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April 8, 2020

SW Custom Design Painting

Areas Served: Los Angeles County & the San Gabriel Valley incl. Monrovia…
Services: interior painters, exterior painters, specialty finish painters, faux finishes, custom…
Key Brands: Benjamin Moore Paints, Dunn Edwards (Dunn-Edwards Paints), Sherwin-Williams Paint

We spoke with Steve Walter, owner of the San Gabriel Valley firm SW Custom Design Painting in Monrovia CA, to find out why customers choose SW Custom Design Painting over others. It turns out the answer is right in their name, as the "Custom" in SW Custom Design Painting reflects flexible, customized services given to clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

SW Custom Design Painting in the San Gabriel Valley Customizes to Client Preferences

Some painting companies don't offer their clients choices. Instead, they work like production painters and every job gets approached the same way with no consideration to customers' preferences or budget. Owner Steve Walter told us that's why SW Custom Design Painting gives customers options. He says, "We give customers a full range of options on how much surface preparation to do, paint color and grade, and custom finishes, so the price is totally up to them."

And SW Custom Design Painting makes sure the customers are making educated decisions. Steve says, "People are smart, so we give them information about the products and styles available so they're able to make an informed decision about what they really want their home to look like. We introduce them to options they didn't even know they had."

Customized Paint Finishes in Los Angeles from SW Custom Design Painting

The customization for customers of SW Custom Design Painting includes things other painters can't even do, like specialty finishes, faux finishes, staining and glazing.

Steve Walter says, "It takes a long time for a painter to become proficient at custom finishes and faux finishing. It also takes experience to know where those finishes are most effective. Some need to be used sparingly in smaller rooms or applied subtly in larger areas. It's an important part of our job to help clients know where these finishes can be most artistically applied to give their home a custom appearance that increases value and their enjoyment of the space."

Is it expensive for custom faux finishes with SW Custom Design Painting? Steve Walter answers, "No. Our prices are reasonable, even for custom finishes. In most cases, faux and specialty finishes won't cost any more than simply painting the rooms. Our experience means we're able to do better work for a fraction of the cost other painters do."

Steve Walter: A Designer and Painter in One

SW Custom Design Painting principal Steve Walter has been painting quality homes for more than 20 years, and his experience allows him to provide a designer experience few other painters can match. He says, "Throughout the years I've painted homes with every type of architecture, and I've learned the best ways to highlight each home's unique features."

Steve explains that something as subtle as choosing the right color to continue inside door jambs or adjusting for light and room demarcation lead to a high-end look, rather than a flat, cheap-looking paint job. He also considers the roof color and architecture when helping clients choose paint colors to make their home's exterior look its best.

SW Custom Design Painting also uses their skill and experience to enhance a space to look remodeled, when it hasn't been. He says, "By using certain painting techniques we can turn a plain staircase into a grand staircase. We can paint wood to look like a different, richer type of wood. This means you get a remodeled look without spending for new materials or construction costs."

Talent Chooses Talent With SW Custom Design Painting in the Los Angeles Area

SW Custom Design Painting counts among its customers celebrities including Portia de Rossi, whose painting work by SW Custom Design Painting was featured in Los Angeles Magazine.

In his early years, Steve worked with his brother's painting firm. Soon his artistic talents and ability with specialty painting techniques like faux finishing put him in demand with local designers and homeowners who wanted his custom painting services, and he founded SW Custom Design Painting in the San Gabriel Valley in 1998.

Clients describe Steve as a dedicated painter who goes further to make customers happy than other painting companies. They like his friendly, genuine personality and appreciate that he makes the time to show them choices and let them customize the paint colors and styles that will best fit their homes.

SW Custom Design Painting in Monrovia CA gives clients a full range of options on color, finishes, and budget. Owner Steve Walter has the 20 years of experience and artistic ability to do specialty finishes, faux finishes, and color techniques to give a high end custom look at a fraction of the cost of remodeling. And readers of The Prime Buyer's Report are getting a free estimate and consultation by calling SW Custom Design Painting now and saying they saw it here.