to get on anybody. They were here on time and finished on time." - Neville A.

    "They are a man of their word, they're on time and they do good work." - Mr. A.

    "They cleaned up their mess before they left." - Cal A.

    "Persistence." - Al A.

    "Even though their price was quite a bit higher for the roof I wanted than the other roofers that came over, I chose them anyway. I guess I liked the people better." - Mrs. B.

    "Did an outstanding job." - Roanne B.

    "They did such a great job, fast, fun to see seven guys on my roof at the same time, they did things to our roof that had never been done before that helped, and they were most responsive when we found one piece that was left incomplete." - Rick C.

    "Fair, efficient, prompt." - Paul D.

    "Prompt, they stand behind their work." - David F.

    "Honest, that's the main thing, not real corporate, sort of gives you that small town feeling." - Leslie G.

    "Overall very pleasant, good work and very quick." - Phil H.

    "Their quote, their attitude and the quality of the work." - Linda H.

    "The quality of their work, experience of their people." - Catherine J.

    "Professional, reliable and there weren't any loose ends." - Barry K.

    "I think they deserve a 10, the did the job, and are responsive when you have any questions." - Paul L.

    "Used them both for personal use and for business use." - Bill M.

    "Very professional, they do well for us, anytime we call them." - Gale Ranch

    "Their work is meticulous." - Suzanne M.

    "They're the experts." - Harry N.

    "Professional, reliable and efficient." - Darlene S.

    "They stuck to their estimate." - Mike T.

    "Overall, they're the best there is." - Lloyd W.

    "They were easy to work with, patient with us." - Dottie A.

    "Responsive, took care of any problems that occurred ." - Steven B.

    "The price was within the range we were looking for." - Lydia B.

    "They did what we signed up for and did it well." - Terry B.

    "They did a clean and good job." - Mary B.

    "The job is fine, it worked, they cleaned up after, efficient, I've used them for three other jobs as well." - Phyllis B.

    "They're local, convenient." - Rick C.

    "They did exactly what we asked for." - Edward C.

    "They were great! Very nice job, courteous people." - Yvonne C.

    "They were quick." - Brian D.

    "Responsive to any questions we had." - Neil D.

    "Efficient, prompt." - Gherin E.

    "No guess work, they looked at it, gave me a quote, completed the work in the time they said they would." - Anthony E.

    "The roof still looks good, hasn't had any leaks." - Claudette F.

    "They showed up on time, did the work very nicely and that's how they left it, very nicely." - Allison G.

    "They're one of the better roofing companies around." - Douglas I.

    "They're a well known company." - Millicent J.

    "Their years of experience and knowledge." - Jay J.

    "The one-to-one service." - Diane K.

    "Very well organized, communicate well." - Emile K.

    "The office people are very nice and the guys who came out just did what they had to." - Sally L.

    "They were on time, nice work, nice people." - Mr. L.

    "Good company, nice people, great job." - Andrew L.

    "They were honest with us, finished the work on time, which is very important." - George M.

    "They told me what to expect, they didn't insist on something I didn't want." - Scott M.

    "They came all the way out here, I don't live in Oakland." - Mrs. M.

    "Honest, on time and they did fine." - Ariel M.

    "They do the best work for our Oakland accounts." - R.M.

    "I think we made out well by choosing them." - Jane M.

    "Efficient and responsive." - Teresa M.

    "Professional, on time." - Wendy M.

    "I guess their promptness and efficiency." - Diane N.

    "Honest, quick." - Joan O.

    "They brought enough people to complete the job in two days." - Michael O.

    "Professional, they know their work and we're happy." - Paradiso Mechanical Services

    "I thought they were honest, they didn't make the project drag on." - Laura P.

    "I didn't call them myself, the owner did. But I was here when they did the work and I must say they finished in two days and didn't leave a mess behind for us to deal with." - Promenade Apartments

    "Understood our requirements, prompt." - Michelle R.

    "I really like the people, very nice and seemed honest enough." - Jennifer S.

    "Efficient." - Robert S.

    "They were recommended to us and we were just thoroughly pleased." - Barbara S.

    "They're professionals, quality work. Our customers are happy." - Strobel Properties

    "They were pretty good, fast." - Robert T.

    "They're a reputable company." - Mrs. T.

    "Honest, efficient." - Earl V.

    "Their flexibility." - Joe W.

    "My husband hired them, but I was here when they did the roof and appreciated the fact that they cleaned everything up when they were done." - Ann W.

    "They were very approachable." - Andrew B.

    "They were responsive, quick, didn't leave a mess for me to clean up'." - Artilla B.

    "The did a great job, here when they said, finished in two days as they said." - Charles C.

    "They finished the job in good order, clean up was good, were on time and did what they said they were going to do for the price they advertised." - Mr. E.

    "Efficiency." - Mr. G.

    "Quality of the work." - Carol H.

    "The work was done very nicely and they cleaned the mess up when they were done." - Christine K.

    "I thought the cost was reasonable, the work was fine." - Kathy K.

    "I just liked the work they did." - Heather L.

    "Prompt, neatness, they tidied up everything when they were done." - Robin L.

    "They were pleasant to interface with." - Etta N.

    "Efficient and responsive." - Edward O.

    "Quality work, professional people." - Elizabeth P.

    "The roof is fine and we haven't had any problems." - Patrice R.

    "They weren't too disruptive for any extended amount of time." - Redwood Gardens

    "Quality workmanship." - Sarah R.

    "They cleaned up after they were finished." - Martha R.

    "Responsive to our inquiries." - Dorothy S.

    "They were quick, on time and gone same day." - Anne S.

    "Quality of the materials and the work." - Paul S.

    "They did what we agreed on in a timely manner." - Jim T.

    "The way they handled themselves when they first came out here and the day of the job." - Mr. T.

    "Their price was higher than the other contractors I had over, but they did a nice job and the men were very pleasant." - Mark V.

    "They work with you." - Allen W.

    "Honest, professional." - Art W.

    "Their work is great, clean and guaranteed." - Fred W.